A Mothers Visit Part 1

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A Mothers Visit Part 1
I had an unexpected email from my mother to say that she was coming to town and wanted to visit her Son and granddaughter and could she stay a night, I had no problem with that as we hadn’t seen her in a while as she lived in Scotland.
Just to give you the back story she is my adopted Mother who brought me up, she was the one, along with my late father, who taught me the ‘open’ way of life where clothes were optional at home, something that Lisa and I enjoy now.
Seeing my parents and sister with little or nothing on growing up broadened my horizons and it would take forever to tell the stories, I am just pleased to see her again.
My mother arrived looking as good as ever for a woman of her age, mid 50’s but had put on a couple of pounds since I last saw her, she rarely wears make up as she doesn’t really need to. We hugged at the door and I took her case as I showed her into the lounge, “Let me look at you Son” she said taking a step back while she looked me up and down nodding her head in approval. “Thanks Mum” I said slightly embarrassed by the early attention.
It was quite late and we had a nightcap and a quick catch up, it was a very relaxed atmosphere and I explained that Lisa was out and would be returning late so she had better have my bed and I will sleep on the sofa, “Don’t be so stupid” she said being the assertive mother she is, “We can sleep together, it will be just like you growing up” she continued and I couldn’t really refuse her.
We got to the bedroom and Mum sorted through her bag for her nighty which she laid out on the bed, “Very nice Mum” I said looking at this thin pink number, “Thank you” she said as she proceeded to undress right in front of me, “Do you still sleep naked” she asked as I started to pull off my tee shirt, “Yes Mum” I replied as I pulled my shorts off and stood in front of her, she stopped what she was doing and looked straight at my hanging cock, “Wow!” she said, “You have grown a bit” and we both laughed.
I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she finished getting undressed, as she stood there in her bra and panties I couldn’t help but admire how she has looked after her body, as she removed her bra her ageing tits were small but firm and she still looked good in a thong, “You’re looking good Mum” I said as she slipped on her pink nighty. “Thanks Son” she said with a smile and we both got into bed.
She took her pills and we agreed to have a good catch up tomorrow, she laid on her side with her back to me and was out like a light but I lay on my back thinking back to my earlier years when I would sleep with my mother when Dad was away and how she would comfort me and because of my upbringing thought was normal.
I turned on my side so I was facing her back and put my arm on her shoulders as if to cuddle up and I felt her warm body close to mine, we only had a thin sheet over us and she was now fast asleep. Many thoughts of my younger years were running through my mind and I could feel myself starting to get an erection as my hand wandered around her body and I could feel her nipples through the thin material of her nighty and my hands wandered down and next thing I was feeling the soft skin of her arse, she didn’t stir at all as I have her arse a quick rub before leaving my hand around her waist.
I inched a bit closer and could feel my cock touching the cheeks of her arse and was sure that I felt her push back, maybe it was just my imagination but it felt good having my hard cock pressing against her.
She murmured and moved slightly and I found my cock slide between her legs and felt the warm fabric of her thong and certainly felt her push back although she was still sound asleep.
I managed to get my hand between her legs and felt her warm pussy which was showing signs of wetness and managed to pull them to one side just enough to slowly slip my cock inside her, she was tight and I slowly inside being careful not to wake her, it seemed to be working as although I heard a muffled moan she didn’t wake.
This brought back so many memories of growing up as I slowly pushed deeper into her tight cunt, it was like she had me in a vice sucking me in and such were the thoughts going through my head that it wasn’t long before I felt myself shooting deep inside her feeling her pushing back as I came.
I kissed her on the back of the neck as I fell asleep cuddling up.
I was in a deep sleep laying on my back and I felt this warm and wet sensation around my cock and balls and it wasn’t long before I realized that my cock was being sucked, I laid there enjoying the sensation as Mum ran her expert mouth over every inch but pretended to still be asleep, another memory of my youth came to mind as I was often woken with a blow job.
Although she is really my step Mum I thought of her as a mother and she always knew how to suck cock as she was proving again and it wasn’t long before I felt my cock pulsating and my cum shooting into her mouth, she quietly sucked me dry swallowing the lot before quietly getting out of bed and then having a shower. I must have dozed off again as next thing I know she walks into the bedroom with a cup of coffee, “Good Morning Son” she said cheerfully as she sat on the edge of the bed, I opened my eyes to see her smiling face staring down at my naked body, “Morning Mum” I said sleepily, “Did you sleep well?” I asked. “Oh yes!” she said and no reference was made about the quick evening fuck or the morning blow job as if it was an everyday occurrence.
My cock was in a state of limbo and she sat there, still in her nighty, admiring it. It didn’t know whether to rise or fall, “You always did have a nice cock Frank” she said grinning and quickly bent down and kissed the head, I was speechless and at that point Lisa came into the room, “Hi Nan” she said genuinely pleased to see her until she noticed where her head was, “Oh!, Am I disturbing something?” and she laughed.
Mum got up to give Lisa a big hug leaving me sipping my coffee totally naked on the bed and Mum took a step back looking at Lisa standing there in just a tee shirt and panties, “Wow!, haven’t you grown” she said admiring her young beauty.
“Lets go sort out breakfast and have a catch up” she said as they both left the room leaving me to wake up properly.
I sat up on the bed and started to think back to how my Mum and Dad taught me about sex, how my Dad taught me how to suck cock and Mum showed me how to lick pussy and how me and my step-sister would practice, it was a pretty open family which is how it is with Lisa and I have no regrets as it was how I was brought up, I was addicted.
I slipped on my boxers and still had a semi erection as I went down stairs where Mum and Lisa were busy making scrambled eggs so I sat at the table watching them, Mum with her nighty which rode up showing her arse cheeks and the thong string going up her crack and the pubic hairs trying to escape between her legs and Lisa whose tee shirt was not as long as usual and was clearly showing her arse which looked bare as her thong was small and tight, it was obvious they were teasing me as every now and then someone would drop something and bend down to pick it up and although I wasn’t complaining it was having an effect as I felt my cock growing under my boxers. “Can you get the milk out the fridge Dad?” Lisa asked forcing me to stand up with both of them looking directly at my protruding bulge, “Thank you Daddy” she said grinning as I handed her the milk and sat back down admiring the view given by the two chief cooks.
The eggs were good, just like Mother used to make them and we chatted away while we ate, I was very conscious of the foot that was rubbing my leg and as I looked across it was obvious from her facial expression who it was, Damn I was getting hard again and when Lisa asked me to get the sauce out of the cupboard forcing me to stand again it was obvious the effect it was having, Mum looked at me “Does that thing ever go down” she said laughing to which Lisa replied, “Not often Nan” and they both had a giggle with Mum finishing with “Lucky you” looking at Lisa who just gave a loving smile.
My Mother then went on to tell Lisa how I would always have a boner when I was growing up and how addicted I was and making out it was all my fault which it probably was, “I am sure Lisa doesn’t want to hear this” I said and before I could finish the sentence Lisa said, “Yes I do Dad” as she winked at me giving my Mother the green light to continue.
The rubbing up my leg doubled as Lisa joined in while my dear Mother told her how I would get into bed with her when Dad was away and I always got an erection, back in those days Mum would also sleep naked and told me I had to do the same so you cant blame me for getting hard but what I wasn’t expecting was her to go into all the details of how she would teach me how to lick pussy and arse, “Oh so that’s how he got so good at it” Lisa said with a smile which made me smile as it was all complimentary.
I had two bare feet now working there way up the insides of my thighs now as Mum continued the story of my life and it wasn’t just me getting turned on as I felt the toes touching my balls, I could see both of their nipples starting to show through the fabric of their tops.
Mum certainly liked to tell the stories and Lisa listened and although she knew a lot of my growing up she certainly didn’t know the graphic details and her favourite ‘OMG!’ phrase was said many times especially when Mum told the story of how Dad taught me how to suck cock, “Do you still suck cock Frank?” she asked and before I could answer Lisa answered for me, “Oh Yes Nan, he does”.
Why is she going into so much detail? I had two cold feel on my balls and my cock was bursting as I reminisced, they were definitely fun times.
“Why don’t we all go and relax in the lounge?” Mum said with a glint in her eye, Lisa nodded and it seemed that I had no choice in the matter…… To Be Continued….

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