A Hot Evening Pt.2

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A Hot Evening Pt.2
My cock was now in a painful state of hardness. The whole shaft of skin was taught as I felt more and more notches of erectness swell me. My circumcised helmet was so fat and tight that the flesh itself shone in the light from the lampshades. My balls had tightened in my sac to a solid dense mass, slick with my sweat. Once again I felt juice ooze from my cock slit and slither down my shaft as it twitched and pulsed. The meat of it was an angry dark colour as it strained within its fleshy case. “I need…I need to..I..I,” my voice sounded from me. “And Stella needs it too,” said Liv at once as our eyes met and she gave a small nod of assent. “After all”, Liv continued, “it’s why we got you here!”

Stella raised herself from Liv’s legs and wriggled her way between us. I saw another look pass between the two women that seemed to be Liv giving encouragement once again. “But I want to be involved, too”, she suddenly blurted out. I instantly recalled Liv’s deep seated doubts about her self worth and I felt a wave of affection for her. “Hey, as if we’d let you be anywhere else,” I reassured her. “Well then, you’ll have to follow me,” replied Liv, “to somewhere more comfortable,” and with these words the next stage of our evening began. She stood up and pulled Stella up after her. I, too, stood and felt a little unsteady on my feet for a second. “Come on, onto the bed,” she ordered. We traipsed down the cooler hall and into Liv’s bedroom.

She had obviously had this planned, the little minx. Then I remembered that Stella had joined us after we had chatted a little on the sofa. It seems she had made use of the time as the bedroom was all set up for fun. A couple of low lights and two scented candles made the room romantically lit without being so dim that nothing was visible. I do like to see what I’m doing! The linen was crisp and fresh and I noticed some small jars that were probably oils or such. The women each took a hand and led me to the large bed, my prick rearing up to my belly swayed just a little as it was so hard. Even more thoughtfully Liv then handed me a water bottle, still chilled from the fridge. “We don’t need you dehydrating on us!” she exclaimed. I drank deep and felt the coolness spreading and refreshing me. Smart girl, that Liv! She then gave me some more orders.

“Just stand here,by the side of the bed,“ was the first as the two women sat upon its edge, one either side of me. I looked down as each put a hand on one of my butt cheeks and pulled me to them. “Now relax,” was the second. Smiling they began to lightly kiss and lick at my cock. I thought I had been hard before but now that I knew Stella was soon to be filled with it my prick seemed to grow an extra half inch. “That’s my boy,” sighed Liv as she gripped my shaft and very deliberately aimed it at Stella’s mouth. Stella then amazed me by sitting herself more upright on the bed (and so raising her head high over my penis) and in one slow, even movement taking the whole length right down her throat. Both Liv and I goggled at one another and even gasped a little with laughter such was the surprise of this action. But my laughter was short lived as the heat and tightness of Stella’s mouth and throat struck home. “Ammaaazing,” I hissed as Stella withdrew me a little before once again lowering her mouth down the full length of my shaft. To feel her lips as it were nibbling their way down my shaft was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever felt. Liv too was appreciative. “She told me she could do it but I wouldn’t believe her,” she gasped with what seemed almost to be pride in her voice at her lover’s achievement. The action continued for three, four more complete engulfments of my organ before slowly Stella eased me from her mouth. I was now totally smeared with her saliva and my own juice once more leaked from me in a long string down to the floor.

Stella was gazing at my cock with a look of lust in her eye and she began slowly wanking it. Thank fuck I had been brought to a full orgasm earlier in the evening as I would surely have shot my wad right then. She formed a circle around the base of my shaft and slid it up me. More pre-cum bubbled from my eye as she gave a quick tightening grip just below my helmet before once more running the circle down the length making the skin of my end tauten and the slit gape. At this point Liv lent in and slipped the tip of her tongue into my cock hole and teased out a strand of juice. I was sweating and moaning loudly now. With a slow smile Stella, keeping a firm grip on my dick, lowered herself backwards onto the bed. I had to follow and was brought down to my knees on the floor before her. She raised both her own knees up, back towards her body and her gash was exposed to me.

Liv was still sat next to Stella and now she put her hands into the same position that Stella had done to her on the sofa. She gently parted her friends sex for us all to gaze upon. Stella’s shaved mound had smaller outer lips and even when closed had allowed her inner labia to poke out a little. Her clit shaft, in contrast, was more robust than Liv’s and once Liv had slipped the hood of skin back it was clear that Stella had had an enormous swelling of her own. Her clitoris was fat and pale as it quivered amongst her delicate folds and I could see that it almost had a glans of its own making it look like a miniature penis sticking up from her vulva. Her labia were fuller, more wrinkled and darker hued than Liv’s were and they joined together under her hole. Liv copied her friend once more and worked at both her urethra and vagina with her slim fingers to make then as wide as possible.

All this time Stella had continued her gentle but steady massaging of my dick. I was oozing still and as she drew me closer my liquid fell onto her opened cunt. She sighed and then dipped my glans down so that it grazed her fulsome clitty. She spread my piss hole and eased her clitoris into its opening. In effect she was fucking me! I was moaning aloud now and I knew the time had come. I must have her. She knew it too and so slid my slick solid flesh down to her orifice. I tore my eyes away from the sight of her sex and met her gaze. We looked deeply at one another as I let my body sink forward and felt my glans pop into her hot hole. Instantly she gripped it with her cunt muscles and held me there. I pushed a little harder and felt her resistance give way as my erection slipped into her scalding sheath. She moaned long and low in the back of her throat and her head sank back to the bed. I continued my slow push and found my tightened scrotum was resting against her chubby little arse cheeks, my entire head and shaft buried to the hilt in her pussy. I settled myself forward so that my weight pushed more of me into her. I felt her thighs raise on either side of me and she clamped her legs across my back, holding me deep. I held that position and looked down at her face. At first it was screwed up but as my full length filled up completely she seemed to relax and a peaceful look came over her.

At first I barely moved. I just flexed my cock within her, letting it feel the ridged structure of her depth. I felt a harder lump and I knew my prick was resting up against her cervix. I began to pulse my cock with more meaning at this hard ridge, the most inner part of her intimate being. I could imagine my clear fluid smearing and sliding over it, joining her own fulsome emissions as our sexes coated one another. I lowered my head and gently kissed her mouth. This seemed to momentarily surprise her but then she responded eagerly. Our chests were stuck together with a slick of heat and sweat and as I continued to increase my cock flexing to little jabs and thrusts within her I felt her succulent tits mash to my skin. I kissed the fine lines around her throat and neck and then her earlobes before meeting her mouth once more.

Her arms joined her legs in wrapping themselves around my back. She used this grip to begin to raise and lower herself, joining my gentle rhythm. I found that instead of just twitching inside of her I was now beginning to slide back and forth in her tube of flesh. I was no longer hard up against her cervix but was nudging at it repeatedly. I still wanted to be deep in her so once again I laid my weight on her fully and this made me aware that now her clitoris was being rubbed back and forth across my own wiry pubes as I filled her. Her breath was coming in gasps now and I felt an immense sense of pride at being able to please this vibrant sexy woman. Just at this moment I got a reminder that there was more than one vibrant sexy woman on this bed.

Liv had, I admit, gone temporarily unnoticed by me but I felt her move beside us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her alter her position so that her head was next to the edge of the bed giving her a close up view of the deep penetration of her friend and lover by her other friend and lover! This meant that her crotch was now level with our heads on the bed, just to my right hand side. I looked at her dark patch of pubes as she parted her legs and then saw a glistening sliver of flesh in the candlelight as her cunt lips were exposed. She slid her hand down there and she began to masturbate rapidly as she watched us fuck. Stella too had noticed and we both watched our friend pleasure herself to the display we were giving her. I heard Liv muttering gently, “Go on, go on. Fuck her. Fuck her cunt. Fuck her cunt with your big prick. Fuck her, that’s it.”

My rate of thrusting increased immediately and I started to pull more and more of my length from Stella before plunging it back in to her weeping cunny. Sweat was dripping off me and Stella’s legs and arms were slick against my back as I thrust again and again into her snatch. I could feel her fleshy walls gripping and rasping against my helmet ridge and also the tiny jets of her juice being forced from her onto my balls and thighs as I plunged in again and again. At times I closed my eyes but as soon as I opened them I was drawn to the sight of Liv’s open fanny next to me as she feverishly scrabbled at her clit or rammed fingers into her slot. I saw that Stella too was transfixed by this sight and then as Liv began an even faster rubbing of her cunt Stella suddenly squealed aloud and came with an intense fury that had her bucking and writhing under me. I felt the heat of her pussy increase and a wave of hot liquid flood over my tight packed scrotum. This in turn set Liv off and she crushed her hand between her thighs as spasm after spasm wracked her body. The two women’s orgasms bounced off one another and drew them out longer and longer in a roaring, moaning duo of pleasure.

As their cries diminished I allowed my poking to slow and at the first sign of Stella relaxing her grip on my back I pulled myself out of her with a distinctly heard slurp. She let go a small scream of disappointment at this point (I am pleased to say) and gave me an almost astonished look. I took in the view of her pulsating cunt hole as its walls slowly closed together and smiled down at her and Liv. “Now then ladies, you wouldn’t want me deliver it all in one go, surely?” I asked cooly with a smug grin on my face. The cries of, “You bastard,” and, “cheeky cunt” and so on that came my way then were all deserved but I couldn’t help but laugh. Luckily they saw the funny side almost at once. But they made me pay for it. Oh, yes.

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