Advice for the Single Mother

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Advice for the Single Mother
Advice for the Single Mother

This article is primarily for single mothers with a teenage son. It can be difficult raising a son by yourself; hopefully this will give you a simple (if somewhat unique) solution. i****t! Yes, that’s right, taking your son as your lover.

Don’t be surprised at this suggestion. Have you ever had sex with your son? Have you ever known a mother who admitted having sex with her son?

Hardly anyone admits to this (mother or sons), but it’s a lot more common than you’d think. Here’s some history and some facts:

Repeated surveys of mothers (married and single) report that, almost invariably, the mother would not hesitate to have sex with her teenage (or older) son (1) if she were sure he wanted her, (2) if she could be sure it would remain secret and private. (Social and legal problems abound here on this issue.)

As for the sons: again, almost without exception, every son (from 14 years old where legal to include them in the survey, otherwise 16 years old, up) would happily, eagerly have regular sex with his mother. Again, this was usually if he could be sure it would remain secret and private … but for the boys, this wasn’t always a critical condition. (Boys might be more careless or thoughtless about this issue, since they were usually young and not very wise to the world.)

Fine, that’s what mothers and sons might want to do. But what are they really doing? Again, you might be surprised.

We reviewed three surveys conducted over the last century, about 30 years apart … and they all report about 20% of all teenage boys or young men have had at least one sexual experience with their mother. (This would range from masturbation, oral sex, or full vaginal sex, usually more than once.) And in Japan it’s twice that! The Japanese mother’s attitude is usually “Use my body for your pleasure and release. Then you can concentrate on your studies!”

Now everyone’s read and heard about how terrible i****t can be, how damaging it is to the poor c***dren who are victims of this practice, how criminal predatory adults (to include parents and relatives) can be. However all these reports actually are not about the topic of this article at all!

Other studies reveal that this form of i****t, between mother and son, apparently is not damaging at all to the boy involved. i****t between father (or other relative) and a young girl is far more damaging: it’s often non-consensual, very disturbing to the girl, usually damages her emotionally, interferes with future relationships, often is not even sexually pleasurable, etc. But with boys and their mother this doesn’t seem to happen. The boy enjoys the attention, the closeness with his mother, and of course the sex (invariably reported as very pleasurable and enjoyable). And it doesn’t seem to interfere with social or sexual maturing: apparently he’s always ready for other sexual experiences and adventures with other partners, moves on to girls his own age, etc. If the i****tuous relationship continues for any length of time, with frequent intercourse, it’s the mother, more often than not, who ends up missing the closeness and regular (and usually very physically rewarding) sex with her young lover.


So … if you had the opportunity and freedom, and if you haven’t already, would you consider having sex with your son?

There are advantages to this situation, you know. For him, he’d be getting laid regularly, having regular sexual relief. A young man is a hornball at best anyway, his mind always on sex. Removing this heavy pressure would make it easier for him to be more casual with other girls, might prevent some serious mistakes (mistaking sexual horniness for love and attraction), etc. This in fact is backed up by surveys and interviews: young men in i****tuous relationships with their mothers regularly report they feel more confident and capable in other relationships. They’re practiced, experienced, and can concentrate on the interpersonal relationships rather than finding themselves totally focused on sex.

For you, you’d be getting laid regularly, and with a healthy horny young stud too, which isn’t so bad a deal, right? Especially one you could teach to pleasure you just as you desire.

And here’s the really big reward for you: you can use your body and sex as a powerful motivator. It would become part of a package deal to gain your son’s willing (and even eager) performance of chores and duties he’s probably otherwise neglecting, or that you’re having to forever nag him to get done. For example, the rule for your son might be: “Sex with me only after you’ve taken a shower (to include washing your hair), plus cleaned up your room (to include picking up all the clothes and making your bed). OR shower and hair, plus cleaned up the kitchen (to include washing all the dishes).”

And you can tie in other motivators and fun things too, once your sexual relationship has stabilized and become regular. Like the “Freebie With Mom Chit”: you give him this chit (a coin or piece of paper, whatever) after you’ve had three orgasms. This motivates him to ensure you’re getting your pleasure as well, see; rather than him just having sex with you for his own pleasure. You set your own rewards for that chit (but we suggest you get suggestions from him as well. Who knows what he might think would be a great sexual reward!) For example, he can then use that chit to have you as his sex slave for one hour. He can do anything he wants (within reason; the two of you work out the details), no worry about your pleasure or needs, just enjoy himself. You wear what he wants, you do what he wants. Dance, strip tease, fondle and suck him while he watches porn, masturbate yourself with a giant dildo or vibrator while he watches, let him tie you up for B&D, whatever. Let both your imaginations go wild!

Alternatively, you may have him give YOU a “Slave Son Chit” after he’s had five climaxes, as a reward for YOU. (He’ll probably be climaxing more often than you’ll be orgasming.) You can use that chit to have him as YOUR sex slave, to do whatever YOU want. (Let your imagination run wild with that, eh? But be sure to keep it sexual, keep it fun, keep it intimate. No “Mop the kitchen floor” tasks, all right?)

The Down Side?:

We’ve talked a lot about the excitement and pleasure, the fun and games, all the plus things. But what’s the down side of this arrangement? Of course there are some, mainly social disapproval, problems with the law even, if anyone finds out the true nature of your relationship. The two of you must make sure no one ever finds out, and “Deny deny deny!” if anyone suspects or catches you at it. Under NO circumstances whatsoever should either of you ever admit to having sex together: it will never be accepted and dismissed. (Yes, the taboo and the laws are that stringent.)

Your son will probably be the poorer liar: coach him on how to handle it if anyone even casually asks him about i****t, sex with his mother, anything at all. If he can smoothly convince them there’s nothing to it, fine. But it’s more likely he’s going to show some sort of guilty surprise. If that happens, coach him on how to fall back to a more acceptable (and more likely) cover story: No, he’s not having sex with you, never did, never will, what a crazy idea! But he’s a little embarrassed, a little guilty, because (like every other teenage boy in the Known Universe) he’d thought about it. He can even “confess” that, years ago, he even tried to sneek peeks of you naked, and daydreamed about your cuddling with him or even showering with him. Keep it simple, keep it believable, mix in some honest confession and guilt, and he’ll have a good solid cover story.

There’s also the problem of ending this sort of i****tuous relationship. It isn’t so much the i****t part; it’s just ending a sexual relationship with your own son! So be sure to read all the way to the end, “The Aftermath”, and look hard at those problems before you ever start this thing.

The up side?:

You’ll have more control over a possibly stubborn, headstrong young teenage male (thanks to sex and your arrangements as a powerful motivator). Raising a teenager can always be a problem; your body and sex with you can be one more tool to managing a family.

Both you and your son will be getting laid regularly, and will be a lot less horny. This reduces tension and makes for a more peaceful home.

Your son will become far more expert at sex than anyone expects (which should make the usual potential girlfriends “sitting ducks” when he finally gets them in bed). They’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find he’s not acting like the typical teenage boy: thinking totally with his cock and his hormones!

Making It Happen:

So how do you make this happen? You can’t just grab him one night and say “Hey, let’s start screwing each other!” and drag him off to bed! Even a slightly more sophisticated approach (like a transparent nightie, perfume, and a rose in your teeth as you crawl into his bed) might be too sudden, too startling, too unexpected. You might shock or scare the poor little fellow! And he may have picked up inhibitions, learned that “i****t is bad!”, etc. So you may have to bring him around to the idea carefully, ensure he’s a fully willing partner in the fun to come. It’s very very difficult to even imagine r****g a teenage boy (unwilling? hardly!), but you want to go about this properly, to ensure no problems with guilty consciences, etc.

With all these scenarios, you want to have yourself as prepared as possible, to look your very best for your son. Shower beforehand, a touch of perfume, ensure your groin is fully shaven, etc. (A shaven groin with its fully naked labia is far less intimidating, far more stimulating and interesting, than a heavily furred crotch.)

The Classic – Strip Poker:

Strip poker is an old classic to start getting intimate with someone. At least it’s a way to get both your clothes off (usually, unless you’re a terrible poker player). However getting naked isn’t getting laid; there’s a big jump there from staring at each other’s bodies to fondling and exciting and finally having sex. It’s a way to get him used to being naked with you, but that’s about it. You could do that with a visit to a nudist camp, or by having him scrub your back in the shower (another ploy that’s worked more often than not, actually).

drunk and Helpless:

If you fancy yourself a bit of an actress, this might be just the way for you to get that first sexual interaction with your son. This will require more playacting, and might involve a bit of a loss of dignity. And it only works if your son knows that you actually drink. (You don’t have to be a helpless drunk though; it’s just this once.)

Choose a time when you’re alone in the house, but you know your son will be home (by himself) soon. Stage a scenario in the living room, where there’s an empty liquor bottle or wine bottles, glass, etc. You will be bathed, shaven, and completely naked beneath a skimpy house robe. Sprawl on the couch as if you’re sleeping or passed out, with the robe “accidentally” untied, and your body completely revealed. Obviously you’ve had too much to drink, you’ve passed out, and the exposure is completely accidental.

Listen carefully when your son returns home; ignore any “Hey Mom, I’m home” calls. Hopefully he’ll discover your “sleeping” body on his own. You should be able to tell if he’s just standing or sitting there staring at you (as he probably will: what teenage male would miss a chance like this to get an eyeful of a naked woman, right?).

When you figure he’s had enough looking, stir, wake up, be confused. Completely ignore the open robe and your nudity. drunkenly, cheerfully (you’re a silly, happy drunk in this role) peer at your son, say hello, apologize for getting so wasted. Try to get up, stumble, and ask for his help to get you to bed. Encourage him to help hold you up. On the way to the bedroom, push against him, give him a hug (pressing your naked body fully against him), and mumble thanks for him being such a sweet boy, how much you appreciate him, you don’t know what you’d do without him, etc. Kiss him if you can. If he kisses you back, act a little surprised and then kiss him back more passionately. Press against him, hugging him hard, pressing your breasts and groin against him aggressively as if you’re getting turned on.

Don’t get too carried away there; pull away a little giddily, “Oh my, I did get carried away, didn’t I? I hope you didn’t mind … sometimes you’re SO sexy …” You want to give hints that you’re turned on, that you’re pretty uninhibited at the moment, and that HE is turning you on.

Get him back to your bedroom. Continue to be drunkenly silly, playing with him. Notice your naked body’s exposure, “Oh my, have I been like this all along? Well, since you’ve seen it already …” Drop the robe and turn around, boldly displaying yourself to him. Go hug him again (naked this time), “You don’t get much practice at hugging naked women, do you? I hope you enjoy it!”, kiss him again. Move his hands around to your buttocks and encourage him to squeeze you and pull you close. “I like a hug too!” Move one of his hands to your breast and encourage him to fondle you. “You can squeeze me here too if you want!” You’re drunk and silly, but getting bolder, see?

Let him know that you’re excited, that he’s exciting you. “I like it when you look at me! Especially when I’m naked like this! It makes me all tingly, all excited! Look, see how hard my nipples are?” (Another excuse to invite him to fondle you, of course.)

Encourage him to get undressed. He’s seen you naked, now it’s your turn, that sort of thing. “Do you ever think about seeing me naked like this? Well, I sometimes think about seeing you naked too! Come on, I can’t be the only one naked here!” Undress him if that will move things along.

If at any point during this charade, he becomes disturbed, upset, angry, afraid: apologize, blame it on the drink, you don’t know what came over you, and let him go. You can do something else later.

But if it’s working, if he’s playing along, and especially if he’s taking advantage of your “helplessness” and playfulness to kiss and fondle, that’ll be very encouraging. Keep up the play and get him to lie down with you in bed, “just for a hug and a cuddle.” But then start fondling him, encourage him to keep touching you. Work it right up into heavy petting. At the first opportunity, go down on him and give him some hot oral sex. If he climaxes during this, no matter: just continue it and get him hard and ready again. (He’s a teenager, remember? It won’t take much to have him ready again.) Then continue on to vaginal sex (“Just slide it in a little, I just want to feel you in me!”) You can sober up as you go along.

Don’t stop with just one climax or orgasm: bring him (and yourself) up to as many as possible. You want it perfectly clear: the two of you have shared a hot and heavy, thoroughly cooperative, sexual session. Not just one accidental thing with the possible “Oh dear, what have we done?” excuse. The two of you wanted it, you did it, and then you did it again and again and again!

When all done (and you’re both completely sated and exhausted), don’t apologize. Tell him you’re glad that happened, that it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time. Then follow up with the new continued arrangement, the rules for future sex, etc.

Let him figure out how you sobered up so fast. (It must’ve been the great sex, right?)

Belated Education – The Birds and the Bees:

You can explain you’re concerned about his sexual education and insist that he join you in a review course, some basic sexual education … but this time with real live models! (He may p*o-p*o it or try to duck out through embarrassment or shyness, but hang in there and insist. He’s old enough now, he’s mature enough to deal with real human bodies and real nudity, both yours and his.)

Then use your body and his to review how everything works. If he hesitates in undressing and getting naked with you, start with just yourself! Perhaps wear a familiar bathrobe, and then casually expose and show him one body part after another as you talk about how a woman is built, what excites her, how she responds, etc. You can end up fully naked before he quite realizes what has happened. Then you can ask him to undress so you can discuss his “private parts”; he’ll find it hard to refuse (or resist) at that point.

When you describe the different parts and physical acts, don’t be too clinical. Fine, be educated and high-class and sophisticated, and use “penis”, “vagina”, “intercourse”, “fellatio” … but that’ll just make you seem more unapproachable, like a teacher! Mix in the common words, “cock”, “cunt”, “fuck”, “suck”. Those are the words he’s familiar with, accustomed to; and using them will both make him feel more comfortable, and help him realize you’re a common, reachable, touchable, fuckable sexual a****l yourself!

Be sure to include lots of touching (both by you on him and him on you); don’t be afraid to touch yourself too as you demonstrate how to fondle and excite, where the erogenous zones are and how to best excite them, etc. This can get to be quite intimate, especially if you demonstrate oral sex on him or have him masturbating you. This should, of course, lead directly to sexual intercourse. By now he should be ready ready to just spread your legs, tuck your ankles behind your ears, and plunge in. But if he’s still shy, coax him a bit: have him just slide his cock inside you, “Just a little, so you can feel what it’s like and how things fit together.” Then go ahead and pull him all the way in to you (you’re overcome by excitement, right?) and insist he take a few strokes. Nature should take it from there.

A Game – Truth or Dare:

A fun game a lot of young people use to break the ice or get intimate:

“One player starts the game by asking another player, “Truth or dare?” If the queried player answers “truth”, then the questioning player asks a question, usually embarrassing, of the queried player. If the queried player answers “dare”, then the questioning player asks the queried to do something, also usually embarrassing. After answering the question or doing the dare, the queried player asks, “Truth or dare?” to another player and the game proceeds as before.”

I’d suggest a drink or two to relax both of you. Many examples of erotic and tittilating questions and challenges are online. The correct questions (and the dare consequences) should lead you to the physical relationship you’re after (although it will be more “iffy” and you’ll have less control over what’s going on). We’re not as familiar with real world situations using this game to lead to actual sex, so we’ll leave it up to you and your son to experiment with.

Unexpected Intimacy – Sexy Night:

Out of the clear blue sky, declare it “Sexy Night.” Both of you have to shower, then dress in something provocative or sexy, and then watch porn together.

You: Find a translucent (not shockingly transparent, don’t be too obvious) nightgown or robe or teddy. If nothing else, a long T-shirt (and be naked underneath). Again, be sure to shave your groin completely: a shaven cunt is far more sexy and exciting than a hairy one, and “accidental” glimpses of it far more exciting, intimate, and revealing.

Him: If he doesn’t come up with wearing something actually provocative and sexy (and NOT any form of male underwear: not sexy, not accessible, not convenient), insist he at least wear a towel wrapped around his waist. Alternatively: make something for him beforehand that will be sexy, potentially revealing, and leaving his genitals easily accessible during your later fun and games. One good example is a sort of an Indian loincloth: two washclothes (a little small) or dishclothes (better, but shorten the length by folding) taped over a string or belt around his waist. Unlike a true loincloth, this doesn’t actually wrap between his legs, covering his genitals and buttocks. The clothes just hang down in front and behind, barely covering him. He’ll be very conscious of his nakedness beneath these two skimpy cloths; they’ll be prone to shift and slip, exposing him; his erection (and he WILL have an erection, you know) will be quite obvious, etc. This is good: this will heighten his sexual awareness. And it’ll be simplicity itself to slide that cloth aside when the right moment comes!

Then the two of you watch the porn (either on a TV or on a laptop in bed). You should have prearranged video tapes or movie downloads, ensure you know how to run them, etc. You should even preview them, so you’re familiar with what they’re about.

While viewing them with your son, ask leading questions to prompt a sexy vocal interchange or discussion with him. “Ever done that? Tell me about it.” He’ll probably start asking you the same thing; or you can just hint at or even spell out your own experiences without prompting. Make frank open comments about the porn stars: their bodies, cocks, cunts, breasts, etc. Keep associating them with you and your son (“Ooo, that looks like fun!” “I’ll bet you could do better than that!”) Inconspicuously start fondling yourself (breasts, thighs, cunt), giving him an obvious cue that you’re sexually aroused. Slowly let your own clothing slip to expose your nakedness, so he can actually see you fondle yourself. Don’t draw attention to his looking: let him feel free to look all he wants.

As an alternative, to spread this increasing physical intimacy out over a longer period of time (especially if your son seems shy or awkward in this situation): ask him if he’s ever masturbated while watching porn like this. Then (no matter what his answer), ask him to demonstrate, encourage him to stroke himself while watching. (He can do it beneath the loincloth if he insists.) If he still hesitates, offer a trade, a sex show, that he can’t refuse: you’ll get a dildo and use it on yourself, and he can watch … but only if he agrees to stroke himself as well. If you don’t have a dildo, you’ll of course have to purchase one beforehand. We suggest one obscenely large, to fit a teenage boy’s concept of what such a sex toy should look like. (A hollow dildo that actually functions as a slip-on or “strap-on” cock enhancer is a good combination toy.) This will probably be the kind of toy he’ll enjoy using on you later as your relationship continues, so ensure it’s one your body can actually accomodate! Don’t get TOO carried away on its size and length. But really, the more obscene looking, the better!

You’re masturbating or using the dildo mostly to get him excited, get him in the mood, and increase his awareness of you as a sexual creature. But don’t be afraid to bring yourself to an orgasm if the excitement and mood is right; it won’t hurt a bit for him to see and hear you coming like that. Be noisy, uninhibited, bold; display yourself, flaunt yourself; enjoy yourself! Unlike the usual male, you have no real limit to the number of orgasms you can enjoy! So have fun … but remember, the main object of all this is to get HIM excited about YOU!

You’ll probably have to make the first move toward physical and sexual contact with your son. Casually reach over and pat his thigh, leave your hand there, and slowly move it up to his cock and balls and start fondling him. While kissing him, use your other hand to clasp his cock and slowly stroke him. Eventually just lean down, expose his cock, and start sucking on him. I can guarantee he won’t protest, not for long anyway. Open your robe or remove it entirely. Take his hands and move them to your breasts, your thighs, your cunt, and encourage him to fondle you. Show him how you like your breasts and nipples squeezed, your cunt fondled, fingered, clitoris stroked. Let him masturbate you to an orgasm. Then use your “uncontrollable lust” as an excuse: straddle him and mount yourself on his cock and ride away! Again, enjoy your orgasm if it happens, but be sure to bring HIM to a climax inside you. This will be the first one, and you want it to be as exciting and satisfying as possible. Be sure to repeatedly tell him how exciting he is, how he turns you on, how good his cock feels in you, how you like his hands on you. Be very oral, very noisy in your sex: turn him on as much as possible! After he climaxes in you, squeeze your vaginal muscles to milk the very last bit of sperm out of him: he’ll enjoy the sensation, and don’t be surprised if he doesn’t soften much: at his age, he can stay hard right through a climax! Then collapse on him, holding him inside you still, and kiss and nuzzle with him while you both cool down a little. Don’t worry if you feel his cum dripping out; you’re going to clean him up as part of the intermission.

Finally get up, go to the bathroom and clean yourself up a little. Return with a nice warm washcloth and wipe his cock and groin nice and clean from the previous sex. Play with him, lick and suck on him a little to tease and excite him.

If you aren’t in your bed, take him there now; it’s time to find a proper playground more suitable for different positions and activities. Have sex with him again, properly, repeatedly. You’re both in the mood: wear him out! Set the example for heavy, physical, repeated sexual climaxes. He’s capable of it; don’t spare him! Introduce him to as many physical positions as possible, not so he’ll be instantly expert at them all, but just to show him the richness and variety of sex with you. Be sure to keep him fondling and stimulating you as much as possible, so he’s thinking of more than just his cock in your cunt. After each time he climaxes in you, go to the bathroom to clean yourself out, bring in a warm washcloth and wipe him clean while he’s softened, and then use your hand and oral sex to arouse him again. If he’s interested, introduce him to cunnilingus, how to pleasure you with his mouth and tongue. Incorporate the dildo if he enjoys watching that.

When he’s totally exhausted, suggest the two of you start doing this regularly: bring in the rules (task and reward) and have him agree to it while he’s thoroughly sated. (If he grumbles about them, shrug it off … but don’t have sex with him again until he agrees!)

Enjoy the regular sex that should then follow. But still have the occasional Sexy Night just for fun.

Touching – Sensuous Massage:

Offer to let him practice sensuous massages: explain how they’re a great way to seduce women and make them feel good. He can practice on your body. Of course you both have to be freshly showered and naked for this. Get in something sexy and revealing, have him just in a towel. Go over the book, the basic massage methods, etc. Then casually remove what you’re wearing and lie down on your bed, face down. If you don’t make any big thing of your nakedness, neither will he. (If he says anything about it, just shrug it off, “It’s about time you see what a naked woman looks like anyway.”

Let him practice on you for a while, actually learning to massage. Encourage him to work on your buttocks and stroke you higher on the legs and thighs until he’s actually rubbing your labia and even fingering you. Spread your legs and have him kneel straddling you, sliding his cock up against your buttocks and even between your legs to press and rub against your cunt. Explain that it’s all part of the sensuousness, that the touch of his cock is exciting. If he penetrates you a little, that’s fine. If it turns into a full-fledged sex act, well, that’s all right too: that’s the whole intention of this, right?

Then turn over and let him actually massage your front. Keep your eyes closed (mostly) to keep him from being embarrassed and to encourage him to look at your naked body all he wants. Don’t be afraid to occasionally look directly at his groin and hard cock: lick your lips and show great interest in his erection. Ensure he strokes you everywhere: breasts and cunt. Encourage the stimulation of your breasts, cunt, clitoris. (Remind him, “This is a sensuous massage, after all; the idea is to get me relaxed AND excited!”) Again, have him kneel and straddle your legs or hips, to position his cock against your cunt.

When you’re both stimulated enough, just reach down and guide his cock into your cunt, and let nature take its course. Pull him down into you and push up to meet him for the first few strokes; he’ll get the idea. Let him stroke you to his climax; if you have an orgasm, that’s fine, but that’s not the goal this first time. You just want him to have sex with you. Your fun will come later.

While he’s stroking in you, be sure to be oral, vocal: moan, sigh, tell him how exciting he is, how good his cock feels in you. Ensure he’s getting encouragement as well as the pleasure of sex with you. If you do orgasm, be sure to let him know so he can start to identify your responses and pleasures.

If you enjoy this, you may consider giving him a massage. Incorporate fondling, masturbation, oral sex, before you finally mount and ride him. Continue on to his total exhaustion as described above on “Sexy Night.”

So It’s Begun:

So, let’s assume things are working out fine. You’re having regular sex with your son; the rules arrangement (jobs and reward) is working, sex with you IS a powerful motivator, but you’re both still having fun (with Sexy Night a regular treat). You ARE remembering to have fun, enjoying this young stud lover of yours, right?

Be careful that roles don’t get reversed. He is not your husband, not your man. You are still the mother, still responsible for him in many ways. The ONLY difference in your relationship is that you’re going to bed with him, enjoying him as he enjoys you. We’d suggest being cautious about physical displays of intimacy, even in the privacy of your home. These things get to be automatic, unthinking, after a while. You wouldn’t want him to kiss you on the neck or fondle your buttocks or breast with others present; this would be quite atypical of a teenage boy’s behavior toward his mother, and you do NOT want that to happen! So keep the physical caresses to a minimum except when the stage is set for sex. Ensure he continues to sleep in his own bed, that he doesn’t move into your bedroom.

If you play a sex slave, when cashing in your son’s chit for example, make it very clear that this is role playing ONLY, that it’s only for fun, only in the sexual context. You MUST remain the mother, the authority figure. Sexual submissiveness (because that’s the role the female usually plays in human sexuality) is fine and dandy, but it must NOT interfere with your responsibilities. If you feel your son is becoming overly bossy, wanting to take charge or have his way in too many matters outside of the bedroom and your sex games, you must sit him down (in a completely non-sexual environment) and have a serious talk with him. Keeping sex with him reserved for when he meets the rules, or when cashing in a chit, or on the occasional Sexy Night, helps keep your sexual relationship within bounds.

The Aftermath:

Eventually your son, your stud, your lover, is going to move on. Just like in any family, the son matures and has relationships with others. You have to give him the freedom to do this, even if it’s painful, even if you’re jealous. This MUST happen; anything else is extremely unhealthy (for you more so than for him). There’s nothing wrong with your continuing a sexual relationship with him if both of you want it; even if he’s moved out, if he’s going with other women, even if he marries. But be very careful to keep any ongoing sexual relationship secret, to not display ANY hints of sexual jealousy or possessiveness. This isn’t a big thing: most mothers are possessive of their sons, tend to be jealous and disapproving of other women in their sons’ lives, etc. People will expect this. Just don’t let the sexual relationship (concluded or continuing) interfere with his life or yours.

In counterpoint, you yourself may wish to have a relationship with another adult! Your son will have to accept this as well. Indeed, if you and that adult begin living together, you may no longer have the privacy and intimacy for that sexual relationship with your son! You’ll have to either end it, or somehow continue it behind your partner’s back … and this can be very risky, very dangerous. It’s highly unlikely your new partner will be willing to share you physically, sexually, with your son (or anyone else for that matter). We recommend having a heart to heart talk in private with your son, and ending it outright. The alternatives are painful and too chancy.

So be warned, before any of this ever starts: if you intend to be looking for another partner, another adult relationship, don’t even THINK of i****tuous sex with your son. You may be able to deal with a breakup, but he will not take it lightly at all. So plan on him as your sole sexual partner for the next few years, until he’s grown and ready to move on. This is a serious commitment, one you have to be sure of, if you don’t want to take a chance on really hurting your son. Don’t take it lightly.

But if you DO decide to go this route: use your head, enjoy yourself, enjoy him! As we’re sure he’ll be enjoying you!

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