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(Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional of Victoria Justice and Madison Reed. Any similarities between reality and this fantasy is purely coincidental and unintentional.)

Nice tits, @VictoriaJustice – one tweet read.

I want to lick those bumps on your nipples – said another perverted tweeter.

Quit lying, you took the pics you little whore – a middle-aged man tweeted.

What a whore @VictoriaJustice is – another troll tweeted.

After the massive hacking of celebrity pictures on August 31, 2014, various celebrities in Hollywood were horrified to find private picture spread throughout the internet. While higher profile names like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton took legal action, others admitted the validity of the pictures. However, a few continued to deny them, which included Victoria Justice.

Early Sunday afternoon, a few fake pictures had popped up and Victoria took to twitter to call foul on the pictures.

These so called nudes of me are FAKE people. Let me nip this in the bud right now. *pun intended* – she tweeted.

At the time, she was telling the truth and seemed to get past it… until later in the day when a full set of thirty-two pics were released. With most of them being harmless pictures, there were several topless shots with Victoria’s head out of frame. Some people on the internet called fake until images linking similarities gave little doubt that the pair of breasts in high quality images were fake. They were indeed pictures of Victoria Justice’s breasts.

As the tweets kept coming, Victoria ignored them, thinking they were about the fake images. She continued to scroll through until a picture caught her eye. A picture of a pair of breasts being shown after a purple sweater was lifted up, a tan bra folded up to expose the tender breasts to the camera.

Victoria’s heart sank as she recognized them.

“No!” she said as she frantically searched the internet to see if anything else had popped up and what she saw horrified her.

Victoria was linked to an image site with all thirty-two leaked pictures of her, eight topless with two covering both breasts and one covering a single breast. As the reality sank in, Victoria gently rested the phone on a table and ran to her bedroom, flopping on the bed and exploding in tears. For a good hour, she cried loudly into her pillow as her privacy was stripped away from her.

After her eyes began to hurt from crying so much, she stumbled her way to her feet and grabbed a robe off of her door. She walked over to her phone but turned away, not wanting to see any perverted tweets sent to her, which may have included the pictures again.

Victoria was at the highest level of embarrassment in her entire life. She hugged the robe tightly against her slender body as she walked by a mirror, stopping and looking at the massive mascara stain that covered her entire face. She grabbed a tissue off of an end-table and gently wiped the makeup off while sniffling.

As she tossed the tissue in the wastebasket next to her, the theme song to her show ‘Victorious’ began to play. She looked at her phone and saw that there was an incoming call. At first she ignored it until she saw a picture of her s*ster Madison on the phone.

“Hello,” she said with no emotion.

“Victoria, are you okay? I saw all of these rumours on the internet and I saw your tweet, what’s going on? This is all over a fake picture?” her s*ster frantically asked.

“No, it’s not over a fake picture. My phone was hacked and I have nude pictures on the-” she stopped and started crying again.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Victoria. Do you need me to come over?” Madison asked, getting no response as she heard her big s*ster sobbing. “I’ll be over in an hour, it will all be okay s*s.”

Victoria hung up the phone and turned it off, tossing it in a drawer. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a large bottle of vodka before shuffling to the living room. She plopped herself on a recliner and pulled the cap off of the bottle, tossing across the room. She took a big swig of the potent alcohol as tears continued rolling down her cheeks.

An hour later Victoria’s little half-s*ster Madison showed up and ran right up to her, spotting the half-empty bottle of vodka in her hand.

“Victoria,” she said as she gave her a hug. “I can’t believe this is happening to you.”

“Thanks,” the older Justice said back, again emotionless.

“I got the pictures sent to me; I saw them all while I was in traffic. I can’t believe somebody did that to you and all of those other women,” Madison said as she pulled the bottle away from her s*ster’s lips. “Don’t drink your problems away Vic, that never works.”

“I might still remember but I’ll be too dr*nk to care,” she said as she reached for the bottle like a baby.

“Come on s*s, let me cook you dinner or something,” Madison responded as she grabbed her s*ster’s hand and pulled her to her feet. “Your hands are so sweaty, aren’t you hot in that robe?”

“I don’t want to look at my body,” Victoria said as she gripped the soft fabric of her white robe.

“Don’t be silly,” she said as she tried to pull it away but was stopped.

“Don’t!” Victoria screamed, shocking her s*ster. “I’m so sorry, I’m a little on edge still.”

“It’s okay, come to the kitchen.”

As Victoria sat at the dining table, Madison cooked her big s*ster a large macaroni and cheese dish that she called her ‘specialty’. The elder s*ster remained still and silent as her s*ster worked hard to whip up a meal as fast as possible. After a half hour, she presented the meal to her dr*nken, depressed s*ster.

“Eat up,” said Madison as her s*ster stared blankly at the table. “Fuck.”

Madison grabbed the spoon and scooped up some macaroni, holding it against Victoria’s lips. Her s*ster’s brown eyes looked up at her before her jaw slowly lowered. She took the food in her mouth and slowly chewed. The younger s*ster continued to spoon-feed her s*ster until the dish was gone. As Madison was cleaning up, she noticed how red Victoria’s face was. She was sweating from having the robe on with the air conditioning not on. Madison turned the thermostat down and walked back to her s*ster.

“Will you take the damn robe off already,” she said. “Don’t let some basement-dwelling nerds ruin your life like this.”

“I don’t want to look at myself,” Victoria said as she again hugged the robe tight.

Madison, frustrated right then, grabbed her s*ster by the arm and dragged her to the nearest mirror. She held her and placed and told her to look. Victoria’s dr*nken eyes remained on the floor as her s*ster pulled her head up, making her look.

“Ow,” Victoria said as her hair was balled up in Madison’s hand.

“Look at yourself, you look like a mess,” Madison shouted. “You are beautiful, look!”

Victoria kept her eyes away from the mirror as the frustration grew in her eighteen year old s*ster. Madison grabbed the robe and roughly pulled it off, leaving Victoria only in a pair of jeans and a tan bra. She covered her chest as she saw the reflection of herself.

“See. Look how beautiful you are,” Madison said as she yanked Victoria’s hands down.

Victoria stared at her body as the images of the nude pictures ran in her brain. She fought back tears until she felt Madison’s hand on her upper back.

“What are you doing?” she asked as her bra loosened.

“I want you to see what everyone saw and realize that you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she said as she tried to pull the bra down.

Victoria fought her s*ster’s advances, trying to keep her breasts covered by the bra but in her dr*nken state, she was powerless to her taller s*ster. Madison ripped the underwear off, leaving Victoria as topless as she was on the internet. She quickly looked at the mirror and saw her chest in full view.

“Look, you are so fucking beautiful,” Madison said as she wrapped her arms around her s*ster’s stomach and gave her a hug. “I wish I had a body like yours, I’d love for the whole world to see me if I had your looks.”

“What about my career?” Victoria asked as she stared forward.

“How will this hurt it, your career as a name is already dependent on the MTV show,” Madison said as she rested her chin on Victoria’s shoulder. “No one will ever forget you after this.”

“But…but I didn’t want to be another Miley,” she said.

“You aren’t, you took these pics in the privacy of your own home… well, except for that one picture in the dark, but Miley does it all for attention; you are just doing this for yourself.”

“I guess you’re right but I still didn’t want everyone to know what I look like naked,” Victoria responded as she could feel Madison’s breath on her ear.

“It’s not like your pussy is on the internet or anything. I saw some of the Kate Upton’s pics and you don’t have a female cum streak on your back like she does,” Madison said with a laugh. “That girl from Downton Abbey has a pic of a cock in her eye, you are better off than her.”

“Cock in her eye?” Victoria asked as she turned to meet her s*ster face to face.

“Right against her eye,” she said.

“Eww,” Victoria said as she looked back at the mirror. “I guess you’re right, maybe I shouldn’t make such a big deal about this.”

“That’s my s*ster,” Madison said as she slid her hands up Victoria’s torso and cupped her breasts.

“What are you doing?” Victoria asked.

“Shh,” Madison said as she softly kissed her neck.

“Madison!” Victoria yelled as she tried to step away. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“What? I can’t kiss my s*ster?” she asked.

“On the neck? While you’re cupping my tits with your bare hands?” Victoria asked.

“I’m trying to take your mind off of everything,” Madison explained as she kissed her neck again.

“With inc*st!?” Victoria yelled.

“Calm down, it’s not like I’m fucking you or anything,” she said as she hugged her s*ster tightly.

“Madison, have you been drinking too?”

“Ha, no silly,” Madison laughed. “If I was dr*nk, we WOULD be fucking.”

“What the fuck, Maddie?” Victoria asked nervously.

“I have a secret to tell you,” Madison whispered into her ear. “While I was looking at your pics… I got a… a little wet.”

“Sicko!” Victoria screamed as she broke away from her s*ster’s grip and backed up a few steps.

“Come on Victoria, haven’t you ever imagined what I look like naked?” Madison asked.

“Never. I’m not into girls… especially ones I’m related to!” she yelled.

“Too bad, I guess you don’t love me,” Madison said in a fake upset tone.

“I do love you Maddie,” the older s*ster said.

“If that were true, you would let me have this,” Madison said. “I went out of my way to help you today and ‘sicko’ is all I get?”

Victoria sighed heavily as she looked at the fake sadness in her s*ster’s eyes. She knew that her advances were not in any way interesting to her but she made a good point. Madison didn’t HAVE to come over and comfort her. Madison didn’t HAVE to cook her dinner and Madison didn’t HAVE to break her out of her dr*nken depression. She didn’t HAVE to be there but she was. Victoria, still standing only in a pair of jeans, looked into her s*ster’s eyes and let out a small smile.

“Okay fine, Maddie,” she said. “You helped me today without me asking. I guess… I guess I owe you this.”

“Please tell me this isn’t a joke,” Madison said. “I’ve been waiting for this for years.”

“Years?” Victoria asked.

“Ever since you got your own show I’ve been jealous of you and wanted to keep you all to myself. Quickly it went from obsessive s*ster to something more,” Madison explained. “I guess this is the best time to tell you that I’m… wow, I can’t believe I’m finally admitting this… but I’m gay. Lesbian, really.”

“Really?” Victoria asked. “You are a lesbian?”

“Yes, I am,” Madison explained. “And there is one girl I’ve wanted to sl*ep with more than any other,” she said as she walked up to her s*ster and ran her fingers through her hair.

Before Victoria could respond, Madison pressed her lips to hers and let her tongue slide between them. Victoria’s eyes went wide as her s*ster gave her a deep kiss aided by years of patient passion. She felt her hands on her bare body again as she allowed her to get it all out of her system. Madison giggled as the reality of the situation set in. Years of waiting had paid off and she was finally showing her s*ster her true feelings.

After a minute-long French kiss, Madison pulled away from her s*ster and looked her in the eye while biting on her lower lip.

“Well?” Madison asked. “Am I a good kisser?”

“Wow,” Victoria said. “That was…that was… pretty good.”

Madison giggled again before reaching down and pulling her tight green tank top up her body. Victoria’s eyes followed the bottom of the shirt as more of her little s*ster’s body was exposed. Her eyes went wide as the shirt went past her breasts, showing that she had not worn a bra. Her eyes locked on one nipple in particular, which had similar little bumps on it to hers.

“They run in the f*mily,” Madison commented when she saw where Victoria’s eyes were looking.

Madison threw the shirt to the ground and started to rub the bumps on her nipple. She reached forward with her free hand and did the same to Victoria’s nipple. Madison moaned as Victoria closed her eyes and let the pleasure spread through her. An extreme jolt of electricity shot from her breast, through her body and down to her pussy, which she noted was starting to moisten.

“You like?” Madison asked.

Victoria slowly opened her eyes and stared into her s*ster’s. Without having to say a word, Madison knew the answer.

“I love you,” Madison said as Victoria reached forward and cupped her breasts.

The girls giggled as they continued to fondle each other for several minutes. Victoria was backed up against the mirror as Madison inched closer and closer until their bodies almost touched. With their hands busy, the s*sters shared a passionate kiss once again. Victoria released her grip of her s*ster’s chest and let her hands slid down her body until they touched her hips. She pulled the younger girl’s pelvis closer against hers.

Madison’s hands went back to Victoria’s hair as she pulled her as close as possible, until their rock hard nipples were rubbing against each other. The kiss broke and the girls stood in silence, still holding each other.

“Do you want to take this up a step?” Madison asked.

“How could we so?” Victoria asked back.

Madison grabbed Victoria’s hand off of her hip and brought it to the crotch of her black yoga pants. Victoria could immediately feel the heat emanating from her little s*ster’s pussy as her fingers pressed hard against her.

“Wow,” Victoria said as she stared into her eyes.

Madison began to rub Victoria’s hand against her pussy slowly, taking sharp breaths and letting out cute little moans. Victoria quickly learned that she was not wearing panties either as her juices began to seep through the thin fabric.

“That feels so good,” said Madison as she rested her forehead on Victoria’s shoulder. “Pull them down,” she whispered.

Victoria broke free of Madison’s grip and hooked her fingers in the front of her pants. She fell to her knees and slowly pulled them down until she was staring into the trimmed pubic hairs of her eighteen year old s*ster.

“You don’t shave, I see,” Victoria said as she looked up at the heavenly look on Madison’s face.

“Do you?” she asked.

“You’ll see,” Victoria said with a wink before pushing her head forward and kissing the red, puffy lips in front of her.

“Holy shit!” Madison yelled.

Victoria teased her wet hole with her tongue, barely poking it out and tickling her labia. As her nose was tickled by Madison’s pubes, Victoria shoved her face hard against her, stopping the tease and darting her tongue inside the waiting pussy

“Yes!” Madison screamed as her dream came true.

The younger girl looked down and saw her s*ster staring up at her with her mouth out of sight. Victoria’s lips were air-locked against her pussy, her nose covered in hair from her point of view. Victoria rested her hands against her little s*ster’s hips and pushed her back, scooting along and keeping her tongue deep inside her. Once Madison’s back hit the wall, Victoria shoved her face harder into her, sandwiching her body.

“Oh my god, Victoria!” she happily exclaimed.

Victoria pulled away from her for a brief second to talk.

“You’re lucky I’m dr*nk,” she said.

Madison reached down and pulled her face back into her crotch.

“Shut up and make me cum.”

Victoria quickly went to work and gave her s*ster the pleasure that she had so desperately demanded. Her tongue was wedged between the slick walls of Madison’s cunt while her nose tickling the throbbing, engorged clitoris that stuck out just asking for an Eskimo kiss. The built up tension in her body led Madison to have a very quick, very massive orgasm on Victoria’s mouth. She gripped her hair and pulled her as tight as possible as every muscle in her body tensed up and her heart raced. She covered her s*ster’s tongue and mouth with a high volume of her sweet, musky lust. Her mouth was wide open as she stared at the ceiling.

Victoria moaned into her s*ster’s cunt as she was given a new liquid to ingest. She could feel the muscles in Madison’s cunt tug at her tongue, pulling it farther inside her. As the orgasm died down, she pulled her head away and slowly licked the juices off of her lips. She rose to her feet and grabbed Madison’s hand. She pulled her s*ster away and into the bedroom.

Madison was still in a haze as she watched her s*ster lay down on her bed, reaching at her zipper and pulling down her jeans. She shook herself back to reality as she saw the pair of hot pink panties covering Victoria’s cunt. She started to walk towards her when she was told to stop.

“Not yet… bottom drawer,” Victoria said, pointing to the dresser.

Madison, confused, shuffled over to the dresser and opened the bottom drawer. Her eyes lit up as she saw a large, rubber dildo resting on top of every pair of Victoria’s lacy underwear. She pulled the black toy out of the drawer, grasping the base in her palms.

“Wow Victoria, this has to be at least ten inches long,” she said in amazement.

“It’s twelve…” Victoria said. “…six inches around.”

Madison turned around and saw that Victoria had pulled her panties down to her knees. Her eyes were drawn immediately to her cleanly shaven pussy. She could see just how turned on she was. The lips of her cunt shined in a thick clean liquid.

“Whoa,” Madison said as she started walking towards her.

“Thanks again for helping me out, Maddie,” Victoria said. “Now, please, help me out some more,” she said as the panties slid to the floor and she spread her legs wide, rubbing her clit with a lustful look on her face.

Madison spit on the black toy and spread it over the rubber surface with her hand. Once she thought the toy was nice and ready, she pressed the mushroom-shaped head against her s*ster’s enflamed lips. Victoria gripped the sheets on her bed as the thick head slid between her lips and tight cunt walls.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed as her favourite toy familiarly began to stretch her pussy.

Madison stared at her s*ster’s moist cunt as the toy easily went inside her. If it was not her own toy, she would have been surprised at how easily Victoria’s pussy took it in. Her eyes went to her s*ster’s face and saw the look of absolute bliss that she had been dying to see.

Victoria threw both of her feet up and rested them on her s*ster’s shoulders as Madison knelt on the bed. The younger girl held the base of the toy against her own throbbing pussy and started to move in a thrusting motion, as if she was fucking her with a cock of her own. Holding it with her right hand, her left hand reached forward and once again groped the swinging tits in front of her.

The bed was rocking back and forth rapidly as Madison increased the pace of the toy slamming into Victoria. Both girls were extremely wet from the interacting with the toy. Madison, still feeling great from her first orgasm, had another as the toy continued to bump into her clit. With this orgasm, she fell forward onto her s*ster, putting all twelve inches into Victoria’s cunt. The older s*ster’s eyes went wide as the toy went deeper than ever before.

Madison rested her head on Victoria’s chest as her body shook in pleasure. Victoria, still amazed at how deep the toy was inside her, grabbed her by the hair and brought her face to hers. She gave her s*ster a deep French kiss as Madison wiggled the dildo around. The girls’ sweaty bodies were pressed against each other as they heaved breaths while making out. The passion from the kiss was enough to push Victoria to the edge of her lust.

With one last wiggle of the dildo, Madison’s dream of making her big s*ster cum at her control was finally achieved. Victoria moaned directly into her s*ster’s mouth as every muscle in her twenty-one year old body tensed up and vibrated in an orgasmic passion. Both girls stared into each other’s wide, love-struck eyes. Madison f*rced her tongue farther down in her s*ster’s throat, feeling a harder vibration from her moans.

After what seemed like an hour, Victoria’s body finally relaxed over the huge cum stain formed under her ass. Madison broke the kiss and started kissing down her body. She gave a light nibble on her nipples before sliding her tongue down her torso. Once she reached her pussy, she slowly pulled the soaked toy out. After the last inch slid out, she pressed her tongue to the swampy pussy of her big s*ster and happily lapped up the juices that she herself had created in Victoria’s body.

Madison’s tongue slowly circled and darted around the beet-red opening of her s*ster, wanting to feel every little bump or dimple that her pussy had to offer. Victoria was slowly wriggling around in the bed as the nerves in her pussy, already on fire, were feeling like never before. She lifted herself up to her elbows and stared down at Madison, whose eyes were closed as she sensually licked her.

“Ooo, keep going Maddie,” she whispered. “Don’t slow down, I’m… I’m gonna… fuck!” she exclaimed as she experienced another massive orgasm given to her by her s*ster.

A thick spray of her feminine love potion hit Madison all over her eighteen year old face. She started laughing as she rubbed her cheeks against her s*ster’s vibrating cunt lips. Victoria fell on her back and spread her arms wide as she breathed in heavy breaths.

Once Madison was satisfied with her work she slid back up Victoria’s body and lay flat with her.

“Feel better, Vic?” she asked. “Worried about those pics anymore?”

“What pics?” Victoria said with a smile before kissing her s*ster once more. “Bet those other women don’t have a s*ster like you to straighten my mind out.”

“Or gay it up, as it would seem,” Madison said with a smile.

“What can I say, I like gay women too… Now,” Victoria said as she held her s*ster.

“Damn right,” Madison said as she rolled off of Victoria and snuggled up next to her.

“Must give a talk with Jennette.” She said almost to herself as she thought about the pictures of Jennette McCurdy that were leaked all too recently.

“Me too,” Madison said before they shared a loving kiss with one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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