A Halloween Hoodie story

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A Halloween Hoodie story
*crossdress story*
This is the story of my first time going out dressed; it was halloween last year (2009). I figured i’d have less to worry about walking around dressed in a gothic tartan corset, spider-web mini-skirt, fencenet tights and about 10 armbands and bangles. It wasn’t exactly brilliant but it was the excitement that spurred me on.

Of course i was scared of seeing someone i knew, like a neighbour or a friend, but it was about 22:00ish, so i figured it was dark enough and late enough to avoid those kinds of people.

It was a lovely feeling as i stepped outside, the wind rushing against my almost-bare legs and right up my skirt (it didn’t have far to go!!). I thought for a moment of going back inside and inserting a butt-plug, but i thought it might be a bit too uncomfy to walk around with.

I walked around the block and overall it was VERY dissapointing, initial thrills out the way, the walk was uneventful and of the few people i passed, none looked at me twice. Yes, it got to the point where i actually wanted someone to realise I was wearing a dress!
I decided to walk up the other road and towards our local park, taking the usually busy road, I really don’t know why, hoping to see some old man and shock him to death, probably.
The roads were quiet and i crossed with no problems and made my way to the park gate, where i promptly heard a lot of shouting and swearing.
Oh great, i thought, just my luck to get seen by a bunch of hoodies or d**ggies and get my head kicked-in. I turned back and walked along the path, looking through the bars of the encircling gate to get a better look at them while heading to the bus stop.
I could hear them as i travelled further along, but the bushes and trees hindered my view, until they suddenly came into view as i passed under a street light. Five of them, all with their hoods pulled up and smoking, jeans defying gravity around their knees and laughing at some stupid joke.
One of them looked straight at me, good looking chap i guess, even though he was probably only sixteen, and like a pack of a****ls they all looked round and stared right at me; lit up like a christmas angel under the light.
“shit” i said softly, as the cold air turned my quiet word into a mist and then they started whistling at me and calling me over
A potentially disastrous situation ended up lifting my spirits.
I shook my head and carried on walking to the bus stop, a big smile on my black coloured lips.
I heard the disappointed murmer as my heels clacked down the street, finally stopping some 2 minutes later at the bus stop. And there i sat, in the cold for fifteen minutes.

It was about the time my eyes were heavy that I heard the hoodies again, their group was whittled down to three and they were walking towards me, talking about video games and booze.
The handsome one, who’d noticed me first before, glanced at me and smiled slightly, but this time he kept his friends’ attention away from me and i heard him saying his goodbye’s to them. His plan obviously didn’t work as they both immediately looked around for the source of their pals’ desperate attempt to ditch them.
The tall dark one leaned in close and whispered something to the other, smirked at their friend and patted him on the back, then both set off together over the road and around the next corner. I was so busy watching them and thinking of getting mugged or worse that i didn’t notice the first guy sit next to me on the bench.
“Hey” he said, and them some awful ice-breaker line like “you play world of warcraft?” or something. I smiled politley and shook my head and just went with the banter. He was surprisingly friendly to be honest and soon he was complimenting my style and how he loved skinny goth girls.
He actually thought i was a girl!
Before i knew it, his coat was off and around my bare shoulders and we were talking about favourite food and all that other stuff that no one is really interested in.
I said i liked salty things and he snorted and all of a sudden we were making suggestive innuendo’s to each other.
Did i enjoy “salty sausages” or “cramming meat in my mouth”.
I humoured, him. I love salty sausages, rolling them around between my lips, cramming as much meat as i can in there etc. It was all fun.
He suddenly placed his hand on my knee and, watching me, slowly moved it upwards.
Shit…here’s where he finds my semi-hard cock and squeels like a girls and runs into the night.
Sure enough, he kept going and sure enough i felt his warm hand hit my hard, round balls, contained (somehow) within my white playboy panties.
His hand stopeed. His eyes darted to mine and then to my skirt.
I gulped.
His hand carried on.
The biggest smile i think i’ve ever seen was on his face, a focused, almost psychotic look in his eyes as his fingers slowly followed the bulge of my balls to the cock that rested atop them. His thumb was slightly behind and it stopped at the tip of my cock as his fingers rested in a position as if to grab the shaft. Instead, he just rubbed his thumb around gently. In an accomidating way, i spread my legs a little wider.
He was swearing quite a bit, not loudly, but whispering as my cock got harder and my panties lifted slightly as they struggled to contain its growth.
My short skirt was now pretty much no more than a belt now, and his cock was beginning to show under his jeans.
“Fuck this” i said and grabbed his arm and we half ran behind the bus shelter, this was the first time I ever felt the “need” for a penis in my mouth. And i mean a NEED.
I practically pulled his jeans down, not that they had far to go, bent down so my bum almost touched the grassy ground and jammed my face into his boxers, sniffing deeply at the musty smell of his groin. Holy shit that turned me on, my own cock was now standing to attention between my legs and i rubbed my nose and mouth all around his boxers, feeling his dick against my face, i noticed it had found it’s own way out of them. That’s what i like, a cock that knows when its going to get a fun time.
But before i could study the size or look of his manhood, his hands grasped the base of my ponytail and he practically thrust his knob into my mouth!
He began rigorously pumping his hips into my face, his cock getting bigger every thrust as it hardened in my mouth and reached the base of my tongue.
I thought, automatically, of putting my hands up to protect myself from gagging, but fuck it! This was so hot and an amazing turn on!
Instead, i got my right hand onto his hairy balls and played with them while the head of his cock freed itself from it’s foreskin. The smooth skin running along my tongue and roof of my mouth, the salty precum coming out fast.
I worked the tip of my togue on the underneath of the head as it slid back, ready for another thrust. My hands instantly clamped his arse and i pulled his bum cheeks apart, his own hands bringing my head in harder as I felt his cock begin to pulsate in my mouth, my vision went slighty blurry as i felt a sudden warmth spread all over my tongue and seep behind my teeth. His cock continued to throb as jets of hot cum burst forth into my mouth and began to make its way towards the back of my throat. I was close to choking, I didn’t want to swallow, i wanted to keep it swirling in my mouth, besides, i’d heard cum tasted horrible. He continued to thrust, and with each one, another hot mouthful came rushing out, my mouth was full to the brim and thankfully he began to calm down on the thrust, resting finally with just his silky smooth helmet in my mouth.
I moved the tip of my tongue up and down the salty slit of his peehole, it had stopped spurting now and he was breating heavy, still holding the top of my head in place.
He began thrust a little more, but slower and more lazy than before his climax. His cock began to retract as he pulled it from my mouth and i dribbled his spunk all down my chin, which dripped onto my tartan skirt. I suddenly felt like a true slut. Mouth full of a guys cum, all on my chin and staining my clothes. I swirled the hot, thick liquid in my mouth…it tasted strange, but not horrible. I looked up at the hoodie, as he held his gooey cock between his finger and thumb and began to slap my face with it, splattering cold ribbons of goo across my cheeks.
“Gonna spit or swallow?” he asked.
I didn’t give and answer, my face just dived forward and devoured his rapidly limping cock again and sucked hard and swallowed the load already in my mouth, his gasped and once again his hands clamped the back of my head as he felt me swallowing his seed. I bet that felt good because he started swearing very loudly, which nearly made me laugh.

We finished up, straightened our clothes and emerged from our hding place. We exchanged mobile numbers and said we’d definately meet up again. Stupid thing was, he walked off and left me waiting for the next bus…we missed the last one at some point, god knows when!
I sat down on the red, plastic bench and noticed that my boner was still in full effect, but i felt strangely satisfied. Sure enough, i was going to get home and ride my dildo til an explosive end tonight!

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