A night at the office with Mia

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A night at the office with Mia
It was the day before New Years Eve. Mia, my co-worker I shared an office with, was on late shift, while I only had to work till 18:00. But I came back around 19:00 to keep her company. It was a calm night, not much to do. Our talk soon turned to very kinky topics. I started to massage her neck, but my hands soon wandered down her neckline. I maybe should mention that she had big breasts and liked to wear low-cut shirts to show them off. So from my point of view, looking over her shoulder directly at her boobies, that was like an invitation

I could not resist. So I started to caress and knead her breasts. Not unlike you, her nipples were always stiff and hard. She allowed me to massage her titties for a while, but then felt uneasy. Someone might catch us. In fact, our office had big outside windows and floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the inside. And at this time there were still some people in the building, although not on our floor. So we went back to talking, actually did get some work done in between, too. But soon again we were back to discussions of more erotic nature. And, consequentially, I went back to massage her. Again, neck first, but soon boobies again. This time, she didn’t hesitate so much. She felt more safe, as lights were out on our floor besides our office, as were most lights in the whole building. She got quite into it, started to moan. Her eyes were closed, she almost purred like a cat and got very arroused. Her nipples were very sensitive, directly linked to her clit, so she got wet almost immediately. You could smell already her horniness at this close distance.
That was, when the light on the floor went on again!
We stopped immediately, I went back to my chair in a hurry. Just in time. A colleague four offices down the floor passed our room and waved his good bye. Obviously, he had been working with lights out until now. Mia was a little shocked, that we almost got caught. So to ease her I checked our whole floor. This time for sure we were alone. We even turned off the light in our office, which was now illuminated only by the glow of our computer screens. By this, any light turned on anywhere on our floor would alert us of intruders.
Still, she didn’t want to continue. At first. It needed some persuasion and some more dirty talk to get her in the mood again. Our sweet ritual started over, but this time I went straight for her boobs. She was still arroused from before, so she was again into it very fast. She allowed me to pull her shirt and bra up, freeing her boobs. I knelt down on the floor right next to her chair. She looked little confused when I pulled off her shoes, but didn’t object. I began to stroke her legs, starting at her ankles, then working my way up her legs, caressing her inner thighs. Halfheartedly, she tried to stop me now. “Come on, we cannot do this here. We are at work!” But she didn’t stop me, when my fingers started to touch her crotch. I caressed her pussy through her pants and she moand loud in pleasure, pressing her head hard against the head-rest of her office chair. I started to nestle on her trouser button, opend it and pulled down her zip. Now only her black lacy panties were covering her pussy. Mia is shaved except for a landing strip, so no hairs were covering her slit. I rubbed her coozie, feeling how dump her panties already were, pressing a finger in the cleft between her puffy pussy lips. The smell of her lust was very strong now in our room, a smell of sex and lust and horniness. I was so hard in my pantes that it was quite uncomfortable, so I opened my trousers as well, but didn’t put my dick out.
Mia dug her fingers in the arm rest of her chair, she was close to her first little orgasm. Time to spice things up a little more. I stopped rubbing her, instead tugged on her jeans to pull them down from her hips. Iris assisted willingly by lifting her ass, so I could pull down her jeans. Now she sat on her office chair with nothing but her panties, spreading her legs readily. I dove down in her muff, pressing my face against her crotch, my mouth on her pussy. I inhaled her sweet scent of lust, sucking on her clit through her panties. Mia moaned quite loud now. She was quite a noisy bird in the sack, as I well knew. But this teasing and rubbing and sucking wasn’t enough anymore for her. She slid from her chair to sit on my lap, rocking back and forth on my hard cock. We sank in a deep kiss, Frenching each other. Then she pressed her hands between our pelvises, pulling away her panties from her pussy and freeing my stiff member. With one hand she was stroking my hard dick, with the other she was rubbing her clit, then she raised her ass and sat down on my cock, let it slowly slide in. When I was in her all the way, filling her out, she held still for a moment. Her fingers were wet from her pussy juice when she pressed them against my mouth and I sucked them clean from her sweet nectar. Then she started to ride my stiff dong, first slowly, but soon she got very agitated, bouncing up and down on my pecker like a little maniac, moaning and screaming in pleasure. I could tell, that she was very close to an orgasm now. Her eyes were closed, her head thrown in her neck. She was vigorously kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples hard.
At that moment, the light on the corridor outside of our office went on!
Mia was so absorbed by her lust, she didn’t even notice. I had to react quick. I grabbed her by her hips, shoved her off my cock and back on her chair, jumped back to my place and rolled with the chair close to the desk, so no-one could see my standing dick. Mia was quite startled, dumbfounded, even. She was staring at me with big eyes, obviously not understandig what was going on. She still hadn’t noticed that somebody was outside of our office. Nobody could see that she was almost naked, as she was sitting with her back to the glass wall, her chair blocking the view. Outside on the corridor, a cleaner was passing with his dolly, waving a friendly hello.
Mia was quite upset about almost being caught again. Maybe also a little frustrated for being stopped so abruptly just before reaching her orgasm. She packed her breasts away, put on her jeans and her shoes again. She almost slapped me, when I tried to kiss her again. As it was already after 22:00 by now, her shift was officially over and she insited on leaving immediately.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t spend the night together. She lived, like me, outside of the city, but on the opposite side of town. So we had to say our good-byes at the parking lot. At least, she kissed me deeply before departing.

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