“A little fable”

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“A little fable”
As it appears to go with Internet dating, I met up with a couple of ladies over the last month but there wasn’t really any spark and so, after an awkward hour or so of small talk and eating, we went our separate ways. Then I found Christina’s profile, she got my attention and we arranged a date. It went very well indeed.

We ate at an Indian and the conversation was easy and fast-flowing. We had a lot of things in common, we laughed at a few of the same things and – as it turned out – we even had a couple of mutual friends. Better, she was very straight talking and that was a real relief – on a lot of dates, you tend to skirt around subjects in case you offend the other person, but Christina wasn’t like that at all – she said it how she saw it and she was quite open about sex (which is always nice). As the evening wore on, I found myself liking Christina even more and it wasn’t hard too. She was a great looking lady, medium height and slim, with small-ish boobs and dark hair. More than all of that, she was bloody gorgeous – genuinely bloody gorgeous. Beautiful, even. For the date, she was wearing a simple, knee length dress and heels and I kept telling her how great she looked, though I don’t think she believed me all that much.

The meal ate, conversations pursued, I took her home at around eleven. We pulled up outside her house, a neat two-bedroom new build near Duston and I expected perhaps a little goodnight kiss and I’d be on my way.

“Did you want to come in for coffee?” she asked, as I switched off the engine.

“That’d be lovely.”

“Just to make it clear though, I meant what I said before – I never shag on a first date.” Her honesty made me smile. “What’s up, did I say something funny?”

“No,” I said, “it’s just nice that it’s all cleared up now, so things don’t get awkward later.”

“Absolutely, Jack,” she said and patted my thigh, “that’s exactly why I do it!”

I followed her into the house, admiring the way her bum moved, admiring her legs, just watching her really. She was really sexy and I was hoping that tonight would be good enough that we’d see each other again.

Her house was minimalistic but comfortable – “my own place, finally”, she’d said in the restaurant, “the best thing I got out of the divorce” – and she showed me into the lounge. There were two sofa’s, a big TV, a stereo and a coffee table. Several pictures dotted the walls but she didn’t tell me who they were of and I didn’t ask.

“Sit down, put some music on, make yourself at home. I’ll go and put the kettle on if you want, or would you prefer something else? I might have some wine.”

“A beer would be good,” I said, “if you have one.”

She left me to it and I checked out her CD collection. There was a good mix, from early 70s soul and funk right up to Ellie Goulding. I chose an 80s soul compilation, figured out how to work the stereo and put it on. By the time I’d finished, Christina came back into the room, my bottle in her left hand, a large glass of wine in her right. She smiled, handed me the beer and sat on the sofa.

“Sit next to me,” she said and patted the cushion, “I won’t bite.”

I sat down, leaned back and took a swig of my beer.

“Good choice of music,” she said.

“Can’t go wrong with it, can you?”

“No.” She looked at me, as if trying to decide about saying something.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just… It’s stupid, but could I ask you a question, that’s a bit weird?”

“Of course you can.”

She smiled. “Nothing ventured,” she said and turned to face me, “I just wondered how you felt about feet.”

I smiled – this date couldn’t get any better, I loved feet! “I don’t have a problem with them,” I said, “why?” Please want a massage, I thought, please want a massage.

“Well, it’s stupid, but I’ve been on my feet all day and they’re killing me. I wore my heels tonight, so I’d look nice, but all they’ve done is make them ache more. I showered before the date, so they’re clean, but if you’d be willing to give them a quick massage, I’d be really grateful.”

“I’d love to,” I said, leaping at the chance.

“Ah, thanks.” Christina moved around in the seat, kicked off her shoes and put her legs up on the sofa so that her toes were against my left thigh. She settled herself against the arm, her wine glass resting on her chest and smiled at me. “How did you want me?”

My cock twitched lightly. I knew she’d said there’d be no shagging, but I liked the way this was going, I liked her smile.

“Stay there,” I said, “and lift up whichever foot you want doing first.”

Christina lifted her right foot up and I held it by the back of her heel, lowering it onto my leg. I looked at her and she smiled again, then looked at her foot. It was delicate and perfectly sized, with petite toes that it seemed would be a shame not to stroke and hold and kiss. I cupped both hands around her foot and started to rub them up and down, running my fingers along her sole.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said and my cock reacted again. Her foot could only have been an inch away from my groin, I could feel the pull of my chinos as I moved it.

“I’m not an expert at this,” I said, “tell me if you don’t like something.”

“Jack, for doing this, I’ll let you off a lot.”

With my thumbs, I massaged the top of her foot, running my fingers along her soles. I alternated, between fingertips and nails. The nails got the slightest reaction, a gentle murmur and so I kept at it. My cock was getting harder by the second and I looked over to see if she’d either noticed or was offended. Neither – her eyes were closed and, as I watched, she licked her lips.

“Nice?” I said.

“Lovely,” she murmured.

I ran my hand underneath her toes, my index finger dipping in between each gently. She murmured again and I looked at her. Her hands were making the slightest of movements, dancing to the music, over her belly. I put my finger between her big and first toe and they twitched apart, an instinctive movement. I slid my finger into the gap, feeling the pressure of both toes, whilst still rubbing her sole with my other hand.

“That’s nice….”

“The sole or the toes?”

“The toes, what’re you doing?”

I waited for her to open her eyes and showed her. “I touch here and they move apart, look.”

“That’s so horny.”

You’re telling me, I thought. It was horny, so bloody horny I wanted to do it all night long, slow slides and quick slides, just to see what the reaction would be. She closed her eyes again and I kept playing with the gap between her toes. Her feet were so soft and dainty, her toes so beautiful that I couldn’t look away from them.

“Your feet are lovely,” I said.

“Erm, thanks,” she said, her hands at rest on her belly now, “I don’t do much to them, except get pedicures.”

“They’re really pretty.” I knew I sounded like a weirdo, but what else could I do?


I pressed my fingers into her sole and pushed them upwards. Her toes flexed and she made a little noise, deep in her throat, so I slid my fingers between her toes again.

“That’s lovely,” she said. “Nobody’s ever done this for me before.”

My cock was now rock hard. The softness of her soles and the spring of her toes was driving me wild. What made it worse were the little, soft whimpers of satisfaction as I rubbed her aching feet. I’m not exactly sure how it happened – and I kept in mind what she’d said about shagging – but I knew that the atmosphere changed. She moved slightly, laying flatter on the sofa, her legs slightly apart. The dress was mid-thigh and I willed it to slide upwards, to give me just a glimpse of the treasures beneath but it didn’t. I wanted to see more, I wanted to do more. Without fully realising what I was doing, I lifted her right foot to my mouth and licked the tip of her big toe.

Christina gasped, pressed her hands into her belly and looked at me through her eyelashes. I expected her to pull her foot away but much to my surprise, her mouth parted in a little ‘o’ and she let out the softest moan. I sucked her big toe into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it, making her moan again. Her other foot moved against my leg, edging towards my crotch. My erection was getting tight against my boxers and chinos. I began to softly suck each of her toes in turn, gauging what worked by the sounds she was making. I glanced over, her hands were now spread on her belly and moving down, her index fingers leading the way. Her head tipped back as far as it was able and she licked her lips. Her foot moved further up my thigh until her big toe nudged my swollen cock.

“Fuck,” she said, her voice breathy, “this is intense. I’ve never been with a bloke who did things like this to my feet before.”

I moved her foot down. “I’ve never known a woman who’d left me do this to her feet.”

“Wow. So show me what you’d do to them, I’ve love to know.” She smiled, slowly lifting both feet to my face. “Come on, show me.” She pushed her toes against my lips.

Turning slightly to face her, I grabbed her ankles and sucked both her big toes into my mouth at the same time. Christina gave a yelp and put her finger in her mouth, watching me intently. After licking both of her toes thoroughly, I let her left foot drop gently into my lap. Holding her right foot, I flicked my tongue between her big toe and the next one, delighting in the u*********s movement – tongue in, toes apart. It was just like fucking. Her right hand was moving steadily towards her groin and her left seemed to be reaching for the hem of her dress. Putting her feet up had allowed the material to slide along her thighs slightly and I longed to see clearly into the dark shadows there. What colour knickers did she have on? How lovely did her inner thighs look? I had to know.

Her left foot had edged into my groin again and her big toe was pushing gently against my cock. I wanted to undo my flies and pull my cock out, I wanted to feel her feet against it. Instead, I focussed on her right foot and began to softly suck each of her toes in turn. Her foot began to move against my cock, her big toe casually massaging the head.

We both knew what was happening, but neither of us said anything though I remembered her rule.

“I can’t get the right angle here,” I said, “would you mind if I knelt on the floor?”

Christina looked at me, a faint expression of disappointment crossing her lovely features, then she smiled. “Jack, for what you’re doing to my feet, you could be standing or sitting anywhere.”

I smiled, eased her foot out of my groin and let go of her right leg. Adjusting my trousers so that I could move, I slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor in front of her.

“So how do you want me?” she asked, smiling, her eyes half closed. Her right hand was poised at the top of her groin.

“If you sit straight, that’d work.”

I watched as she moved, gracefully and quickly, into a sitting position. “Where do you want my feet?”

“I want the left one in my face,” I said and she complied. I held her ankle, pulled her foot to me and licked from the bottom of her heel right up to the ball of her foot, in one quick movement. Christina gasped and her right hand finally slid into her groin. She lifted her right leg slightly, letting the material of her dress slip down and pressed it against my cock. A feeling like a brisk electrical charge shot through my groin, making my balls tingle.

“Somebody’s excited,” she said, smiling lazily.

I nodded at her hand. “Am I the only one?”

“No,” she said and shook her head. She pulled the hem of her dress, so that it bunched about her knicker line. There was a damp patch. “Nobody’s sucked my toes like that before, Jack, you’ve got me really wet. I hope you’re proud of yourself!”

“Oh I am,” I said and went back to her foot. I sucked each toe in individually until I reached the big toe, then I tongue fucked the gap again. This time, Christina gasped and her hand moved across her knickers. I stopped sucking her toe, staring at her hand. She pushed her knickers down slightly, then used a finger to hook the material sideways, exposing her pussy. It was as pretty as the rest of her, covered in a light fuzz of dark pubic hair, the lips glistening in places. Her index finger sought out her clit and began to strum it slowly as she massaged the lips with her other fingers.

She was watching her feet. “Do you like this?”

“Oh yes.”

“Is it making you more excited?”

I knew it was a risk, but I couldn’t resist. I smiled at her and asked, “Can I touch you there?”

She licked her lips and flicked her clit hard. “Only if I can touch you.”

Fucking music to my ears. “Yes,” I said, “yes you can.”

She leaned forward and unzipped my fly, her fingers brushing my cock, which pressed up against my boxers. She slid her hand in, her warm fingers encircling it, making me groan. Gently, she pulled it free and it stood proud.

“That looks nice,” she said.

“That feels great,” I said.

“How about if I do this?” she said and wrapped her beautiful feet around my cock, her soles warm and soft. I put my hands on her feet and slowly began to move them up and down, tingles of pleasure coursing through me.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said, her eyes locked on her feet, “so sorry if I’m no good.”

I watched her feet moving on my cock and she let go of them, her hands sneaking back to her pussy. She began to play with her clit again and smiled at me.

“What if I do this?” she said and started rubbing her smooth soles up and down my shaft, occasionally making her toes into a tip-toe position. She rubbed the ball of her foot over the head of my cock, then slid it down. She moved her big and first toe apart and rubbed down the vein of my cock and that felt incredible. A bulb of pre-cum dribbled down my cock onto her feet.

I leaned forward slightly and put my right hand flat on her belly, careful not to move her hands which were still busy. I ran my hand up her belly until it came to the edge of her dress and pushed that up further too. She looked at me, moving my hand back down towards her crotch. She slowed the movement of her feet, her toes tapping against the shaft.

I licked my finger, making it as wet as I could, then put it on her belly again, tapping my index finger against her belly button. She put her right hand on her right foot, helping the slow movement against my cock. I slid my hand down her belly until I could feel the heat of her pussy against my palm. I touched her inner thigh and she moved her legs apart slightly, still keeping my cock firmly gripped between her feet.

I moved my hand up, brushing over the light dusting of pubic hair and then, as gently as I could, touched the tip of my index finger against her wet, hard clit.

“Oh,” she said and it was as though I’d touched her with an electric charge. She gasped and shuddered, her body jerking and then sighed out a breath.


She made an “mmm” sound, her eyes closed, her left hand moving down her pussy, her fingers sliding into it.

I ran my fingertips down the length of her pussy lips. She was wet, I could feel her juice in her hair and on her skin. I trailed a finger across the lips and that made her gasp too. She moved her legs wider apart and I slid a finger into her. She bit her lip with her bottom teeth and raised her bum slightly off the sofa. I pulled the finger out slowly, rubbed her clit gently with my thumb and then pressed firmly against her lips, parting them until my middle finger slid inside her. She was getting more turned on, feeling more hot and sticky than twenty seconds ago. Her pussy squeezed on my finger as she let out a little whimper, which grew as I slid in and out, finger fucking her. She was so slick that I easily slipped in another finger and she grabbed the side of the sofa, rocking back against me. I raised my thumb, catching her clit with the pad of it on every upstroke.

“Oh,” she said, her breath catching in her throat, “oh, Jack…” She leaned back against the cushions, her head back, her eyes partly closed. Her fingers danced across her pussy lips, occasionally brushing against mine.

With my free hand, I held her feet together around my cock and began to move them up and down the shaft. She quickly got into the rhythm and I kept finger fucking her, still playing with her clit. She moved her head, looked at me, her eyelids heavy. She bit her lip, which I’ve always thought looked really sexy and so I speeded up my pace. Her breath got more ragged. I angled my fingers in her pussy as best I could to try and catch her g-spot, still working her clit with my thumb. She put both hands over her head, gripping the back of the sofa.

“Oh,” she gasped, “oh my fucking hell, oh, keep going, keep going.”

I did as I was told, playing her pussy as hard as I could until she came, gasping. I kept working her, more slowly now.

“Fucking hell, Jack,” she said and leaned forward. Holding her feet with her hands, she began to rub them up and down my cock, ever faster. I kept playing my thumb over her slick clit.

I watched her feet moving, a truly erotic sight and could feel my orgasm building. I wanted her to take it slower, I wanted this to last forever, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m cumming,” I gasped and she scrunched the toes of her right foot and began to play them over my cock head. That felt incredible and it was way too much. “I’m cumming,” I said again and she leaned back, pulling her dress up further, exposing her belly.

“There,” she said, “give it to me there.”

She kept rubbing her feet and I kept flicking her clit and as I came, she wanked me harder with her toes. I leaned forward and my cum seemed to burst out, the first drop landing just north of her belly button. I held onto the back of the sofa, gasping, cumming. She kept her feet moving, up and down, maximising my pleasure.

When I was done, I looked at her and we smiled.

“Now that’s a good way to end a date,” she said.

“And we didn’t break your rules?”

“Oh no,” Christina smiled, “so how about we go on a second date?”

We got ourselves cleaned up, I kissed her goodbye – rather chastely, at the front door – and went home. That was on Saturday. I’ve spoken to her three times since then and we’re out this coming Saturday. And I can’t wait!

Thank you for your attention.

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