354 Part 6 cuckold by mutual agreement

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354 Part 6 cuckold by mutual agreement
354 Part 6 cuckold by mutual agreement
It was a tired bunch that saw one another away home, the two women had spent some time together in the kitchen doing breakfast and had promised one another that they would have a meet, just the two of them in sometime the coming week. Over breakfast itself Gloria had explained that she had always fancied a gang bang, being sodomised which she had now done and was intrigued by the idea of being used as Alice had, though whether she would be up to it she had no idea, she asked if Alice had any further `games’ in mind, to which the reply was she had decided to do the K9 thing, as a try out, as she had been asked and would love to be gangbanged but she had no idea how to go about arranging it, Tony saying he had no ideas either, but by now he had no objections to anything she did, as long as he knew about it, it was her body! Peter agreed with that sentiment and said he had been surprised that it had got this far, he was enjoying it all so far and was looking forward to seeing the films, however the K9 thing interested him and he asked Gloria if she would consider that as the idea of her being taken by a rampant dog had him interested. They all laughed, and the subject changed to those films, Tony saying he would copy them today before he forgot. After the meal, Peter got the car out and took the friends home, they having come by bus, Tony having no car, he explained that Mat now having passed away Alice would have a problem getting to and from the film makers place, and he wondered would Peter do the job if he was available, offering to pay for the fuel? Peter said he was happy to help and if he knew that look on his Gloria`s face, he suspected it would be two passengers anyway! Alice grinned but said nothing as he dropped them off, she giving him a passionate kiss and commenting that it had been a brill weekend. And away indoors they went.
A couple of days passed, Gloria had said not a lot, so he didn’t raise the subject, but he knew she was thinking about it all.
On the Thursday during the afternoon un-beknowing to the men the two women met for coffee, and shopping, god alone knows what they talked of, being women, but finally the conversation flipped to sex, Gloria mentioning her brother and suggesting if Alice was serious about a group sex, perhaps they could arrange something with some of Stephen`s “friends.” They laughed, then Gloria mentioned the K9 thing, saying she had been “Wondering about it all week since it had been mentioned!”, her friend said she was nervous about it, though since she had experienced some of the other things with the maker, she was nervous not scared. She asked if Gloria had spoken to Peter about it and was not surprised when she was told “no I had wanted to talk to you first, to assess the risks etc!” Alice thought for a moment then said “well there`s a risk of being recognised that’s true, but its for American distributors so only the pervy few who are on the a****l sex wavelength, its minimal and they won`t say much as they know what they are risking themselves, the same of course goes for any other films, other than that, all the studs or bulls are subject to regular checks, I saw the men give the maker a look at their latest certificates, and the money is good, oh and we get a copy of the films too , speaking of which here`s those disks for your Peter.” She fished them from her bag and Gloria tucked them into hers. Ale said to “talk it over and if you are interested ring me and I will do the necessary with the maker, OK? And with that they collected their things and continued shopping.
After tea that evening Peter dozing in his chair and coronation street gibbering on the telly in the background, she raised the subject with him. “ met Alice today, oh and she sent you those disks by the way,“ his eyebrows rose a little, showing he was not quite asleep, she went on that “she seems determined to do the K9 film, even asked if I would like to try it, as she needs a partner this time, I said I would ask you, it seems it pays well too, what do you think?”
He grinned said “well I will leave it up to you, you have to want to do it and if you want too fine, I don’t mind but is there any risks? She repeated, almost word for word what Alice had said, and he shrugged,” I shall look forward to the film” then he laughed and said where were the films? Suddenly coronation street lost its appeal, and over the course of the next few days the films hit `most-watched` status and resulted in Peter going to work yawning each morning, Gloria ringing her friend and saying the film was on!
It was the following Monday when Alice rang mid-morning- saying the thing was set up for the following weekend, but they would need transport to be out there by 6am. It was decided that Peter would take them, before work even if it did mean that they would be out at the farm early but picking them up next day would be no problem.
Thus, it was, on the Friday morning in the mists of dawn the three, appeared at the farm to be greeted by the maker, and his too sidekicks, who had been christened by Alice `see no & hear no!’ Peter was told to be back next day mid-afternoon, and off he went.
The maker introducing himself to Gloria, saying he was charmed to meet her, Alice having vouched for her and that she was to keep the place secret etc, etc. Carol appeared and soon served breakfast, to the whole party, while the awaited the arrival of the stars of the show, not due till eight. The meal over, and the boys checking their kit over on the set, the maker drew Alice to one side and explained that` hear no’ and `speak no’ were asking him if they could at some point be allowed certain privileges, being on the sets and seeing all this porn, but not getting any were becoming frustrated big time, though he didn’t want to let the boys know it was an arranged thing and they being at a lose end till what he termed “the stars of the show” arrived would they perhaps consider…. She laughed, then whispered to Gloria, before saying “OK but if they are any good, they should have the option of sharing our beds tonight!”. This was readily agreed, and the Maker went off to do whatever film Makers do when not making films. They sat coffee mugs in hand when the two boys returned,
They got coffee`s and sat chatting about nothing, when Alice asked their names, the camera man turned out to be James a student on a film making course, and his friend Percy doing a course in drama and performing arts at a local uni. She asked if they did not get a `bit fruity’ watching all this porn, both boys chorused that “they did,” Percy going on to say that “either the women involved went home comatose or they just igged us as being just part of the set-up, or gay or something!”
Gloria said, “A couple of red -blooded boys like you that will never do, but you don’t want a couple of older women like us, do you?”
Again, a chorus of “OH Yes, we do, rattled round the old kitchen. Alice grinned and asked what stuff really turned them on, and where did they normally sleep each night here?
They had a couple of rooms over the stables, they said and James said,” that watching Sid, and her and the wax had had him really knocking one out. Which caused her a wide smile and she kissed him. Percy then saying that “the pee thing had got to him but that he was looking forward to today a lot,”
They asked the women`s names, and on being told, asked why they did this stuff, being told that it was partly for the excitement and partly the pennies, then they asked if the maker had many women, to which the boys exchanged glances before saying that “there was about a dozen, but not to say they had said anything.”
They said they had filmed all sorts of stuff in the last year, from gay to heavy stuff, but that the maker wouldn’t do s**t, u******e or snuff, and that “you too were the first women that had talked to us properly other than passing the time!” Gloria asked them if they had the choice would they like to spend the night with us, knowing some mangy a****l had had us today?” they both said they would, so Alice said that “if they could come and find them after tea, then they would enjoy helping them out but as its single rooms you will have to choose who and who!”
Broad grins said they would be there, and they had already got ideas about who the partners would be.
They hear a Land-rover pulling into the yard and a woman`s voice greeting the maker outside in the yard, a brisk woman in a neat 2piece appeared, and was given coffee, her name she said was “Mary and “her boys” as they hadn`t had her this week were rampant as hell, out in the trailer!”
They were soon over at the set the master `suggesting!’ “that Alice went first, but in bondage, it was to be on the floor in the kitchen, it would mop easier it having an oilcloth floor should that be needed. Gloria would be dominant and would drag her mate in lash her friends body to a coffee table and set the a****l to her. Mary, giving her a short course in the necessary commands once she had her in place.
This agreed cuffs Alice`s clothes were shed, not that she was wearing a lot just a track suit, then cuffs were placed by Percy onto Alice`s wrists and ankles she whispering to him “would he like her to wear them that evening” and laughing uproariously at the instant errection the lad suddenly sported!
On the shout of “Action” the drag onto the set by her hair, as agreed by the girls took Alice to her knees at the coffee table, a quick bit of lashing had her kneeling her belly on the coffee table and her cuffs bound to the legs of the thing. A cry of “cut” letting Gloria out to fetch the a****l. James, at the makers instruction, slipping his fingers and some lube into the bound woman, the intention being to get her wet and ready and despite her wish to try k9 her mouth became dry and butterflies were flitting about in her belly, though the lads fingers were a welcome distraction.
Her mate however was taking a short course in dog handling, she had been given the choice of dog and knowing she would be used by its opposite number she had chosen for Alice, the St Bernard, a giant woolly brown and white thing answering to the name `Nelson,’ that slobbered and drooled but was really obedient. Mary smiled at the choice, but said nothing
Ten minutes of that had James stiff as a bloody ram rod, Alice coming like a waterfall and Gloria thinking she was a ringmaster. She nodded to the maker who had James pick up the camera again having wiped his dripping fingers. Leading the dog at the cry of “action” she took the b**st to her friend, making sure that Alice got a good look at the giant a****l, who having smelt wet bitch, had now got a thick redish purple tool poking from his sheath. Alice managed to look terrified, how much was acting, was anyone`s guess, but it made Gloria grin, though they both knew that the roles would soon be reversed.
She walked the dog till it was behind the bound victim, then slipping the lead from the collar she hissed “Fuck Nelson Fuck” and obediently the a****l began licking at the wet woman which elicited a loud groan from Alice, as she had been instructed Gloria gave it a moment then at a signal from Mary off set, she hissed “up nelson, The a****l by this time was sporting a tool like Luke had had, but pointed it slid into Alice like he had been born to the job. Alice gave out a muffled scream, the dog straddling her back, his heavy, loose coat covering his victim like a warm rug and his hips hammering home the big stiff tool. The groan let out by Alice of `Jeeezus,’ said it all, but worse as to come, as he began to hump in earnest then begin to fill her body with his hot seed. Next, the knot slid into her, stretching her and making her scream as he emptied his not inconsiderable balls into her body, “wow, oh god wow, he`s filling me, oooh, its oh so hot, its scalding me, oooh, oooh. The indifferent dog swung his body to the right, stepping over his victim, and turning his big old tool in her body till he stood bum to tail his tool deep into her still.
The revolving tool had felt strange tears fell her belly full now the knot sealing her from leakage, `Nelson’ stood for a while, then his balls empty he decided enough was enough and began to walk away, sadly dragging the woman behind him complete with her table, screaming loudly.
Gloria grabbed at his collar, crying “whoa matey not yet….” he stood, just for a moment then perhaps feeling a slight shrinkage, or being bored, he set off again tearing the knot from her and trotting off towing Gloria, heading `off set’, to go find Mary.
James closed in on Alice`s body, catching the flood of doggy goo that drained from the collapsed woman. A cry of “cut” finished that take, Percy and James soon untying the used woman and helping her to her feet, tottering with their help, away to the old kitchen for restorative coffee and a shower.
Her shower over both Mary and Gloria were awaiting her return, she explained that it had been traumatic but that she wouldn’t have missed it never having felt such a hot fill or such a feeling of being full. Mary said that “he was a big old softy really, and that he had Her most nights, the other dog a ridge-back named Harry, being too big for regular sex! Gloria went pale, Mary laughing that “she had chosen the wrong one their did she not!”
Alice grinning now said “That serves you right lady, I am, looking forward to this next take now…!”
The place erupted in laughter all except poor Gloria, who had turned pale. James began transferring the cuffs, stunned Gloria sat as they were fitted, Carol appearing with Sandwiches, and cakes. telling the boy`s it was a casserole for tea and asking what time would they be finished. She was told to have it ready for about 5pm to be safe, then taking poor, shaking Gloria, off they all trooped to the set. Alice a little sore but laughing at her mates fear.


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