A Bacherlorette Party To Remember

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A Bacherlorette Party To Remember
My name is Oscar Cooke. This is a story of something that happened a couple of years ago which caused me tremendous anguish and heartache although the good thing, if such is possible, is that I found out about it just before my wedding and not after. Other people close to me were adversely affected by this event, so it was quite far reaching and damaging.

At the time I was 26 years old. I was engaged to Annette DuMonde, a very pretty 25 year old. I couldn’t believe no one had snatched her up before me. She had a great personality, a quick wit and a wonderful figure, not too small and not too big, but with pleasing soft curves in all the right places. She was great in bed, too! She had a Masters degree in sociology and was employed by a Christian family center in the city. I was a recently minted CPA working for a corporate accounting firm.

I met Annette when I came to her workplace to audit their books. She was asked to show me where everything was and to act as liaison between her boss and me. We hit it off and began seeing each other soon after the audit was completed. It started with lunch, then progressed to dinner, movies, drinks and dancing. Before long we were an item and saw each other as often as our schedules permitted. Within 3 months we were living together and all the signs pointed to a long and happy future. A few months more and I popped the question and Annette excitedly agreed to be my bride. I was on cloud 9! She called her folks and her two sisters and gave them the good news. My parents are dead, so I called my older brother Laurence and told him. He sounded as thrilled as me!

Annette and I got together with her parents and sisters and their families and Laurence to begin making plans for the wedding. Actually, the women made the plans while her father, named Adam, Laurence and I left them to it and went off to do manly things like drink and talk sports. The date for wedding was set for Saturday, January 26th, about 4 months hence.

Time flew by. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years came and went and we got together to celebrate. It was just over 3 weeks before the wedding. Annette asked if her dad and my brother were planning to throw me a bachelor party. I honestly didn’t know, but figured us three, her sisters’ spouses plus some male friends would get together and drink and watch some porn. I assured her that was as rowdy as we would be. I asked Annette if her mom, sisters and girlfriends were going to throw her a bridal party. She said something was planned for the coming weekend, but she didn’t know exactly what. I asked why it was so soon and she answered that some of her friends could be available only during that time because of prior commitments nearer the wedding date they couldn’t break. I thought it odd but shrugged my shoulders.

It was now the week of the wedding. I was pretty nervous. I asked for and got Thursday and Friday off from my company along with a gift of $500. On Wednesday Laurence and Adam picked me up after work and we drove to a hotel in town. Three connecting rooms were reserved for the bachelor party and to have a place for those of us too drunk to drive home to crash for the night. Altogether there were about 16 men, including me. There was a lot of good natured ribbing about being shackled with the “old ball and chain”. Adam thanked me for taking on his last daughter and releasing him from the job. We ordered food and drink and all was just fine. After we’d eaten and had a few drinks in our systems one of my friends announced it was time for the entertainment. He brought out a couple of DVDs, one a vintage porn flick and the other a newly distributed bachelorette party video. The vintage movie was great, with a good story complementing the hot sex, so well that it seemed believable.

Laurence called room service to deliver more booze and beer. Soon the refreshments were being put to good use and it was time for the bachelorette party movie. The date of production was shown as January of that year, so these events presumably happened during the past 3 weeks. The first scenes showed the crowded interior of a hall. There were 30 to 40 women sitting at a number of tables enjoying themselves, talking and laughing and drinking. Then a couple of men entered, one from the left and one from the right of the hall. They began dancing and the ladies went wild. So far there were no close-ups. Soon two more men joined in. They moved in very provocative ways and the ladies were shouting at them to “take it off!”

The men did begin to strip, although they did it slowly and in very teasing ways. It took maybe 10 minutes before they were down to very brief briefs. They roamed from table to table encouraging the women to touch their chests and arms and legs. Many did just that and more than a few copped a quick feel of butt and crotch. My buddies were hooting at this display of unleashed estrogen.

Then the announcer said that this was a special celebration for a certain young lady soon to be married. The lights dimmed. At least a minute passed. There were all kinds of background noises mixing with the sounds of female voices. Suddenly a spotlight illuminated a door at the rear of the hall. There was now a red carpet leading from the door to a stage in the middle of the room. There was a trumpet fanfare as the doors opened and four women emerged. The first was dressed in a bridal gown and the others as bridesmaids. Two of the male dancers escorted them “down the aisle” to the stage. The other two were waiting on the stage at the foot of an “altar”.

The camera shots were from above and ahead of the “bridal party” so, while it was easy to get a general image of what was happening, one couldn’t make out details such as faces. It seemed that would soon change as two cameramen with handheld units emerged and took position near the “altar”. One more person came from behind the camera. He was dressed in robes resembling those of a priest and took position at the head of the “altar”. The procession finally reached the staged and everyone climbed onto it. The bride and the four male dancers came together, two dancers on each side of the bride. The “priest” began the “service”.

It was short and to the point

“Do you, young lady, agree to give up your individuality to become united with one man to …”

She said yes. I had heard that voice before, I was sure of it. Adam turned toward me as if to say “Sounds familiar, doesn’t she?”

I just nodded.

The “priest” continued

“But before that vow is consummated, to you agree to suck our cocks and fuck us every which way?”

All too enthusiastically she answered

“You bet your ass I do!”

She tore off her veil and that’s when I saw she was my Annette!

She dropped to her knees and took the “priest’s” penis into her mouth. One of the dancers tore off her gown, yanked down her panties and impaled her from behind with his erection. The other three dancers moved in on the three bridesmaids. One was Annette’s mother, Rose, and the other two were her married sisters, Pamela and Estelle!

The cameramen on stage made sure to get close ups of the four women sucking and fucking and having their breasts pawed. Adam, Joe and Kenneth (Pamela’s and Estelle’s husbands who had set things up at the hotel), Laurence and I just sat there with our mouths agape! We couldn’t believe what our women were doing with those men! By the time it was over, each of the four had had multiple sex partners penetrating every hole. Other male dancers joined in as did the audience and there was a veritable orgy going on!

Ninety minutes after it started, the video was over. Somehow, none of the friends made the connection relating the women to us! I guess there are some small mercies shown by too much alcohol! It seemed like forever, but the party soon broke up. A few of my friends decided to sleep it off in the rooms but Adam and I returned to his house. It was deathly silent in the car and I thought I’d made a mistake by having him drive, because the mounting fury in his face was frightening. But we did get there safely.

Adam let me in and we went to his office. He made sure to lock the door behind him. We sat down and he booted up an old computer. The DVD was put into the player and Adam set to work taking down the website for the company that produced the video. He then started playing it from the point the face became recognizable. He was furious at his wife for the sexual betrayal, but even angrier when he realized she had removed her wedding band and engagement ring! He saw his other daughters weren’t wearing their wedding rings either. Annette kept her engagement ring on, but that was to be expected to maintain the story.

Finally he turned to me and began

“What do you think of that! I can’t believe my wife and two married daughters could stoop so low. But Annette… You must be hurt very deeply by this!”

“I … I … I just don’t know what to think, what to do!”

I looked at Adam through tears.

“Oscar, I love you as the son I never had. I was ready to welcome you into my family. I’m still hoping to do that, but you have to decide what’s best for you.”

“Adam, you know I might be willing to overlook this. After all, many men have a stripper or two at their bachelor parties and most of the time there’s sexual contact. But in today’s world it’s a scary thing to know that Annette had sex with several men and none wore protection! I’d be willing to go on the wedding but only after Annette gets checked for possible STDs and is cleared. I realize this is difficult to say, but you should have Rose tested and tell Joe and Kenneth to have their wives tested as well.”

Adam looked at me wild eyed

“I didn’t even consider that! You know, when Pam and Estelle were getting married they each had a bachelorette party! I wonder if the same kind of things went on there.”

He was linked to the net and typed in the website information.

He clicked on the link and then chose a tab giving information on setting up a party. He read that all women attending got $100 just for being there. If they agreed to touch the dancers they got an extra $100, an extra $200 for sucking their cocks, $500 for vaginal sex and $1000 for allowing the dancers to have them anally. There was another tab with testimonials from “satisfied customers”. Adam clicked on that and read comments about a recent party in a near suburb involving a real bride-to-be and some female relatives. The people writing expressed how hot it all was and how they hoped their hubbies and boyfriends wouldn’t find out where they were that night and what they were doing!

Adam removed the DVD and shut off the computer. He called his two sons-in-law and asked them to take a cab to his house ASAP. We all had to talk. They agreed to come and were there within the half hour.

We sat and cried and wondered how it all got so out of control. Adam had it the worst but Joe and Kenneth were almost as bad off because they were already married to unfaithful spouses. I wasn’t married just yet, but I totally understood how bad off they were. We finally talked and decided to confront the four women together and to do it when we were all together.

It was 6:30 Thursday morning. Rose came downstairs and was surprised to see her husband, two sons-in-law and soon to be 3rd SiL in the family room. She wished us a cheery “Good morning!” and asked what we wanted for breakfast. We mumbled something about not being hungry but agreed to strong black coffee. Rose guessed we had all had too much to drink and wanted coffee to clear out the cobwebs. Adam asked if the girls were up yet. Rose thought that Annette and Pam were, but didn’t know about Estelle. He asked her to go upstairs and wake them up and have they all come down because there was something important we needed to discuss. A look of concern crossed Rose’s face but she went up to get her girls. About 5 minutes later all four padded down the stairs. Pam saw Joe and ran to him and Estelle did the same with Kenneth. They tried to kiss their husbands, but both men turned away. The wives looked hurt and confused at this rebuff of their affections.

Adam began

“You know that last night we had a small stag party for Oscar. There were about 16 or 17 of us and we ate, told stories, a lot of them lies I’m sure, drank a lot, and watched some porn. Nothing terribly exciting, although the porn proved quite interesting.”

He then took a remote from his jacket pocket and turned on the TV and fired up the DVD player. It was set to the moment Annette’s face was revealed, followed by Rose, Pamela and Estelle. When they saw themselves they shrieked and demanded he turn that filth off.

Adam did. In a very reasonable voice he began

“You just called that filth, but you four were the stars of that ‘filth’! I guess that means Joe and Ken and I have been living with filthy whores and Oscar was just about to marry another! Imagine that, here we are, all trusting and true to you, but you’re stabbing your husbands in the back! In this video I stopped counting after FIVE different men had had each of you in your mouths, pussies and asses. I don’t know how many others there were. I also don’t know whether this kind of thing happened at Pam’s and Estelle’s bachelorette parties. Did it?”

Rose and her daughters were crying, begging us to understand, that they loved us and cared for us and nothing had to be different.

Adam continued, but in a more forceful manner

“I noticed, Rose, that you had removed your wedding band and engagement ring before getting fucked. I guess that was so you wouldn’t feel guilty, right?”

Rose’s eyes bulged! She didn’t realize she’d done that! She just broke down and sobbed louder.

“RIGHT, you sleazy cunt?”

Adam turned to his sons-in-law and in a low voice told them

“Joe and Kenneth, I’m sorry to tell you that your wives also thoughtfully took off their wedding bands. I don’t think they wanted to have reminders of the vows they took.”

Then he turned to his daughter Annette and asked

“How could you do something like this to Oscar? Do you have any idea how hurt he is? But you know what, he told me he’s willing to overlook this, hopefully, one-time event, but only on one condition. Joe and Kenneth, you need to hear this because it applies to you and to me as well.”

Adam turned to me and signaled the floor was mine.

“Annette, I had no idea you were capable of something like this. I know that for a long time men had bachelor parties where strippers performed and sex was the usual outcome. But that wasn’t me and Joe and Ken said they had fairly tame parties, a lot like mine was last night. Drinking, telling tall stories and watching a porno or two. But you, your sisters and your mother did something stupid and dangerous. You all had unprotected sex! Do you understand what that means? Each one of you could have picked up one or more STDs! Do you know who those men were with before the party? Annette, I’m willing to marry you, but you first have to get tested for STDs and get a clean bill of health. That can be close to a year for me to be sure! AND you can’t have any other sex partners at all. If you can’t guarantee me that, then it’s over. If you promise and I find out you broke the promise, it’s over! If we do get married and I find out later you lied to me, your ass’ll be out the door so fast you won’t know what hit you. AND I’ll divorce you on grounds of adultery AND I’ll let everyone you know who, what, where and when. I guess I’ll never fully understand ‘why’. Do you understand what I’m telling you?”

Annette nodded that she did.

“Do you agree to everything I’ve said? You WILL get tested for STDs today. I hear preliminary results can be had in about a month, but 6 months is more definitive and 9-12 months is an almost sure thing. We will not have sex during that time. YOU will not have sex during that time with any other human being. Do you understand and accept?”

Again she nodded yes, she did.

“On the other hand, since we haven’t had sex in several weeks, I think I’m clean and I claim the right to have relations with any woman I want. I’ll even do you the courtesy of telling you about it because I don’t like sneaking around behind anyone’s back, especially yours! That’s fair and reasonable, isn’t it?”

Annette was unprepared for that statement and was in shock by its impact. She quietly spoke

“Oscar, you won’t do that, will you? What I did was stupid and inexcusable! It’ll never happen again, I swear!”

Oscar held up his hand in a “stop” position.

“But you DID do it, and I feel I should have the chance to even the score. Let’s see, your FATHER counted at least five different men access to your three fuck holes, so that’s at least 15 times I can have sex with people I may not know. We know there were 2 cameramen and that several other male dancers showed up. I’ll be generous to you and assume that altogether eight men did your three holes. That’s 24 times I’ll have sex. Let’s add one for good luck and that makes 25 times I claim the right to have sex with someone. I’ll tell you the details about each time. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? I’ll also be thoughtful and always carry a couple of rubbers with me so I can use them when I get lucky. I don’t want to pass on anything catching, you know? Maybe I’ll let you smell her scent from my face and fingers. How about that, my faithless little bride-to-be!”

Annette, her mother and sisters were wailing. Each professed her deepest sorrow at having done us wrong and each said it happened in a moment of weakness never to be repeated.

Joe spoke up

“That whole thing was choreographed and probably rehearsed because everyone knew where she or he had to be at each moment. Don’t give us bullshit about a moment of weakness! I’ll bet you probably practiced the whole thing once or twice to get it right. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you practiced fucking them as well!”

Kenneth nodded his head in agreement.

Almost as one, Joe and Kenneth announced they were going home and wanted their wives to move out ASAP. They didn’t care where. There were no c***dren to think of which, to the husbands, was a great relief. Joe and Ken said they’d be contacting lawyers to see what their options were by way of divorce. With the DVD and the internet links, they thought their wives wouldn’t fare too well. They also insisted that Pamela and Estelle be tested for STDs today to know whether they had passed any disease on to their unsuspecting husbands or any other sex partners they had.

All four women were completely devastated by how events had unfolded. Only two weeks had passed since their night of fun. They were letting off steam, getting some kicks, and too bad if their stodgy men weren’t doing something similar! Oh, but how things had turned out!

Oscar piped up and said to Annette

“You realize this means that for at least 6 months the wedding is off. I’ll leave it to you to explain to the guests that were coming why. It’s on you to explain to the church and the reception hall and the limousine company and anyone else who was hired to help, why. YOU will explain, not WE. Got it?”

She looked like a deer caught in headlights.

Adam stepped up and told Rose

“You WILL be tested today. You can stay here in a guest bedroom, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to touch you, much less make love to you! What Oscar said to Annette goes for you, too. No sex until the test results and in, verified and re-verified. That could be almost a full year. I need to be sure you’re clean!”

He stopped a moment and considered what he just said

“I meant to say, no sex for YOU, Rose! Since I wasn’t the one breaking our vows, I claim the right to continue having sex with whomever is agreeable, at any time and any place. Unlike Oscar, who was so kind to limit his number to 25 times, I won’t. I’ll have protected sex as many times as I can with whomever I can until the year is up. How’s that grab ya, honey?”
As he said that he found Rose’s tit through her pajamas and squeezed hard.

“Nooooo, please don’t do that, sweetie! Please, I beg you! I love you!”

“Sweetie is it! You love me? You beg me not to live like a normal man and satisfy my natural urges, do you? Just like you didn’t allow yourself to satisfy your carnal urges? I don’t think so!”

“Annette, you’ll need to find a place to live. I don’t think Oscar wants you to stay with him anymore, do you Oscar? Besides, it would be awkward if you came home one day to find him and another woman in the throes of hot sex, wouldn’t you say? I’d offer to let you stay here, but I don’t think I could live with two prostitutes under my roof.”

Looking at his wife, he added

” It’ll be tough having one in the house!”

Annette objected to being called a prostitute but her father told her to shut up and listen.

“The website said women are paid $100 for sitting at a table and not dying. The more they allow the dancers to do with them, the more money they get. I think it was $1000 extra if they permitted anal sex. You did permit those men to have anal sex with you, didn’t you my dear daughter? So you should have received $1100 for the night. Money in exchange for sex equals P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E. It’s a very simple economic principle. The only thing I’m not sure of is whether you got $1100 for all the sex, or if you got $1100 for each man you allowed in back there. If that’s how it worked, you made out pretty well! So did my two other darling daughters and my wife. Anyway, you’re on your own and if you expect to ever salvage anything from your relationship with Oscar, you’d better do what he said earlier.”

He turned to Joe, Kenneth and me and proposed we put everything down on paper and have the appropriate woman sign in agreement. We thought that was a great idea and soon Adam had a list of grievances against the women and demands on their behavior for the next year typed up. We looked it over and after a few editorial comments it was finalized. Personalized copies were generated and printed. Adam told everyone to get dressed since we were going to sign before a notary.

That whole episode was extremely painful for us men, but it was worse for the women. They had compartmentalized their behavior and didn’t think it was a big deal. Obviously they were wrong. After the notary, we drove to a clinic and were all tested for STDs. Sadly, a few weeks later, Rose and her three daughters all showed signs of chlamydial infections. So did Adam and Kenneth because they’d had sex with their wives prior to the stag party. Fortunately for Joe, he was out of the country on a business trip, having returned the afternoon of the stag party, and he was free of the disease. He had expected to get really horny and jump his wife’s bones when he finally got home. That never happened, thank goodness for him! I was also pronounced clean. The physician reminded us that chlamydia has a relatively short incubation period which is why it was found so quickly. Other, more insidious diseases like syphilis might still be lurking in the bloodstream waiting for right time to make their presence known.

Rose, Pam, Estelle, Annette, Adam and Kenneth were each prescribed treatments and given instructions on what to do to rid themselves of the disease. The three husbands all filed for divorce from their wives that day on the grounds of adultery and conspiracy to commit bodily harm and assault for passing at least one STD to them. Those last two were a stretch, but in court the judge allowed them. His analogy was that ignorance is no excuse — if you violate a traffic law unfamiliar to you and are caught, just because you didn’t know the law existed doesn’t mean you get a pass, in particular if the violation of that law causes an innocent third party harm! I broke off any chance of reconciling with Annette. Adam sold his house and donated the furniture to the needy. Everything except the bed he’d shared with Rose all those years. He had that burned. He gave Rose the net proceeds from the sale and nothing more. She kept her retirement money from when she worked. I heard Joe and Kenneth treated their exes similarly. Annette was fired from her job. Imagine the scandal caused by an employee of a Christian institution publicly behaving in such a lewd manner! She found another job but, it gave her little satisfaction.

At the 6 month anniversary of the medical test it was found that Rose and her daughters showed no indications of another STD lurking in the shadows. Neither did Adam and Kenneth. But Estelle did learn that the chlamydia did cause her to become sterile. In short, she could no longer have c***dren. That nearly killed her! Her former husband, Kenneth, got similar news. He turned to his ex and spit in her face and walked away.

At the one year mark we all met again at the clinic. Rose, Adam, Pamela, Estelle, Joe, and I were declared clean of any disease. Annette, though, was found to have contracted gonorrhea. It seems my almost-wife was having trouble keeping her body off limits to men. She took the news stoically and gave a “big deal” shrug of her shoulders and walked out of the clinic. Later that week there was news that a woman’s partly decomposed body was found in a deeply wooded area of the main city park. a****ls had found the corpse and eaten much of the flesh around the face and upper body, but investigators were confident dental records would reveal her identity. I was pretty sure it was Annette.

Everyone involved now lives apart from the others. At first Adam tried to keep in touch with Kenneth, but Kenneth quickly distanced himself from that family. Joe fell off the face of the earth. No one knows where he is and what he’s doing. Estelle took an overdose of sleeping pills, just enough to put her into a c***, but not enough to kill her. Rose spends her waking hours at her daughter’s bedside apologizing for everything and begging her to come back. Pamela actually convinced some priests and nuns and their bishop of her true desire to enter a convent and live out her life helping others, expecting nothing in return. That’s where she is, hoping to end her days performing this self-imposed penance. Adam is a broken man. Everything he knew, everyone he loved and trusted was gone. He cursed God for playing such a cruel joke on him. He turned to drink and was last known to be a regular at a dive in a seedy part of town.

Another year has passed. I’ve moved to a different city and have resumed a somewhat normal life. I’m even dating again, although I’m cautious not to get too involved with anyone. When the right one comes, I hope I’ll know and I hope she values loyalty and trust as much as I do. I sometimes think of Annette and wonder what could have been had she not had that stupid party. I then shudder and think what could have been had I not seen that DVD!

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