A Great Show

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A Great Show
A couple of days ago Mom asked me with her to go to a concert featuring her favorite group since Dad doesn’t like the group and doesn’t want to go. Because I do like the group also, I readily agree to go with her. The only downside is that the venue is well over two hours away from where we live. The upside is that she lets me drive us there since it is still daylight. We head out early and it’s a good thing because the parking lot is already starting to fill up when we get there a couple of hours before the concert starts. We go to the concession stands and buy a soft drink for me and a beer for her along with some snacks for both of us.

We have great seats, third row on the floor center stage! We’re far enough back not to get trampled by those rushing up to the stage, yet close enough to see all the action. And there is lots of action. The girl singers and dancers are all dressed rather provocatively, showing off lots of cleavage with their low cut tight halter tops and lots of leg since they are wearing black skin tight short shorts that are nearly French cut. The guys are wearing very tight black stretch pants and rather small, short vests with no shirts on underneath. There is lots of sensuous dancing while the songs are being performed.

During the concert, Mom seems to be really getting into the show since her eyes seem to be focused on the male lead singer who is doing lots of sexy moves. Meanwhile mine eyes are taking in the seductive moves of the female dancers. Part way into the show, I’m a little shocked when I feel her hand squeezing on my knee while we are sitting, but I attribute it to the excitement of the performance. Then a couple of times, while we are standing with the frenzied crowd, I swear that I feel her hand pressing up against my crotch. However, I chalk that up to us moving with the undulations of the throng of people. At one point Mom finishes her beer and goes off to the concession stand for another one.

The overall show is fabulous and it lasts quite a bit longer than we thought when they brought out a special performer to sing with them. It is way late in the evening when we join the mass of people exiting the venue. When we get into the car and join the very long line of cars exiting the parking lot, Mom says, “I’m really too tired to drive home tonight. I think that we ought to get a hotel room.”

“I can drive, Mom,” I offer.

“No, you are really tired too, Timmy; I can see it in your eyes. Furthermore, we don’t need to be thinking about driving home this late, it’ll be the wee hours of the morning when we get there. Better get some sleep and be refreshed … there’s less chance of having an accident.”

“Okay, Mom.”

What we hadn’t counted on was the fact that in addition to the concert, there was a big rivalry football game going on that night and it seemed like all the hotels and motels are full. After the fifth one, we are pretty frustrated. But finally the desk clerk at the sixth hotel says, “I do have one room available but it only has one king-size bed.”

“I’ll take it,” Mom says quickly.

“But, Mom, how will we sleep?”

“Don’t worry, son, we’ll make it work.”

The clerk says, “I would normally offer you a roll-away bed, but all of those are taken too.”

“We’ll get by just fine, thank you, Sir.”

Once in the room, I ask again, “But, Mom, how will we sleep?”

“It’s simple, you will sleep in one side of the bed and I’ll sleep on the other. It is a king-size bed, there’s plenty of room for both of us. And we can sleep in our underwear since we really didn’t plan for this and bring any pajamas or other clothes.”

That statement answered another question that I had in my head. “Okay, Mom.” As we start getting ready for bed, I’m thinking about the dancers on stage and wishing that one of them was going to be in bed with me instead of my mom. It’s not that Mom isn’t good looking, she is a knockout, but she’s …… well, she’s Mom. While she places a phone call to Dad, I pull off my pants and try to hide the hard-on that’s making a tent in my boxers as I slide in underneath the covers. In the meantime, Mom has to leave a message for Dad since he doesn’t answer. And she also sends him a text.

After that, she pulls her clothes off to reveal a very sexy red bra and panty set …… and both are rather skimpy. I try not to stare at her nearly nude body as she too slides underneath the covers and turns out the light. The look at her sexy lingerie doesn’t help my erection situation at all. But damn it, I shouldn’t be turned on by my own mother! She moves about for a couple of moments, seemingly to get comfortable.

To try to hide my arousal better, I roll onto my side facing away from her. As I lie there, I realize that I really want to go into the bathroom and jerk off my aching cock, but I know that I probably wouldn’t get away with doing that with Mom in the room. Then, a few minutes later, Mom rolls over beside me and kisses my neck from behind and says, “Thanks for going to the concert with me, baby, and for being a good sport about this.”

As she presses up against me, I swear that she must not be wearing her bra anymore since it feels like her warm bare breasts are pushing up against my back. Damn, that thought just makes my erection worse! I answer, “Sure, Mom, it was lots of fun. And like you said, we’ll make this work.” While I answer, she d****s her hand over me and she’s lightly rubbing my lightly haired chest. Soon I question her, “Mom! What are you doing?”

“Shhhhhhh, just enjoy!” she admonishes. I’m starting to wonder just how many beers she had at the concert …… although she doesn’t act drunk, other than this strange behavior, and she doesn’t walk like a drunk or drive like one either. She kisses me on the neck again as her hand gravitates down to my belly. As she does this, my hard cock is aching and throbbing in my underwear and I’m afraid that she’ll notice it and get mad about it.

A few moments later her fingers are playing with the waistband of my boxers and then …… it happens …… they slide underneath it. “Mom!!” I exclaim as I turn my head to look at her. She doesn’t reply, but instead starts kissing me in a way that she’s never kissed me before …… very passionately with her tongue probing between my lips. At the same time her fingertips encounter the head of my aching cock. “MMmmmmMMM!” I moan in my attempt to protest again. My heart is beating rapidly as I fear her wrath. But instead, I feel her fingers probing down along the shaft. A moment later she grasps my cock in her hand and then it is her turn to moan.

She breaks the kiss to gasp and exclaim, “Just how big are you, Son?” She leans over me to turn on the light placing her bare breasts just mere inches from my face. She explains, “I just have to see your big cock! Roll over on your back and quit hiding it from your mommy.” I’m rather shocked to hear her call my penis a ‘cock’ and even more surprised that she wants to see it. How wrong I was to think that she’d be mad about it being hard! A little reluctantly, because I’m still embarrassed at having a hard-on with my mother, I roll over on my back. She sits cross-legged beside my hips before she quickly pushes the covers downward and then pulls down my boxers to let my cock pop free. “Oh, my God, Timmy, it’s HUGE!” she exclaims.

I’m a little embarrassed at her outburst. I knew that my penis … uh … cock is bigger than a lot of them, but I didn’t think that it was that big to be called huge. She wraps her hands around it and starts stroking it. “Mom …… What are you doing now?” I ask rather stupidly like I didn’t know.

“I’m stroking this big, beautiful, hard cock of yours!” she says, almost dreamily. She looks at me and there is something different in her eyes … a dark look of lust maybe? She Ooohhhs and Aaahhhs over it for several minutes while she strokes it. Since she is looking so intently at my cock, I don’t feel bad about openly staring at her big beautiful breasts that I have never seen bare before. They are topped off by hard nipples that almost look like gumdrops, ready to eat. Unfortunately I cannot easily reach them, not that I would touch them without her permission anyway.

A drop of pearly liquid appears on the tip of my cock and a moment later she leans over and licks it up. “Mmmmmmm, you taste so good!” she says. Then she stretches out crosswise on the bed on her stomach and I realize that her panties are gone too! My own mother is naked on the bed beside me with her large lovely ass in full view! My cock jumps at the beautiful sight. Then she does something even more surprising, she takes the head of my cock into her mouth and starts sucking on it, swirling her tongue around it as she does.

“Oh, Mom …… that feels … so good!!” I moan out. “But should you … should we be doing this?” She doesn’t answer, but just takes some more of my cock into her mouth, sliding past her ruby red lips. “Ooooohhhhh!!” I moan. “What …… about …… uh …… Dad?” That seems to be the final straw to drive her onward. She starts bobbing her head up and down on my cock and I watch as more and more of it disappears into her soft, warm mouth. I can’t help but react and I even lift my hips slightly in response to her oral ministrations. With one hand, she is stroking the part of my shaft that won’t fit in her mouth, using her plentiful saliva for lubricant. It feels so damn good!! Occasionally she lifts her head and looks at me and smiles without a word. Then she goes back to working on my cock.

I don’t notice right away but a few moments later, I see that while she is sucking my cock, she is apparently playing between her legs. Suddenly she announces, “I can’t wait any longer!” In a flash, she is on her knees, straddling me. Without any fanfare she takes my saliva slicked cock and points it between her bare puffy pussy lips, swiping it back and forth along her slit. I had never before seen a live pussy that was shaved; I’ve only seen them in pictures. Seconds later she is lowering herself down upon my pole, moaning as my cock slips further and further past her wet and slippery folds.

I am moaning all sorts of unintelligible sounds as my hard cock slides into her warm and wet tunnel. It feels like nothing that I have felt before. It’s so soft and slippery, but so tight at the same time. She gives a confession, “Ooohh, I haven’t been fucked in a long, long time …… especially with a nice big cock like this one!” I am surprised at her use of the ‘F’ word, a term that she once washed out my mouth with soap for using. But she goes on, “Your cock feels sooooo fucking good in my pussy, Timmy!!”

“Oh, Mom, you feel so good too! Oh yeah!!” It’s not long before my cock is buried completely inside her body. There is a special feeling knowing that my cock is inside the place where I came from as a tiny baby. She just sits there for a moment and grinds her lovely shaven crotch against mine.

Her eyes have that faraway look in them like she isn’t seeing anything in the room. She starts bouncing up and down on my cock in rather short strokes that lengthen as she goes on. She places her hands on my chest for balance as she starts fucking me faster and harder. Her lovely breasts are bouncing up and down rather wildly so without thinking, I reach up and grasp them. “Yes, play with my titties, Timmy!” she says, “Oh God yes, just like that!! You can pinch my nipples too!!” I take her at her word and start squeezing her breasts and somehow I know to roll her nipples between my fingertips. “OH FUCK, YEEESSSS!!!” she moans out. The faraway look morphs into a wild look as she starts bouncing up and down on my shaft with even more vigor. For someone who was too tired to drive home, she has sure recovered her energy! “Oh, Timmy, your big cock feels soooooo …… fuckin’ …… good!!!”

“Your … uh … pussy … feels good too, Mom!!” I manage to get out.

She is bouncing up and down on my cock so hard that our bodies are slapping together with a wet sound each time they meet. Then, after a short while, she moans out, “I’mmmm …… gonna …… cuuuuummmmmmm!!” just before her body starts trembling uncontrollably. “Oooohhhh!! FUUUUCK!! I’M CUUUMMMMMMING!!” Her eyes are closed and her head is thrown back and I wonder if she is okay or if she is having some kind of a seizure. I’ve never seen a woman do this, not even in the limited porn that I have watched …… and certainly not in person. My crotch and balls become covered in warm fluid as her body vibrates.

All of this is just too much for me and suddenly I get this feeling. I holler out, “MOM! I FEEL LIKE I’M GONNA …………!”

She doesn’t let me complete the sentence but hollers out, “CUM INSIDE ME!! CUM INSIDE YOUR MOTHER, TIMMY!”

That’s all that it takes to push me over the edge. I groan loudly and shove my hips upward and begin shooting what feels like ropes of cum deep inside her body. I thrust upwards and slam into her with each pulse of hot cum that spurts from my body. My orgasm is so intense that parts of me feel weak. She seems to be having another orgasm as well while I fill her insides. After about a dozen spurts or so, I am spent. My body settles down onto the bed and she follows me down. Then she collapses down on top of me, her huge titties pressed against my chest. Out of instinct, I wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly against me. We lay like that for a long time before she asks, “Do you need me to get off of you, Timmy? I don’t want to squish you.”

“No, Mom, you are fine just where you are. I hug her tighter still not believing that I just fucked my own mother and filled her with my white creamy cum that I generally spurt all over my belly or on the floor. I think that we fall asleep like that for a while because I get awakened by her crawling off of me. A few moments later I am surprised when I feel her tongue licking up the gooey white mess on my cock, balls, and belly. “Oh Mom!!” is all that I can say.

A few moments later she heads off to the bathroom and comes back carrying a wet washcloth and a towel. She finishes cleaning me and then cleans herself before crawling into bed beside me. She requests, “Spoon up against me, Timmy.” I snuggle up behind her and she lifts her leg and positions my somewhat deflated cock between her ass cheeks and legs. “Good night, Timmy,” she whispers.

“Good night, Mom.” I reply softly. Seconds later I am asleep.

The next morning I awaken, not remembering where I am at first. As I slowly come to full consciousness, I begin to recall the events of the previous night and I wonder if it all was a dream … certainly it didn’t happen for real! The bed beside me is empty and I wonder about that. But then I hear something that sounds like soft sobbing. My eyes wander around the room until I find Mom sitting in a chair with her head in her hands. She is no longer naked, she has gotten dressed … or maybe she was dressed all along.

She hears the rustle of the sheets as I start to get up. She lifts her head and says firmly, “Sit down, Timmy; we have to talk.” I’m silent because I’m wondering if I did something wrong during the night to upset her. She looks at me for a few moments before she starts out, “Timmy, what happened last night between us should never have happened. It’s called i****t and it’s against the law. I lost total control and I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry. But between the excitement of the concert, the three or four beers that I drank and having my own son in bed with me, I just lost all sense of right and wrong. And what happened was very wrong.”

“But I thought that you enjoyed it. You even had a big whatever you call it.”

“It’s called an orgasm and I did have a big one; actually I had three of them … at least. And I did really enjoy it, and that’s the whole problem; now I want it some more …… but it is so wrong in so many ways. It’s i****t, and like I said, that’s against the law. And I also cheated on your Dad. And in addition, I had sex with someone who isn’t eighteen yet, but merely s*******n.”

“I’m almost eighteen, Mom; my birthday is at the end of next month.”

“I know, but you are still technically below the legal age to have sex.”

I get up, still naked, and kneel down beside her chair. I put my arm around her shoulders and say, “Yes, but no one has to know except us. What happened in this room can stay in this room, just like if it was in Las Vegas. And I know lots of people under the age of eighteen having sex.”

“I know, but they’re probably not having sex with their mothers. And I know that no one has to know, but I don’t know if I can stand the guilt. Because of that, it can’t happen again.”

“Look, you said last night that you hadn’t … uh … uh” I search for the right word to say so that I don’t get my mouth washed out with soap.

But she knows what I want to say. “Yes, I said that I hadn’t gotten fucked in a long, long time …… and that’s the truth. Your father doesn’t seem to want sex anymore; he is so enamored with that secret project of his at work that it makes me wonder if he is having an affair. And I’ve never been fucked with a cock like yours. That’s …… what …… makes …… it …… so …… damn …… hard! I need …… sex …… so much …… and I don’t …… get it.” She dissolves into a fresh round of tears. I draw her close and let her cry on my shoulder. I hate it when Mom cries, I feel so utterly helpless. I just hold her and let her cry.

Her crying is just winding down when her phone rings. She answers it and I hear Dad’s angry voice, “Where are you? I expected you home last night! And when you still weren’t here this morning I got worried.”

Immediately Mom gets defensive, “Hey, Bruce, I called you and left a message and I sent you a text. What more was I supposed to do? Didn’t you look at your damn phone??” I don’t hear his answer because I head off to the bathroom to relieve my aching bladder that’s threatening to burst. When I return, I pick up my boxers and start to put them on when Mom snaps her fingers and waves her hand. She is saying into the phone, “Now you know what it feels like to be alone at home, like you leave me all the time while you work on that damned secret project of yours.” Then her voice rises nearly to a shout, “Your damn secrecy makes me wonder if you are having a damn affair!” I hear what sounds like a denial from Dad. She listens for a few moments and then says, “Damn, it, I don’t know when we’ll be home. Maybe it’ll be sometime this afternoon or maybe it will be tomorrow, I’m not sure yet. Hell, I’m so pissed off now that I may just go shopping at some stores that we don’t have there! Good bye!” She presses the hang-up button. The phone almost immediately starts ringing again, but she turns it off without answering it.

Inwardly I groan at the mention of shopping. I don’t particularly like shopping with Mom because she looks at EVERYTHING! She tosses her phone aside and beckons me to come with her finger. Slowly I approach. She softly says, “Don’t worry; I’m not going to take you shopping because I know that you really hate it. I just wanted him to know that I wasn’t going to pack up and come home just because he can’t figure out how to get his own damn breakfast.” I stop my advancement a couple of feet away from her but she says, “C’mon on, come closer.” I walk up until our knees are almost touching.

In spite of what she said earlier, sexy thoughts are going through my head and my cock is slowly responding, even though I try to will it to stay down. But I guess that there is no need to worry about that because she reaches out and takes it into her hand. She looks up at me with those same lust-filled eyes from last night. She starts stroking it and says, “I love your big cock, Timmy!” She leans in and kisses the head. “And I want it again!”

“But you said ………”

“Yes, I said that it couldn’t happen again. But that is before I talked to your father. He really pissed me off … so now I want you to fuck me again …… maybe more than once if you are up to it because I’m pretty sure that he’s cheating on me now.”

There is bitterness in her voice on the last sentence. Dumfounded by the quick change of events, I can only nod my head while she looks deep into my eyes. Finally I am able to blurt out, “Sure, Mom, whatever you want.”

My cock is already rock hard once more from her stroking and the knowledge that she is going to let me fuck her again. She leans in and takes the crown in her mouth and starts sucking on it and running her tongue along the sensitive place on the underside. While stroking my shaft with one hand she is playing with my balls with the other. Then she looks up at me while her lips slide further and further down my shaft until she gets to the point that she gags slightly. She starts slowly bobbing her head up and down on my cock, stopping occasionally to lick the length of my shaft and kiss and lick on my balls. I am moaning the whole time and telling her how wonderful her mouth feels on my cock. My arousal is rising and I wonder if she wants me to cum in her mouth. But she stops and looks up at me with those lust-filled eyes. Then she asks a question that at first I think is a little strange, “Timmy, may I show you how to really make love to a woman?”

“Uh … sure, Mom.”

She stands up. “First, we all like to be hugged and kissed.” She wraps her arms around me and hugs me. It’s a little awkward with my rock hard cock pressed between us but she doesn’t seem to mind. It’s also strange and arousing that she’s dressed and I’m nude. Then she kisses me passionately, holding my head from behind and probing with her tongue. I can see the power of the kiss because it sends tingles through my body straight to my groin.

She breaks the kiss and says, “Only after you have hugged and kissed for a while should you ever consider going further. Now, most women like their man’s hands on their ass and I’m no exception.” She guides my hands to her ass cheeks and instinctively I squeeze them. “Yes, just like that,” she encourages before she starts kissing me again. I decide to go one step further pull her tighter against me to press my cock against her while I squeeze them, actually lifting her upward slightly. “Mmmmm! ……. Yeah!” she moans between kisses.

After quite a few minutes, she breaks the kiss and says, “You are a fast learner, Timmy! I liked that.” I beam with pride. “Now, unbutton my top …… slowly,” she instructs. After I unfasten it, I slide it off of her shoulders and toss it into the nearby chair. “Now, hug me again.” We hug and kiss a little more and she says, “Now, if she has a bra that fastens in the back you might be able to unfasten it now if she is sending off the right vibes, which I am.” I fumble with the unfamiliar fastener, but finally get it undone. Working on instinct, I then slip the shoulder straps down off of her shoulders. She pulls away just enough for it to drop away so that she can toss it into the same chair. I hug her back to me again, feeling her warm bare tits against my chest. “Do you like my titties, Timmy?” she asks.

“Yes, Mom, I do … I love them.”

“Then you can make love to them. Kiss them … Lick them … Suck them. Show me how much you like them.” For the next few minutes I do just that. I kiss them all over and then lick them. I gently squeeze them while I play with her hard nipples and suck on them. “Oh God yes, Timmy, just like that!! Oh Yeah!!” At one point she holds my head against her bosom while I’m sucking on her nipple.

On a whim, while I am still playing with her tits, I slide my hand down and unfasten her pants so that I can slide my hand inside them. I slide downward on her mound until I find the triangle of her panties. I find that they are wet when I rub them. “Oh, Timmy!! YEEESSS!!!” I push her pants down a little further and then, like she did last night, I slide my hand behind the elastic band of her panties to touch the bare skin of her pussy. Just doing that sends a thrill straight through me. And she must like it too because she seems to almost melt and she moans, “Oooohhh, gaaaawwwd!!” A moment later she says, “I’ve got to sit down!”

Even though her pants are still around her thighs, I slowly lead her over to the side of the bed where she sits down. I pull her pants the rest of the way off and stare at the big wet spot on her panties. She chuckles and says, “Do you see what you do to me, Timmy?”

“Yes, Mom, just like you make me like this,” I say as I heft up my hard aching cock. I grasp the elastic of her panties and pull downward. She lifts her butt up enough for me to slide them down and off. She spreads her legs and I get my first really good look at her shaven pussy. “It’s lovely, Mom!” I say.

I walk up between her legs, fully intending to just plunge my cock into her wet pussy but she stops me. “Wait, you’re not done yet! Women also like their pussy licked and sucked, just like you like your cock licked and sucked.” For a moment, I’m a little puzzled because I have heard through the peer g****vine how gooey and nasty a woman is down there. She seems to read my mind when she says, “Don’t worry about what others have told you. You will like it … I know that you will.” She sensuously slips her finger between her wet folds and places it against her lips. She licks it clean and then does it again, only this time presses it against mine. “Here, taste me,” she requests. I find that her fingers have a scent on them that I really like so I open my mouth and suck her finger in. I find that I like the way that she tastes too.

She instructs me, “Kneel down between my legs and tease me. Caress my thighs and kiss them … but don’t touch my pussy yet. Tease me until you think that I can’t stand it anymore or I start begging you for more.” I follow her instructions, caressing, kissing and licking her thighs, coming close enough to her pussy to gather her scent in my nostrils … it is like an aphrodisiac to me. Finally she says, “Now gently touch my pussy lips with your fingers. Go exploring … caress each fold.” Once more I follow her directions and I am amazed how her lips open to my touch. I find her opening and slip my finger slightly inside and she seems to like that. I can tell that her breathing is changing, becoming more rapid while her pussy becomes even wetter.

Almost breathlessly she says, “Now, lick me. Do the same thing with your tongue that you did with your fingers.” Tentatively I lick her lips and find that she tastes even better now. I look up at her to see her staring down at me. Somehow that gives me a little rush. “Ooohhh yeah!!! Just like that, Timmy!!” she moans as her hips lift slightly. I probe every inch of her pussy, even sticking my tongue into her opening. At the same time, my hands are not idle; they are massaging and squeezing her ass cheeks, lifting them up slightly. She encourages me and occasionally gives me a little instruction. She seems to get particularly excited when my tongue reaches the top of her slit. A couple of minutes later, She moans out, “Now … suck me …… gently.”

I start enthusiastically sucking on her lips and her inner folds. A few moments later I feel her hand on my head. “Yeah!! …… Just … like … that … Timmy!! Oh fuck!!” I notice that she gets really excited when I get to the top of her slit and there is a hard little bump there. I suck on it gently. “Oh gaaawwwd, Timmy, that’s my clit!! Suck on it gently!!” She may want me to suck on it gently, but she has my head pushed tightly against her crotch. Looking up at her I see that her head is thrown back and her eyes are closed. She is moaning, “Oh my gaawwd!! Oh fffuuuuck!! Oooohhhh, Timmy, don’t stop!! Right there!! Don’t move!! Keep it up!! Don’t stop!!” I keep up what I am doing, sucking on her hard nubbin and gently flicking my tongue over it. She starts a mantra, “I’m gonna cum!! I’m gonna cum!! I’m gonna cum!!” Her hips rise up, pushing her pussy even tighter against my mouth. Suddenly she hollers, “OOOHHH FFFFUUUUUUCK!!” as her hips jerk upward and her whole body starts trembling. Then she just moans as her body undulates, apparently uncontrollably. But her hands still hold me tightly to her crotch so I move with her and I don’t stop what I am doing.

It seems like her orgasm goes on forever … or maybe she has more than one, I’m not sure. But I am sure that my chin, neck and chest are soaking wet from whatever she spurts out. Then, suddenly, she pushes my head back. “I can’t … take … any … more!!” she blurts out breathlessly. Even though she has pushed me back, she still has a firm hold on my hair. I look up at her and she smiles as she says brokenly, “I want … you to …… fuck me …… NOW!!” To emphasize her statement, she pulls upward on my hair.

I rise up to stand beside the bed, my drooling cock lewdly sticking straight out at her. She says, “Stick your …… big cock …… in me …… and …… fuck me!! Fuck…… your …… mommy!!” I don’t need to be told twice. I lift her legs high and wide and place the head of my cock in between her wide open pussy lips. The head of my cock finds her opening like a heat seeking missile and I begin pushing inward. It turns me on greatly to see my cock splitting her lips wide open and sliding inside her. I’m fucking my mother again!! She urges me, “Oh …… fuck …… yes!! I want …… all of …… your …… fucking …… cock …… Timmy!!” I keep pushing my way in, only pulling back a little to spread out the lubrication. Soon, I am completely inside her and her hot wet pussy is wrapped around my throbbing cock.

Operating simply on instinct, I begin moving in and out of her, slowly fucking her in long strokes. “Oh yes!! Oh yes!! Oh yes!!” she is moaning almost constantly. “Fuck your mother!!” I spread her legs wider and start fucking her harder and faster. Before long, my crotch is slapping up against hers with each stroke. I worry about hurting her, but I figure that she’ll tell me if I do. “Oooohhhh fffuuuuuuuuck!!” she moans over and over again. Then she utters, “I’mmmmmm … gooonnnnnna … cuuuummmm!!” There is a pause of a few seconds before she announces, “I’MMMM …… CU … CU … CUUUUMMMMMMMING!!” Her body bounces around on the bed and her pussy tightens around my plunging cock. The pleasure is fabulous, both visual and physical as I watch my mom writhe around in what looks like absolute bliss.

Somehow I manage not to cum yet, although I come very close. I realize that I have slowed my action down during her orgasm, so I increase the speed of my fucking again when she settles down a little. Almost immediately she has another climax that nearly pushes me out of her pussy with the force of it. This time there are no words …… just a wordless scream and then moans and groans. This time it is too much for me and I holler out, “I’m cuummmming, Mom!!” as my cock starts spurting inside her once again.

She has still another orgasm as she hollers out, “Oh … Fuck … Yes!!! …… Fill … My … Naughty … Cunt … With … Your … Hot … Creamy … Teenage … i****tuous … CUM!!” I briefly wonder about her choice of words for her pussy, but I don’t dwell on it since the intense pleasure emanating from my cock flows completely through my body. My legs are shaking as I pound into her each time that my cock spurts inside her again and again. There are squishy sounds coming from our crotches as they meet. When my orgasm winds down, I hang tightly onto Mom’s raised legs to keep from crashing onto the floor.

I look down at her and her eyes are closed while her chest rises and falls quickly with her labored breathing. At the same time I become aware of my own rapid breathing. Aftershocks flow through her body causing her pussy to tighten down on my sensitive cock, causing me to moan in additional pleasure. After a while she barely opens her eyes and declares, “Timmy …… you were … just so … amazing … and wonderful!!” She draws out the word wonderful.

My slowly deflating cock finally gets pushed out of her still active pussy. As I step back, she pats the bed next to her to indicate that I should lie next to her, which I do. We are quiet for a long time until finally she takes her hand and lifts my chin and says, “Timmy, I know that this is all so very wrong …… but now I don’t think that I can function or even live without your cock now that I’ve had it. And I love your mouth and tongue too! You are such a wonderful lover …… you know how to make your mom feel really, really good! Timmy, you have made me feel alive again, whereas before I was feeling kind of dead and useless since your father doesn’t seem to want fat ol’ me anymore. And I’m pretty sure that he is cheating on me anyway because I heard a woman in the background call out his name when he called this morning. I don’t think that he was even home when he called.”

“First of all, Mom, you are NOT fat. You are so beautiful, even when you are dressed, I’ve always thought that. I just never thought that I’d see you naked, much less have sex with you. It was soooo fabulous!! Dad doesn’t know what he is missing!”

“Oh he knows, alright, we used to be pretty wild sexually. But after your sister and later you came along, I gained a few pounds and your father apparently no longer found me attractive enough to arouse him.” There are tears in her eyes again.

“Please don’t cry, Mom. I’ll take care of you whenever you need it, I promise. And it will be our secret.”

She pulls me close to her. “Thank you, Timmy; that means a lot to me.”

“I want to learn all about pleasuring you … about how to make love to a woman … how to make love to you. I want you to teach me everything, Mom.”

“Oohh, Timmy!” is her only reply as she hugs me. Then she kisses me passionately. She finally breaks the kiss and says, “We need to get us some breakfast … or it’ll probably be brunch by now.”

We get dressed and go to the little café just outside the hotel. Sitting across from Mom at the little table I see something different in her eyes, a bright spark and there is a big smile on her face. After we eat she says, “I know that I told you that I wasn’t going to take you shopping, but we do need some underwear because I’ve decided that we are not going home today.”

“Okay, Mom, I understand.”

We go to one of those chain department stores and while we are there Mom spots some massage oil. “I’ve got an idea; let’s give each other a massage. We can explore each other’s body that way. Is that okay?”

“Sounds like a great idea, Mom,” I reply enthusiastically. She picks up a couple of bottles with different scents along with some underwear for both of us.

Back at the room we start hugging and kissing almost the moment we step inside the door. Then we slowly undress each other. When I peel her panties off, I find that they are soaking wet and somewhat gooey in the center panel. She says, “That’s why I had to have some more underwear, you’ve been dripping out of me all day.”

“I’ve been dripping out of you all day?” I question.

“That means that your gooey cum has been dripping out of me.”

“Oh …… is that a bad thing?”

“No it’s a good thing. I love it!!” she replies. “If I could, I’d like for your teenage cum to be dripping out of me every day.” I look at her kind of dumbfounded. Then she says, “Let me massage you first. Lie on your stomach.” I do so and she starts her massage. I have to admit that it is very arousing to have my naked mother giving me a massage, especially when she starts using her body as well as her hands. At one point she is rubbing her big oiled up tits up and down my back while her crotch massages my buttocks. After a very sensual massage she has me turn over onto my back. Once again she gets me all oiled up and then uses her body to massage me.

She even slips my cock in between her tits and massages it. Then she kneels cross-legged beside me like last night and takes my cock into her hands. For a long time she gives me a slow and sensual cock massage. She is a master at it, massaging it until I think that I’m about to spurt and then allowing my arousal to go back down again. I’m almost thinking about begging her to finish me off, but something tells me to just lie back and enjoy. Just about when I think that I’m going to go crazy with the desire to cum she gradually slows down the massage. Then she says, “Okay, it’s my turn. Why don’t you start on my front side?”

“Sure, Mom, whatever you want.” Starting at the top, I have lots of fun oiling up her breasts and feeling her globes of flesh sliding through my fingers while I ‘massage’ them. After a while I move down to her belly and at her insistence, down each leg, avoiding her crotch for now. I work all the tight muscles out of her legs and get them nice and relaxed. Then I am allowed to oil up her pussy lips and massage there.

She then says, “Let me tell you how you can pleasure a woman in another way. She guides my hand so that I can slide my middle finger into her opening. Then she shows me how to move my finger to touch what she calls her G-spot. When I find the right spot her excitement rises rapidly. She suggests, “Oh yes, Timmy, you learn so fast!! Now see if you can slip in another finger and do the same thing with both, your ring finger is best.”

As soon as I slip it in and start working both fingers in the ‘come here’ motion while I’m plunging them in and out, her arousal skyrockets. “Oohh ffuuuck YEESS!!” she hollers. “Just like that!! Pound those fingers into me!! Ooohhh fffuuuuck yeah!!” I feel like I’m being a little rough but she seems to like it. Moments later she announces, “I’MMMM CUUUMMMMMMING!!” A few seconds later my hand and arm are covered in her juices as her orgasm overtakes her and liquid squirts out of her. After she rides out her orgasm, she lays her hand on top of mine to still it. “You did it again, Timmy!! You made Mommy cum.” I beam with pride at my accomplishment.

She rests for a bit and then turns over. Starting at her shoulders, I rub out all the knots and tight muscles. I move down the back and do the same thing. I really enjoy massaging her ass cheeks and I make sure to oil them up really good. Then after working my way down each thigh and calf, I rub her feet, trying to find all the pressure points in them to make her feel good.

After I’m done with her feet, I slide back up her legs until I reach her buttocks again. Then, I copy her and start using my body to massage hers. It feels so good to have our two oiled up bodies rubbing together. At some point my still rock hard cock slides in between her lovely ass cheeks and begins rubbing up and down the crack while I rub my body against hers. “That all feels so good, Timmy!” she says softly. Then she spreads her legs a little further apart and wiggles her ass cheeks. She says softly, “You can fuck me now if you want, Timmy.”

I move backwards to allow my cock slide down her crack a little. Since our bodies are pressed together I’m trying to find her opening with just the feeling from my cockhead. I seem to find it though and start pushing in gently. Suddenly she hollers, “NO, TIMMY, WRONG HOLE!” I stop my inward movement and start to move back but she says, “No! … No! …… Wait!! …… Don’t move!!” Although I’m a little confused, I hold my position. She wiggles her ass a little more and then she says, “Okay, Son, push in veerryy slowly.” Even though I don’t quite understand, I do what she says. Wherever I am going, it is really tight. Then she asks, “Can you pull back a little and add some more oil?”

When I do that, I realize that my cockhead is sliding into her butthole. “Are you sure, Mom?” I ask.

“Yes, I’m sure. I’m very relaxed now and it’s been a long time since I’ve been ass fucked, but I used to really enjoy it.” My head is swimming as I follow her request and add some more oil around my cock. She continues her instructions, “Okay, now work your cock in and out slowly.” My cock gets even harder as I follow her command, being very careful not to hurt her. At one point I hear her gasp out, “Wait! Stop right there and don’t move!!” Then a couple of moments later she says, “Okay, very slowly, now.” When I move, it feels like she is squeezing my cock. Suddenly my cockhead pops past the tightness and she cries out.

Immediately I stop and ask, “Are you okay, Mom?”

“Ahhhh, yes, I am now. Keep pushing in. Fill your mom’s ass with your cock!”

Just to be sure, I add some more oil before I start pushing my cock further into her very tight ass. “Oh Mom, it feels so good!!” I exclaim when I’m nearly all the way in.

“It feels so very good to me too!! Now, just rub your body against mine like you were doing before.” I lie on top of her and continue with my body massage while I slowly fuck her ass. I can’t believe that my mom is actually letting me do this! Since I’m down on my elbows, I rub her shoulders with my hands at the same time. “Oh, Timmy, you don’t know how good that feels!!” After doing that for quite some time, she asks, “Can you pull me up onto my knees without pulling out?”

“I think so, Mom.” I rise up and grasp her hips and pull up and back. Soon she is on her knees and elbows and I get an even better view of my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass while I fuck her. Almost immediately, she starts matching my strokes, backing up against me. Instinct tells me that she wants to be fucked harder so I start pushing hard up against her with each inward stroke.

“That’s it, Timmy, fuck your mother’s ass! Show me how much you like it!”

With that invitation, I start fucking her even harder, spreading her ass cheeks apart as I do. I assure her, “Oh, Mom, I LOVE IT!!”At the same time I feel her fingers against my balls as she is apparently playing with herself. That thought turns me on even more. Pretty soon my crotch is smacking against her ass cheeks which makes my swinging balls slap against her hand. “Oh, Mom, it feels so fucking good!” I groan out. Right after I say that, I am hoping that she’s not going to wash my mouth with soap for using the ‘F’ word.

“Oh yeah, Timmy it feels so good to have you fucking my ass!! Don’t stop!!” Of course, I have no intention of stopping, it feels too damn good!! I keep pounding into her, listening to her purrs and moans and occasional squeals. Suddenly her body stops moving and she tenses. At the same time, her ass tightens around my cock. “Oh …… Fuck …… Timmy …… I’mmmmm …… Cuuummmmmming!!” she hollers out a moment later. It looks like she is going into convulsions as she rides out her orgasm.

Although I try to hold off as long as possible to prolong the pleasure, her tight ass is just too much for me. “I’mm Cuummmming Too, Mom!” I nearly shout out as I grab her hips tightly just as the first volley shoots inside of her.

“Oh Fuck Yeeesss!! Fill your Mom’s ass with your hot teenage cum!!” she hollers back. Naturally that just increases my pleasure as rope after rope of cum spurts into her ass from my invading cock. “Oh, Yeessss, Timmy, I feel you cumming!!”

Once more I feel like I’m shooting my insides out through the end of my cock. It feels so damn good!! Like always, it is over far too soon …… but maybe not since my muscles feel rubbery. She starts to slide downward onto the bed so I follow her, keeping my cock inside her pulsing ass. Lying on top of her again I whisper in her ear, “That was wonderful, Mom. Thank you!”

“I should be thanking you; that was fabulous!” She turns her head enough so that we can kiss. I’m not sure if she dozes off, but I know that I do. She awakens me by saying, “You need to slide off, Son, to that we can go take a shower and go get something to eat.” My cock has gotten pushed out of her ass, but it is still gaping enough to allow some of my gooey cum to dribble out and down her thighs while she walks to the bathroom. Although I expect her to want to shower alone, she invites me into the shower with her. We both have fun washing each other’s bodies. She says, “This is much more fun washing you now that it was when you were a c***d.”

“I agree, Mom,” I say as I wash one of her tits, “much more fun!” After we dress and we head out down the hallway, I notice that Mom is walking a little funny. “Are you okay, Mom?” I ask.

She just smiles and says, “Yes, I’m great!! You just buggered me really good so I’m a little sore.”

“I’m sorry ………” I start to say.

“Don’t be sorry, Timmy; it’s what I wanted … it’s what I needed, okay?”

“Okay, Mom.” We find a little restaurant around the corner to eat at. It is a cozy little place with only a few tables and we get seated toward the back. As I sit across from Mom, I can see that she is looking at me in a whole different way … and I like it. We go for a little walk after we eat and for some reason I reach for her hand. She looks up at me and there are tears in her eyes. Somehow I know not to question the reason for them. I hold her hand all the way back to the hotel.

Once in the room she holds onto my hand with both of hers. “That was the most romantic thing when you took my hand. Your father doesn’t even do that anymore.” At a loss for words, I just hug her tightly to me. Since we are very tired, we decide that it’s time to go to bed. We are both naked when we crawl under the covers and at her urging I snuggle up to her once more … spoon fashion with my cock nestled between her ass cheeks. “This has been a wonderful weekend so far, Timmy, thank you for sharing it with me.”

“Thank you for sharing too, Mom!! It’s been fabulous and astonishing! I never thought that I’d … uh …………” I stop in mid sentence, searching for words.

“Fuck your mother?”

“Yeah that’s what I wanted to say but wasn’t sure if I should … or could.”

“Are you afraid that I’ll wash your mouth out with soap like I did so many years ago?”

“Yeah, I am. It taught me a lesson not to say that word.”

She turns her head and looks me in the eyes while she explains, “You were too young then … and you didn’t know what it meant. But you are a man now and it can be used in certain contexts. Look, I love dirty talk at the proper times …… when we are alone and engaging with each other. I love to beg you to fuck me and I hope to hear you say the same. I think that it is sexy. But at other times, when others are around, I hate to hear the word used because of the negative connotation that many people have with the word in the outside world.”

“I think that I understand,” I reply, thinking back to how she has used the word at times in the past twenty-four hours.

“Good! I love you, Son.”

“I love you too, Mom!”

In the morning, I awaken to the wet feeling of her mouth on my cock. “Oh good, you’re awake,” she says when she notices that my eyes are open. “Do you want to fuck your dear ol’ mom one more time before we go?”

With my heart beating rapidly from excitement I say, “Sure, Mom!”

“That’s good!” She then swings her leg over me so that my head is in between thighs. She commands, “Lick my pussy like a good boy, then.” Wasting no time, I start licking her pussy while she goes back to work on sucking my cock. Her arousal rises quickly as my tongue probes her wet womanhood. I use my hands on her hips to pull her down closer to me. After I do that she starts rubbing her pussy against my face rather hard. Like she taught me yesterday, I suck on her lips and her hard little clit. Several minutes go by while I try to make her pussy feel really good. At the same time, she seems to be trying to get my cock to go down her throat, which I don’t mind either. I am moaning into her pussy while she is moaning around my cock.

My efforts are rewarded when I feel her tense up and she stops bobbing her head up and down on my cock. A moment later she climaxes, wetting my face and neck with her plentiful juices. Her body trembles and she actually pulls away from my mouth by lifting her hips upward and bringing her thighs inward, trapping my head between them. For a few minutes all I get to do is to watch her pussy as her lips pulsate while she continues to bob her head up and down on my cock.

I think that she senses that my orgasm is near because she suddenly stops her sucking and stroking on my cock. Then she just crawls forward until her hips are centered over mine and her lovely ass is in full view. She rises up and lifts my cock to aim it at her pussy, before settling down on it. I get to watch my cock slide into my mother’s pussy from a whole different direction. As she settles down on it I decide to try something. I say, “Fuck my cock, Mom!” I hear a sharp intake of breath while her pussy clenches around my cock.

She leans down and places her hands on my knees and starts doing just that, fucking herself on my cock. “Oh my gaawwd, Timmy; that feels so fucking good!”

“Fuck that cock!! Fuck your naughty cunt on my cock!!” I urge, remembering what she said yesterday about liking dirty talk. “I love seeing my big fat cock sliding into your pussy, Mom!” I grasp onto her ass cheeks and ‘help’ her to fuck me.

“Oohh, gaaaawwwwd!!” she moans as she speeds up her motions. “I love your big fat fucking cock inside me, Timmy!!” She gets a little wilder, ramming my cock deep inside her with each inward stroke. I love the sight of her ass bouncing up and down in front of me. Every few strokes she stops and grinds her crotch against mine like she is trying to get more of me inside her. It’s not long before she is trembling in orgasm again. Afterward, she just sits heavily on my cock and moves around in small circles. After a couple of minutes she asks, “You weren’t ready to cum yet?”

“No, Mom, it was just feeling really good!! I really like it when you fuck me, Mom!”

“Oh, Timmy, I really like it too. Can you slide out from underneath me and take me from behind … fuck me doggy style? I want to feel you in my pussy from the rear.”

“Sure, Mom, whatever you want!” I slide out from underneath her and kneel behind her. I slide my juice covered cock between her sloppy wet pussy lips and find her opening. Grabbing onto her ample hips, I push my way completely inside her in one stroke.

“OH FUCK YES, TIMMY!! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARD!!” She says this so loudly that I wonder if someone in the hallway might be able to hear … not that I really care. I do just what she says, ramming my cock deep inside her pussy, slapping my body against her ass. “OH FUCK YES, TIMMY, JUST LIKE THAT!!” I am nearly out of control while I am fucking her. But the harder that I do it, the harder she seems to want it.

“Oh MOM, your pussy feels so fucking good!!” I blurt out.

Moments later she, is hollering, “I’mmm Cuummmming!!”

This time her pussy clamps down on my cock so hard that it feels like she is trying to squeeze it in half. That sends me over the edge. “OOHH FFUUUUCK, I’MM CUUMMMMING TOO!” I yell out just as my cock starts spurting into her pulsing pussy.

“Oh Yeah, Timmy!! Fill me with your cum!!” she shouts back. I am out of control now in the midst of my orgasm, slamming into her with each pulse. She yells “Oh Fuuck Yeah!!” She apparently likes it that way because she is pushing back against me. When my cock is done spurting, I sit back on my heels and pull her back with me, not wanting to lose the wonderful feeling of her hot pussy wrapped around my cock. After a little while she lifts herself up into sitting position and turns her head for me to kiss her. “Oh, Timmy, have I told you how wonderful you are?”

That statement brings a blush to my face. “I’m just giving you what you need, Mom,” I answer.

“And you are doing that very well, my baby boy.” A few minutes later she says, “We’d better get cleaned up, check-out time is in an hour.” We take another shower together and get dressed. Mom lets me drive again so I am happy. As we drive we discuss what happened over the weekend and how Dad is to never find out. She stated again how much she loved how I made love to her and fucked her so well. We are quiet for a time while Mom looks at her phone. Then she says, “Turn left at the next road.” I decide not to question her.

We drive a couple of miles on the narrow country road before she has me turn off into a dirt road that ends a few hundred yards away in what was probably an old farm. “Turn off the car,” she says as she shifts in the seat. I notice that her top is undone and her bra is too. She reaches over and pats my crotch where she finds my growing erection. Then she unzips my shorts and fishes out my cock. After looking at it for a moment, she says, “It dawned on me while we were driving that I never let you cum in my mouth. And I need to taste your cum again. Why don’t you lean your seat back and let your mommy suck you off?”

My cock is almost instantly hard. She unfastens my shorts and I lift my buttocks so that she can pull them down along with my underwear. My manhood is standing tall and proud as she begins stroking it. Then her mouth is upon it and she is swirling her tongue around the crown. A moment later, she is bobbing her head up and down on my cock. I reach underneath her and grasp onto one of her tits and start playing. She moans around my cock, especially when I pinch her nipple. She comes up on her knees, her ass up in the air facing the open field.

I get an idea. I slide my hand down her back until I get to the waistband of her pants. I try to get my hand underneath it but it is too tight. I content myself with squeezing her ass cheeks. However, without missing a beat on my cock, she reaches down and unfastens her pants. As soon as they are loose, I slide my hand inside them and into her panties. We shift our bodies until I am finally able to finger her while she sucks on my cock. While my finger plunges into her wetness, she once again seems to want to try to get my cock down her throat, something that no other girl has ever tried.

I am moaning loudly as I feel my cock repeatedly contact the back of her throat. The eroticism of the scene is getting to me and I feel my arousal rising. I try my best to finger her to orgasm too, even though the angle is awkward. She pulls off long enough to say, “Don’t worry about me, just cum down my throat!” Then she goes back to attempting to deep throat my cock.

A few moments later, my cock seems to go past a point in her throat and I howl in pleasure. My cock immediately starts spurting, even before I can warn her. She chokes slightly for a moment and then pulls back and keeps sucking on my now spurting cock. “Oh my gaawwd, Mom!! That feels wonderful!!”

She sucks on me for a long time, although she does lessen her suction when my cock gets super sensitive. Only after my cock has nearly deflated does she stop. She rises up and licks her lips. “That sure did taste good, Timmy! I guess that I’ve been feeding you right!”

I’m leaned back in the seat, just a little dazed and totally flabbergasted. My own mom had just sucked me off AND swallowed it all. While I rest I notice that she is idly playing in her pussy. I’m not even sure that she is aware that she is doing it until I say, “Keep doing that, Mom! I want to watch you cum!” She turns all shades of red but she obeys. Soon she is rubbing her clit with one hand and plunging the fingers of her other hand into her sloppy wet pussy. After a few minutes I say, “Cum for me, Mom!! Cum all over those fucking fingers!”

“Ooohhh fuuuuck!!” she moans as she obviously explodes in her own orgasm. Her hips buck in the seat and she utters all sorts of sexy sounds. I think that she even has another one, before she stops. “I can’t do any more,” she moans. She looks at me with a blank stare for a few minutes before she says, “Timmy that was so embarrassing …… and so hot at the same time. Nobody has ever seen me do that before.”

“I’m glad that I was your first,” I say with a smile.

“Oh, God, Timmy, I’m addicted to you!”

“That’s good, Mom …… we’re gonna have lots of fun!”

“Yes, Timmy, we are. I think that I’m gonna want you every day from now on.”

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