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I was in the kitchen. My egg white omelette was almost ready. As the sumptuous meal simmered, I turned around to get some tang.
This morning was just like any other morning as our house and I saw no reason to change anything in the routine.
I had made the same omelette for last 2 years, to be eaten with tang or a glass of a milk and topped off with whipped cream that my mother brought to the table.
I stopped for a moment and realized I couldn’t hear her anymore. She must have been done. I hurried up and put pancake batter on the heat. She’d be down in no more than 5 minutes.
“I love your pancakes.” She always told me.
“Kinda sad that you end up making the breakfast even though I should.” she said a few weeks ago as I poured syrup on her plate.
I grinned.
“Its okay mom! You work hard to make sure we have money for the breakfast.”
“I know. But I don’t make nearly enough now.”
“Its enough for us mother” I said patting her hand.
The sweet smell of batter brought me back. She was already coming down the stairs. I scurried around putting everything on the table.
I heard her walk to the living room and open the door. In a few seconds she appeared in the kitchen and sat down heavily on table.
I smiled at her. My mother was 49 and her body had acquired matronly proportions you would expect from a woman her age. Her face was round with big beautiful brown eyes that looked wonderful with her dark hair, small pretty nose and full lips.
Her neck was slender even though it had several wrinkles and loose skin that showed signs of her age.
Her tits were so large that she just placed them on the table. The 44FF cups were hard to manage and we had agreed that when she was home, she could go topless.
She returned my smile and relaxed back, putting her hair in the bun.
I saw the bite marks all over her tits.
“Was he bad?” I asked sympathetically.
“You know Toby. He is not exactly a gentleman.” she said smiling.
“I am sorry mom” I said trying to relax her.
“Lets just eat. I love your pancakes.” she took a deep breath in.
I poured the syrup and wiped off her nipples where a few drops had fallen.
Mom sank further into her chair and lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the seat, next to her huge bottom.
This was my cue. I quickly grabbed a small bowl and ducked under the table. I touched her thighs and she let them fall further apart.
A familiar sight of my mother’s seven inch cunt, well fucked and wet greeted me. I saw her belly move.
I brought the bowl next to her cunt just in the nick of time. Fresh cum of the man who had just fucked my mother started to flow out and into my bowl. I loved the smell and the texture. Toby was such a fine man. His cock was almost 10 inches and his balls were always full of thick male sperm.
Mom brought her hand down and inserted her index and middle fingers into her cunt and almost started masturbating. More sperm fell into my bowl.
She held her fingers next to my mouth and I quickly sucked them.
I came out from under the table.
We finished rest of the breakfast in silence. I finished mine by licking the bowl clean while mom watched.
“I am late mom” I said after I was done.
“I know. I will clean up. Why dont you run.”
“Thanks mom!” I yelled as I grabbed my bag and flew out of the door.
“Come home by 6 if you want anal creampie today.” she yelled after me.
“I can’t. I have drama practice. Could you just freeze it?”
“No.” she yelled back. “I like it when you suck it straight from me.”
“I will try mom.” as I got on my bike.
I knew I’d ditch the practice and come home by 6 to witness my mother being fucked by her black lovers and eat her nasty but tasty ass creampies. I couldn’t help it. I am an addict.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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