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Part one…

The scene is one of peace and quiet, in a house, somewhere on a rugged landscape, far from the noise of the city dwellers, with their cars, trucks and buses; a scene which is showing a room, quite large, and holding the items described below.

The west wall of the room held a closet, with an open door showing several multi-colored, softly flowing dresses, many pairs of high heeled shoes, and the other assessorial items a well dressed lady uses. A long bookcase, holding many volumes of manuscripts and other paraphernalia, used in the day to day living of the occupants of the room, sat next to the right side of the closet.

The east wall of the room held the windows to the outside second story porch, which supported the large two person hot tub, cooking grill, and a ornate table with two soft chairs, enclosed under a blue patterned umbrella, which rested in the center of the seven foot wide table top. The curtains were of a sheer blue fabric, which very dimly showed the moonlit mountain landscape many miles in the distance beyond the window.

The south wall of the room held the door into the space, which was of a large double hung French style, which sat partly open. The windows in the door showed the hallway beyond it, which was dimly lit by ten lamps arranged seven feet off the floor, their soft lighting showing several other doors dimly visible in the hallway. The wall held a large television stand, which had the TV, many cases of digital movie media, and a DVD player/VCR unit, with the remote resting on the second shelf. The wall also supported a full length mirror, in a thick gilded frame, which was centered in the wall, and showed an image of the north side of the room, in large detail, as the mirror was ten foot high, and seven foot wide. The image in the mirror was of a bed.
The bed and the room was dimly illuminated by several candles on the top of the hand crafted oak dresser, which rested on the right side of the mirror, and by two small flame bulb lamps on each of the matching twin bed tables. A small clock showed the time in glowing red numbers, three inches in height. ‘02:35 am’

The bed, which sat like a queen in the center of the north wall of the room, was a heavily built furnishing, covered by three sets of objects… One was a set of silk sheets…
Two was twin matching pillows…
The third object was a nearly nude body; a woman’s body, tanned and slim and fit; the woman‘s hair was dark brown, her nails were painted red, and her supple frame was about 63 inches in length, stretched out on the sheets, face down on the bed.
She was wearing only a black bikini lingerie bottom, with white lace trimmings, which clung to her supple hips like a second skin; the thin straps were tied at the sides in a pair of neat bows, and she lay on the bed, holding one of the pillows in her arms, as she slept; one of her firm, full, soft breasts were visible below the shape of the pillow.

Her left nipple was slightly erect, and the thin tan line over the slightly puffy tip, showed softly glowing white skin. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders and back in twin rivers of soft silken fibers, and her legs were slightly spread apart, showing the inside of her perfectly shaped, tanned thighs. They were framed on either side by the black lingerie, which smoothly slid from below the small of her back, nestled slightly into the spacing between the soft, full cheeks of her ass, and was swallowed into the heavenly shape of her slightly spread, moist pussy lips.

The light which shone from under one of the doors visible through the bedroom door, winked off, and a slim male figure appeared in the hallway. The figure walked slowly down the hallway, and softly pushed open the bedroom door, as the figure’s hands held a large silver tray holding a coffee set, with the steam still coming from the spout of the large pitcher; he very carefully set the tray down on top of the dresser, quiet as a mouse.

He then moved to the side of the bed, and looked down on the form of the lady resting there; he shook his head, smiled, then carefully sat down on the mattress, just behind her left hip. Reaching upwards, he started to softly massage the shoulders of his lady. Carefully working the muscles, he rubbed the soft skin for a few minutes, then gently straightened out her arms, until they stretched across the top of the pillow.

He then rubbed down her arms, softly caressing them, slightly pulling her fingers away from the fabric of the pillow. He then started to rub farther down her shoulders, down to the middle of her back. He carefully worked the muscles of her torso, caressed her ribs, and stroked the swell of her tits from behind; as he kissed the skin over her upper spine, and then at the nape of her neck, the woman’s shoulders shifted slightly, and a soft moan was heard from her perfect lips. He then went farther downwards, until his fingers reached the small of her back; he caressed the shapes and hollows of her hips, ran his hands over the rising curve of her perfect ass cheeks, and ran his fingers under the edges of the fabric of the black bikini lingerie bottom, to tease the folds of her pussy lips. The moaning from the pillow increased slightly in volume.
He then softly nestled his expert fingers slightly into the spacing between the soft, full cheeks of her ass; he caressed and shaped the muscles of her butt, then moved over to the separations between her ass cheeks, and the tops of her thighs. His fingers worked the skin which covered her legs, and then moved even farther downward, until he had massaged both her legs, down to her feet.

He carefully rubbed all but the bottoms, since he knew her foot soles were very ticklish. The form of the woman shifted again on the bed; this time she turned over, into face upwards position; her nipples were both visible now, and both were red and erect. Her hands now became active, and she rubbed and squeezed her tits; the soft skin which was not tanned, just under the swell of her breasts, shone white in the candlelit space as she opened her lips and moaned again.

The man now turned his hands to travel back up her legs, inch by careful inch, until he again reached the swell of her hips. He ran his fingers over the hipbones, and then traced out the outlines of the skin that connected her hips, the tops of her thighs, and the mound of her crotch; ran his fingers over the front of her panties to press and rub the swell of her crotch, until she started to move her hips against his fingers

He carefully reached out, and slowly untied the straps of her lingerie, as the woman’s hands flew downwards to grab hold of his shoulders, her eyes still closed. He pulled off her bikini bottoms and tossed it to the bottom of the bed, where it hung like a flag of lust.

The expert fingers then moved back to the tops of her thighs, and he rubbed the swell of her legs, then moved upwards, until they touched the woman’s crotch again. She gently took his hands, spread her legs far apart, to show him that her cunt was wet and open for his eyes; he slid his hands together and his fingers were swallowed into the heavenly shape of her slightly spread, moist pussy lips.
He felt the tightness of her cunt, as it squeezed his fingers; he pushed them into her farther, pulled them out slightly, as he searched for that magic place every woman knows; her g-spot. The woman grabbed the man’s head and pulled him closer, until she felt his hot breath against the hairs of her crotch; he moved inwards until his tongue joined his fingers inside heaven; inside her hot, open-gaping, hungry pussy. She lifted her hips upwards, as she moved his head to all her soft places she wanted his fingers and tongue to massage; she showed him where to lick, as he worked on her clit.

The scent of her increasingly wet, horny pussy was an enticement to do more to excite her urges, so he reached up and squeezed her nipples and grabbed her tits softly, as he worked her cunt lips faster and faster; sucked and licked at her clit, working it softly, firmly.
She moaned like a cat in heat, as she orgasmed hard, her hips flying upwards to bump against his chin; then she grabbed his shoulders and pulled again; this time she pulled him to rest over her, his head next to her; his lips against hers. She looked deeply into his eyes, smiled hugely, French-kissed him hard with plenty of tongue, then reached down and untied the bathrobe he was wearing, which fell to the side of the bed.

Her hands then flew downwards, to gain possession of her prize.
The prize of his six inch long, rock hard cock.

She opened her legs fully this time, lifted her knees off the bed, and reached down to gently take hold of his cock with her left hand, as she spread the lips of her pussy open with her right hand. She pulled again, and guided just the tip of his cock into the opening of her cunt, teasing her man into higher lusty thoughts. He moved an inch inside of her, then pulled out, then back into her by a few more inches, then back out, until his six inches of love was deeply buried into her love slit.

He moved his hips in a circular motion, to rub against her clit, as she started her own motions, to pull and thrust against him. She wrapped her legs tightly around his hips, trapping his cock deep inside her; her cunt grabbed tightly onto him when he tried to pull backwards, and opened wider as he thrust inwards. They both moved faster now, the sounds of their lovemaking echoing off the walls of the room, as the now risen moon shone onto the bed; illuminating both of them as she wrapped her entire soul, body and love around him, around her lover. She fucked him faster and faster, her body burning with desire to have his hot seed shoot deep into her cunt, to wash against the walls of her pussy, to fill her with his desire for her body.
She pulled him faster and faster as the minutes flew by, but the clock was ignored, as they fused together; to both reach together, a shared multiple orgasm, and they fell together into purely lustful pleasure, as both of their bodies melted together into one lover, with two souls, both on fire.
The woman’s moans filled her lover’s ears, her shining, perfect form filled his eyes, and the heat of her pussy, sucking his cock miles into heaven, filled both of their hearts.

===================== Part two… ==============

The room was filled with soft classical music, a selection from Handle’s ‘Messiah’, as the light from the third-quarter moon shone through the window curtains, which stirred slightly in the early morning breezes. The clock on the oak dresser again showed the time in glowing red numbers, three inches in height. ‘03:55 am’

The coffee pot sat on top of the dresser, the lid resting beside it. Two cups sat on the left hand bed table, and a hand reached out for one of them, bringing the still warm beverage to a pair of thirsty lips. The woman drank, and then returned the cup to the tabletop. She then reached out again; this time to the man resting beside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, wrapped her left leg around his hips, and nestled her head into his shoulder.

The two of then cuddled for a few minutes, him on his left side, she on her right side, then she saw her man smile. He hugged his lady, then gently took hold of her chin; he brought her lips to his, and kissed her softly, while his hands traveled down her back in a soft caress. She moved her spread-open legs, to lie straight along the mattress, with her left thigh thrown over his hips, and she rubbed his back at the same speed he massaged her spine, as she kissed every spot that she could reach, without moving.

After a few moments, the woman did move; this time she pushed her man onto his back, face up on the bed, and straddled his hips. With her legs bent, she positioned herself so her body was covering her man, with her knees just under his elbows, her thighs running along his hips and thighs, her hips resting over his crotch.

She then moved downwards, until her breasts touched his chest, and she started to shift her hips back and forth, as she used her body to excite her lover, for a second time, and she pulled his head next to hers; his lips against hers. She looked deeply into his eyes, smiled hugely, French-kissed him hard with plenty of tongue again.

His hands moved to caress her hips and ass cheeks, as he ran his fingers down the separation between them, until he sank his right hand slightly into her pussy lips from behind; his left hand traveled from under her hips to join the other fingers from the front of her; he softly massaged her clit and cunt, as she rode very slowly on top of him, her legs tightening around his hips, as she felt his cock grow and nudge her bellybutton‘s depression.

After a few moments, she moved off his hips, reversed direction on the bed, then moved back over him; this time she slid her body around, until his cock was near to her face, and her hot, wet pussy was near to his lips; he reached out and pulled her hips downwards, until he could lick and taste her juices; her sweet scent filled his head with thoughts of love.

She moaned loudly, then softly devoured his cock into her mouth, pulled his long cock into her, using her talented tongue to tease and pleasure his manhood, with short licks, long sucks, twisting motions, as the back of her throat massaged his cockhead, until it was large and full. She felt the speed of his tongue increase on her pussy as she sucks him harder, and she tensed and squealed, as he swiped his lips across her clit many times very quickly, followed by the sinking of his tongue deep into her cunt’s full, hot, pink lips, to join his fingers.
After several minutes, the moans from both of them told that it was a time for a change again; she moved to rest back over his hips again, facing him, her hands resting on his chest; only this time, she softly impaled herself onto his six inch cock, which was a wonder of lust to her; she could not get enough of his body’s fruit deep inside her pussy.
His slim shaft massaging her cunt folds, his balls nudging against her ass cheeks, and his cockhead nudging deep inside her, bumping into the entrance to her cervix; she felt her thighs clenched against his hips, her body rising and falling over him; her hair sweeping back and forth over his body, as his hands ran circles over her breasts, his tongue and lips pulling at her nipples, squeezing her tits softly, as they slowly fucked again.
He moaned louder as she tightened her pussy around his cock, and she suddenly turned around to face his feet, while keeping his cock buried deep inside her. She rode her love pony, like a randy cowgirl, as she drove herself against him many times, thrusting her ass up and down, as his fingers searched and probed her sweet, secret places; grabbing onto her hips; reaching up to hold her shoulders, grabbing her tits from behind.
He pulled himself up slightly, shifting the pillows behind his shoulders, and he moved his body, raising his hips off the mattress to try and stay inside her cunt. After a few minutes, she turned again slowly, to face him again, as she covered her lover with her body.
Her tits were crushed onto his chest, their lips and tongues were locked together, and her pussy clamped like a soft vise, around his cock, quickly pulling and releasing at his cock, which slammed again and again deep inside her with his voice urging her to move faster.
She felt him suddenly grab her hips and thighs, pulling her cunt tightly over his cock; she felt his cock grow ecstatically, as he screamed out her name, as he shot his love deep into her cunt, which sucked and clung like glue to her man’s cock.

She also orgasmed then, as she felt his heat fill her deepest recesses, and she collapsed against him once more, her cunt tight and hot around his still hard cock, as she rode out her thirty second ecstatic release, until her ocean waves of love and lust subsided into a soft, calm shore where she held onto her man with all her remaining strength, as they laughed and kissed each other, as the birds awoke outside the window, in the faintly growing light of early dawn, the small clock kept the time in glowing red numbers, three inches in height. ‘04:35 am’.

Part three…

The few bright stars that still fought against the growing light of dawn to be visible, grew fainter as the dawn’s approach increased. The breeze grew outside the kitchen’s windows, and the curtains over the exit door to the porch were pulled back to the edges of the door frame. The outside hot tub was steaming in the cool mists coming in from the mountains, and the table next to the tub held a table setting for two people.

The woman, dressed in a sheer blue robe, with fuzzy slippers on, sat at one side of the table, in a comfortable deck chair, and she slowly scanned the horizon, as the light from the almost risen sun illuminated the mountain top and threw shadows over the house, far up into the sky, in streaks of deeper blue. The breeze pulled at her medium long, dark hair, and she grabbed a elastic hair band, to try and trap the errant strands into some kind of restraint.

There was a series of sounds from the kitchen, and the door swung open; the man, wearing a reddish , thick, terry cloth robe, tied with a orange sash-belt appeared, carrying a large tray.
He slowly walked over to the table, where he sat the tray down on the left side of the top, and served the morning‘s breakfast. The menu was light and fluffy whole wheat, golden fried pancakes, Canadian bacon sliced into thick, perfectly broiled pieces, and the usual hot coffee, this time with cool cream and sugar. He smiled at his lady, and placed a vase next to the center pole of the table; the vase held a single pair of roses; one white, one red.

The couple slowly ate, as the light from the east increased, and a bird trilled out a welcome, as the sun suddenly broke over the horizon, and shot rays over the landscape, glinting off the trees below in waves of golden reflections. They talked about the morning, and what activities they had planned for the day.

With the meal finished, they both stacked the dishes onto the tray, and the man carried it back into the kitchen, where they both spent a few minutes, loading the automatic dishwasher, then they walked, hand in hand, back to the bedroom.

The woman took off her robe, and flung in over the chair in the corner of the room, by the side of the windows; she then reached out to her man, and loosened his robe, and let it fall to the floor. They then walked into the bathroom, and stepped into the large shower.

The water was hot, but not scorching; the space filled with steam, as she took a washrag, and gently stroked the soapy cloth over the body of her man. She slowly and carefully rubbed all his skin, and as the water rinsed off the foam, she kissed his skin in all the right places. She smiled as his cock grew to stiff attention, and she handed the washrag to him, as she turned around in the streaming fountain from the showerhead, to face the faucets.

He washed her just as carefully, massaging her full, perfect breasts, kissing the nipples, and running his hands under the swelling globes. He ran the cloth down each side of her torso, down her spine, and made sure that he detailed the soft spots between her thighs; he knelt down and washed her legs, and then her feet, lifting each one off the floor of the shower, as she held onto the support bar set in the wall of the enclosure.

She took the rag from him, and grabbed the bottle of shampoo; she carefully soaped his head, letting the foam run down his back, as she massaged his scalp. He did the same action to her, only he took a longer time, as she had far more hair to soap then he had. They rinsed the foam from their hair, and he reached out and wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing her under the shower spray. She felt his cock twitch, as she pressed her frame against him, and she smiled; reaching downwards, she slowly stroked his flesh, as he worked on her breasts; ran his hands down her perfect back, and clasped her full ass. He slid his right hand between her ass cheeks, and she moaned, as his expert fingers tingled all the right spots, and his lips sucked and softly bit at her swelling nipples.

She turned around and grabbed hold of the faucets set into the front of the shower, leaned forwards and spread her legs apart slightly. She then reached backwards, and pulled him close to her back and ass, as her right hand searched for what she needed right then.

She found his stiff cock, and she opened her pussy with her left hand, as he pushed close to her body, his lips kissing the nape of her neck, his arms wrapped around her torso. She guided his cock into the opening of her hot, wet pussy, then pushed her ass backward, to fully pull him into her. She felt his cock slide upwards into her slit, and she tightened her cunt around him; she thrust backwards slowly, as his hands reached out, reached around to grab her tits
She continued thrusting back and forth, as his hands moved around to clasp her hips; run up her torso; hold gently her full tits, as he moved slowly, in and out of her tight cunt, as she moved slightly faster with each delicious stroke of his love’s stick into her.

The pleasure increased with each minute, and she reached backward, to grasp his hips, as she bucked faster and faster against his cock; his thighs struck her ass over and over, as they both moved closer and closer to that sweet point of no return. She bent farther over, to raise her ass higher into his hips, as he started to quickly slide his cock into her cunt with more rapidity; she moaned and gasped as his cockhead slid all the way into her body; she felt the thick head nudge her secret spots, and she shivered as his fingers rubbed and clung to her tits and hips.
She suddenly pulled away, and turned around to face him; she pushed him down onto the floor of the shower, and then climbed on top of him; the water from the showerhead falling over her body made her look like a mermaid sitting in a waterfall, fresh out from the ocean, ready to finally find, touch, fuck her mate.

She slid his cock back into her cunt, and squeezed his flesh tightly, her pussy muscles grasping and sucking around his shaft, as she bucked and moaned and thrust onto him again and again as his mouth sucked her tits; her arms wrapped around his neck, and she pressed her face into his shoulder; his hands played with her ass and stroked all her body, as he surrendered to her lust.

She lifted her body up slightly, pressed her tits fully into his face, as she slammed her hips down onto him faster now, as she felt her passion build quickly, then she softly screamed, as he slid his cockhead past and against her g-spot over and over as he urged her to orgasm with him.

They both exploded into lusty release at the same time again; her cunt clung like a vice onto his thick cock shaft, as her pussy juice coated his cock with her slickness; she felt his seed shoot deeply into her cunt as she bucked and shook and quaked with the delicious waves of pleasure his body induced in her.

She stayed on top of him, as his cock was still stiff; she stared to move again against him; she pressed her breasts back into his face; he groaned as her cunt tightened ever closer around his shaft, and she quickly came again, as he slammed over and over into her cunt for another few minutes, before his flesh subsided, and grew soft inside her cunt.

They turned off the water, and both grabbed a thick towel; they dried off each other, and then stepped out of the bathroom, into the light from the sun, streaming through the eastern windows, to land on the bed; the rumpled sheets lay in a pile near the side; the pillows were in disarray; the forms held and clung to each other in a soft embrace, before they slowly helped each other dress for the day ahead of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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