A Day In A Lungi

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A Day In A Lungi
It was when I came back from playing football that my mother told me about this news. It was summer vacation and I was a keen football player, spending almost the entire day on the ground. That is why I didn’t like the idea when my mother told that I will have to stay out of home for the night to give company to an aunty who is our distant relative. It is like her husband had to suddenly go out of town on account of a close relative’s death. In emergency he was able get only one flight ticket, and that is when aunty thought about our family. Originally she had approached my mom asking for one night stay at our place. But it was mom who proactively suggested sending me across to aunty’s house for a company. I was bewildered when I heard that mom suggested this. Her reason was that we don’t have a spare room firstly. Secondly my younger sister is having exams and she had to teach her and so cannot attend to the aunty.

Reluctantly I had to accept the developments. It means I will loose the comfort of my room and my world even if it is just for a day. Though the aunty had told she will pick me up from our home, my mom told she has plans in the city and so will drop me on the way. Though my mom is close to this aunty, I don’t remember her that much. Their relationship was founded from the old days when mom used to stay in this aunty’s parents house. But I only feebly remember her as a lean girl in pavada and blouse who was very shy and always hid behind door frames and curtains. Her marriage photo was the only photo in our hand which was taken some 6 years before. And that was the last time I saw her. And I remember that she was surprisingly beautiful that day.

Her home was at the heart of the city. It was beautiful and luxurious. Certainly she got married to a rich person. How old she must be now? When she was in her pavada blouse age I was in my 7-8 years and she should be in her 18s. I remember mom saying aunty got married when she was 20. So considering I am 14 years now, she should be in her 26-27. I wondered how she might be looking now. Probably the same old lean girl, now little bit grown up with c***dren. But mom said they still don’t have any c***dren. We reached her home by around 7o clock. As my mom rang the door bell I expected to see my familiar aunt to open up the door.

But I was completely wrong. Indeed the door was opened by my aunty only, but she was not the old familiar figure I am used to. This lady was a voluptuous woman which my aunt had grown into. I had never imagined to see my aunty in such a bomb shape. Her lean figure had given way to a plump body. Her hips have gone wider while her boobs have overgrown that old pavada blouse stage to fill out her BIG sized milky blouse. She was wearing a red blouse and white munde with pallu. Her well projected out hips was visible from behind the pallu and her huge boobs were thrusting on her tight blouse as well as the pallu over it.

Standing at the door I stared at her for a moment in open amazement. It is my mom’s voice that brought me back to sense. She was showing me to aunty and saying see how much I have changed over the years. Aunt acknowledged it and told I have gone tall and strong. What nobody seamed to realize or bother to say is how much fleshier and sexier my aunty has become. Offcourse my mom used to see her once in a while and so may not have felt the difference. But I can feel the difference straight away and for proof I could have shown out my hardened dick. Looks like after all it is not that bad to spend a night in aunt’s house. Aunt held my hand and told that she wished to pick me up from my home, but my mom didn’t give a chance. My mom replied that it is a pleasure to drop her son as a favour for aunt. Aunt offered to give us juice, but mom said she is in a hurry and as she has to teach her daughter for exam. Mom bid bye to us and told me not to wander here and there in the morning, but to come straight to house.

As we got left alone, aunty turned towards me and gave a wide smile. She asked me what I felt after seeing her after a long time. She told I was openly admiring her and so would have definitely liked her this way. I got blushed by her finding out the truth. But I defended saying I was bewildered by how different aunty looked and nothing more. Aunty asked me what I would like to eat. I told her I don’t need anything as I already had a light snack from home. Still she brought me fruits.

We chatted for a long time sitting like that talking about my mom, my young days etc. Though I talked all the time, my eyes secretly where feasting on that lustful figure all the time. By this age I had started masturbating, and many of the heroines like Srividya, Meena, Raasi, Mumtaz etc are my masturbation stars. Though football still occupied most of my time, my age had started showing interests in girls. But unlike other boys, my interests where always hovered around mature aunties. Reasons I don’t know. May be it is their filled up body that interested me more than the teen tiny bulges. May be it is the masala movie scenes involving mature Indian aunties and housewife’s that moved my interest towards them. I don’t know, but I felt very aroused sitting with this voluptuous figure alone in an apartment.

Aunty kept aside the finished plates and came back. Seeing that I am still in the dress that I came in, she asked me why don’t I undress. She enquired if I brought any other dress to change. I showed up the shirt and trouser in my carrybag. Her eyes widened in bewilderment. She asked me how I can wear this woollen shirt in this hot season. She told I don’t have to wear any shirt over here, especially on this hot day. Adjusting her pallu, she said even she doesn’t wear all this in such horrible hot days. I was not sure if I got her point correctly. Any way I only gave a sheepish smile. She smiled back, and then told as if to herself that better I do it for you.

It took me another second to realize that she intent to pull out the T-shirt I am wearing. I just stood there unable to move, while she came near me and hovered the shirt above my head. As she moved it up I was mesmerized by the feminine sent of her. Her full body was standing in close quarter to my eyes. I could see the bulge of her huge boobs popping from the sides of her pallu. I could see the sweat on her face and upper lips. I could see the sweat in her under arms when she lifted her hands. I could see the boobs bulging out of the top of her blouse when she did it. I could see the curve of her hips. I felt limb at heart while my thing became hard. She had that killer smile all the time when she was doing it.

After she removed my shirt she took a step back and admired my body at a hands distance. She told me as a matter of fact that I have grown up. You are not the little k** I knew all these years. With that same amazed face she raised her hand and touched my bare chest. Wow, you are strong from playing all the time. She then wiped her finger on my body and showed me the precipitation from my body. She told, see the sweat from your body. It is high time you take your bath. She showed me a room and the attached bathroom with it. She told that bath towel and soap are already kept inside. Before leaving she told me to hurry up as the diner is ready and waiting. I was relieved and sad at the same time when she left me alone. While bathing I tried to recollect all that I saw for the day.

Her huge hooters protruding behind her pallu, its heaviness showing above her blouse, her curvy hips, her dark red lips in contrast to her white skin. I remembered that aunty used to be a very shy girl. But in contrast now she is a very talkative and bold lady. I never knew that a girl can change so much in a matter of 5 to 7 years. Not only in character but also physically. How could I have imagined such a lean girl in her teens to fill up with so much of flesh at the right spots in her mature age. It is at this point that with heaviness I realized that I couldn’t watch her bum. Neither I was able to see her navel, which was hidden under her pallu. It should have been really deep. I was not lucky ‘yet’ to glimpse it. I felt like masturbating under the shower. But auntie’s words to hurry up made me decide against it. I didn’t wish to keep aunty waiting for me.

I came out of bathroom in my trousers (burmuda).Since aunty kept back my shirt and spare shirt, I didn’t have anything to wear on top. I dried my body once again and then went to the hall. There I got another pleasant surprise of my life. Aunty too had taken a bath which is evident from her wet hair and freshened face. It was a pleasant surprise because, her wet body and hair had wetted her blouse too at some sweet spots. A new scent was radiating from her which I loved to inhale. I was bit shy to walk around bare chest. But aunty was more than comfortable with me around like that. We had dinner and chat together. After having dinner she cleaned up the table and washed the plates. I was amazed to see that she still follows the old style where she dried the plates using her pallu end. Seeing my gaze she laughed at me and told, “I know what u must be thinking. This is always convenient for me. But I always make sure to change my wet dress at night before going to sleep”. Saying this she dried her hands with the pallu and then went to her room.

When she came back she had taken off her white saree and instead had placed a white thorthe munde (a light towel) as a pallu. She looked like the yesteryear actress Srividya in her mundum blousum attire from the 80’s movies. I felt that every moment she is taking me to new erotic heights. I don’t know how she manages to hide her essentials through this small piece of clothe balanced from her shoulder to waist. The thin porous thorthe munde could do very little to hide her mega boobs. It just barely hid the pointed part of her blouse. Even her cleavage looked like it might pop out of the munde and become visible anytime. And the best part of it is that it showed to me for the first time the glimpses of her navel. Yeah it is deep indeed, so deep that I can’t see the end from its partially hidden state. I tried not to stare at her body directly. She seamed not to realize what is going on inside me.

But what I didn’t know then was that she had other plans for me. She led me to the bed room again and asked me if I haven’t yet learned to wear lungi. I nodded in negative and told that I don’t like lungi. She asked me why so. She told that lungi is comfortable attire for men as it allows free flow of air and is really quick to change. She also told that wearing lungi needs some talent which is not easy to learn and so should start learning from the early age. I still told her that I am not interested in learning to wear lungi. But she was not listening to me. She opened up a cupboard and took out a new lungi which was not used at all.

Suddenly I understood what plan she had in her mind. She wanted me to learn using it instead of the Bermuda I am using now. I protested in anticipation. But she was not listening to me and started unfolding the lungi for me. She told “these days, k**s don’t know the value of the traditional dress. It is for us to initiate them into this”. I remembered that my grandfather had once tried to talk me into trying lungi. That day I somehow escaped from it, but today I seamed to have no escape routes. Aunty pointed to me the fully unfolded lungi and told “Here is it for you to try. I am sure that u will enjoy it” I could understood the full depth of her words later only.

I reluctantly took the lungi from her hands and turned away from her and tried winding it around my waist over the burmuda. Aunty laughed at me and told “This is not going to work out. If you have to learn wearing lungi you have to learn it in the proper way”. I looked at her as if in question. She told me to remove the burmuda first and try. Because then only I will understand where the lungis grip has to come, and where it has to be tightened and so on. Reluctantly I gripped the cords of the burmuda to untie it. I had crudely wrapped the lungi around me to cover me when the burmuda goes down. Once I was off with the burmuda I took the ends of the lungi and tied it tight around me. Aunty was right. I felt the coolness coming from down under as if I am not wearing anything. Then I turned around to face the aunty again.

Though I turned around with a triumphed look and pride in mind to have tied the lungi in the first attempt itself, the sight of aunty changed my attention from all that. There her thorthe munde had failed. Her left boobs have completely popped out of the munde with her blouse’s pointed cone of her nipples fully visible to my eyes for the first time. Her popped out boob looked to me like a packet of cover milk squeezed on its other side so that the front corner looked like a thrusting out boobs oozing with milk. Her tugged up thorthe munde on her waist has loosened up which was the reason for this popping out. Also now her navel is completely visible to me in its full glory. She looked as much inviting to me as any of the actress I had masturbated on. Everything went in slow motion for me.

She was raising her hands telling something. It took me a moment to realize that she was telling that my lungi is about to fall off. I caught it just before the fall off. She laughed at my situation. She took off the thorthe munde over her chest and pointed it to me. She asked me if I need it to tie the lungi around me. I too smiled along with her and told that it won’t be necessary. I tried to behave as if this is a normal situation and tried to concentrate in tying my lungi correctly. For this I acted as if I didn’t feel anything out of order. As if she standing there with only her blouse was nothing out of ordinary. As if the now visible deep cleavage and the fleshy mounds visible above her blouse are normal. As if the open deep fleshy navel or the hips are nothing out of ordinary.

But I was fumbling with the ends of the lungi. Seeing this, aunty dropped the thorthe munde on her hand on the bed. Then she came forward, a step away from me. She gave a naughty smile. She told that she will show me how to wear the lungi. Saying this she took the ends of the lungi from my hands. I just stood there like a doll. She was in close quarters to me. And her boobs appeared to me even bigger now, just a few inches away from my chest. One more step ahead and it would be crushing on to my body. I could see the shadow play of light on her cleavage and the sweat dotting it in close quarters. Her cleavage appeared to be very deep which even the light could not penetrate fully.

With her breathing her boobs was heaving up and down. My dick felt the heat in excitement and the already semi hard thing was throbbing to show off its full size. I felt bit dizzy with the overdose of excitement. Her hands slowly repositioned the inner edge of the lungi on my left hip. Her fingers skirted the lower side of my hip in the process. Her feather like touch on my body gave vibrations to my body giving new energy to my dick. I suddenly realized that the situation may go beyond my control. Any time my dick would show its full size. Only a thin clothe of lungi is separating my dick from her. A hardened dick would be thrusting against the lungi showing its mark on it. That if found by aunty would be embracing to me. I blamed myself for not having the habit of wearing underwear under the bermuda. I have to stop aunty from handling my lungi. So I told aunty “enough aunty, I will take it from here”. Aunty appeared not convinced and looked at me in question. But I assured her and took the other end of the lungi from her hand.

I turned around before trying myself again on the lungi. This way she wont see any bulge that might be visible on the crouch. I felt relieved and used the time to calm my thing. Aunty stood behind me watching me with a grin. I thought wearing a lungi was a simple thing. But I found that wearing a lungi properly and tightly without loosening up is not an easy thing. I fumbled with the ends of the lungi, unable to continue from where aunty has stopped. Aunty watched me some time from behind to see if I will make any progress. But after seeing me making no progress, aunty decided to step in for a final time. This time as if determined to finish it up for me. She came behind me and touched my bare shoulder and told “son, let me show you how to wear it”. Her voice was monotone and there was no smile on her face.

Having failed in tying up the lungi several times, I didn’t have any words to defend in this situation. I just had to give in to her. She took one more step towards me from behind leaving no gap between us. Then she brought her hands forward from either side of me and took the lungi ends from my hands. Then with her head close to my ear she whispered to me “son, watch my moves closely”. She then placed one end of the lungi again over my left hip at the correct spot and then tightened it with the winding of the lungi from the other end. With this, one of her hand was holding my hip while the other hand was holding on to my belly and half wound lungi end. She was holding so firmly with her hand on my belly that I had to lean on her to stay in balance.

And there for the first time in my life her boobs were crushing against my back. I could feel the soft spongy flesh of her boobs making a hard impact on my back and my mind. I felt it like a soft cushion of coned sponge. Her hand on my belly gave me butterfly feelings. Standing there I felt elevated to a different state. I could feel her breath on my neck. My head got tilted up and eyes unintentionally closed in the pleasure. For a moment I forgot everything else and enjoyed the situation. In that ecstatic situation what I didn’t realize is that her boobs on my back and her hand on my belly are showing its effect on my dick. My throbbing dick had grown into a full sized cock.

From what was previously a small hump on my lungi has now grown into a hot thick long rod projecting out at under 90 degrees like a rocket on to the lungi. My thing is showing a big impression on the lungi just as much as the impression of aunties boobs on her blouse. I was leaning like a bow backwards on to the aunty as if I have left all of mine to her. I was enjoying the soft play of her hands on my belly. We two acted like it was a perfectly normal situation that we are in. She has fixed one edge of the lungi and is now making a bunch out of the other end of the lungi. She was slowly bundling the lungi with her hands. Now it has to be inserted on the inner side of the wound lungi over my belly. She was telling out the actions she was about to do. Her mouth almost touched my ear.

Her words felt soft and sensuous to me. Once bundled with the lungi she told now it is ready to be tucked in. Saying this she slightly applied pressure on my belly with her right hand making a small space between the belly and the wound lungi. Then she brought her left hand with the bundle and inserted it into the space between. After inserting she used her right hand to push it deep down into my groin region. Her cold hand with long nails had almost reached my crouch area bringing in more energy into my throbbing cock. I let out a loud gasp, releasing a deep breath I was holding for a while. She whispered in my ears, “are you hurt? I will help you out.” I didn’t understood what she meant for a second. But her next actions where loud and clear.

She took out her right hand from under the lungi and together with her left hand she grabbed my rocket like cock from above my lungi. I cried Ammee … in pleasure. Her sudden action took me and my cock by surprise. My cock twitched in ecstasy. She asked “Isn’t this your problem, is it straining a lot? I will help you out to relieve”. She was almost whispering into my ear. Her grip on my thing was very firm and soft at the same time. Then she tightened her grip once more and began to rub my thing over the lungi with both her hands. She was turning her hands in opposite direction rubbing my thing in the process. Her right thumb rubbed my cock tip gently while rest of her fingers rubbed my head, foreskin and shaft in circular motions. I was taken to the second level of heaven.

I feebly tried to protest not out of wish, but out of modesty. “Aunty, what aree you …doing.. ahh. Isn’t it wrong”. She told “Are you not feeling good, if you are feeling good then it is no wrong. What is enjoyable is not wrong dear” she replied. Any way I was not in a position to judge the good and wrong at that moment. The only thing in my mind is the pleasure of her rubbing my thing. The rubbing has loosened up the lungi and it had fallen off, dangling on her moving hands. She took off her hands for a second so that the lungi can fall off completely. And then it happened. The curtain of lungi slid down over the hard cock to the floor. Till then I was naked only in the top half. Now I have become completely naked. My lungi lay on the floor. Aunty took hold of the naked cock with her hands. “Wow your thing is pretty hot and pulsating” she told. She continued “I didn’t know that you have grown this much. If I had, I would have met you earlier. Now you are not a boy any more. You are a man with a big coke”. Whispering this to my ear she renewed her rubbing on my cock.

I was not able to withstand it any more. I kneeled down on the floor, forcing the aunty too to kneel along with me. She never took her hands off my cock in the whole process. Her boobs are thrusting on to my back even more. My body was full of sweat. In fact we were both sweating in the process. She now took her left hand off from my cock and used it to hold on to my belly as a support. Now her right hand became free to venture on itself. It can now stroke the cock on its own. And she did exactly that. She stopped with the gentle rubbing and started stroking my cock to and fro. Her sweaty hands are giving lubrication in the process. She drove me crazy with that. I was making all sort of noise in the process. She whispered into my ears “Are you feeling good? Do u like it”. I could barely say yes to her in my ecstatic situation.

I moaned and murmured yes. Upon hearing it she bit my ear in ecstasy and kissed my cheeks. All the while she continued stroking my thing. My thing started pulsating with her strokes. My precum started oozing adding more lubrication to her stroke. I was not able to bear the tension of it. My legs felt weak. I couldn’t balance on myself. So l leaned forward and rested my hands on the bed in front of me. She still held on to me and rested her entire body on my back. Her boobs crushed me on her weight. Her legs gripped on to my lower pelvis like a vice. I can feel the heat dissipating from her inner legs on to my body. Her blouse must be all wet from the sweat.

At this point we were like a single body joined together in sweat and strong grips. Her left hand was moving all over my chest and lower belly, tingling my nipples in the process. Her other hand is now superfluous and masturbated me like a professional. The feeling when I masturbates is nothing compared to what I am experiencing now. Suddenly I felt myself stiffening. I can feel it coming. I growled involuntarily. Aunty understood that I was about to cum. She increased the speed and whispered in my ear “Let it out, let all of it out and release your tension”. As if waiting for these words from aunty, I let out a loud moan and cummed not just once but several times, shooting the load straight on to the floor. I was shaking in its after-effect. Aunty’s hand was smudged with the cum. But she still stroked my thing until I settled down a bit. I collapsed on the bed in that kneeled position. Aunty too collapsed on my back, resting on me.

I don’t know how long I rested like that. Probably it should be just a few minutes till aunty moved aside and rested by leaning against the bed. I too sat down with my back on the bed and completely nude. I didn’t feel inhibited by being nude and didn’t even try to cover me. We didn’t talk to each other for a few minutes. Then she told “I saw how much you liked my body from the moment you entered my house. I saw the glitter in your eyes and the open mouth. You where not able to take off your eyes from my boobs wherever I went. Infact I liked your open and innocent staring. I understood that you must have been surprised by how much my appearance have changed from the days you have known me. But what you might not be knowing is how much I got attracted to you. Infact I have been fantasying about you even before I saw you today. Because I saw a recent photo of you through your mother.

And from that day I was looking for an opportunity like this. Because you are in the perfect age of being initiated into the world of sex. Then she held my limb dick and told, after seeing this I became sure that I have not gone wrong in my selection. Hearing all that I became surprised. This big lady of my fantasy is infact the lady who is fantasying me. I have never thought that would happen. She was slowly playing with my thing again while talking to me. She told that “but I didn’t want to force you on to anything. And I was planning to restrain myself. But your open admiration lead me to discard with all my inhibitions. I felt that what you needed the most at that point of time is my voluptuous body and nothing else. That if I don’t give in myself to you, you might go mad.

She stoped talking for a while after saying this. Even I didn’t say anything as I felt being exposed by her findings. Silence prevailed between us for some moment. But her hands where moving up and down on my thing all the while. I silently watched her actions while she worked on my thing in full concentration. It didn’t took much time for my thing to become semi hard again. Upon seeing it aunty asked if we can move on to bed. We both got up from the floor. She asked me to lie down on the bed.

Then she mounted on top of me with her legs on my either side. There I got the first chance to watch aunty’s body without any inhibition in close quarters. Her boobs were juggling while she moved. She was sweating like anything and her shiny skin and wet blouse with sweat made a sensuous impression on me. I wished if I can touch her, but I was too shy to ask. She asked me if she can mount on my thing. I told her that she can do anything to me. She liked what I said and kissed me on my lips once, crushing her boobs on my chest in the process. That was the first time that heavy thing crushed on me from the front. Then she took her right hand under her munde and petticoat and prepared her inner lips. Then she took my now hard cock in the other hand and took it under her munde and rubbed it on her pussy lips. Then she told that I am going to insert it all the way in. Without waiting for any answer from me, she lowered herself on to my shaft.

It was a different and strange feeling for me. I felt the friction and wetness of her chamber on my thing. My thing went deep inside her chamber though with a bit of force. I could also feel the heat and pulsation of her muscle. I felt that a women’s inside is so different a world for me. I felt the warmth in her. I felt at home. Within a matter of second I felt my thing was covered in a thick coat of lubricant from her pussy. She waited for some moments to let me get used to the new chamber I am in. Then she began to move up and down in a slow rhythmic motion. I felt it like a visit to the heaven for a second time. This time I had visual simulation too as her voluptuous body was all shaking in front of me. Her boobs swayed giving me the impression that her nipples might pop out any moment. Her cleavage opened and closed up giving the impression that anything would be grinded to powder if put in between. Her navel compressed and expanded showing the full depth. I felt like it could swallow my huge cock in its depths.

While grinding on my cock, she leaned forward and gave a deep kiss to me in my mouth. Her tongue played rounds on my lip. Her boobs and her hard nipples rubbed on my bare chest, raising my hair. They felt really heavy for me. My hands almost touched her moving side boobs involuntarily. Sensing it aunty broke her kiss and raised her body. She took my hand in hers and made me grasp her towering boobs in front of me. That was the most grateful moment I felt for the day. I felt like a little c***d being gifted with the mango he was eying for the whole day. I sized up her boobs with my hand and felt her nipples for the first time. I sheded all my inhibitions and began ploughing on her boobs. I pressed and massaged it like it is the moistened chapatti floor ball. It will take both my hands to hold if fully. I felt uncontrollable from inside. I raised my head to inhale the smell from between her boobs. Seeing this she lowered her bosom so that I can comfortably have my nose between her cleavage while resting on the bed. Her cleavage was really deep and I kneaded her nipples on both sides. All this while she was continuing grinding my cock with the lower half of her body. I think she started to get more exciting from inside. Because she was squeezing her pussy even more. That brought my cock to a throbbing state. At any point I might cum insider her.

I told her off my situation. She told me not to hold back and just cum insider her at my will. With that she pressed her boobs again on to my face. And I didn’t have to wait another second, I cummed on and on inside her as if like I haven’t cummed for a long time. My thing went limb inside her. But she didn’t pull it out of her. We rested there in that position. This time it was me who broke the silence. I asked aunty “aunty, can I see you in nude”. She didn’t say anything to me. But with a smile she started unhooking her blouse. The front of her blouse opened up releasing the very tightly kept boobs in front of me. Still it was restrained by the bra she was wearing. The bra was only partially visible from that position. She then took off her blouse completely.

Now she is only in bra in the top. Her boobs are spilling out of the sides of her bra giving an idea of how heavy it is inside. She took her hands behind to unhook the bra clips. When she did that her boobs projected out in its full prominence. I raised my finger to poke at the cone like shape of the bra cup. She smiled. Once she unclipped the bra, she pulled out the bra rather quickly. And there her boobs sprang out of the bra cups. I was excited to see a top nude girl in front of me. Sorry, I meant a top nude girl mounted over me. I appreciated her perfectly shaped non sagging boobs with the light brown hard nipples at its tip. She giglingly came down on me and rubbed her naked boobs up and down on me. Her hardened nipples scratched on my bare chest giving renewed energy into my limp cock. When she stoped doing the rubbing, I took a handful of her boobs in my mouth and sucked it. I think I have became bolder and bolder by the passage of time. I felt it delicious to suck on to her naked boobs. I coated a film of saliva on both her boobs.

She separated me from my play balls and asked me if I am that hungry on her even after cumming twice. I hungrily looked at her. My eyes went down from the moistened tits and cleavage, to the channel below it, and the navel, and to the white munde that concealed her lower part. She saw my looks and asked me. Do u want me to show that too?. I nodded in agreement. She pulled out the munde bundle from her waist and then unwinded it from her body. In a moment she was completely nude before me. For the first time I saw where my cock had digged in to. My cock was completely swallowed between her thighs inside her bulged out pussy. Now we both became completely nude for the first time. Her milky white skin stood out shining against my tanned skin. Her super imposing voluptuous body looked dominating for my lean body. If somebody had photographed this scene and sent it to some sex websites, it would have qualified for a perfect mature women and young boy relationship.

By this time my cock was ready for action for the third time. This time our actions where vigorous than the previous times. There was no piece of clothe to separate us. Our nude state ensured that the sweat lubricated our whole body to function like the moving parts of a perfectly sync machine. It took some vigorous fucking for me to cum. This time I too was actively involved in the fuck and raised my hips in sync with aunty’s movements. When I was about to cum, I actually turned around the aunty so that she was on bed and I was on top of her. I fucked her frantically while she used her legs to lock me in her grips. At the end, in one deep push I cummed inside her in big loads.

We were exhausted and I lied down over her with my head between her under boobs. But still that was not the end of the night. The night was still young. We were on the bed in each others arms till early morning fucking in different ways. We slept nude like that and woke up rather late with a new vision on life. My perspective of world around me has completely changed. Now there is a new angle to my life which is the angle of sex. I felt that those married people and those unmarried people who can have licensed or unlicensed sex regularly as and when they wanted should be really lucky. I imagined the amount of cum and fire they must be unleashing on every night and day. My aunty was more than willing to fill in that part of the life for me. Before I left for my home in the morning she asked me not to forget to visit her once in a while. She told that I can come over any time in the day as and when I wished. I was more than happy to agree to her. I was sure to take these steps to her home again and again. We both knew that life has taken a new turn from that day. I thanked the lungi for what all that had happened for the day

Hope you all have liked this story.

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