A hot summer with… 7

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A hot summer with… 7
I was awakened the next morning with the bed jiggling and so in my half asleep stupor, I looked around to see what the heck was going on. There was my mother stark naked on her back only inches from me with Junior in the familiar position between her out stretched sexy legs ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. Junior had both hands on her tits fondling them while also passionately kissing my mom. She was responding to him by lifting her ass on each of his downward thrusts to maximize the penetration of his cock into her cunt. The bed was really beginning to bounce as the intensity of their fucking increased. My mom finally pulled her lips loose from Junior’s lips screaming, “Oh god FUCK ME! YES, YES FUCK ME. Oh god I’m cumming hard, I’m cummmmmmmmmming, oh fuck yes, harder, fuck me harder, oh yes, yes, I want you to cum too. I want you to cum in me, shoot my pussy full of your hot semen, your juicy tasting baby making hot cum. God I love being fucked so much. Please cum in me, I want to be totally filled with hot juicy baby making cum.”

Junior was making some grunting sounds and appeared to be answering my mom’s wish of shooting his load in her. She responded saying, “Are you cuming? Are you cuming? Oh baby I want to feel your sperm inside me, I want to feel that you could be getting me pregnant if I were still fertile. I want to be your slut whore that has your baby. Oh fuck this feels so wonderful, I don’t want it to ever quit, I love being a slut. Oh yes baby, I can now feel your sperm inside me, oh yes, fill me up, just keep fucking me. Keep ramming that beautiful cock of yours in me. Oh this is so wonderful. Oh my god, what am I going to do when you guys leave. Oh this is heaven, absolute heaven. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH YES FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD, RAM YOUR COCK IN MY CUNT, FUCK THIS MOTHER FUCKING CUNT WHORE SLUT.”

My mom just moaned as Junior continued fucking her at a steady pace, ramming his dick to the hilt in her pussy. Finally he collapsed on top of her, totally exhausted. She grabbed his face giving him a very passionate tongue in mouth kiss while she wrapped her legs around his hips pulling him as tight into her as she could. She continued to wiggle her hips up and down getting every last sensation she could of having his hard dick in her pussy. She eventually relaxed and just laid there limp under Junior.

When she noticed that I was awake, she said, “Good morning baby. Did we wake you up?”

“Well what to you think? The bed was rocking like it was on a pogo stick. Yes you woke me up, but it is a nice way to wake up seeing you laying there all naked getting your morning fuck.”

“I know Glenn, it is so wonderful having you horny boys around with almost constant hard dicks. I so crave being fucked. Would you like to have sloppy seconds this morning or maybe be the first one today to fuck me in the ass? It seems like its been awhile since I’ve had the extreme pleasure of feeling your hard cock buried deep in my ass pumping me full of your sperm.”

“That sounds great mom, it has been awhile since I butt fucked you. Your tight asshole always feels so good to fuck. You said to Junior that you would like for him to get you pregnant if you were fertile.”

“Oh I’m not fertile anymore. You took care of that two nights ago, remember? I think that one of your little tadpoles attached itself to one of my eggs and is now growing in my belly.”

“Of course I remember, but you said to Junior that you wanted him to get you pregnant if you were still fertile.”

“Whenever I get real horny and am being fucked, I desire to have whoever is fucking me to get me pregnant. I don’t know why, it is just a feeling that comes over me at times. I’m sure you have impregnated me the other night and if you didn’t, then I’m sure I have a black baby growing in my belly from either Jack or Craig. Anyway, I’m sure I’m no longer fertile.”

By this time Junior had rolled off my mom and she turned over onto her stomach offering her ass to me. Junior had reached for the Vaseline, squeezed out a big glob onto his finger saying, “Here, let me prepare your ass Jackie for you son’s cock.” He reached over and very energetically stuck his middle finger up my mom’s ass as she groaned with pleasure.

She enthusiastically wiggle her ass while also reaching back with both hands to spread her buns responding, “Have I ever told you how much I love having my asshole played with, especially having your finger shoved up my ass? You can prepare my ass anytime sweetie. Oh dam your finger feels so good up inside my ass, I can’t wait to feel Glenn’s cock in my ass. Ohhhh yes, now use two fingers please. Oh shit I love having you guys around. Oh yes Junior, finger fuck my tight asshole, it feels sooo good.” Junior continued probing her ass first with one finger then with two, shoving them up her ass as far as he could.

He eventually removed his hand saying, “Your mom’s ass is all yours Glenn, fuck your slut mother really good and hard. I love to watch her get fucked all most as much as I love to fuck her myself.” I wasted no time in straddling my mom’s hips as I lowered my pelvis down toward her ass guiding my cock into her enlarged asshole. With very little pressure, the head of my cock disappeared inside her bunghole.

She immediately reached back to spread her buns making it easier for me to get my cock deep inside her sexy hot ass saying, “Oh yes sweetie, fuck your perverted mother’s asshole good, pound your cock into me real hard, I want some rough sex in my ass. Ohhhhh fuck me good. I want to be fucked hard.” She moaned as I continued forcing more of my hard cock deep inside her asshole. I did not stop until every inch of my dick was buried inside her butt. I then began to pump her ass with long hard strokes, fucking her butt with as much energy as I could muster. My mom began to really moan in ecstasy as my balls began bouncing off her ass cheeks. It did not take me very long to cum as my mom used her sphincter muscle to squeeze my cock. Within minutes I was filling my mom’s ass with cum, she just moaned as she willingly received yet another load of cum into her sexy body.

Junior had in the meantime moved around in front of my mom to enable her to suck his cock, which she did without any hesitation. Junior being the young stud he is, was hard again with my mother deep throating him. It is always amazing to see my mother take an entire cock down her throat. She was acting like she wanted even more cock down her throat. Some day I’m going to find a guy with a 10 or 11 inch cock and see if she can deep throat it. With Junior and I, she only has to deep throat 7 or so inches of cock.

As my cock began to shrink, my mom released Junior’s cock from her mouth saying, “I want you guys to switch.”

I exclaimed, “But mom, my cock has just been up your ass.”

“I know sweetie, but when I get this horny, I feel so nasty and I don’t care where your cock has been. It could be in some other women’s ass as far as I am concerned. In fact that sounds so hot, I want to do that some day. I want you to be fucking some whore’s asshole while I am eating her pussy and then let me immediately deep throat you after you have dumped your load in her butt. Then I want to lick her ass clean of all your cum.”

“Right now I just want to suck your cock while Junior fucks my ass. I need to be fucked some more.” I wasn’t going to argue with my mother about this, so I pulled my cock out of her ass and scooted above her head while Junior took my place straddling her hips with his hard dick pointing straight at her enlarged cum drenched asshole. She opened her mouth wide as I slipped my semi-hard cock between her lips. She took my entire cock in her mouth on the first shot and then pulled back so she could lick my dick all over like it was a popsicle. Then she pulled my cock totally into her mouth again as she began to deep throat me.

Junior had his cock buried totally inside her ass by this time and was grunting as he fucked her butt for all he was worth. He was really pounding her ass hard making her body move forward each time he rammed his cock in her. This caused my cock to go deeper down her throat to my complete delight. My cock was already responding to my mother’s oral action while she was getting another load of cum dumped into her sweet sexy ass. I could see and feel Junior lurching each time he squirted another glob of cum up my mother’s hot ass. Finally Junior collapsed on top of my mother being totally exhausted.

My mother would not let go of my dick until she coaxed another small load of cum out of me. She gave my cock a good sucking and licking as it began to shrink inside her warm mouth. I pulled my cock free and laid back also exhausted. She then wiggled her ass saying to Junior, “Are you sure you have squirted all of your tasty hot juicy cum up my ass? You know how I love being ass fucked by you young studs, I love the feeling of your cock sliding through my asshole and then sensing your cum being dumped inside me. You can do this all day long to me if you want. I hope some day I get to be gang banged by dozens of men who love to fuck a woman’s ass.”

“Mom, you are becoming the hottest nastiest slut I have ever heard of.”

“I know sweetie, and it’s all your fault you big stud. You have awakened the sexual drive in me that I didn’t know I had.” She then turned around moving so her ass was in my face saying, “Now how would you like to lick your mom’s freshly fucked asshole?”

I just smiled at her sticking out my tongue. She moved closer so I could easily lick her butt. I used my tongue to clean up Junior’s cum that was running out of her ass and down her thighs. I used my thumbs to pull her buns apart to open up her asshole which allowed more of Junior’s cum to flow out her ass. She said to Junior, “Come over here sweetheart and let me suck that wonderful cock of yours while my little boy eats my ass.” Junior positioned himself so my mom could suck his cock that had just been fully inserted in her ass only moments before.

We were all pretty spent by now and once I had licked my mom’s ass clean of cum, I rolled over and took a nap. When I woke I checked my watch to realize that it was after 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I was by myself, neither my mom or Junior were around. I got up and showered. I was really hungry and so headed downstairs to look for some food. As I turned to go into the kitchen, I caught out of the corner of my eye, someone in the living room. Thinking it was either Junior or my mom, I started to say something when I noticed that what I saw was a skinny butt between some legs. There was my naked mom lying on her robe on the couch spread eagle, and some guy kneeing between her legs with his pants down around his ankles with his butt facing me. His dick was obviously buried in her cunt. My god, my mom was in the middle of another fucking session, but I did not know who’s butt I was looking at.

They did not see me so I just stood there and watched for awhile. The guy was holding onto my mother’s ankles spreading her legs as he pounded his cock into her cunt grunting every time he thrust his cock into her. My mom was encouraging him on with every stroke saying, “Yes Davey, fuck me, yes, yes, yeeees, oh yes, harder, deeper, oh yess. You are doing great Davey, yes, yes, you are fucking me real good.” I realized that it was a k** I had gone to school with since about the 6th grade, he was a tall skinny guy and a bit on the nerdy side.

As I stood there my mom finally caught sight of me and winked but did not say a thing. I was getting another hard on watching my mother being fucked, it was so hot to see her lying there in the nude on her back, legs spread, a cock in her cunt and her tits bouncing as she is being fucked. Suddenly Davey began to really groan, my mom sensed that he was about to erupt and said, “Oh Davey, yes, yes pump me full of your cum, fill my fuck hole with your juices, fill your friend’s mom’s pussy with your semen, don’t hold back, shoot your load in me baby, just fuck me with all you got. It is so exciting to know that I am your first fuck and that you have lost your virginity with me, that my pussy is the first pussy your cock has been inside. Oh baby fuck me good.” Davey suddenly lurched forward deep into my mom’s twat while twitching his buns as he unloaded his cum into my mom’s cunt. My mom had reached up pulling his hips into hers as tightly as she could get him, wanting to feel his cock deep inside her pussy.

I was not sure what to do, except my hard cock wanted relief so I just pulled my dick out of my pants and began to stroke it. Davey collapsed on top of my mom, she put her arms around him holding him tight against her bare tits. She said to him, “How was it Davey? Didn’t it feel better than when you jack yourself off?”

Davey pulled his head back looking at my mom nodding yes. She gave him a sweet kiss on the lips saying, “It will get better each time sweetie. Uhh I like it when you twitch your buns, do it again.”

Davey began to twitch his buns again, making his cock twitch inside my mom. She just moaned saying, “Oh yes, squeeze my tits when you do that.” Davey raised himself up some placing both hands on her tits and began squeezing them while flexing his buns. My mom raised her knees up while grabbing his buns pulling him into her as hard as she could saying, “Uhh I love being fucked. Doesn’t that feel so good, your cock inside a warm hole all full of tasty juice that you dumped inside me. I am so excited that I have the first load of cum you ever deposited in a women’s cunt. I hope you will want to do me again sometime?”

Davey looked down at her, nodding yes as she let go of his buns, taking his face in her hands and giving him a very passionate kiss while wigging her ass into his crotch. When she released his lips, she said, “Now remember my pussy is available for you most anytime. Next time we will fuck in my bed and take more time for really hot sex.”

Davey simply responded with an, “OK.”

“Now remember when I told you that I have had other young lovers like you before?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, I’ll tell you who he is if you promise that you will not tell anyone else, OK? I mean that this has got to be a real promise!”

“Oh yes, yes, I promise. I’ll never tell anyone.”

“I need for you to swear on your mother’s grave.”

“I will not tell a soul, not one.”

“OK then, I want you to look toward the doorway, he is standing there right now looking like he would like fuck me again.” Davey slowly turned his head in my direction with a very surprised look on his face.

I stood there with my hard cock in my hand saying, “Yes Davey, I fuck my mother and if you ever tell, I’ll tell your friends about some of the things you did when we were k**s.”

As I walked toward them, Davey began to get up but my mom grabbed him saying, “Don’t get up too fast sweetie, I want to feel your cock slowly slip out of my pussy. I just can’t get enough of the sensation of cocks sliding in and out of my pussy. Uhhh that’s so good, now I want you to stand and let me lick your cock clean so I can taste your cum.” Davey stood up and my mom slid off the couch onto her knees in front of him taking his limp cock immediately into her mouth and began sucking him.

I just watched as my mom sucked on Davey’s cock and fondled his balls. His dick was responding to her sucking mouth as it began to harden. I was really horny and wanted to get my rocks off so I said to my mom, “Why don’t you lay down on the couch and spread those sexy legs so I can mount you. Davey can then move over to the end of the couch where he can fuck your mouth.”

My mom heard me and agreed. She removed her mouth from Davey’s cock and crawled back up on the couch spreading her legs and resting her head on the arm rest. She took Davey’s cock in her hand and pulled him around so she could suck his cock. I immediately dropped my pants, mounted my mom sliding my hard cock directly into her dripping cunt and began to fuck her. I grabbed her tits and worked them over getting her nipples very erect. Davey was in the meantime busy fucking her mouth. She had tipped her head back which allowed her to take his entire cock down her throat. In fact she had reached around his butt pulling him tight into her mouth. She seemed to be able to maintain his cock down her throat for quite some time.

I was really hot and horny and just plowed away at my mother’s cunt; I was banging her pussy really hard causing my balls to bounce off her ass cheeks while at the same time I was working over her big tits, firmly squeezing them and pinching her erect nipples. As I felt my balls beginning to erupt, my mom suddenly thrust her hips up very hard while making some noises that I could not decipher because she had a mouth full of cock. I knew she was having an orgasm and so I let it happen, I pumped every drop of semen I could muster into her. When I looked up I saw that Davey was also unloading another load of his cum into her mouth as her cheeks were caved in from the intense sucking she was doing. We were loading her up from both ends, I knew she was in hog heaven, having two young studs dumping their loads of cum in her. The only thing she would like better would be having another guy fucking her in the ass filling her bowels with cum at the same time.

I slowly pulled my cock free from my mom’s dripping cunt and sat down on a nearby chair. I watched Davey withdrew his cock from my mother’s sucking mouth; she did not readily release his cock, she held onto his balls while she licked his cock clean. Once she finished, Davey stepped away and moved over to another chair looking totally exhausted and somewhat bewildered.

My mom relaxed on the couch with her feet together but with her legs widely separated giving me a great view of her cum oozing pussy. I said, “Shit mom, your cunt is overflowing with cum, what a site!”

She responded as she looked over at me with a big smile while she also squeezed her own tits, “Oh baby, I love it that I can be so nasty around you. Why don’t you get Junior’s digital camera and take some shots of my pussy. I want to have some great photos of my cum dripping cunt for Junior to see and put on the internet, I want shots for all to see showing cum dripping from my pussy.” I thought this to be a great idea and ran to get the camera. When I returned my mom had not moved and was quietly waiting for me while on her back with her legs spread. I focused the camera in on her cunt and take a couple dozen or so pictures, half of them as close-ups. I had her reach down and spread her pussy lips letting me get some great close up shots. When she pulled her pussy lips apart, more cum oozed out of her cunt and ran down her crack to her asshole. God, what a hot group of photos, her pussy lips were puffy and reddened from being fucked twice, her cunt looked good enough to eat which I did when I finished photographing her twat.

I sat the camera down and got down on my knees sticking my head between my mother’s spread legs immediately taking her cunt lips into my mouth and began to suck and lick her clean. I licked her entire crack taking extra time licking her asshole. She let out a low moan as my tongue found her clit and my finger probed her ass. I just worked my face into her crotch licking, sucking, and tonguing every square inch of her pussy and ass; I also shoved my finger as deep into her ass as I could. She placed her hand on the back of my head pushing my face firmly into her cunt while she began to oscillate her hips in response to the climax building within her. She moaned and groaned until finally she screamed, “YES, OH YES, YES I LOVE IT, OH FUCK I’MMMM CUMMMMMING, I’MMM CUMMMMING, OH FUCK ME, THIS IS SOOOOO GOOD. OH SHIT I DON’T WANT THIS TO EVER END, OHHHHH I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, OH YES MAKE ME CUM AND CUM AND CUM, OH GLENN DON’T STOP SUCKING ME, BUT I WISH I HAD A YOUR BIG COCK IN MY ASS RATHER THAN YOUR FINGER, OHHHH YES, YESSSSS EAT ME.”

I was treated to a mouth full of my mom’s delicious love juice, I could tell that she really had a major climax by the major amount of cunt juice that flowed from her fuck hole, it was awesome! I love seeing my mother being so nasty.

Davey just sat there taking in all the action, not saying a word. His cock remained hard as he slowly stroked it. Once my mom calmed down, she looked over at him and said, “Does all this nastiness bother you? Does it offend you? Are you OK with me being such a slut? Would you like to fuck me again?”

He responded, “No ma’am, I’m OK, I just need to go home.”

“Are you sure you are OK?”

“Yes I’m fine. I just need to go home before my mom gets worried.”

“OK. But remember that what you saw here today must be kept a secret, right?”

“Yes, yes I know. I won’t tell a soul, not even my mother.” Davey then got up, put on his pants and out the front door he went.

As my mother continued to lie on the couch bare ass naked with spread legs, I leaned over kissed her pussy, then ran my tongue up her torso until I reached her tits, taking one of them in my mouth and sucked on it till I felt her nipple respond. Switched to her other tit doing the same thing. Then raised my head further up kissing her on the lips. I pull away and looked her in the eye saying, “How did you get Davey to fuck you?”

She responded, “Lets get up and take a shower and I’ll tell you.” I got up off my mom’s naked body and helped her up and played grab ass on the way to the shower. Once in the shower, I washed her ass, tits, and pussy very thoroughly. She returned the favor and made sure my cock and balls were squeaky clean.

As we dried each other off she said, “After you and Junior fucked me this morning and after you fell asleep, I showered and freshened up. I then cleaned up the kitchen somewhat while Junior showered before he headed out to do some errands. When I finished the kitchen and as I began cleaning the den, the doorbell rang. I was surprised to see Davey standing there looking so boyish. He said he heard that you were in town and wanted to just say Hi. I told him you had a hard night and was still asleep. I always thought that Davey was a sweet k** and told him he could wait, I didn’t think you would sleep much longer. I invited him into the den and continued my cleaning. I was only wearing my robe and as I was busy dusting and putting things in order, I noticed how he watched my every move. It got me a little excited that he was so intent in watching me and when I saw that he had a bit of a bulge in his pants, I gave him a little skin show. I loosened my robe revealing lot of cleavage and bent over many times in a manner so he could see down the front of my robe, my tits nearly fell out a couple times. I sat down a number of times to talk to Davey letting my robe open up exposing a good portion of my legs and thighs. I asked him if he was thirsty and went and got him a glass of water. When I gave it to him, I leaned way over and with my robe loosened up, I know that he could see most of my tits. He did not take his eyes off of my chest and so while bent over I said to him in a very soft voice, “Have you ever touched a woman’s tits?”

It startled him causing him to rapidly blink as he looked up at me. I smiled at him and repeated my question, “Have you ever touched a woman’s tits?” He just shook his head no. I then said, “Would you like to touch my tits?”

He nodded yes and while still bent over, I pulled the top of my robe open totally exposing my tits to him and then using my hands pushed my tits together only inches from his face. He did not move at first, just stared at my tits. I then said, “Go ahead, touch my tits, see how nice they feel.” I pulled my hands away letting my tits hang there, then shook my body making my tits giggle only inches from his nose. He slowly began to raise his hands but was very reticent. So I took each of his hands and placed them on my tits. “Umm don’t they feel good. See how my nipples respond to your touch. Do you like touching my tits?”

Davey nodded yes as I continued assisting him in fondling my tits. The juices in my pussy began to flow, I was getting hotter and hornier by the second. I then asked him if he was a virgin. He blushed and nodded yes. So I followed up with, “Would you like to fuck me? Would you like to loose your virginity?” He blushed some more as he nodded yes. I took him by the hand and led him into the living room, backed up to the couch, undid my robe giving him a full view of my naked body before I sat down. I reached up and unzipped his pants lowering them with his shorts. His cock was hard as a rock and I knew he would not last long, so I only fondled his dick just a few times, then kissed it before I laid back on the couch spreading my legs inviting him to mount me. He wasted no time in getting between my legs and putting his cock inside me. Shortly there after, you walked into the room.”

“Jesus mom, you are the hottest ever. I think I could fuck you all day long.”

“Better save some sweetie, your aunt is do over this evening and you do want to do her again, don’t you?”


I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching some golf on TV and just kind of messing around. Just before dinner I headed for the mall to buy a few things I needed and to see if I would run into some old buddies. I wasn’t there very long before I ran into Davey. When he saw me he hesitated, not knowing what to say I guess. We greeted each other and when I realized how uncomfortable he was I said, “Hey Davey, are you OK with what happened today or are you going to squeal?”

“Oh shit no, I’ll never tell. I just not sure how you feel about me.”

“I’m cool as long as you keep your mouth shut. I don’t want my mom to get a bad reputation.”

“Oh I think your mom is the greatest and will never say a word to anyone. I have always liked your mom and now feel very close to her.”

“Yea, I saw how close you were to her today. So dam close that you were inside her! And so how was it for you?”

“Oh shit Glenn, it was the greatest. As you know I was a virgin until this morning and your mom has made me feel like a man. I think she is so sexy and look forward to seeing her again if that is alright with you.”

“Of course it’s alright, as long as you don’t take up too much of her time, I like having her pussy available whenever I get the urge which is a lot you know. When I go back to college I know she’ll want a handy cock to fuck so you will probably get all the ass you can handle.”

“Oh that will be great, but do you think she will really want to fuck me?”

“Sure, she always liked you. So what are you doing tonight, Davey?”

“Nothing really. Why do you ask?”

“Well, my mom’s twin sister is coming over tonight and with two hot pussy’s wanting to be fucked, another cock would be more than welcome. How about coming over and spending the night?”

“Oh my god, you mean that I could possibly fuck another woman like your mom?”

“Hell yes, my aunt looks just like my mom but has even bigger tits and she is a hot fuck just like my mom.”

“I’ll have to ask my mom to see if it is OK. She really likes to keep taps on me, but I think she will be OK with my staying at your house. I’ll call you later and let you know. What time should I come over?”

“Oh anytime really, but why not shoot for 8 pm or so.”

“OK, that sounds good and are you sure it will be OK with your mom and aunt.”

“Hell yes! They would love another cock to fuck.”

“Ok. Thanks and I’ll call you.” Off Davey went almost at a sprint.

When I got home I found my mom lounging on the deck reading a sex novel. She was sitting in the big comfortable over stuffed chair she had put out on the deck years ago to enjoy the afternoon sun. She was sprawled out with one leg over the arm of the chair wearing only a robe that was wide open giving me a good view of her naked body. Just seeing those wonderful tits and totally exposed pussy always gets me excited. She was freely fingering herself while reading her book. I watched as she worked her middle finger deep into her pussy shoving it in as far as she could get it. She then would slowly pull her finger out until the tip was barely inside her pussy, right where her clit was. She would then rubbed her finger back and forth across her love nub closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation she was giving herself. She wiggled her ass while she masturbated her clit, then she would open her eyes and continue to read more of her book as she shoved her middle finger back up inside her cunt with lots of force letting our a mild groan. I stood there watching her for probably ten minutes as she repeated this process a number of times. I of course had my usual raging hard on watching my mother finger fucking herself, hell I seem to have a hard on whenever I’m around my mom regardless of what she is doing.

I finally stepped out onto the deck and said, “Need some help?”

She looked up at me, smiled and with her finger still deeply shoved up her cunt said, “Oh baby, I would love some help. Why don’t you come over here and replace my finger with your big cock and give your slutty mother a nice afternoon fuck before your aunt gets here.”

As I walked over to my mom, I removed my clothes while she spread her legs real wide inviting me between them. I first gave her a big kiss as she reached down to fondle my cock, stroking is a few times before she pulled to toward her pussy guiding it into her wet cunt. I slowly lowered my pelvis sinking my cock inch by inch into her waiting cunt. I continued my downward motion until I had totally penetrated her pussy. She looked at me and said, “Oh Glenn sweetie, I so love you and am going to miss you so much when you go back to college. I can’t believe just how much pleasure you give me. You are so gentle yet so strong. I crave having you fuck me like this, it is so wonderful. UHHHH yes, having your cock buried deep inside me is more than I could ever have expected. It is better sex than I have ever had.” I didn’t want to respond, I just began to fuck my mom with long deep hard strokes giving her all the pleasure I could. From my point of view, the pleasure was all mine. My mother is so beautiful and sexy, being on top of her feeling her warm skin against mine especially having her big tits pressed against my chest while kissing her and having her tongue inside my mouth is divine. She just closed he eyes giving out little moans as I continued to fuck her; I didn’t want this to end but it usually didn’t take me long to build up the desire in my balls to blow my load, blow it I did. Even though I had fucked my mother a couple times already, I still was able to pump a lot of cum up her twat. When we finished, she had me slide up the chair so she could lick my cock clean, which she did with long slow strokes of her tongue and lips. What a hot slut she is, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find another woman that loves sex so much as my mom.

After we cooled down, I told my mom that Davey might spend the night, she said, “So then you don’t mind if you share me or your aunt with another guy?”

“Well mom, here is how I look at it. With both you and aunt June here, there will be four holes available for fucking and two mouths for sucking, so you two could handle six cocks. With Junior, Davey and me, there are only three cocks available so we each will have two orifices to play with.”

“You say the sweeties things! You know Glenn, Davey has a nice long dick but it is not very thick.”

“No mom, I was not aware of that.”

“Well it is and if he is coming over tonight, I would like to try a double pussy fuck with you two. You know what June said she saw on the internet.”

“I know mom, I’m just not sure I’m ready to have some other guys cock along side mine inside your pussy or any other pussy.”

“I know dear, but please think about it. I really want to try it and with Davey’s skinny cock, I’m sure I can’t fit both your big cock and his inside my pussy at the same time. I think it would be so hot and maybe Junior could photograph us fucking so I could see what it looks like with two cocks shoved up my cunt.”

“Shit mom, you are the sluttest broad I have ever heard of or met. I’ll think about it, but maybe Davey is not ready for such an experience.”

“I think I can talk Davey into anything. The first thing I want him to do when he gets here is to have him fuck my ass like he saw you do. I know if he fucks my butt, he will be willing to double fuck me. Oh please sweetie, let me have this experience.”

How could anyone not want to please a woman as hot as my mom, I just smiled at her, gave her a big kiss while I reached down shoving a couple fingers in her juiced up twat and said, “So you want two cocks in this hot fuck hole of yours! You want to feel two distinct cocks sliding in and out of your pussy?”

“Oh god yes, two long hard cocks fucking my cunt at the same time and cumming at the same time filling my cunt to the brim with white salty tasting cum.”

“Well OK hot stuff, I’ll go along with it but you will owe me one.”

“Oh sweetie, thank you so much. Yes I will owe you one, just name it and I’ll do absolutely anything for you. Just name it!”

“Lets see what do I want from you? Hummmm, I got it. You will come to my school this Fall and be my sex slave for a weekend.”

“Oh fuck honey, you just name the weekend and I’ll be there. Will you have some of your college buddies m***** me?”


“Fantastic! Hell is this is what you want, I owe you any time. Hehe, getting fucked by some young studs with big dicks.”

“Well some of these guys are into some strange stuff.”

“Like what?”

“I know a guy that is into water sports.”

“You mean like pissing?”

“Yup. After he fucks gals, he loves to piss on them.”

“Holy crab, how about not inviting him, I’m not into any of that shit.”

“I know mom, I was just pulling your leg, but I do know the guy.”

“OK, but lets just have more normal sex with just plain hot fucking.”

“OK, OK. I’ll make sure the guys only want hot fucking sex by drilling only your pussy or ass.”

“Well, don’t forget my mouth, I love to suck on juicy cocks you know.”

“Yea, yea, I know. I’ll have a dozen guys that will gang bang you while I watch, then you can spend the night in my bed fucking me.”

“Uhhh, I hope you make this happen as soon as you get back to college sweetie. I look forward to being gang banged by a bunch of horny college guys. Speaking of gang bangs, I wonder if June has heard from our black friends, Jack and Craig about getting a dozen of their brothers together to service our hot cunts for a night. I’m getting anxious for another round of hard black cock fucking.”

Just then we heard a noise and then June’s voice saying, “Anyone home?”

“Yea, we’re out on the deck sweetie.”

My mom was still laying on her back nude and I was beside her also nude with a limp cock. We did not attempt to cover up and when June saw us she said, “Oh for shit sake, you two are like rabbits, always fucking.”

My mom responded with a big smile saying, “Yea, you are probably right. If you lived here you would be doing the same thing. It’s very hard to resist a good looking young stud with a big cock who always wants to bury it in your snatch.” She then reached down between her legs sticking a couple fingers up her twat scooping out some of my cum and offered it to June who stepped forward with her mouth open gladly accepting Jackie’s cum coated fingers in her mouth.

June said, “Ummmm good. Love young cum! Got anymore in there for your sister?”

“Hell take a look for yourself. What’s mine is yours.” My mom opened her legs a little wider and raised her ass up some offering her pussy to her sister. June got on her knees putting her face between my mom’s outstretched legs and began devouring her pussy. She sucked my mom’s pussy lips into her mouth as she sucked out the remaining cum from Jackie’s pussy.

June then began to use her tongue to play with Jackie’s clit; Jackie closed her eyes and began to moan from the joy she was feeling from June’s tongue action. Jackie said, “Do you want me to cum again?” June just nodded her head up and down as she continued eating her sister’s cunt.

Seeing my aunt eating my mother’s cunt had me hard again. I got up and kneeled next to June and began to unbutton her blouse. Once I had it unbuttoned, I removed it and then unzipped her skirt sliding it down her thighs and legs with her help; she was now nude as a J-bird. I reached under her belly to fondle those delicious and lushes tits, working her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, making them very erect. I then ran my hand down her back and over her buns and into her crack. She wiggled her butt telling me she loved it and so I began to finger her asshole and pussy. She finally removed her face from her sister’s cunt long enough to say, “You know what those holes are for don’t you, just pick one and fuck me good. Give me your best shot.”

I moved around behind her and choose to fuck her hot looking asshole. I first spit on her butt a few times to lube her up a bit and once I was able to easily get three fingers up her ass, I plunged my cock into her. She just let out a loud muffled sound as my cock sang deep into her bowels.

“Oh my god I love it. Yes baby, fuck your aunt’s ass off, fuck me good. Oh shit its been over a week since I’ve had the pleasure of being ass fucked. Oh yes, keep ramming me hard like that. Oh christ I want you deep sweetie, real deep, oh fill me up, yes yes, cum in my ass.” She then returned to eating my mother’s cunt while I continued to fuck her in the ass. My mom was getting close to a climax and began gasping as the sensations of a hard cum were approaching. Finally she grabbed June’s head forcing it into her crotch just as I began to unload my sperm into my aunt’s ass.

I had my cock totally buried to the hilt in my aunt’s ass while also reaching around under her to cup her big tits squeezing them very firmly. It is always a pleasure to fuck my aunt’s ass, it is so tight and she works her anus muscles squeezing every drop of cum from my dick.

As I was forcing my cock as deep as I could into June’s asshole, I heard a voice saying, “Jesus you guys, what a hot fuck scene. Can I join in?”

It was Junior and before I could say anything, June had pulled her shinny mouth free from Jackie’s cunt to say, “Of course, get your clothes off and when Glenn pulls his cock out of my ass, take his place and give me another load. I need more fucking and I need a good hard climax.” As Junior dropped his pants, I pulled myself from June’s ass and sat on the floor looking straight at her enlarged asshole. It was hard to believe how much her ass had opened up to accept my cock, but there it was, a hole almost two inches in diameter with cum oozing out of it.

Junior had no trouble getting his cock in her ass. He simply placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her asshole, and in it went, slam bang. He also immediately latched onto her tits as he began to fuck her. June was still eating my mother’s pussy and was working her toward yet another climax.

My cock did not go completely limp as I watched the action of Junior fucking June’s ass and June eating my mother’s pussy. I wanted more action and the only hole readily available for my dick was my mother’s mouth. Since I knew she doesn’t care where my cock has been, I crawled up on the chair and dangled my dick in front of her face. She opened her eyes and when saw my hard cock only inches from her nose, she reached up pulling me toward her open mouth and licked my cock. I then lower myself as she accepted more of my cock into her sucking mouth. Shit she is a hot cock sucker, she was really working over my dick, taking most of it into her mouth and every once in a while deep throat me taking all of me.

Junior was groaning as his balls began to boil over as he unloaded his cum into June’s ass, he was ramming June’s ass with hard, deep strokes, squirting his cum deep into her bowels, each time forcing her face into my mom’s cunt, it was awesome to witness. Suddenly June began to shiver as she climaxed both from the feeling of Junior’s cock sliding back and forth through her asshole and her fingering of her own pussy. My mom was next to have a climax while she was deep throating me, taking every inch of my cock down her throat. It was but seconds later that I gushed another load into my mom, this time I was shooting my sperm directly down her throat.

We all collapsed more or less on top of each other all sweaty and sticky. It was just another wonderful sexual experience with my mom and aunt. As I laid down, my mom pulled her mouth free from my cock but continued to lick my shaft and balls. She said, “Oh sweetie, I love having sex with you, it always give me a special thrill. You are so good to me. I love it that you enjoy me like you do, that you feel free to sexually use me as you want, that fucking me is something you like to do. I just want you to always remember that I am here for you, my body is yours to be used as you want. You can fuck me, eat me, fondle me, share me with who ever, you can do just about what ever you want with me. I am absolutely thrilled that I have your baby growing in my womb, that I have part of you growing inside me. I love you.”

I was at a lost for words and was saved by the sudden phone call. It was easiest for me to answer it and so I got up to do so. It was Davey saying his mom would be dropping him off in about a half hour. I then told Junior and my aunt about Davey coming over to spend the night. My mom filled them in on how she had seduced him and took his virginity earlier in the day, that her pussy was the first pussy he ever fucked which was a special thrill since she has known Davey since he was a little boy.

Not knowing whether Davey’s mom would want to come in, we all cleaned up and got dressed to make a good impression just in case, but knowing that sometime during the evening we would all be naked again fucking up a storm. In about 30 minutes there was a knock on the door, there was Davey and his mom, Sally. I welcomed them in and introduced Sally to my mom, my aunt and to Junior. It had been a long time since I had seen Sally and had forgot how cute she was or how big her tits were. She is a short chubby lady and usually dresses in a way that hides her big tits, but today she was wearing a blouse that clearly revealed her enormous tits.

There was some friendly chit chat and then Sally left telling Davey to have fun. If only she knew just how much fun he was going to have with my mom and aunt. After she left my mom said to Davey, “Wow Davey, your mother is very attractive and what big tits she has! Have you ever had a chance to see them or play with them?”

“Oh no, but I dream about them a lot.”

I said, “How big are those babies? I don’t remember your mom having such big tits?”

Davey responded, “I think they are 48 F, at least that is what the label on one of her bras said. She has gained weight lately and most of it seems to be in her tits.”

June said, “Maybe she had breast implants like I did.”

“I don’t think so, she just seemed to get bigger tits gradually over the last few months.”

I commented, “Holly shit, imagine how much fun it would be to suck on those huge melons or slip your cock between them and fuck her tits. God I would love a chance to fuck her while sucking on those wonderful tits. I bet her nipples are magnificent.”

Davey had a strange look on his face so I said, “Does talking about your mother this way bother you?”

“Kind of, but I have lately really wanted to see her tits real bad and have myself thought about what it would be like to fuck her, especially today after having fucked your mom. Just before we came over here, I got a glimpse of my mom wearing only a bra and panties. She looked so sexy, I wanted to jump her bones so bad.”

My mom interjected, “Well Davey, maybe with time you will be able to sexually enjoy your mom like Glenn enjoys his.” as she unbuttoned her blouse shaking her bare tits are us. “And if we are lucky, you and her can come over here and we can all enjoy her body. I also like sucking tits and eating pussy and I bet your mom has a nice juicy cunt.”

We all laughed at my mom’s comment while we watched her completely remove her blouse as she walked over to Davey and gave him a big hug. After hugging him she stepped back holding her tits up with both hands saying, “Until then, these and June’s are all the tits you guys have to play with, and you are free to play with them all you want.”

Davey hesitated a little before he reached up to fondle my mom’s tits. She took his hands in hers and rubbed them all over her tits. “Oh yea Davey, squeeze them, pinch them, play with my nipples, suck’m, just make’m erect.” Davey continued to fondle her tits as we all stood there watching him rub his hands all over my mom’s nice tits.

With my mom just standing there enjoying the fondling her tits were getting, she looked at June and said, “Show him your tits s*s. Show him those big beautiful melons of yours.”

June did not hesitate and started to unbutton her blouse, but Junior jumped in saying, “Oh let me do that for you.”

She smiled at Junior responding, “I’m all yours big guy, you can take all my clothes if you want as long as I get a chance to fuck that big cock of yours.” Junior laughed as he methodically unbuttoned each button on June’s blouse.

When he had unfastened the last button, he pulled her blouse open revealing her magnificent tits. She shook her body making her tits wiggle back and forth saying, “Like um?”

“Shit yes, those are fantastic tits!”

“I know and I hope you want to fuck them before the night is over. I would love to feel your cock sliding in between them getting my tits all sticky with your pre-cum and then have you shoot your cum all over my face.”

“I’m ready to fuck them right now.” Retorted Junior.

My mom interrupted saying, “Tonight is Davey’s night so lets give him first choice of what he wants. June why don’t you and Davey go over to the couch and get acquainted and comfortably.”

June stepped back from Junior and took Davey’s hand from my mom’s tit and led him over to the couch. She said, “So you were a virgin until this morning, is that right?”

“Yes. Jackie is the first girl, ur woman that I have ever fucked.”

“How did you like it?”

“Oh it was fantastic.”

“How would you like it if the second woman you fucked was her sister?”

“You mean you will let me fuck you?”

“Yes if you want to. Do you like my tits?”

“Oh shit yes. Your tits are great.”

June turned her body more toward Davey saying, “Well go ahead and touch them, you can even suck them if you want, make my nipples get hard. When you get ready for more action, my pussy has an itch that I would love for you to scratch.” Davey quickly reached over and began to fondle June’s tits. She in turn moved her hand down to his crotch and fondled his hard cock through his pants.

Davey sat there starring at June’s tits as he fondled them, squeezing and rubbing them all over. June moved her head closer to Davey saying, “Kiss me.” Davey leaned toward her enough so their lips would touch. She immediately stuck her tongue in his mouth as she squeezed his hard cock.

They passionately kissed for some time until June released his lips saying, “Suck my tits.” Davey lowered his head down to her tits and first sucked on one tit then the other. June never released his hard cock she had in her hand while using the other hand she pushed his face into her tits.

She began to squirm as her sexual temperature was heating up. She said to Davey, “Unzip your pants sweetie and I’ll take off my skirt.” Davey lifted his head from her tits, reached down to unzip his pants pulling out his hard dick.

June stood up and removed her skirt leaving her totally naked. She put her hands on her hips saying, “Is this body good enough to fuck?”

“Hell yes, I want to fuck you.”

“Good cause I want to fuck you too.” She then leaned way over taking Davey’s dick in her hand and kissed the knob head. As she was leaning over, Junior was standing close enough to reach her ass, which he did. While June was kissing Davey’s cock, Junior fingered her crack and probed both her cunt and asshole. Before she continued with Davey, she turned her head toward Junior saying, “Thanks sweetie, I hope you fill both my holes before the night is over with your big cock.”

She then began to straddle Davey’s lap and without fanfare, she lowered her cunt down onto his hard dick and took his entire cock up into her wet cunt all at once. She looked him in the eye saying, “How is that? Like my warm pussy around your cock?” He just nodded yes.

“Now you can brag to all your buddies that your first two fucks were twin twats. Uhhh you have a nice cock Davey, it feels real good up inside me. Doesn’t if feel good to have your cock inside a woman?” Again Davey just nodded yes.

“I’m going to fuck you until I feel your cock squirt your cum on the inside me; I love having my cunt filled with young sperm. I want my pussy to be the second fuck hole to ever receive your spunk.” June began to bounce up and down on his skinny long cock while also pushing her tits into his face. He was trying to suck on her tits while she fucked him.

In the meantime my mom had removed her skirt and sat spread eagle on the automan saying, “Anyone interested in fucking this cunt over here?” Both Junior and I turned our heads to see my mom all spread out ready for some action.

Junior was the first to get his pants off and approached my mom with cock in hand. She leaned backwards on her back grabbing her knees and pulling them up to her chest while also spreading them giving Junior ample access to her wet cunt. She said, “Oh yea, just slide that hot hunk of meat of yours inside me sweetie, and give me a hot fuck.” Junior was completely inside her in a jiffy and began to give her a nice hard fuck. I walked around the other side of my mom and offered her my cock to suck. She was more than happy to pleasure me with her mouth and so Junior and I took care of my mom while June was taking care of Davey.

Junior had not been fucking my mom for very long before she climaxed and as soon as I felt her quivering, I unloaded into her mouth. My mom is a fantastic cock sucker and I never seem to be able to hold back very long when my cock is in her mouth. Junior was still just pounding away when we heard Davey begin to gasp.

We all looked over to see him with his eyes closed, obviously shooting his load up into June’s love tunnel. She was still bouncing on his lap with her tits wildly bouncing with all her action. It was quite a sight, enough to get one off again almost. As soon as Davey was done shooting his load, his cock began to shrink. June said, “Oh shit, I haven’t cum yet and your cock is shrinking. I need to cum too.”

My mom said, “Let Junior finish you. He go me off but hasn’t shot his load yet.”

As June got up off of Davey’s lap we could all see cum oozing down her inner thigh, she immediately laid on the floor inviting Junior to join her. Junior pulled out of mom and started to mount June. She said, “Wait baby, I want to taste your dick before you stick it in me.” Junior moved so his dick was close to June’s face and she licked his dick a couple times then placed her mouth over his dick. She pulled back saying, “Oh Jackie, I love the taste of your cum. Uh, so nice. OK big guy, stick that big cock of yours up my twat and fuck me. I need to cum.”

Junior moved around and positioned himself between June’s out stretched sexy legs and while holding his cock, slowly lowered himself down into her cunt. As his cock began to slide inside her cunt, we could all hear a squishing sound. June said, “Oh my god Davey, you really loaded me up. WOW I’m almost totally full of cum. That’s wonderful, I love guy’s that can really load up my pussy with their juices. I can’t wait to give you a blowjob and take a full load of you in my mouth.”

She then looked at Junior saying, “So big guy, how do you like sloppy seconds, and I mean really sloppy seconds?”

“If they its your cunt or Jackie’s cunt, I’ll take sloppy thirds, fourths, fifths or what ever, I just love fucking either one of you.”

“You say the nicest things. Now just fuck me hard, fuck good, fuck me deep, just fuck me till I cum.” Junior did, he rammed June’s cunt really hard and deep, they both were totally caught up in the intensity of their fuck and both climaxed at nearly the same time. They really had a hot fuck as the three of us just watched.

When they were done, there was a very large wet spot on the carpet under June’s butt. When June saw it she said, “Shit, what a waste. I would like to have sucked up all that cum, I love the taste of cum and hate to see it wasted like that. We need to lay some plastic down on something that doesn’t soak of cum so that we can go back and lick up the spot where we had sex.”

My mother responded, “Holy crap June, you are beginning to sound like me you horny slut.”

“Well, we are twin sisters you know.”

June was the first to notice Davey sitting on the couch watching and listening to the action of us four; he was quietly stroking his hard cock. She said, “Where would you like to put the nice long cock of yours now?”

His response was, “I don’t know.”

June said, “I know the perfect place. Jackie’s cunt was the first pussy that you fucked, how about making my ass be the first asshole you fuck. I would love to have you fuck my ass with that nice long skinny cock, it would feel fantastic and I know you would like it.” She had turned around pointing her ass at Davey giving him a good view of her anus.

Junior chimed in as he reached over and spread June’s buns saying, “See Davey, this nice tight asshole is really hot to fuck, you will really enjoy it won’t he Glenn?”

I said, “Absolutely! Assholes are hot to fuck and June’s has one of the hottest assholes just like my mom’s. Show Davey your asshole mom.” My mom got down on the floor next to June with her asshole also pointing at Davey. I did what Junior was doing to June and spread my mom’s buns so Davey had a great view of two hot assholes.

June then said, “Get some K-jelly somebody, lets get this anal fucking started.” I let go of my mom’s buns and headed for the bedroom to retrieve the K-jelly. When I returned Davey was rubbing his cock up and down June’s crack, mom was on her knees next to Davey letting him suck her tits while she had her hand around his butt fondling his balls. June was sucking on Junior’s cock.

I opened the K-jelly jar and scoop out a big glob and smeared it on June’s ass. Mom also took some and was stroking Davey’s cock, smearing on a good coating. I probed June’s ass first with one finger then with two and finally with three to make sure she was opened up for the intrusion of a hard cock in her ass.

Mom instructed Davey to place the head of his cock at the entrance of June’s asshole, which he did. Now push your cock very slowly inside her ass. He did and June just moaned with pleasure as Davey’s dick slowly disappeared inside her butt. Once Davey had fully penetrated her ass, June said, “Oh Davey, you have the perfect ass fucking cock. I love how you feel inside me. Fuck me good baby, fuck this old broad really good, load up my ass with your hot cum.”

Davey had a hold of June’s hips as he fucked her ass, he was like an a****l, ramming his cock the full length into her butt each time. June was encouraging him on by yelling between mouthfuls of cock to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. Mom as fondling his balls the whole time and suddenly she said, “He’s shooting his load, he’s cumming, oh man he is cumming. Can you feel that June?”

June was too busy sucking on Junior’s cock to hear my mom. Once Davey shot his load, his dick immediately shrank and out of her ass his dick slid. June sensing the loss of a cock up her ass pulled her mouth free of Junior’s cock saying, “Oh shit, I need more cock, I need another cock up my ass. Oh please Glenn, take Davey’s place and fuck my ass. Please oh please fuck me in the ass.”

Before I could get into position for fuck June’s ass, my mom placed her hand in June’s crotch to catch some of Davey’s cum that was seeping out of June’s asshole. June sensed the dripping from her ass and said to my mom, “Oh don’t waste the wonderful cum, lick my ass clean before Glenn fills it with more cum.” My mom did not hesitate and leaned over to lick June’s cum oozing asshole.

My cock was really hard and I wanted inside my aunt’s butt real bad, as mom continued to lick June’s ass I finally said, “Mom you got to move, I need to get my cock in her ass, I need to fuck her butt now!” My mom moved away but then laid down on the floor and squirmed under June so that her mouth was on June’s cunt and in a position to catch any cum that oozed out of June’s ass.

June responded, “Yes Jackie, oh yes. Eat me and suck me, don’t let any of that precious cum go to waste.”

My cock had slipped directly into June’s ass without any problem. I just continued where Davey left off and fucked her ass hard, fast and deep. It is such a joy to fuck my aunt’s ass, she uses her anus muscles to squeeze my cock as I fuck her, it does not take long to reach a climax when fucking her ass. This was no exception and shortly I was adding my cum to Davey’s previously deposited cum deep in her bowels. I also had handfuls of tits as I fucked her. What an absolute joy this is.

When I finished and began to remove my cock, my mother was running her tongue along my cock as it receded from June’s ass. Once my cock popped out, a considerable amount of cum came gushing out, my mom caught it before it landed on the floor. She licked all around June’s asshole and then laid her head back while opening her mouth real wide. I knew what she wanted and so I squatted down shoving my cock into her mouth. She sucked on my dick and licked me clean while Junior came around to take his turn at fucking June’s ass. Once I stepped out of the way, Junior lowered himself into position and easily slid his cock deep into June’s enlarged asshole. My mother scooted her ass under June’s face so the two girls ate each other’s cunts while Junior fucked June’s ass. Davey and I just laid back and watched the action.

Junior did not last very long, he began squirting his sperm in my aunt’s ass within minutes. He very energetically pumped every drop of cum he had up her hot tight ass. My mom was simultaneously sucking and licking June’s pussy with great intensity which resulted in June having a huge climax. She began to almost scream as the sensations of cumming overwhelmed her body. She reacted by sucking very hard on my mom’s cunt actually causing her pain. As Junior retracted his shrinking cock from June’s ass, more cum came oozing out and when my mom realized June’s ass was free of Junior’s cock, she franticly licked all around June’s asshole to catch every drop of cum she could.

I looked over at Davey and he was still supporting a nice hard on, I said to him, “Want to give June’s ass another shot?”

He stroked his cock a couple times saying, “Sure, I’d love to.”

He stepped up behind June who was laying almost totally exhausted on top of my mom, pointing his hard cock directly at her ass. When my mom noticed Davey’s hard dick dangling on inches from her face and June’s ass, she said, “Oh Davey, if you want another ass fuck, how about fucking my ass. Its my turn to enjoy a hard cock deep into my bowels.”

Davey stepped back nodding OK as my mom squirmed out from underneath June’s body. She immediately got on her hands and knees offering her ass to Davey. He ask if she wanted some K-jelly and she declined saying, “I’m already juiced up, just be slow and slid that nice cock of yours up my ass.” That is exactly what Davey did, he pressed his cock head against my mom’s asshole and slowly forced his cock inside her butt. She said it did not hurt very much and once he was inside her, she just moaned with pleasure. Davey then fucked my mom’s ass with great energy giving her hard deep thrusts. My mom let out low moans as she revealed the joy of having Davey’s long slim cock buried up her ass. It wasn’t long before Davey was yet again shooting his young cum in a fuck hole, this time is was my mom’s asshole. When he finished shooting off his load, he pulled his cock out of my mom’s asshole and laid down on the floor totally spent.

We all relaxed for some time waiting for our strength to return. My mom was the first to speak. “Shit that was a hot session, fucking is so much fun and exciting. There is one thing I want to happen tonight and that is to attempt to have two cocks in my pussy at the same time, I hope Davey, that you are willing to participate with Glenn in trying to get both your cocks in my pussy simultaneously.”

Davey looked a little stunned but did not seem to object. Lots more to cum!!

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