A Meeting of TV Girlfriends – Part 02

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A Meeting of TV Girlfriends – Part 02
A Meeting of TV Girlfriends
By kara1970tv2

Part 2 – our evening of sex and passion continues

My makeup redone, the video paused, we continued to chat more about ourselves, honestly and candidly.

Lauryn had always seen herself to be 100% straight, although she had been dressing in secret from a young age – like many other transvestites. She had stopped dressing during her early twenties, through her marriage, until the urge became more difficult to resist. Her wardrobe rapidly expanded, although this secret collection and her longing to express her femininity had to be hidden from her beloved, wife – she would never have understood, nor supported having a husband who was also a transvestite. The opinions on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people seen in life, or on the television were always met with derision, and almost anger at how they wanted to express themselves. Her secret had to remain, but like many, the loneliness of keeping such a secret is difficult to bear, and may build barriers that shouldn’t be there; it can often can kill the love within a relationship, or push a person to seek friends with those like themselves. Intimacy between two people of the same gender is not a given – most transvestites are 100£ straight, but of course there are many others who are either inherently gay, or are curious to experience intimacy with another ‘girl’. The reasons are too numerous – we are all different after all – we all have our own reasons. Being different from the norm should never be frowned upon – life can be difficult at times to have others hate or deride us too – most of us have done this to ourselves at one point until we finally accept to ourselves who we are fully. We’re just people in the end – each unique, each with our thoughts and experiences – to live and I hope enjoy our one life on this earth.

Back to our evening…

We began to talk about being transvestites, about out love for our clothes (they’re not girls clothes – they’re mine!), our sexuality, gay sex, and of course what we had done together earlier. Lauryn said that she had never held another cock let alone wanked or sucked one either. I asked how she felt about trying – she replied that the thought of her sucking cock, and perhaps even allowing someone to cum in her mouth excited her!

Fab answer LOL!

I also asked what she thought about anal sex, and about fucking another TV. She replied that she ‘had anally fucked her wife on a number of occasions, and had loved it’, and said ‘I just love fucking! I love fucking a woman’s pussy and her arse…so yeah, if I was asked to fuck another TV, then yes…I’d love to fuck her in the same way I’d fuck my wife, or a girlfriend!’

My mind went into overdrive…

‘Oh fuck…I wonder if I should ask her if she would like to fuck me? I love being with her, and I’m so attracted to her and turned on by her…and boy, do I love her cock and how good her cum tastes! I’ve never been fucked before…but I need to experience this with her tonight…I need her to fuck me, bare-back if possible, but with a condom on if necessary! I need Lauryn to help complete me as the girl I love to express myself as!’

I said “Lauryn, would you like to hold or play with my cock for a while? You can stop at any time you want! I want you to enjoy this evening…you’re discovering things for the first time…and yes, if you would like to try sucking my cock, I’ll tell you if you get close to making me cum. You can stop then…unless you want me to cum into your mouth, of course! He-he-he!” I giggled.

“I would love to hold yours, and maybe wank you for a while…but yeah, I might kiss or suck it too…I’ll see how I feel!” she replied.

I restarted the video to add to the mood, then reached over to hold her hand. Once we were ready, I said “Just look at the girls and enjoy watching how they please each other!”

Again, we came closer and engaged in kissing each other, our tongues darting inside one another’s mouths. My right hand releasing hers to move up to hold her head as we enjoyed this moment together. Her left hand moved over to touch my stocking clad legs, moving up and down on each in turn. She then moved it up to and under the hem of my skirt, reaching to my bare thigh above my stocking tops. I tried to adjust my seating to give her move access to my knickers – her hand only just touching my knickers and the tip of my cock and bulge of my balls.

I asked “Would it be easier if I removed my skirt?”

“Yes…can I help you with your zip?” she replied.

I stood up in front of her, then turned slowly around – I wanted her to see my skirt, my hips, and my ass. And she did exactly that, but in addition, she placed her hand right on the bulge of my cock, letting it follow my hips around till my back was facing her, and she was rubbing my arse-cheeks through the smooth PVC material of the skirt. I admit that I loved this attention, so pushed my ass back so that the PVC tightened, outlining my cheeks more prominently. Still she rubbed her hand over me, I giggled with excitement and trepidation. I heard her breathing also change with the excitement of the moment. I straightened myself up, ready for Lauryn.

“Would you help me to remove my skirt, Lauryn?” I purred.

“Mmmm…I will, Kara…I was just enjoying your gorgeous arse…mmmm!”

“He-he-he…they’ll be time for that later, perhaps!?” I laughed in reply.

She moved her hands, cupping my cheeks as she went up to the zip of my skirt. She grasped the top with one hand, held the zipper with the other, and slowly unzipped me. She held onto the top and started to lower my skirt – I stopped her to ask “Would you like me to strip for you?”

“Fuck, yes!!!” she exclaimed.

I stepped forward, putting my hands on the sides of the skirt, lowering it ever so slowly down my thighs, exposing my knickers and stocking tops, stopping briefly with the skirt at my knees so she could enjoy and take in the view. LOL. Then lowered it completely before stepping out of the skirt, turning around whilst holding the skirt in my hand.

I enjoyed the scene of me standing infront of Lauryn, my cock just hidden from sight by the thinnest of satin on my knickers, bulging slightly. I stepped forward closer to Lauryn. She let out a gasp, but reached over intently and stroked my cock (and balls), grasping my cock in one hand as she cupped my balls with the other as she pulled me closer. She pulled my cock out from the side of my knickers to view my hardening cock in her hand. She pulled back my foreskin to expose my cockhead, and smiled and let out a nervous giggle. She began to wank me, slowly at first, then more firmly and faster.

I grew to my hardest quickly, thinking ‘she’ll make me cum soon if she keeps this up’.

However she stopped, and then leaned in and took me straight into her mouth. Keeping my foreskin pulled back, she began to slide me in and out, sucking on the cockhead, then sucking it back in.

‘Jeeze, has she done this before? Has she learned this from being given blowjobs by others? Or is she just a natural at sucking cock?’ I couldn’t decide, but I enjoyed what she was doing.

All of the time, her eyes were shut tight, concentrating on what she was doing. I expelled a few comments like “That feels so good!”, and “Suck my cock, you fucking slut!” this just spurred her on.

Every so often she’d stop sucking to relax her mouth, take a breath, and then started again. My hand resting on her head, my fingers threaded through her hair. She stopped again, only to lick my cockhead, saying “I love having a cock in my mouth…I should’ve sucked cock years ago!”

I laughed and replied “You look like you have been doing that for years…you filthy slut! You fucking cock-sucker!”

She laughed, saying “Yeah…I am now a cock-sucking tranny tart…he-he-he…and I fucking love it too!”

“Well get back and finish me off…you’ve got me so worked up…I’ll cum soon!” I stated.

She resumed her sucking.

‘She’s going to make me cum! Shit…she’s going to let me cum in her mouth!’ I thought. No sooner had I thought that I had to call out to warn her “I’m gonna cum, Lauryn!”

She didn’t slow, I tried my best to resist my orgasm, calling out again “Lauryn…you’re going to make me cum!” her sucking continued. My hand held her head with a little more pressure, but I went past the point of no return – my orgasm wooshed up on me sending me into spasm – as the force of my cum shot out of and into her mouth. She pulled back from my cock – I spasmed again – another load of cum spurted into her – or rather onto her face and lips. My orgasm subsided; she looked up at me with those hazel eyes of hers, a smile forming on her spunk-covered face, and laughed!

“That was fucking brilliant! I thought you’d finished, i was about to swallow your first load when you came again…all over my face! I must look like a proper slut now!” she laughed.

“Yeah…he-he-he…covered like a painter’s radio! He-he-he! That felt so good to cum into your mouth…sorry about your makeup though, darling!” I replied.

“He-he-he…that’s okay…I’ll fix it later. You cum tasted sweet…and fruity…I wasn’t expecting that!” she said.

“That’s the pineapple juice…it sweetens up the taste! Here…wipe that spunk of your face…you look like a complete tart!” I laughed as I passed her a baby wipe.

She accepted it from me and began to wipe my cum from her nose, her cheeks, her lips, and her chin. I leaned down and we engaged in a moment of loving kisses. Yes, she still smelt of spunk, but she was loving it – as I was too!

I cleaned my cock with another wipe, adjusted my knickers again, and with a slight mincing movement, I sashayed back to the sofa, sitting down beside her, both of us smiling, laughing together, kissing each other, and chatting about what her first gay experience was like, and her giving her first blowjob to me.

Looking at the clock – it was almost 9pm – our girlie night in was still not finished…

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