Aggressive Sex

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Aggressive Sex
You walk down the road in your miniskirt. Probably on your way home from the store, or school, or work. Fuck, I don’t care where you’re coming from, but I’m not letting a hot piece of ass like yours get away. I know you’d more than likely never let me take you in the back of the alley and have my way with you, but that’s not stopping me.

I watch you from a parking lot, and I know these streets better than you, I imagine. I start up my SUV, and drive pass. You look up. Maybe you’re hoping for this. Why else would you walk around this part of town looking like that? Or maybe you are really that clueless. Or maybe you sense something unexpected coming your way. Like I said, I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to show you what a slut you can really be.

I smile at you. You look away. Good. I love the innocent act. It makes my cock go stiff. I race off and around the block. I pull into a dusty alley that I know is never used for anything besides i*****lly dumping garbage. I get out and run down to the end. I light up a smoke and wait for that sweet ass of yours to sway past me.

It takes longer than I expect, and for a moment, I think you may have turned around. You may have gotten away from me. But thankfully, I hear your feet tap closer to me. I stand where I am, not even attempting to hide myself. I know you won’t run right away. Not many people expect to ****d in an alley. You emerge in my vision, and I am quicker than a speeding bullet.

I grab you by the back of your hair, and I rip you backwards into the alley. You scream, but I quickly slam my hand over your mouth, and I whisper, “Shut the fuck up if you know what’s good for you.”

You instantly obey, and I know now you’re going to make this much too easy more me. You grab at the back of your head, trying to get me to release you. It probably twinges a bit, but its nothing you wont get over. You stumble awkwardly further into the alley as I lead you at a fast pace. The alley takes a bend, and I stop. It is here I will take you. Trees surround us on every side, and this section of alley is a dead end.

I reach between your legs, going after what I want. You scream through my hand again, and I warn you, “Do that again, Bitch, and this alley will be your grave.” You whimper and close your eyes as I massage your pussy through your panties. I can feel moisture being licked up by the cotton already, which means you were getting hot and bothered as I d**g you over here, which also means you’re going to like this more than I thought.

“You’re a good slut, aren’t you?” You don’t say anything, so I move your panties to the side and shove two fingers to the knuckles inside your warm hole. You quiver, and I ask you again, “You’re a good slut, aren’t you? Say it bitch! Say you want me to fuck you.” You start sobbing. Fine be stubborn. I’m going to fuck you either way. I push you down into dirt and hold you down with my right hand, while I pull your panties down your silky smooth legs.

I get them off over your shoes and smell them. “These smell like you’re a horny whore. You want to smell them? No? I’ll bet you’d love to taste them then.” I press them against your lips but they won’t budge open. I smack you across the face. “Open that goddamn slut hole of yours.” I must be a magician cause your mouth follows my orders like open sesame. I shove your panties in your mouth. “That’s better. I knew you were a good slut.” I unzip my pants, and my bulging boner shoots out at you.

Your eyes widen as you realize this is all really happening. Or maybe you’ve never seen a real man’s dick. I’m no porn star, but I’ve got a hefty piece of meat. Seven inches long and a thickness most men never achieve. Although, that could just be you affecting me. I have fucked something as hot as you in awhile now.

I don’t take anytime at all. I know what it is I’m after. I push my mushroom head cock against your inviting pussy lips and thrust it forward. You grunt into your panties. I guess you haven’t had someone my size inside you yet. I thrust back and forth, until you’ve thoroughly coated my cock with your pussy juices. “Yeah baby, you can cum if you want. Get my dick wet.”

Once again, my rough voice is commanding your body like a puppet. I feel your walls clench against me, and your legs shake violently in the air above me. You gasp into your panties, and after a minute of solid rocking, your orgasm falls away. And for the first time, you look me in the eyes. You’re looking to see if I am done. “Oh no,” I say, “You’re not done yet slut.”

I pull my cock from you, and you shudder again. I roughly twist you over onto your stomach, and I smack your round ass peeking out from under your skirt. I spit on your ass and move my hands to it, guiding the spit down your ass crack, until I find that tight sphincter, sealed shut against me. I pop a finger in without hesitation, and you turn your head to the side to make sure I can see you shaking your head no. Oh god, I love when they do that. I spit again and say, “I’m gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not cunt.”

I pop another finger in, and you spit out your panties and scream for help. “That was a bad idea you stupid slut.” I pull a rubber ball from my back pocket, knell on your shoulders, and pop into your mouth. I pull the band around the back of your head, and I pull a rope from my other pocket. I pull your hands behind your back and tie your forearms together. I lower myself back down to your ass and I push the head of my cock against your ass. I try pushing it in, but it isn’t giving, so I plunge my dick back inside your pussy to coat it again.

I pull out and push against your asshole again. This time, I feel it slipping open. It throbs open and close, and I time myself perfectly—I’ve been doing this for a while now. It opens, and I thrust as hard as I can. My dick pushes all the way to hilt inside your ass. “That feels great you little cock slut. Mmm. I might have to keep you.” I move it back and forth, enjoying the way you flop against me. You try fighting it, but you’re in no position to fight.

I keep my rhythmic pounding going on longer than you probably thought I could, and after ten minutes of constant ass pounding, you stop fighting. In fact, I think I can hear you moaning. “That’s it slut. Enjoy this cock in your ass. I bet all the boys would love to get in this ass. I bet you let them too. Huh? You little slut. Answer me.”

I can barely make you out through the rubber ball, but I am sure you said, “Yes.”

God, that makes me want to cum. I grab a handful of your hair with one hand, and I reach under you with the other, grabbing a tit. I massage your tit hard under your shirt, and I pull back on your hair as my thrusts become more powerful. I can feel every muscle on your body vibrating with every slap of my body against yours, with every plunge of dick inside of you, with slap my balls make against your exposed pussy.

The cum rushed all at once, and I feel my balls tighten. I pump my gushing cock inside of you, feeling my cum shoot deep into your ass. “Yes you slut, take it. Take it like the whore you are.” I feel my orgasm dying down, and I pull my cock from your terrorized hole. I grip it hard against the base and roll you over. I’m still not done. I’ve been mastering multiple orgasm for a long time now. I rub my dick back and forth furiously, and soon I feel that second orgasm building in my balls. Lucky for you, my second is bigger than the first.

I pull the ball out of your mouth and let it fall to your neck and say, “You ready to eat my cock, slut? You don’t say anything, you’re crying. I can’t wait for an answer, I feel my volcano about to explode. I lay across your face and shove my dick all the way down your throat, and I mouth fuck you as my balls tighten once more and start to dump there load in your stomach. I pump myself repeatedly, pulling all the way out and sliding all the way back in every time. I know you can taste me because I can smell it.

When I’m done, I pull myself out just past your lips, and I squeeze one last stream from my cock and watch it fall on your tongue. I see you about to spit it out but I can’t have that. “You eat that cum, slut. Don’t spill a drop.” I put my cock back in your mouth and slowly push it all the way down your throat. You throat spasms against my cock, and I pull out and check to make sure I got it all the way in there. I did. I put my dick away, and I take off all your clothes and replace the ball. I stand you up and walk you back down to the bend in the alley.

This time I go right, dragging you along with me. My SUV waits parked for me just where I left it. As we move closer, you start to realize what I’m doing. You thought you were going to be free to go, but didn’t you remember me telling you I haven’t had a piece of ass like yours in awhile? I can’t have you just once. Tonight will be your first night as my live-in whore. You’re going to love it, you little slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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