A canoeing day that went wrong/right.

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A canoeing day that went wrong/right.
A canoeing day that went wrong/right.

The events that got me into this position are unimportant. What is important is that I’ve been backed into a blind date, so my canoe buddy can get into a perfect 10 blonde’s pants. He has covered for me in the past. So fairs, fair. The 20 something brunette in the front of my canoe has a pain face and has dressed in clothes that do not show her figure at all. The only thing in her favour is that she hardly says a word and obviously knows how to paddle. I can’t wait to get this ‘date’ over!
The trip went without event until the last weir. John and Cheryl shoots the weir and circle waiting for our appearance. I move Miriam from the bow back towards the stern, to lift the nose of the canoe. We drive the canoe forward to the lip of the weir. Everything is set up until Miriam steers the boat sharply causing the canoe to tip as we go over the weir. In we go! As I surface John and Cheryl are in hysterics. Miriam also thinks it’s funny. I’m the only one who isn’t happy. John uses his boat to support our ‘rescue’. John and I know this river well and just around the bend is a small landing area. I decided I wasn’t going to paddle the last half an hour being cold and wet. I beached the canoe and grab my dry bad with spare clothes. Still in a furious mood, I tramp off to change. John shouts that they would continue down the river and we would meet up later at the pub. Fantastic! I’m cold, wet and I’m left with a woman that’s not spoken more than a dozen words all afternoon. I can’t wait to get to the pub and end this day.
I walk behind a hedgerow and stripped off all my wet things and started to dry myself off. The next thing I hear is Miriam behind me. “Nice butt Jack!”
Startled I look over my shoulder. Miriam is standing there facing me, legs slightly apart with her hands on her hips – naked. Not hiding a thing but her butt. Her well-toned legs join at a pair of bald pussy lips. A little higher is her heart shaped pussy fir, higher still a flat stomach. Her swimmers shoulders support her perky 36 C boobs. They are a superb mount for two very hard nipples, due the cold water. Her skin is slightly tanned without any tan lines. Her clothes have hidden a very shapely and firm body.
Still looking over my shoulder I comment, “You’ve seen my butt! Now show me yours.”
Miriam turns slowly giving me a perfect profile view of her boobs, torso, bum and legs. I can’t wait to handle her flawless body. Her bum comes into view. I marvel at her hour-glass shape with the most exquisite bum I’ve ever seen. Her eyes haven’t left my gaze all the while she turns.
Now looking over her shoulder she asks, “Is mine any good.”
I smile, turn and slow walk towards her. She finally drops her gaze to my dick before I wrap my arms around her taking a firm grip on her hips and I kiss her neck.
“I was hoping for a larger dick that that!” she chuckles.
I take hold of her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and gently squeeze and pull.
“That’s not fair. Men’s bits shrink when cold, unlike your nipples.” She leans back on me and lets out a gentle moan as we enjoy her boobs.
“Well let’s try warming him up” she suggests turning to face me before dropping to her knees. She watches my face closely as she moves my dick to her mouth. My dick is already inflating as it is surrounded by her hot mouth as she bobs forward. Her small hands cup my balls as she slowly wanks my shaft. Every half a dozen strokes Miriam takes my entire length and I can feel my dick-head enter her throat. My once shrivelled dick is now full length and throbbing. Her tongue swirls around my dick-head before she plunges me deep down her throat, time and time again. I’m deliriously happy she doesn’t use her mouth for talking. Just imagine, I’m standing start naked with the sun on my back while I look down at a good looking naked woman, I’ve only known for a few hours, deep throating my dick. Miriam has got me gently thrusting my hips to increase the speed and friction. I’m allowed to fuck her face with slow deep strokes. She has me trembling as my dick is forced over the roof of her mouth by firm pressure applied by her tongue. Looking over her head I can see she has arched her back giving me an excellent view of her peach of a bum. With each trust I imagine what it IS going to feel like when I take her from behind.

Pulling Miriam up by her hair we stand and kiss for the first time. She is still pumping my dick with her hand as she says, “Now that’s more like the size I was hoping for” and we laugh. I kneel before her and as I move close I smell her pussy. Before I get chance to lick her clit she rests her hands on my head and forces me on to her pussy’s mound. Eagerly I slip my tongue over her clit causing her to thrust her pussy against me as she starts purring softly. Miriam’s hands starts rhythmically pushing my face over her pussy as she builds towards her orgasm. I can feel that she is close now, so teasingly I stand and we kiss. Breaking from the kiss I turn her around and holding on to her hips I encourage her to bend over. She moves two small steps forward to steady herself on a rocky outcrop. As her peach shape bum comes into view I slide a hand between her legs and stroke her pussy. Her body quivers as I graze her clit. I take this opportunity to coat my hand with her juices and transfer her juices to my dick. Miriam is groaning more loudly as I guide my dick to her clit and start fucking her along her slit.
“Stop teasing and fuck me properly. Now” she begs.
She is shaking once more as I sense her impending orgasm. I drive my dick into her tight love tube only stopping as I bottom out. She screams “Oh fuck” as I take her completely in one thrust. Her pussy is squeezing my dick like a milk maid’s hand as her orgasm rips through her body. My dick has taken over my brain and I start fucking her for my own pleasure. Firmly I dive into her hot body increasing speed all the time. She’s panting and begging for more as I feel my orgasm build.
“Miriam I going to cum” I announce.
“Oh Fuck. Don’t stop. Cum in my cunt. I’m fucking cumming again. Now!” she pants as she drives herself down onto my dick. I’m a little surprised at her words but I take the invitation with great pleasure. We pound each other in unison. As we collide my dick is driven deeper into her womb as I start to pump spurt after spurt of man juice into a new pussy. Just as I force the last spurt as deep as possible, I feel her pussy muscles grip me tightly as another orgasm causing her body to tense up and then shake. I take her weigh as her legs finally gives way.

We collapse onto the grass and bask in the sun, dozing in our mutual afterglow. Miriam starts gently playing with my dick. When she has me hard I take Miriam again, lovingly in missionary position. Moments after a second great fuck the clouds cover the Sun, which encourages us to dress and continuing the rest of the canoe journey. John and Cheryl didn’t wait at the pub and I found out later that he had whisked her off immediately to her flat for a night of passion. Needless to say he was very grateful that I took care of Miriam. Miriam followed me home and we enjoyed the rest of the evening together. She left the next morning with a spring in her step promising to call in the near future.

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