A Cucks Revenge Part 7 & 8

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A Cucks Revenge Part 7 & 8
I suggest reading parts part 1 through 6 if you haven’t yet – the links are below

** A cucks revenge continued **

Part 7 – Hitting the Heavy Bag

How fucked up is my marital sex life? It seems the only sex I can have with my wife is a hate fuck and she interprets that as dominant passion. I need to work off some of this tension or I’ll end up drinking it away. That is just a temporary solution. The recent surge in my sex life has me thinking twice about my fitness.. I put the beer down that I had opened and changed into some sweats. I headed for the garage. Once there I put on the gloves and hit the heavy bag hard. Each blow was meant for each one of my wife’s lovers. We just had some of the most passionate sex we have had in years but it was driven by anger and competition. Jen loved the rough sex. Emotionally I felt guilty for expressing my anger with sex. There was no doubt I am still hurt. I am plagued by thoughts of her adultery. I cannot deny that I physically loved the rough sex. I still love Jen. We are sexually compatible. She says to me “What came over you? That was hot! You were an a****l!” If she would have stopped there I would have been fine. But she had to add “If we would have fucked like this all the time I would have never cheated on you”. What the fuck? Did Jen expect to cuddle after saying that insensitive rationalization for her infidelities? I saw marriage counselling for us in the near future. I hit the heavy bag harder. I began to feel my anger and hostility bleed out into it. I was getting hot so I took my sweat shirt off. I noticed that Jen was staring at me through the kitchen window as I worked out. It turns out she wasn’t the only one. Trishia, Dick’s wife was doing some gardening along the chain link fence that borders our property.

Trishia, Trish… was 10 years younger then Jen and I but looked my age. She had recently lost quite a bit of weight she had been carrying for years. Trish kept her brown hair short, dressed conservatively and wore little to no makeup. Nevertheless she was a naturally attractive woman. Just a little worn. I have always had the distinct impression that this uptight neighbor of mine would get wild in bed if she only allowed herself. I caught her staring over at me while I worked out. Most notably when I was laying on the bench lifting. I sat up quickly after a few reps and caught Trish gazing in my direction before diverting her eyes. I thought that it would be a good time to do a little flirting with her. MAybe get an idea of whether she suspects that my wife is fucking her husband. I grabbed a towel and walked over to where she was working. I stood in front while she was on her knees planting.

I broke the silence by saying, Hey Trish. How are you doing? You sure are looking good.

Trish gave me eye contact then quickly looked away saying. Oh… Hey Don, Thanks. I’m doing good, how bout’ yourself? How’s Jen?, I don’t see her out as much lately.

I could see that my bare chest was making her feel a bit uncomfortable. My crotch was only inches away from her face on the other side of the chain link fence after all. I caught her glancing at my buldge briefly before she put her head down and continued to work. My vantage point offered a view down her blouse. I saw her ample cleavage created by her large breasts barely contained by her bra. Her tits were hanging and slightly swaying with her movements. I began to fantasize. I considered our current positions, me standing and Trish kneeling inches in front of me on the other side of the fence. I could simply pull my cock out and stick it through an opening fence. This being complete fantasy, Trisha would willfully lean and suck my cock through the fence. The most satisfying part of the fantasy would be that my wife and Dick would see all this transpire. It would certainly give them a taste of their own medicine. I felt my cock swell against the front of my sweats.

Tricia interrupted my fantasy muttering, looks as if you’re getting fit too Don.

I responded, I am trying Trish. I hardly recognised you. You’re so lean and svelte. If Dick doesn’t keep an eye on you, someone’s going to come along steal you away from him.

Trish suddenly stopped her work and looked up at me. It was my turn to get busted gazing at private parts. Trish cinched her top up realizing her breasts were exposed to me. Our eyes met. Trish stared deeply into my eyes as if she was deciding on the integrity of my words. Then she said stoically, Have your wife give me a call Don, we need to catch up….. And by the way, My husband goes by Rick now. No one has called him Dick in years. You have a blessed day now.

Trishes eyes flashed to the protuberance in my sweats. She gave me a slight smirk in recognition of my naughtiness, gathered her gardening tools and headed back towards her garage. I had time to appreciate the naturally feminine way her large ass cheeks rose and swayed side to side as she walked away. I continued to gaze her body until she entered her house. I turned back towards my garage to finish working out. Some movement on their lawn caught my eye. It was Paige, Trish and Dick’s daughter. I had not seen her. My view was obscured by a hedge. Paige was getting up out of a lounge chair. She was sunning herself on the first warm day of spring and was wearing last years yellow bikini. It was a bit too small. When she got up I noticed the camel toe formed at the Y of legs and torso. Every curve and crease of her pussy was displayed in her tight yellow bikini bottoms. It must have been a bit cooler outside than she expected because her nipples were erect and prominent beneath her top as well.

Paige walked towards me with a smirk on her face. Once she was within earshot sarcastically remarked, Smooth moves Romeo.

I realized that Paige had just witnessed all the flirtation that had just transpired between her mom and I. So I feigned ignorance.

Paige asks, Why is it that all you married adults shamelessly flirt with one another? Why do your eyes roam to people other than your spouse so often?

I contemplated Paige’s questions and answered, There is nothing wrong with a bit of harmless flirtation. All the better if it boosts someone’s ego and self esteem in the process. We all like to hear that we are still attractive.

Paige adds, Well you won’t get anywhere with my Mom. Unless you’re Pastor Mark from our church that is. That horny bastard has quite the reputation. I bet that he has slept with half of the females in the congregation. I had heard rumors of his inappropriate touch and private conferences with women. Then I experienced it myself just recently. Pastor Mark wanted to counsel me on the church’s stance on premarital sex. He scheduled a private meeting with my Mom for me. He invited me into his office alone and closed the door behind us. Pastor Mark began speaking of chastity, abstinence and saving oneself before marriage. Then he came over and sat next to me. He began asking all sorts of personal sexual things like, “Have I kissed a boy?, Do I think about sex often?” Which he answered was all quite natural. Then it got weird. He asks “Do I masturbate? Have I ever let a boy touch my private areas?.” I reassured him that I had nothing going on sexually. Which wasn’t completely true, but I felt like it was none his business. Pastor Mark then squeezed my thigh above my knee and kept his hand on me longer than appropriate. He told me that I should come and see him if I ever feel the temptation to fornicate. He would set aside time for a private prayer session. He told me I was a good girl and to keep up the good work as he fondled my thigh. When I got up to leave he gave me a hug. It was really awkward. It lasted way too long. One of his hands was low on my back, almost on my butt as he pressed my body against him. I could feel his penis through our clothes against belly. He gave me the creeps. My Mom didn’t believe me when I told her and made me promise not to tell Dad. I refused to attend church shortly after. She probably still flirts with pastor Mark unabashedly. So you see, Mom is way too involved with Jesus to think about anything “sinful”.

Paige seemed to wake up from the vivid memory of her recollection and said. Wow…. I can’t believe I told you all that. By the way…. It is nice of you to compliment my Mom on her appearance though. My dad seems to flirt with and complement every woman but Mom. He can be such an asshole sometimes. I heard you call him Dick. That’s funny. He hates being called Dick.

I asked, What makes you think that I want to get anywhere romantically with your Mom?

Paige’s eyes went to the front of my sweats and stayed on it. My turgid cock was pressing in side against the inside fabric of my sweats. It was obvious my cock was hard. Paige looked up at with a scolding glare saying, I saw and heard everything you said to my Mom. I saw you staring down her blouse and you stared at her butt when she walked away.

I apologize Paige. I did not realize you were there. You weren’t supposed to see that. I will admit to admiring the female form. I like and respect your Mom. I mean no harm.

Paige worked the logic out loud, You saw my Mom’s body then got erect, but you are still hard.

I scanned Paige’s nubile bikini clad body, slowly and obviously. If she was going to boldly stare at the bulge in the front of my sweats. I was going to take a long look at her newly acquired womanly figure. I said, I told you I have always admired the female form. I can’t always control my erections, Haven’t you ever heard that a guy’s penis seems to have a mind of its own.

I could see Paige physically react to the realization that I considered her sexually attractive. She became visibly self conscious as if she just realized that she was standing before me naked. She crossed her arms over her breasts and hunched over.

In order to break through the awkward silence and comfort her I offered, Listen Paige. I didn’t mean to make you feel self conscious. You are safe with me. You’re younger than my daughter. Christ, I remember when your Mom and Dad brought you home as a baby. Now you are a beautiful young woman. That blows me away. You are a physical embodiment of how quickly time has flown by. If you are uncomfortable with my comment about your pretty looks or sexy body that is the last you’ll hear of it. I mean no harm. I just want you to know that I see more to you than just your looks. You are an intelligent young woman with great potential. Your parents tell me have your choice of colleges that are offering combined academic and soccer scholarships. You are the whole package Paige. Smarts and looks. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you.

Paige stared deeply into my eyes just like her mother, as if she was evaluating the integrity of my words. Paige said, You are a nice man. Even if you are a dirty old man.

Paige smiled and her posture relaxed. She admitted, I wish some of the guys at my school felt the same way you do. I was a late bloomer. Most of the girls developed before I did. I feel like the guys still see me as the flat, shy little bookworm. I rarely get asked out. The few dates I have been on have been terribly awkward and disastrous. I guess I have some social phobias but guys my age are jerks.

I listened to all that Paige had revealed to me. I pondered a bit and said, It sounds like you’ve had some awful encounters with guys and you are frustrated. Endorphins released after standard exercise do wonders for making you feel better mentally. However they don’t always allow you to release your anger and aggression. I’ve got an idea. Come on over to my garage and hit the heavy bag.

Paige looked at me, then the boxing equipment set up in my garage. I could see that she was curious. She nodded and went into her house. A few minutes later she came up my driveway. She had put on a t shirt and sweatpants with PINK written on her ass. I slipped the gloves on her and said, these are a little bit big for you but they will protect your hands. Paige tentatively smacked the heavy bag lightly. I stopped her.

I demonstrated. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, left foot turned to point toward your opponent. Make loose fists, and hold your right hand by your chin, left hand down in front of your face. Chin down, eyes up. Get comfortable with it, don’t be stiff. I showed her how to throw a jab, hook, cross and uppercut. I positioned Paige from behind.

Paige pressed her firm young ass cheeks against the hardness in my sweats. I fought my baser instincts and stepped back from the teen. Suddenly Paige was hitting the bag hard. I moved to the opposite side of the bag and hold it still. I saw the look of focused determination on her face. I encouraged her to hit harder.

I could hear Paige mumble between hits. Why….. (thump) are guys….. (thump) such ….. (thump) assholes….. (thump). Then she released a barrage of hits upon the bag quickly. She stepped away from the bag breathing heavy. Then she looked at me with a contented smile and admitted that hitting something was satisfying. I nodded and Invited paige to use the equipment any time she wanted to. We could work out together regularly, I need a spotter. I showed her how to use the speed bag. Then we called it a day.

When I entered the house, Jen told me that her Mother needed me to come back tomorrow to adjust the shower head. Jen informs me that she told her mother “I was a busy man and can’t just drop everything every time she calls. I have things to do around my own house.”

I admonish Jen for being catty. Of course I’ll go to your Mom’s.

*** To be continued

** A cucks revenge continued **

Part 8 – El round 2

The next morning I wake early. I leave Jen to sleep in and go make some coffee. I’m out the door with tools in hand. I make it over to my Mother in law’s early. El answers the door in a see through negligee. Transparent enough to see that her nipples were hard. She tells me to put my tools down. I won’t be needing them. El pulls me in for a deep kiss. She smells good with a slight scent of perfume. El takes my hand and leads me to the couch. She sits as I stand in front of her. She unbuttons and unzips the fly of my pants.

El said, I’ve been thinking about this all night while playing with my new toys.

While reaching in to my loose pants and grabbing my hardening cock El has my cock in her mouth and is sucking me to full hardness. She moans as if she is devouring a delicious dessert. Everytime she moans it sends it sends vibrations through my cock. Her skillful mouth has me near orgasm in record time.

I pull away and ask her to please slow down. I kneel in front of her between her legs. Pull her gently towards me so her ass is on the edge of the couch. I notice that she has trimmed her pubic hair in anticipation of continuation of our sexual encounters. I bury my face between her legs and begin to eat her pussy.

El responds to my oral attention, “Oh God Don that feels good. That’s it, eat my pussy baby”

I once again cannot believe that I am in this situation. This woman is the Grandmother of my c***dren. I am licking, sucking and probing her experienced pussy with my tongue. She is loving and appreciating every moment of it. My thoughts go to her daughter. If it wasn’t for my wife’s infidelity, I wouldn’t be having sex with her Mother. Ironically I’m having more sex now and more often with different partners than I have in years.

My thoughts are interrupted by El tapping me on my shoulder. She said, Don honey you’re going to have to fuck me now. You definitely know what you are doing in the oral department but I need feel your cock inside me.

I get to my feet and gently assist El up to hers. She grabbed my cock and pulled, urged me to follow her. She led me down the hall to her bedroom holding my cock the entire way. El sat on the bed in front of me. She gave my cock a little kiss and with a wicked smile said, Now fuck me.

El laid back and spread her legs before me. I entered her slowly. She was warm and wet. I kept my cock buried deep in her. El responds by exhaling and cooing, Oh my God Don, You don’t know how good it feels to have a man inside me again. It’s been so long. You feel so big and hard.

I thought to myself that this woman really knows how to boost a man’s ego. Her pussy felt amazingly tight. In fact as El is moved below me her pussy felt as if it was gripping and swallowing my cock. I still wasn’t moving..

El pled, Don don’t tease. Fuck me…. Please fuck me.

I began to move slowly. I will admit that I was hesitant to put weight on her or get too rough. Till El shouted come on! fuck me!. I won’t break.

I began to thrust in earnest.

El responded by moaning, Oooooo that’s it baby. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Faster that it’s. Oh my God I missed this so much,

I decided to test her flexibility. I lifted her legs under her knees. This tilted her pelvis up so I could fuck her deeper.

El shouts, Oh God Don, That’s it. Now faster.

I was fucking her hard and fast. I heard the sound of our bodies colliding. It made a slapping sound with every thrust. I noticed her loose breasts swayed in response. I looked at El and she had tears forming in the corner of her eyes. I stopped to check in with her, are you alright El?

She smiled and said, Please don’t stop. I’m just so happy. It’s been so long.

I decided to take a break and change positions. Frankly because I was getting winded. I asked her what other position she wanted to try. She got on her hands and knees slowly as she presented her ass to me.

El Said, Fuck me doggy. I’m not prepared for anal right now. Just in case you misinterpreted my body language.

I thought, “I’m not prepared for anal right now”, does this mean she will be ready another time? I entered her pussy from behind. This woman was amazing. I started slowly. Till she shouted, I told you I won’t break. Now fuck me Don!

I grabbed her hips and plunged my cock into her wet pussy. I could see her tits hanging and gyrating in response to the movement. A different moan emanated from El. It was deep and guttural. With a sharp exhale every time our bodies contect. It reminded me of a sparring partner sounded while taking some hits.

We fucked this way for quite some time before El asked me to stop. She apologized and told me her knees aren’t quite as good as they used to be.

I took the opportunity to lie on my back. I asked her to ride me. She smiled and slowly lifted over me with her back facing me. Reverse cowgirl. She held my cock and lined her pussy up to her opening. She slowly eased herself down on it with a, Oooooo

El paused with my cock fully inside her. I taunted playfully, Well come on El. Go ahead and fuck me. I won’t break.

She giggled and began to rock on my cock. I met her with my thrusts. Her wrinkled ass started gyrating on my cock. I have always been weary about this position. My cock has a tendency to pop out of my partners vagina in this position. Onc of my first encounters in this position ended painfully. My girlfriend at the time was enjoying the sensation of the position. She was using every inch of my hardness. Each time getting further out towards the tip. Then I slipped out of her and before I knew it, her ass cheek slammed down on my cock bending it in half painfully. As I was recalling this, El moved forward and my cock slipped out. She felt that it was out immediately and stopped humping me. She turned around slowly facing me. Grabbed my cock and guided it back in until her ass cheeks met the top of my thighs. She kept my full length in her while she ground her pubic mound into mine.

El cooed, Oooo that feels nice. Know I can see that handsome face.

She leaned forward and kissed my briefly. Then went back to her rocking and grinding. I took the time to look at her. Despite the toll the years had taken upon her face and body, she was resplendent in her joy of sex. El was gorgeous woman. I became mesmerized by the sway of her hanging breasts. I lifted my head and took a nipple in my mouth then sucked. I grabbed her ass helped her move on me. Then I held her up a bit as I fucked her hard from below. She responded moaning loudly. El sat back down on my full length placing her palms upon my shoulders. El began to grind against me furiously, Oh God Don! I’m close….. I’m gonna cum on your big cock. Fuck me… Ooooo… Ahhh….. OH GOD!….. I’M CUMMING….. Uhhhhh….. Ooooo it feels so good. She collapsed on me, my cock still in her. I could feel her pussy faintly spasming on my cock and her heart beating against my chest. Too winded to kiss me, she breathed hard against my neck. When El caught her wind, she rolled off me onto her back beside me.

She said, Woo! That was good. Now I want to feel you cum inside me. You’re going to have to fuck me missionary because my knees are screaming.

El spreads her legs and pats her pubic area in invitation. I took a pillow and put it under her ass. I entered her. I made sure my weight was off of her. Knowing that El had her orgasm, I concentrated on my own pleasure. I had come close several times before she came but held off. This woman was an amazing lover. My Father inlaw, God rest his soul, was a lucky man. I fucked her deep and hard. El began to moan again and that was all I needed to trigger my orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over me as I shot my load deep into her. I rolled off of her onto the bed next to her. I heard her giggle like a schoolgirl. I looked over and see her smiling.

El said, I could feel you shoot your cum inside me. I was thinking that this house is going to have more leaks so you can cum over here more often to fix my plumbing.

*** To be continued

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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