A True Performance 3

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A True Performance 3
Rob pushed Samantha up onto the desk, so that her back faced the audience, and stood between her legs. He hoicked her skirt up, whilst the two continued to kiss with, as one of the reviewers said, ‘convincing passion’.

Sebastian eyed the exit again, as Rob began to unbutton his mother’s shirt pulling it apart but not removing it entirely. The audience got no more of a view of Samantha than they did before, but he knew Rob could see his mum in only her bra. Samantha leant back on the desk and rolled her hips forward so that Rob could reach up under her skirt and pull out a modest yet sexy pair of pants.

Sebastian figured his mum must have been wearing another pair underneath the ones Rob just threw across the stage, or at the very least, a modesty patch, which was something, as he read online, that actors used during sex scenes that were unlikely to be in shot or seen by an audience but gave the performers enough privacy and cover to act out sex without any ‘accidents’. However, despite Sebastian’s certainty his mother was no more exposed under her skirt than she was a minute ago, it was still a shocking sight to see the class arsehole tossing her intimates aside during a display of lust.

Rob’s right hand looked like it went under Samantha’s skirt and based on her reactions, it really looked like he was fingering her. Throughout the play, both leads had acted excellently, but there was something disturbingly real about this scene. His mum writhed and ‘uhn-ed’ with conviction that was unfaltering, whilst he believed that Rob was determinedly actually trying to make her cum. The fact he couldn’t see her face and the scenario he was watching was so alien to him, meant he forgot for a second who the couple were, finding himself embarrassingly aroused, if only fleetingly.

He edged himself forward a couple of inches, considering if now was the time he called it quits and dashed for the exit, but a masochistic sense of determination held him there, as Rob and Samantha pulled off her shirt. His mother tossed aside the garment, wearing just a bra and skirt that was scrunched up by her waist, as Rob untucked his own shirt and undid his fly.

Just then his mum, legs still wrapped around Rob, turned her torso enough so she could just about face the audience and spoke as Lisa, her voice trembling with excitement and nerves, “David, I shouldn’t, for so many reasons this is wrong… I made vows to my husband.”

David took Lisa’s face into his hands and coaxed her to look back at him, before he replied to her, “I think we’re past that point, but we can take small steps for now… we don’t need to rush.”

Lisa looked away again, back to the audience, then a grin broke across her face as she giggled, “You’re bad… so bad…”

She stood up, kissed him briefly and then with one flick of her hand knocked him backwards onto the seat behind the desk. His mother got to her knees, so that her high heels poked out the front of the teacher’s desk and her head lowered down into Rob’s lap.

Rob’s crotch was obscured by the desk, as well as by Samantha’s thick wavy hair. However, the soft groans and moans from both actors, along with the rhythmic bobbing of his mother’s head made it clear what the pair were trying to portray. Sebastian stared, mouth agape at the scene before him. Until this point, he had speculated at what he might see, but his imagination could never have captured the vivid reality of what it was truly like to witness his mum and Rob performing a live sex scene.

Superficially, he was seeing his mother’s head nestled between his bully’s thighs, pretending to give him a blowjob. What that truly meant though was that every time she ‘mmm-ed’ or each ‘ugh’ he grunted was then trying to overcome the audience’s sense of disbelief and convince them she had his erect shaft in her mouth. Truthfully, with their well-practiced choreography; her hand motions, her little glances up at him, his back arching, his head rolling, Sebastian found the trouble was not suspending his disbelief but rather reminding himself this was all an act and not really happening before his very eyes.

He wondered about the rest of the audience though. A few of them were friends and family of those involved in the production, but most of the 50 or so people in the hall were just strangers interested in an edgy, backroom performance and may have had no idea that those wedding rings on Lisa’s fingers were the real symbols of his mother’s marriage to another man. They had no idea she whether or not she was in a happy relationship; she bloody well was. They had no idea if she would truly fall for an arsehole school k** half her age; Rob did suit the role perfectly, so maybe some of them were looking at the stage right now and thinking that maybe it was real, thinking that maybe his mother was actually sucking that guys dick. How were they supposed to know that the squirming k** in the front row was her son and the subject of Rob’s torment.

Sebastian looked to the exit once more, but only for a second, before looking back to the stage. As he did, he saw Rob’s hand caress the back of his mother’s head and push it down. He watched in shock as Rob’s torso convulsed, whist from his mouth came a quivered growl. His free hand joined the one already entwined with her hair and he mimicked thrusting her head about and down for a few more seconds, his panting selling the authenticity at a disturbing level.

Rob did up his fly again, or at least mimed doing so; his mum’s head and the desk still blocking the vantage point, and then both of them got to their feet again, with Samantha taking care to pull her skirt down at least far enough to cover her bum.

His mum cooed up at Rob, he was still a few centimetres taller, even though she was wearing heels, and the two fell into an embrace that looked as genuine as the grotesquely graphic scene he had just observed. As the curtain fell, he was certain he saw Rob, who was caressing his mother’s hair, wink directly at him, but he disappeared seconds later.

The lights slowly brightened and the audience clapped; like a drone, Sebastian joined in. As most of the crowd filed out into the bar area, Sebastian remained in his seat; watching that scene had drained Sebastian of his energy. He felt guilty for having stayed; he should have left with his dad, it wasn’t like his mum hadn’t warned him before this point. He hadn’t even made an attempt to look away; instead he watched doggedly, as she acted out her faux-porn. After a minute or so of heavy breathing, he climbed out of his seat and exited the hall, where he met his father.

“Hey Sebastian… I didn’t see you leave when I did,” stated his father.

“Um yeah… I only just came out now,” he replied, feeling quite embarrassed at having to admit that.

“But… I just looked at the floor,” continued Sebastian, as he could feel a slight disapproval in his father’s gaze.

His dad ‘hmmm-ed’ then changed the direction of the conversation, stating how well he thought Samantha performed in the earlier scenes. Their discussion drifted to a few unrelated topics and Sebastian became suitably distracted that he forgot how uncomfortable the last scene before the interlude had made him.

Perhaps ten minutes passed, when a cheerful voice greeted them from behind, “Hello, how are my favourite boys?”

A rush of annoyance threatened to speak on behalf of Sebastian, ready to question how someone could deliver that all-too-real performance with a teenage bully and still call him and his dad her ‘favourite boys’ but the anger proved impotent and instead he smiled weakly.

His dad kissed his mum briefly on the lips and congratulated her on an excellent performance during the first half. Sebastian shivered for a second, thinking about where his mother’s lips had been, then he remembered it wasn’t real. It just looked disturbingly so.

The three of them had barely struck up a conversation when his mother smiled off at the distance, and to Sebastian’s dismay, Rob weaved through the bar crowd to come stand right next to his mother, between her and his dad. He probably imagined it but he thought he saw Rob’s hand gently caress the small of his mum’s back.

Infuriatingly, Jeremy patted Rob on the upper back and commended him on a ‘top performance’, effectively inviting Rob into their conversation.

“I think we need to go and help set up,” said Rob to Samantha, a couple of minutes after he had entered their group.

His mother looked over at the clock and agreed, kissing her husband on the cheek and then heading with Rob towards a backstage door. As they walked together, Sebastian felt uncomfortable; he noticed their body language echoed that of ‘David and Lisa’ a little too closely, as if their on-stage relationship had momentarily bled over into reality.


Sebastian had got less than a 15-minute reprieve, before they were herded back into the hall. The first half of the play was all about the build up to David and Lisa’s relationship but the second half was focused on exploring the effect on their deepening romance; this, of course, meant watching his mum kiss Rob more, and hearing her tell him how much she liked him. Yes, it was ‘Lisa and David’ but it was still their voices and their bodies and so it was incredibly disconcerting.

However, there were still lots of non-romantic elements to the plot, and Sebastian was actually enjoying the story. Around 40 minutes into the half, Lisa was in bed with David. The pair looked naked under the covers, but they were asleep with his mother’s arm d****d over Rob. Sebastian caught his father move forward in his seat, presumably considering sneaking out of the hall again. However, it wasn’t that scene yet; Lisa rolled away from David and carefully extracted herself from the bed, exposing Samantha’s bare back. Sebastian just caught the side of his mum’s well rounded breast, as she ducked down to pull on her underwear.

During his search on ‘modesty patches’ he figured out his mum would probably also be wearing nipple pasties, which would just about keep her privacy, but give the illusion of nudity. It may have helped her feel less embarrassed on stage, but it didn’t help Sebastian feel like he wasn’t a voyeur to his mum getting dressed post a sexual romp. When it was clear Lisa and David weren’t about to get frisky; instead Lisa went for a walk to consider if she should leave her husband or not and also whether her and David had a future, he noticed his dad relax again.

He knew it wouldn’t be for too long though.

Lisa gave an impassioned speech to her husband, explaining that she did love him and did appreciate all their years together but he had always stifled her by never truly understanding her and her needs; she needed someone who would help her grow, not control her. Sebastian was again impressed with his mum’s performance; it was as passionate a scene as the blowjob scene with David; it was a thought he cursed himself for.

David had given Lisa the courage to finally leave her husband, but she decided that despite how much the two had done for each other, they should go their separate ways as such an age-gap relationship would never work out.

Lisa sat next to David on her bed and began to tell him the bad news. David appeared to take it well, but he wasn’t going to give up without a fight, Sebastian knew. David asked for one last kiss from Lisa, and he watched his mum and classroom bully lock lips for about the tenth time.

In his peripheries, he could see his dad quietly leave his seat, and thought he noticed, but he didn’t acknowledge it, his dad waiting a few seconds for him to follow. Sebastian had spent months wondering how bad the first scene was going to be and it turned out to be as bad, if not worse, than he was expecting. So, what would staying to watch the second achieve? It would just make him feel embarrassed and frustrated… but there was something keeping there, like he wanted to feel the angst to justify all his negativity until now.

Rob was undoing his mother’s shirt and, based on how it looked, it was the one that inspired her birthday gift. It had appeared in a couple of other scenes, but somehow, Sebastian knew this was why he gave it to her. It was subtle; if Sebastian wasn’t so suspicious of Rob, he might not have thought about it that way.

They had stood up to undress each other; Samantha was quickly in her underwear and Rob was topless. Samantha pushed back the quilt and sat down on the side of the bed. She undid her bra as Rob pulled off his jeans and dropped to his knees so that he could kiss Samantha again. They were both just in their pants now; his mum’s was a lacy black thong that made Sebastian uncomfortable with how sexy it looked.

The two of them slipped until the covers and began to make out; they could just pretend to have sex, but there was no way they could fake kissing like that. He could see them shuffling under the covers, then Rob tossed his boxers out of the bed. The lights on stage dimmed a little further and his mother turned around to face the audience. Rob kissed Samantha’s neck as she cooed out with fake pleasurable moans. He could see Rob’s arm and hand making motions near his mum’s crotch, a crude mime that he was fingering her, and he wondered how close his hand really was.

After a few seconds, enough to sell the scene, his mum rolled onto her back. Like the first time, during the blowjob scene, he wasn’t sure, but he could swear Rob looked at him directly and smirked. His mum was pulling off her thong under the duvet and Rob helped her, as he settled between her legs. Rob held the thong out of the covers and winged it across the stage with a flick of his hand, so that it landed by front of the stage, just a couple of feet from Sebastian; there was no way that was a coincidence. Both actors groaned simultaneously as they pretended that Rob had just entered Samantha.

If his mother had really been giving a blowjob to his enemy, he figured it would have felt worse than just sex. At least during sex they were equals and it was for mutual enjoyment, but during a blowjob, Rob would have been dominating his mother, and, as far as he could guess, no direct benefit for herself.

Naturally, Sebastian assumed that watching these being acted out on stage would be the same; he assumed that watching his mother giving oral sex would be worse than watching her having sex. However, that was far from the truth. The acted blowjob looked real, but when it came to it, it was just her head bobbing around near his crotch, nothing about it was real. What he was watching now though, was so much closer to reality.

Samantha was pinned beneath Rob, whilst he dry-humped her as fast as he could. She held his face in her hands and the two were making out again. Though it was an act, Sebastian realised that in all likelihood they were probably touching each other’s intimate places with only the thin fabric of modesty patches keeping them from actually having sex. He was pretty sure that Rob really found his mum hot, and there was a good chance he was turned on just now. What if his mum could feel his erection? Maybe the one good side of this very public humiliation of Sebastian was the audience would give Rob stage-fright and stop him getting hard.

He watched and listened, transfixed by his feeling of horror, at his mother and Rob faithfully portraying the throes of passion. Their motions were so frantic that the duvet pulled back enough to show most of his mother’s body and some of Rob’s torso. Perhaps in reaction to the covers moving, Samantha wrapped her exposed leg around Rob’s back. Her arms grabbed tightly too as she stopped kissing and moaned out loudly. His mother’s curse words and desperate begging turned the excuse for an ‘artsy’ performance into some more akin to softcore porn. She grabbed the foot that was outside the sheets and pulled it further up her body, the angle exposing a whole lot more naked flesh, including a fair amount of breast, really the only thing keeping it covered, unless she was wearing pasties, was Rob’s muscled chest.

She gasped loudly and Rob grunted. Both their fake orgasms sounded more genuine than almost anything he had ever seen in porn. He remembered one of his mum’s friends made a joke about Julia Roberts’s award winning fake orgasm in an old film; they said that it didn’t hold a candle to what his mum was able to do. Having Googled the scene and having seen what he just saw, he reluctantly agreed, but he found it a lot less funny than his mum’s friend.

Rob went up onto his outstretched arms, looked down at Samantha, and, still panting, said “Lisa, still want to go?”

“I…” started Lisa, but the curtain fell.

Sebastian clapped along with the crowd, as his mind replayed the scene he just saw. He noticed the discarded thong was still sitting on the stage and remembered the smirk that Rob had shot him. The curtain drew up again and the supporting cast entered the cleared stage to take a bow. After the audience clapped for a polite few seconds, Samantha and Rob entered the stage too, where they met in the middle and held hands to take a bow. Both of them were wearing mid-length robes, but his mother was bare-legged and Rob was wearing black socks. The crowd’s applause for his mother and his classmate was more raucous and there were even a few cheers.

His mother’s left arm went around Rob’s back and she looked at him with a genuine smile, before turning back to the audience to address them, “Thanks to all of you for coming, we really appreciate everyone who has come to see our show over the 8-week run, but you guys are the most special, as you’ve got to see our final show!”

The crowd clapped again, then this time Rob took the opportunity to say something, but he’d turned to Samantha to say it, rather than looking into the audience, “I’d like to thank everyone too, but I’d also like to say a special thanks to the leading lady. You’ve taught me so much, as a more uh… experienced actor than myself.”

“Experienced?” asked his mother, eyebrow raised disapprovingly but her smile still in place.

The crowd laughed as Rob looked awkward for implying Samantha was old, but Rob continued, still looking at her, “I just mean thanks for everything, you’ve been amazing.”

The pair embraced closely, and it sent an odd shiver down Sebastian’s spine. This wasn’t David and Lisa, this was an authentic show of affection between his mother and Rob. This wasn’t like her birthday either, she didn’t have to see him after tonight; she didn’t need to be nice or friendly, she could have just been civil and left it there. Instead, just like everyone else, it seemed she really liked Rob, and that wasn’t going to go away.


Sebastian and his parents sat at a table in the bar area as members of the audience came over to compliment Samantha’s performance. His mother seemed to be enjoying the praise, but Sebastian pondered what they really thought about a woman sitting with her husband and son, after pretending to fuck a teenage boy.

One creepy guy seemed to answer that question; he got talking a little too long to Samantha, and eventually uncovered that Rob and Sebastian were classmates. He asked Sebastian directly if he thought it was weird, and after he uncomfortable dismissed the spot-on allegation, his dad shooed the man away.

Rob didn’t come over for at least 20 minutes, and hugged Samantha, both of them eagerly praising the other. Though they stopped hugging, their hands were lightly gripping each others’ elbows as they talk, only completely separating when Jeremy arrived back at the table with a new round of drinks. He quickly offered the boy hitting on his wife a drink and didn’t even wait for a response; he enthusiastically told him he’d get him a pint of Peroni and patted him on the back.

Rob, the ungrateful sleaze, took the minute with Samantha alone, well not completely alone — but he treated Sebastian like he didn’t exist, to lean in a little closer and flirt and joke with her…..
*** This Story is Taken from German best website for INTERNATIONAL EROTIK STORIES : WWW.XSANDY.DE ***

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