A First for Everything – 01

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A First for Everything – 01
“Okay Mom. Yes, I know. I do and we won’t,” I answered for the umpteenth time. She wanted to be sure we knew where the emergency numbers were and that we wouldn’t have any parties. It wasn’t the first time they’d left my sister and I alone but it was the first time they had done it for an entire weekend. Dad gave me the thumbs up as he pulled out of the driveway. I tried to act nonchalant and wait until they rounded the corner out of sight before I raced inside to see if I could come up with a plan. I had Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning to work with but unfortunately my parents had waited until the last minute to tell me and Emily they were going out of town for the weekend. Without any notice I hadn’t prepared and I’m sure that was their strategy. Still, making something happen on the spur of the moment might not be impossible. With a little luck I could get Sasha to spend the night with me and I would lose my virginity this weekend. The very thought of it made me hard before I made it through the front door.

I couldn’t hide the excitement on my face and elsewhere as I made my way through the kitchen to the stairs. Emily came running down the stairs and stopped in front of me with a huge grin on her face.

“Looks like trouble to me. What kind of scheme are you working on? I hope you’re not planning to screw this up for us. If I have to wait another year ’till I get another weekend alone without our parents I’ll kill you.”

I knew I had to play it cool. If I managed to get Sasha here Emily would be the only thing standing in my way. The relevance that she was in front of me doing just that with her hands firmly on her hips wasn’t lost on me. “I’m not having any parties if that’s what you’re thinking. I was hoping I could get a friend of mine to come over is all.”

“Your girlfriend?”

“You know I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I know you’ve been spending a lot of time in your bedroom chatting with someone online and I’d bet money it isn’t Kenny or Nick.”

“Yeah okay it’s a girl. So what? Listen, you can do whatever you want this weekend. Just because I’m older and Mom and Dad put me in charge I’m not going to pull some power trip on you. You’re free so have fun. Just try not to get out of hand. If I have to call Mom and Dad to get you out of jail or spend the night keeping you from drowning in your own puke I’ll be pissed. All I ask for is a little time alone.”

“Okay Luke but let’s make Mom and Dad’s room off limits. We don’t want to take the chance of leaving any evidence behind.”

She winked at me and I watched unbelievably as her eyes drifted down to my crotch. I realized it looked like I’d set up camp in my sweatpants and quickly tried to adjust my tent pole. She didn’t move but just laughed at me as I uncomfortably squeezed past her. I have to be mistaken but I swear she goosed me as I did so. I didn’t like this turn of events at all. What the hell was she planning? I knew how easy it would be for a girl, especially a cute one like my sister, to get laid. All she had to do was say “go” and it would be a done deal. I cursed silently as I went up the stairs. If I ended up striking out and my little sister got laid I’d be so pissed. I tried not to imagine what it would be like to lay in bed and listen to my sister losing her virginity in the room across the hall; that is if she was still a virgin. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that or would be the other way around.

I had been talking to Sasha on the internet for about a month. When we first started to chat we were really happy that we were local to each other but being in the same metro area didn’t mean close. It turned out she lived over forty miles away in a distant suburb. Being without a car would make it difficult but not impossible to see each other. We’d talked about the different ways we might do so when the time was right but thus far hadn’t made any plans. As I booted up my computer I hoped that she would see the significance of this opportunity and want to jump at the chance to see and be with me. Talking to her over this last month has been a grand awakening for me. I couldn’t have imagined before that girls often thought about the same things as guys do. Our chats almost always led to talking about sex and we had exchanged several pictures, even some in various states of undress. I couldn’t wait to see her face, though. We were trying to be careful and had agreed early on that sending sexy pictures was fine but that we should keep it anonymous. She said she didn’t doubt I was who I said but wanted to err on the side of caution. It had occurred to me that she could just as well be some old pervert so I was fine with the arrangement. The idea of some paedophile tracking me down and watching me from a van sent chills down my spine. I can’t imagine how something like that would make Sasha feel. It worried me that she would decline a face to face meeting. I needed to be sure I proposed it in such a way that wasn’t creepy. Someplace in public, of course. And I should let her pick the location.

As soon as I logged on I saw that she’d left me a message. When I clicked on it my heart started to beat double-time. “I finally got a webcam,” it said, “so I made this video of what happens when I think about being with you. Watch it and I hope you’ll return the favor and show me how I make you feel. -S”

I scrambled out of my seat and shut the bedroom door. I nearly tripped pulling off my shorts and underwear as I ran back to my desk. My already hard dick was now twitching as if straining against its own confines. When I clicked the attachment and the video opened up an empty chair came into view covered by a white sheet. Sasha soon stepped into the frame holding a piece of paper. It said, “Luke, this is for you. I wanted you to know I was for real and that I want you more than anything. I can’t wait until we are together. Love, Sasha.” My prick twitched again; the pee hole expanded a little as though it were smiling up at me. This was definitely not an old pervert on the other side of the camera.

When she sat down the camera was angled so that I could see everything from her shoulders down to her feet but nothing else. She was dressed in a matching yellow panty and bra set. Wow she had a great body, I thought. I couldn’t believe she wanted to share it with me. She didn’t say anything but I could hear her breathing. I plugged in my headphones and turned up the volume so that I could hear every sound without my sister hearing it blasting through my door. Sasha started to run her hand along her flat tummy and then moved it up to her breast giving herself a gentle squeeze. I could clearly see her nipples beneath the lacey material and started rubbing my prick in response.

Suddenly I got an idea. If this was going where I thought it was and she wanted to see me do the same thing then that was what I’d give her. I hit pause on the video, grabbed my webcam off the monitor, and propped it up on a bookshelf slightly above me. Sitting down and making a slight adjustment I turned it so that it would record me as though looking down over my shoulder with the monitor in full view so that she’d be able to see that I was watching her video. I started the cam recording, hit play on Sasha’s video, sat back and started to slowly stroke myself.

Sasha went from squeezing her breasts to teasing her nipples. She pulled the bra straps off her shoulders and let her bra slide down just enough so that both nipples peaked from the top. She let me watch as she tweaked and pulled them until they were stiff nubs proudly standing at full attention. I reached for the bottle of lotion in my drawer and squirted some on my hand working it in and then adding some more so I was well lubed. By the time my hand was sliding nicely up and down my member Sasha had stripped off her bra and had one hand slipping inside the waistband of her panties while the other continued to work on her nipples. I heard a soft moan and couldn’t help but moan myself. When she pulled her fingers back out of her panties a damp spot appeared on them. I felt my cock strain and inhaled a deep breath.

She reached down and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties slipping them off in one quick motion. Her head bobbed down slightly but only her chin came into view. I didn’t get any sense of what she looked like but just seeing her graceful neck exposed sent chills through me. I imagined kissing her there and how she would pull my head against her body as I did it.

The camera zoomed in and Sasha adjusted it down. The top of her perky tits down to her upper thighs was all that was now in the picture. My eyes went wide as she spread her legs seemingly placing her feet on either side of the camera. Her pussy was fully exposed and I could see the dew that had formed on her slit. Her bush looked soft and natural as though she hadn’t trimmed it because she didn’t need to but she’d clearly shaved the area around her pussy lips. Pulling them apart she fully exposed her most private area to me. The slight wetness on her outer lips had not done any justice in showing how excited she was. Fully exposed her pussy glistened with wetness. I watched as blood flushed her lips and her hole puckered in anticipation. When she ran her fingers through her slit I could hear as well as see the wetness she encountered. As she pulled back the hood over her clit with two wet fingers another moan escaped her.

Instinctively I grabbed the bottle of lotion knowing that the first application was drying up. Without taking my eyes from the screen I squirted a few more drops on the head of my prick and continued stroking.

I was on the edge of my seat thinking of what she would do next. I could literally feel myself salivating at the sight of her open vagina as she probed it further. In my ears I could hear the symphony of her shallow breaths accompanied by the wet smacking of her fingers. We both exhaled simultaneously as she penetrated herself with two fingers. I’d seen plenty of porn on the internet but somehow this little bit of masturbation was the greatest thing I’d ever witnessed. I knew the fact that it was being done in my honor played a big part but I’m sure the idea that my own fingers may soon make their way inside that beautiful pussy was what had me on the verge of blowing my wad.

Sasha changed position moving one arm beneath her leg. She then worked two fingers of one hand inside her pussy and pinched her clit between two fingers of her other hand much as she had her nipples earlier. Her breathing was really becoming labored; I knew she would come soon and hoped I could hold out long enough so that I came at the same time.

She was really wet and the smacking sound of her fingers at work was driving me crazy. The two fingers in her pussy were joined by a third while the fingers on her clit buzzed across the nub with increasing ferocity. The hand on my prick searched for grip and increased the velocity of its strokes. I knew I would cum at any moment but thought my timing would be spot on. Sure enough even before I felt my balls begin to contract Sasha’s hips rose from the chair and her body began to quiver. A gush of woman juice poured over her fingers; her moans came in short, stunted gasps. I sensed she had the need to cry out but contained her voice in those sexy little grunts that quickly made my cock begin its own dance. Torrents of cum spilled over my fingers and leaked down my balls. I think my hips may have jerked and hovered over my chair a bit as well.

I don’t know how much time went by but about the time my breathing was nearly back to normal Sasha picked up her sign again and flipped it over.

“Please respond soon. I’m waiting!”

I grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and wiped my hands and crotch off. I contemplated reviewing the recording I’d made before sending it but as I constructed the e-mail I sensed that time was of the essence and threw caution to the wind. I explained as quickly as I could that my parents were out of town and that it was our chance to be together without supervision. Is there any way you could meet me, spend the weekend with me, spend the night with me, spend even a moment with me? I could ride the bus and subway as close as it came and escort you back or spend time with you there. I would even steal my neighbor’s car, I told her, and drive to pick you up if that’s what it would take. I knew the e-mail was important and that I should take my time making sure it said the right things but I couldn’t wait any longer to send it off. Things had been set in motion and if she was feeling half of what I was I knew the exact wording would hold little significance over the overall meaning. Clicking send I sat back and held my breath.

The minutes ticked by. I counted out the first five and then diverted my attention by watching Sasha’s video again in the next five. When it was over I was as hard as I’d ever been and debating getting off on it a second time. I told myself to wait at least thirty minutes because she could be eating dinner or something and if I came too much I wouldn’t have any sperm left in my balls which seemed like it would be embarrassing.

I didn’t have to wait long before a chat window popped up on my screen.

“Are you there? That was incredible.”

“Right here. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath while I wait. You are so incredibly sexy, Sasha. I can’t even tell you how great your video was.”

“I could see that you enjoyed it. I feel the same way, Luke. Do you really think we could be together this weekend? I’ve been thinking about nothing else lately.”

“I have no doubt we can. If you can get away I’ll find a way to get you here as soon as possible. Would you like to be with me tonight?”

“Tonight. Tomorrow. If you can believe it my parents already think I’m spending the weekend at a friends house. I could cancel and no one would know. We can truly be alone.”

Holy shit, I thought. This is really going to happen.

“My sister is here but she will be cool about it. I think she has some plans of her own. Is that okay? We’ll totally have privacy.”

“Yes, that’s fine. I understand. I have a brother but I don’t think he gives a shit what I do.”

“So what do you think? I don’t really want to steal a car if I can avoid it but I could ride my bike to the train and take it to wherever you are. And then we can come back here together. Give me directions or tell me the closest station and I’ll take off as soon as you can get away.”

“You’d do that—come all the way here for me so I don’t have to take the subway alone? What a gentleman.”

“Of course I would.”

“Well that’s great to hear but you don’t need to. I have transportation. I can just come to you.”
“Oh my God that’s awesome. When can you come?”

“I’m almost ready now but I need you to do something first.”


“Seeing you masturbate made me so horny I want to do it again. I don’t want to wait another minute nonetheless another hour. Want to try it in real time?”

After her words I saw the little icon pop up showing me her webcam was active. Holy crap, I thought. This girl is awesome. I didn’t bother answering but rather just turned on my own cam and clicked on hers. I couldn’t believe it. The video was awesome, of course, but now she was there, live, sitting on the same sheet covered chair with hard nipples and a glistening pussy.

I waved.

Sasha waved back and I could hear her giggle.

“I can’t believe you are right in front of me. You are so beautiful.”

“Shhh,” is all she said and began to rub herself.

I grabbed my bottle of lotion and squirted it on myself.

“Mmmmm,” is what I heard in the head phones.

As I started to stroke myself Sasha grabbed something from her desk. When her hands came into view she was holding a small vibrator that she quickly snapped on and put to work. Despite having cum recently the sight of Sasha rubbing that vibrator over her wet and open pussy was almost too much. This really wasn’t going to last long. The way her body was already twitching I was happy to know the feeling was mutual. She lowered the speed and the sound took on a deep bass note. I tried to imagine how that deep vibration would feel and was given the answer by Sasha’s stuttered gasps. It sounded as if she was trying to cry out again but didn’t possess the breath in her lungs to do so. That compiled with the sound of the vibrator itself and the squelching sound it made as she worked it in and out of her pussy really was too much. I erupted with a yelp the likes of which I’d never heard before. Cum shot out of my prick spattering my chest and belly in a rainstorm of white gobs. From the other end I heard a long drawn out “Ohhhhh” come from Sasha and watched as a flash flood of her juices sprayed out of her pussy.

Sasha grabbed something else off of her desk that turned out to be another sign. It read, “If you give me your address I will come to you now, as fast as I can?”

“Yes,” I yelled a little too loud and looked over my shoulder to the door hoping Emily didn’t come busting in while I sat there naked and covered in cum. “Yes, Sasha. As soon as my hands stop shaking I’ll type it out for you.”

After I typed it out and hit send another sign read, “Wow. It’s not as far as we thought and I can get there with these.” And with that she lifted her feet into the camera view.

“Huh? Are you saying you can walk here?”

“I am. We’re kind of neighbors.”

Sasha leaned forward and turned the camera up into her smiling face. The breath caught in my throat. She was absolutely beautiful, a true angel. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She smiled and beckoned me with a curl of her finger. It turns out everything she’d told me hadn’t been true but she hadn’t lied in the end. She was right. The trip wouldn’t be far at all because I was looking at my darling sister Emily on the monitor and she was just across the hall.

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