2nd Part of Geff and Annies first meeting

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2nd Part of Geff and Annies first meeting
Robert when was in a bay that had 6 beds in it but as Annie walked she saw that only 3 of the beds were actually occupied and she smiled as she saw the three men all in a row with her husband at the far end, she said “it looks like the 3 wise monkeys in here!” and one of the men smiled and said “no it is just 3 of your admirers” Annie laughed and replied “Well hopefully two he doesn’t really count does he” looking towards her husband! The third guy looked Annie up and down and said “Hey Robert, Annie is even more attractive in real life than in those picture you have shown us!”

Annie gave her husband a glare and said “just what pictures are those then? You are already in trouble with me!” The guy who had made the remark smiled and said “just some very nice shots of you on holiday in your bikini’s!” Annie smiled at him then said “I hope you haven’t shown them the ones that Geff has got of me!”

She lent over Robert and gave him a kiss and he could smell the spunk on her and when she slipped her tongue into his mouth he tasted it as well, looking up at her and smiling Robert said “is that a new toothpaste or mouthwash you are using darling?” Annie laughed and said “You need darling me, you left your emails with Geff open and I phoned him this morning firstly I was so angry but then I went and met him and he is so sweet isn’t he!” Robert smiled and looking at his wife said “Really?” knowing just what a dirty bastard Geff had been when ever they had talked about Annie and remembering all the filthy ideas Geff had for using his lovely wife.

Not long after the visitors for the other two guys arrived and though they were both younger that her husband Annie noticed with a certain pleasure that the ladies seemed old fashioned and certainly she thought did not look as attractive as she felt at the moment.

As the others got talking with there visitors Annie explained to Robert how she had found the details of Geff on his computer and that initially she had been angry but then intrigued that an old man was so interested in her! So she told Robert that she had phoned him and left Geff a message saying she had found his details on Roberts computer then after she had rung off she realised it might have been a big mistake! It was she said 20 minutes or so before Geff rang back and by that time she was feeling silly but when she heard his voice she decided to take the bull by the horns so as to speak and go and see him.

She told Robert it felt so strange getting herself dressed knowing she was going to see another man but she had decided to wear hold up stockings for the occasion and flipped her dress open so that her husband could see the top of them and then lent forward to allow him to see her breasts sitting outside her bra and Geff had made her put them. She knew she was teasing him and with his hip still bandaged after the operation she new he would be very frustrated. Annie told her husband about Geff showing her off to another man and how she had felt scared, dirty, horny and very excited all at the same time and then how she had been made to suck Geff’s cock and swallow his spunk. Robert pulled Annie towards him and kissed her and said “Well my lovely dirty whore you didn’t manage to swallow it all” as he touched the stain on her forehead “and you even got some on your dress” No replied Annie “that’s where Geff wiped his cock when he had finished with me!”

Then she told Robert that she was going to spend the night with Geff whatever he said and he laughed and told her that had she not arranged it already he would have suggested it. He did however ask what she was going to tell Kay there daughter as she was staying with them again at present, now just 30 and stunningly pretty she was just coming out of a bad relationship and had returned home. Annie said it is not a problem she is staying with a friend herself tonight so I will pop in home before I go to Geff’s get some more clothes for tomorrow when I come to see you get some make up and leave her a note saying I stayed over here!

Robert suggested that for tomorrow the new lime green top he had recently bought for her would be nice and Annie said “you only want to get those two guys worked up don’t you?” laughing as she knew that as well as being bright it was totally sheer. Robert smiled and said “Yes that is a good thought!”

She was aware that her husband was very worked up but struggling because of his operation but she thought it served him right, she then told him of Geff’s instructions about undoing her dress completely as soon as she left the hospital and driving back home with her body exposed, she saw Robert’s eyes light up with excitement and she had to admit to herself she was getting worked up she also thought about the car park attendant she had seen earlier and if he would see her when she went back to her car but she didn’t tell Robert about him.

Visiting time was coming to an end and the people with the other two guys went Robert made Annie stay back until they had gone then he whispered to his wife that he would love her to open her dress very quickly and give the other two guys a quick flash Annie blushed strangely in view of everything that had gone on and nodded at her husband as she stood up and lent over and kissed him goodbye he whispered to her to enjoy herself and have a great night he would be thinking of her and that he was only jealous because he wouldn’t be there to see it all! Then he suggested she should perhaps bring Geff with her the next day when she came visit Annie said she would ask him and would bring him if he agreed, she slipped her hand under the covers and gave Roberts rigid cock a quick stroke and squeeze and kissed him goodbye he said “it still tastes good!”

Annie stood up and walked round so she was in front of all three of the guys and Robert said “here you are boys have a good look at this!” Annie opened her dress wide and exposed herself to all three of them Robert realised for the first time that she had come without any pants and smiled the other two guys gasped one of them said “bloody hell!” the other one said “Jesus that’s fantastic!” Then Annie wrapped her coat dress around herself and walked out of the ward, she could hear the guys talking behind her and wondered what they had said to Robert but she knew he would tell her next day.

Annie walked back to the car park feeling sexy and excited wondering about her journey home and what would happen this evening would she cope with the rampant dirty old man she had agreed to stay the night with.

By the time she got back to the car park it was virtually deserted and fairly dark and where she had parked her car was almost black with no lights on at all suddenly the car park attendant was by her side and said to Annie “I thought I better wait for you to make sure you got back to your car safely as some of the lights seem to have gone off for some reason, but I have brought my torch with me.” then he switched on and ran the light over Annie’s body and smiled and said to her “Oh yes it was worth staying behind to see that!” Annie smiled back and replied “I am glad you like what you see.” The attendant who looked as though he was in his twenties said “I want to do more than just see you slut!” He reached over and touched Annies tits that were outside her bra her nipples where hard some of it because of the cold and some of it because of her excitement, Annie murmured “Oh that’s nice” and they got back to her car and the car par guy leant her with her back against it and told her to spread her legs, she did as she was told and he undid his zip and puled his cock out and then pointed the torch down so that Annie could see the size of it and it was enormous reasonably long but very thick with a big curve in it, she gasped and he told her to stroke it she didn’t need a second invitation and her hand curled round it but it was so thick her fingers hardly met around it, she stooped down and started to flick her tongue around it the young guy was moaning and telling her what a dirty fucking bitch she was thee more dirty things he said the more excited she felt she stretched her mouth wide to take him inside and he pushed hard and Annie was gagging but he put his hands on her head and started to fuck her mouth long and hard nearly pulling out before ramming it right back in going to the back of Annies throat but he came very quickly and Annie was swallowing hard to try to save from choking but then he pulled out and sprayed her tits and her body with his sperm before bending her forward to wipe his bell end all round her face.

Annie smiled at him and said “thank you that was lovely, I hope you are here when I come again!” He gave her a piece of paper Annie looked at it and saw the name Chris written on it and a mobile number he said “just ring me when you want to be fucked like the whore you are and I will fill all your holes with spunk for you!” Then he did his zip up switched his torch off and walked away, Annie carefully put the piece of paper in her purse that was one phone number she was really going to look forward to calling.

She opened the car door and was about to get in when she thought to herself “Oh what the heck” and took her dress off completely and got in the car she put the seat belt which felt cold across her body but she saw how it made her tits even more pronounced as it split between them she started the car up and set off back on her journey to Stafford wondering to herself if anyone would actually see her.

Back in the hospital ward Robert was discussing his sexy wife with the other two guys who still could not believe what that had seen he decided at this stage not to tell them about what she was getting up to tonight or what she had done before she came to see him he left them just thinking it was she was a sexy show off and who had done it to please her husband but even he didn’t know what was happening on the car park as they discussed her but he did think to himself about her driving home with her dress wide open!

Robert smiled to himself though as he thought about the surprise in store for his wife as she spent Saturday night with Geff.
He knew that ever since he had started sharing Annies pictures with Geff that each Saturday night her pictures had run as a slide show from Geff’s computer to his 50” television in the lounge and that two of Geff’s old friends had joined him for wank parties over the slut and he didn’t think that tonight would be any different and he wondered how his sexy wife would cope with three cocks from three of the dirtiest guys he had ever come across!

He called one of the nurses over and asked if she could pass him his laptop and plug it in for him she did with a smile and then said “was that your daughter that came to see you today Robert?” “Cheeky bugger” was his reply “that was my wife Annie!” The nurse replied “Oh my god she looked so young and attractive I just thought she must be your daughter, I’m sorry” Robert laughed and said “don’t worry about it she always turns a few heads and never gets taken for her age!” One of the guys in the ward said “how old is Annie then Robert?” To which he replied, “she is just 62” The nurse gasped and said “no way I would have thought she was in her early forties at the latest” The guys both agreed.

Robert said as he turned his laptop on “thanks on her behalf I will tell her tomorrow!” He logged in to yahoo messenger and was pleased to see the Geff was there and that he had sent a couple of messages already. Robert quickly read them before contacting Geff.

The first message told how Annie had rung him and that he had been worried about how she would react and tthen the second one told Robert just what a dirty fucking bitch his lovely wife Annie was and how he had enjoyed embarrassing her by showing her off to his friend and then what a good fucking gobbler she had proved to be. He went on to tell Robert of his instructions to Annie and hoped that she had obeyed them when she came to see him, then he went onto say that if she had he would know that she was going to be easy to control and that between them they would be able to degrade and debauch her in ways that Annie could never imagine!

Robert Was getting so excited as he read this he was worried about damaging his replacement hip as he moved about. Then he sent Geff a message thanking for sending Annie to him like he had and asked if his two friends were going to be joining for the evening as well. Geff messaged back saying yes if that was alright but he was going to fuck the slut first and then they would come round after, he told Robert that a young lad from down the road who is a computer whiz k** had come round at Geff’s request and set up hidden cameras throughout the bungalow and that he would be able to stream it all live for Robert to enjoy but that he wouldn’t tell Annie about it!

Robert replied to Geff that it was fine for the other two to join in whether Annie agreed or not and that he hoped she would be well serviced. Geff told him that his wife was going to get the fucking of her life tonight might not be able to walk properly tomorrow! Robert messaged back told Geff that Annie was coming to see him again tomorrow and that he would love it if Geff came as well and perhaps the other guys if they felt like it. Geff said he definitely would bit might be better to leave the other two till the next time to which Robert agreed. As they carried on the chat the hospital evening meal arrived so Robert said goodbye and logged out telling Geff he was really looking forward to the show!

Meanwhile Annie was driving home and could not herself from thinking how much she was looking forward to Geff fucking her as she was waiting at a set of traffic lights she slipped her hand between her legs and gently caressed her clit moaning as she did and then happened to glance to her left to see a man in a van looking down at her she almost automatically smiled back at him and he waved his hand in a gesture indicating he was wanking, the lights changed and Annie drove straight on expecting the van driver to turn left but instead he too carried straight on and as they drove out of the town he flashed his lights at her and indicated left, Annie was worried but could not stop her self about a mile up the road she saw the sign for a lay by and she indicated left and drove into it.

She wasn’t surprised when the van followed her in, my god Annie thought to herself just what am I doing but before she could attempt to drive away the man was out of his van and open Annies drivers door and told her he wanted her out, Annie hesitated and he reached in to pull at her but she said ‘let me undo my seat belt then’ so the guy stopped pulling at her Annie went to grab her dress and the man said “Oh no just walk round to my van like that I want to see you exposed.” Annie felt exposed just her bra her hold up stockings and her high heels she felt such a dirty slut as the guy opened the back of his van up for her she looked in side and it was carpeted out with nothing in it she needed him to help her up and he put his hand on her arse and lifted her in then climbed in behind her and closed the door.

He said to Annie “You must be some dirty fucking slut driving along like that obviously you are looking for a good fucking and that is just what you are going to get, now down on all fours like a bitch!”

Annie was surprised again at herself in how she felt so sexy being treated like this and quickly did as she was told she knew she was wet and she felt the guys hands between her legs and as he felt her he said “Oh what a dirty slut you are so fucking wet you just want me to fuck you don’t you?” Annie didn’t reply and suddenly he slapped her hard across her arse and said again “You want me to fuck you don’t you!” Annie mumble “Yes” he slapped her again and said “not enough you bitch beg me to fuck you!” Annie said loudly “Oh please fuck me fuck me fuck me hard” Annie still on all fours felt the van move as the man got down behind her she heard him undo his zip and suddenly his cock was pushing against her cunt she was so horny she pushed back against him and felt him slip inside her she felt him stretching her he was much bigger than Robert was and she wondered in her mind why she had managed with his little cock all this time, the man behind her was fucking her hard in fast movements she could feel the teeth of his zip rubbing against her arse and then she gasped as he pushed a finger into her tight bum hole, she squealed and said “no no please not my bum” the guy laughed and said you just wait you whore you are going to have my cock right up there in a moment” Annie said “Oh god no you mustn’t” but she realised he was pulling his cock out of her cunt and then rubbing his hard knob against her most private hole then suddenly her forced it in to her and Annie let out an almighty scream lifting her head up as she did and as she did so he grabbed hold of her hair and kept pulling her head back harder and harder as he fucked her tight little arse hole “My god” he gasped “you must have the tightest fucking arse ever hasn’t any body fucked it before?” Fighting through her tears Annie said ”No never no one has ever done this to me”

It was all the news the guy wanted and he kept ramming his cock up her arse hard and harder with Annie screaming and the van rocking until the guy shouted out “Oh you fucking bitch I am cumming I’m cumming take that right up your arse! You fucking bitch!” Annie felt his weight on top of her and his cock still throbbing inside her arse and she was crying but thought it was over as he pulled out but the man then said to her “turn round now and suck me clean” Annie shuddered but realised she was in no position to say no so she moved round and saw his cock for the first time it was still throbbing and was smeared in spunk and her juices she moved her head forward and licked around the knob of it he said to her “Good girl you get it nice and clean and then I will let you go home to your hubby!” Annie smiled to herself and thought how little you know! When the guy was satisfied he said to Annie okay now I want your bra and your stockings as a souvenir. She thought to herself well why not she was virtually naked, she unclipped her bra and rolled her stockings down and gave them to him. He opened the back door and helped her out and said to her that if she ever wanted any fun there was a good dogging spot she should go to she would get plenty of cock there, Annie asked him to write the place down for her he went to his cab and got a pen and a piece of paper and gave her directions, thinking that might be a fun place to find sometime.

Annie thanked him and staggered back to her car, her arsehole throbbing as she did, she put her dress underneath her and around her so that she didn’t stain the seat and so when she got home she could get into the house without the neighbours seeing her in this state!

When she arrived home she slipped inside quickly and decided to have a shower and freshen herself up for the night with Geff and wonder just what he had in store for Annie thought to herself “ I don’t think I can get much dirtier than I have been today but its been fun!”

How little did she know!

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