An Affair with Michele 2

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An Affair with Michele 2

Michele is 30 married with two k**s. I’m 28 also
married, no k**s. She is 5′ 6″, long straight black hair
just past her shoulders. She weighs about 105lbs, with
nice brown eyes. She’s a very pretty woman with small
breasts and a killer ass. She always dresses very
conservatively at work. She wears mostly slacks with a
blouse or sweater, but I’ve always been attracted to her
anyway. She has a way of being very classy and very sexy
all at the same time. I have fantasized about her for
years. Here is another episode of our encounters.

Michele and I had lit the fire on a very passionate and
taboo relationship. The fact that we had secretly wanted
each other for years made this very hard to control and
our trips to the park were occurring on a daily basis.
We would leave work for a lunch break a.k.a “Nooner”.

For the longest time this consisted of me driving around
the park while Michele sucked on my cock. I was
definitely enjoying this and had no complaints. She was
very adept at sucking and swallowing. It was nothing for
her to suck me off while driving through the park… and
then on the return trip (after our real lunch) suck me
off again. She really loved it! I’ve been with women who
didn’t care for or it… or did it just to please their
partner… but Michele is an exception. She has orgasms
while giving head. The fact that she enjoys what she is
doing makes her all the better at it!

Well about a month of this activity and I was wanting to
explore a little more, plus I’d like to see more of her
except the back of her head while driving through the
park. So I found this area in the park that was a picnic
pull off a little ways back in the park in a semi-
secluded area. I talked her in to getting out of the car
and walking back in to the woods. I had been fantasizing
about seeing what she had been doing for the past month.
I wanted to look in her eyes as she was devouring me.
She was a little apprehensive, but gave in and gave it a
shot. We walked about 50-yards in to the woods and
surveyed the area. It looked pretty safe and kind of
protected for any views by trees and hillsides.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock… she
immediately squatted in front of me (knees never hitting
the ground) and began to suck on my cock. It was great
being able to look at those beautiful brown eyes as she
made love to my cock with her mouth. She wasn’t able to
deep throat, although what she did was more than enough.
She was sucking and driving me insane when I stopped her
and told her to stand up. She stood and I starting
kissing her very passionately. I was rubbing her small
breasts through her shirt and I told her I wanted to be
inside her right now.

I wasn’t thinking clearly, I just knew that I wanted her
and I wanted it right then. She wasn’t too keen on
taking her pants down (hey, it was fine for me to be
exposed, but she was a little more nervous when it was
her turn). She finally pulled them down just a little. I
pushed them on down around her ankles.

Immediately I moved in front of her (right there in the
middle of the woods) and attempted (very poorly I might
add) to shove my cock inside her. Kind of a flash back
to when I was first getting laid I was nervous as hell
and my execution was definitely lacking. I was having
trouble entering her, as she was shorter than me. She
was still nervous and started to reach for her pants.
(NO, I THOUGHT… I can’t let that happen).

I asked her to turn around and bend over. This was the
magic move. When she did that on my first attempt it was
like the stars, sun, planets, hell everything was in
perfect alignment! BINGO…she was so wet I slid right
in on my first attempt. She moaned with pleasure and put
her hands down on her knees to support herself. I
noticed at this point in time I wish I had some “OFF” as
the mosquitoes were starting to bite.

What a pain that was… but I was determined to not let
it ruin this moment.
I grabbed her waist and started fucking her slowly at
first, while I talked to her. I like a lot of dirty talk
and I was telling her how wet she was and how hot she
felt on my cock. She seemed to be enjoying it both the
cock and the talk that is. This was our second time
having intercourse and the first had definitely not been
that good. This was a major improvement. Nerves had let
up and nature had taken over. I continued to fuck
her…now at a more rapid pace.

Michele had an orgasm rather quickly and I could tell I
wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. She had told
me in our earlier discussions that the most intimate
thing she felt a man could do to her was cum inside her
pussy. Of course that made me want to accomplish that
task! I told her after her second orgasm that I wanted
to cum inside her. She said she wanted it too. She was
talking to me while I fucked her… she was telling me
to cum in her, that she wanted to feel me shoot in her.

Well, it didn’t take much of that talk and the great
view I had over her tight asshole before I was shooting
a huge load inside her. I just grabbed her waist a
little harder and thrust my cock deep inside as the
spasms hit and I shot my load.

Afterwards we returned to the car where we talked about
the sex we had just had. We both agreed it was very
erotic and very good, but totally insane. We had let our
emotions take over and put ourselves in a very risky
situation. Park Police frequently patrol looking for
lovers and it would have been devastating to both of us
and our marriages if we had been caught.

Still, it was a very erotic fuck that I’m sure we’ll
both never forget!

Continued in chapter 3…

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