a cuckold beginning

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a cuckold beginning
Stacey and I had made quite a good life for ourselves, but with me being 12 years older things began to change around the time our last c***d left home for college. I had just turned 50 and Stacey was 38. For the most part sex had been an after thought for years. We fucked often enough to keep each other satisfied, but all of a sudden things changed when the k**s were gone.

The big change was when Stacy found out about my cuckold fantasies. Unknowingly to me she innocently used my laptop one evening when I was out of town. Everything was there in graphic detail! Interracial, cuckold, cheating wife, and even gay and bi. It was all fantasy, but over the years I had developed a very extreme fantasy life.

The gay and bi part had always been there, and I even experimented some in high school and college. After meeting Stacey though all of that was restricted to fantasy. The cuckold fanasies developed over the years, but I never acted on any of it.

Afer Stacey learned of my secrets she confronted me with all of it. She was very angry at first, but after convincing her that it was only fantasy she managed to get past it. Things were awkard for a few days to say the least, but one day while at work I got a text that read ” you like the thought of me fucking other guys” followed by a smiley face. I guess you could say the rest is histroy.

We started out with just fantasy and role play stuff which was very hot for a long time, but inevitably we made the decision to take the next step.

Stacey is a very sexy woman. Full figured, auburn hair that she keeps in a bob, blue eyes with a beautiful complection. Her measurments are around 38-28-40. My favorite feature is her big bubble ass, and her slightly red tinted bush. It’s a full bush with the bikini lines trimmed up. She also has a very sexy mouth with full lips that were made for sucking dick. The D cup titties are just the cherry on top.

Stacey works out on a regular basis at the local fitness club, and she assured me that finding a memeber there to help fulfill our fantasies would be no problem. She told me of a few prospects and I just followed along. Encouraging her, and telling her how much I loved her!

Mitchell was the first guy on the radar, and after one trip to the gym things moved quickly. He was 40 yrs old, tall, fit, handsome, and married with k**s. Stacey struck up an online friendship where she learned that his sex life was lacking. Things advanced quickly to include an exchange of dirty pics. He was a hot guy for sure. Well built with a large uncut cock. 8″ to be exact! Mine was only 6″, and the thought of Stacey enjoying his was the biggest turn on of my life!

Soon a plan was made for them to meet at a motel about 50 miles away in a larger town. It would be on a week night, and they would have a few hours alone.

I watched Stacey as she got ready for her date. Which included everything a woman does when preparing to be fucked by her lover. Trimmed the bush, shaved the legs, douched the pussy, lotioned the skin, (i helped) and put on a nice set of lace, cheek cutting panties, and a matching bra.

The final touch was a blue cotton sundress.

The meeting was to be at 8 oclock, and she planned to be home by 11 00 with a fresh fucked, cum filled pussy, and a load in her stomach!

At 8:15 I got a text from Stacey saying they had a few drinks at the bar and were headed up to the room. My imagination ran wild causing me to nearly cum in my pants before I could get my cock out and jerk off!

About two hours later the phone rang, and it was Stacey. Upon hearing her voice I could tell things had went well. She was obviously in a very happy mood, and couldn’t wait to tell me how great of a lover Mitchell was.

They had fucked twice and she gave him a blowjob to completion for his second load which she described as being very large for a second load. Telling me she struggled to swallow it all having to clean up a messy overflow!! I had to get my cock out and jerk off again as she described the event.

Then she told me they fucked twice in several positions with the last time being missionary with her legs over his big shoulders and his big 8″ dick pounding her into orgasmic submission. Polished off with a deep cum shot with his big cock buried to the hilt!

As she was describing these events she began getting horny again, and asked me if I was ready to clean up her messy pussy!! All I could do was utter my approval as my dick again started getting hard!

We said our greetings and got off the phone so she could drive.

A short while later Stacey came through the door, and she looked a beautiful mess. Her usually perfect bob was slightly messed up, cheeks flushed and eyes beaming. I greated her with a deep passionate kiss that was filled with intensity. I could also smell the hint of another man, and the slight lingering smell of sex. It was the most erotic moment of my life!

We quickly went to the bedroom where we stripped to our underwear. Stacey left her panties on knowing that I loved taking them off. I got on top of her in the bed and we continued the passionate kissing that equaled the levels of passion back when we first started fucking. Then I quickly kissed my way down feeling the wetness of her crotch as I descended. Once I got to her stomach I could smell cum, and fresh fucked pussy! This made me throb and burn with desire!

Finally my mouth met her panty clad pussy and I could clearly taste Mitchell’s cum that had leaked through. After taking in the sensation of the lace, new smells and tangy taste I grabbed the sides of her panties as she raised her thick ass allowing me to slide them off. I then pushed her legs all the way back causing a glob of cum to ooze out of her cunt and slide down to her asshole.

Now was the time! I took the plunge and stuck my tongue on her slightly hairy asshole and licked all the way up to her used fuck hole which was quite messy by now. Her wetness mixed with her lovers cum was exquisite! It was hot, tangy, salty, and the smell was slightly pungent from the earlier fucking.

I spent the next several minutes just slurping and sucking up her essence as she moaned and guided my head with her hand. My cock was about to explode!

Knowing this Stacey lovingly offered to suck me off. Suggesting a 69! I qickly laid down on my back as she mounted my face placing her sloppy cunt right back on my mouth. I took her voluptious cheeks in my hands at about the same time she engulfed my hardness. I moaned into her pussy as she applied suction and began a steady bob up and down my shaft.

More cum oozed out from deep within and slid into my eager mouth as I slurped it up. Cuasing Stacey to moan with lust as she increased the intenstity of her sucking.

Needless to say I didn’t last long! As my my orgasm started I gripped her thick cheeks deeply and buried my tongue as deep as possible as I fired several thick shots of come down her eager throat causing her to have an orgasm so intense I felt her pussy muscles gripping my tongue!

We relaxed and just relished the moment of our new found adventure and soon began planning the next one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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