An Amazing Deflowering in a Man’s Toilet

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An Amazing Deflowering in a Man’s Toilet
I have been reading the stories on here and making comments, the odd thing is, that I have adopted a male persona, and in doing so, I find it suits me as I have a huge sex libido.

In reality I am a girl, with nice breasts and rounded hips, and to add to my image, I completely shave my vulva, so it resembles the cherished adornment of a girl three years my junior, in fact the age I discovered sex and all the excitement, and my first orgasms.

My name is Jenni and here is my story.

The competition was over and we were runners-up. Netball for all its ups and downs, as I later found out, is a big attraction for men who like to watch girls of a certain age, in short skirts and tight panties, running and exerting themselves, exhibiting large ‘Camel-Toes’, and having sweet sweat running down those intimate parts that excite older men.

I never thought about until during a game brake I went back into the toilet to urinate. I had been exerting myself and found the exertion had left me in a state of sexual arousal, I was more aware of myself between my legs, because I was throbbing down there, and my nipples were rock hard and pushing against my white top.

As I pushed through the throngs of people, on my way to the ‘Ladies’ toilets, a group of older men were milling around, and I saw I would have to push my way through them.

The thought of it caused my steps to shorten, I somehow guessed something was going to happen, as they all fell silent as I approached them, their eyes moving up and down my body, especially the ‘power of the hard nipple effect’, I was having on them.

There were soft wolf whistling, and as I advance amongst them, they closed in a circle, ‘How about a fuck baby girl’, someone said, I smiled, don’t ask me why, a nervous reaction or a little girl acknowledging she had power with men, I don’t know accept that I stopped moving forward.

The ‘Gents’ toilets were next door to the where I was meant to be going, but because of where I found myself I emerged from the surrounding men, and walked straight into the ‘Gents’ and made for one of the cubicles, not even realizing I had went into the wrong toilets.

I pulled my panties down and sat on the bowl, I was visibly shaking, and realized that a big part was due to my increased sexual awareness, pushing amongst those men and their crude comments of wanting to fuck me, had turned me on.

I would not be the first girl who has relieved herself in a toilet. I sat there still aware of the men standing outside, my mind thinking they were waiting for me, and I closed my eyes and saw them advancing towards me, only this time all of them were nude and their cocks were big and hard.

I felt my panties fall down to my ankles, and I consciously stepped out of them and let my knees open and I began to rub myself, my mind and fingers were in unison now, the closer I got to achieving my orgasm, my mind chopped and changed my scenario, to allow the men access to me, even when the cubicles either side of me were occupied, I continued doing what I was doing.

I could hear the men laughing and someone coughed loudly, it sounded very male and as if almost outside the cubicle where I sat, but all that did was add to the surreality of what was going on in my mind, I removed my top, my brassiere and laid them to the side of the pan and fingered myself like crazy.

My hands were flowing over my nude body, I was exciting myself and getting closer to that primal urge release, when that same cough interrupted my plunging fingers, and to my horror I looked up to see six men peering over the top of my cubicle, all holding cameras and filming.

I turned and reached down for my discarded clothes, my nudity was suddenly glaring and not as sexual as my mind had conjured up for my fantasy, but there were no clothes there, even my panties were gone, there was nothing to cover myself with, then I looked up, the men had them, and my panties were in the mouth of one man, I froze in shock.

‘What’s it to be little girl’?

I was shivering and huddled-up, the man with my panties had opened them up and was licking the gusset, where my pussy sat when I wore them, ‘Six blow-jobs, or the internet’, someone said menacingly, ‘Not to mention not having any clothes to wear either’, someone else said thickly.

I looked at the bolted door ahead of me, my eyes slowly went upwards and rested on the brass bolt, to reach out and throw that bolt would invite those leering men inside to do as they pleased with me.

I stood up and felt my knees give way, then I felt their hands touch my hair, and one ugly brute took a handful and yanked my head up, ‘Open the fucking door and we will give to you for real’, he said.

Our eyes were locked as I stared deeply into his black soul, suddenly I felt a calmness descend over me, I did not know just how many men were there, but I felt I could take them, ‘Let go my hair’, I said serenely, and he did, and I stood back, still looking at this particular man.

I raised my right arm and pointed to him with my raised fore finger, and then, as if gaining the upper hand, I surprised myself and said, ‘You can be first’, and as I looked challenging at him, I saw the blood drain from his face, as he slipped from his high point and disappeared from view, that old flame of passion between my legs had returned, I was on fire again as I looked at each man in turn, I heard the knock on the cubicle door and I turned and put my hand on the brass snibb and started to draw it open I looked up at all the silent faces and phones pointing at my nakedness and virginal body, they would record my deflowerment and more, and I felt excited by it, the snibb was now loose and the door swinging open, once again I closed my eyes and bent over with both hands on the pan seat, my legs straight and wide apart.

I heard the door close and the sound of a man’s belt buckle become undone, a zipper and the sound of pants being pushed down.

His big hands clasped my small hips as he centred my stance, ‘Go on man, give it to her’, someone had said, as my labia twitched as something brushed them teasingly, then a little more as they parted.

He was at the entrance of my girlhood, I was not fully dilated or ready, I looked up at him from between my legs, his cock was huge, hard, and very thick, his scrotum hung pendulously, as it swayed as if in slow motion, his finger tightened on my slender hips, ‘What’s he waiting for’, ran through my silly head, and as if being read, another man’s voice echoed my sentiments, ‘Shove it up her, she wants it’, and no sooner had he said it, he started moving at last.

They say when you die your whole life is replayed before you. Whether that is true or not I can’t say, but losing my virginity was both felt and watched by my own eyes. He moved inside me and I watched as his big cock went inside, I could feel my inside opening up wide, as my virgin canal parted and swelled with a man’s throbbing cock, I wish I could say it was memorable, but I can’t, I felt pain, as he ploughed forcibly against my cervix, again and again, my wincing mistook as pleasure, but shortly he was cumming, and he did not give a fuck I was in a state of non protection.

He left me open and gaping, but I maintained my position as the next men entered me and repeated to release into me, and so on until eleven men were finished with me, and the backs of my legs were covered in flowing semen.

I cleaned myself and redressed, minus my panties. When I left the toilets I saw my mistake, I was in the ‘Gents’, I had lost my virginity and was gang-banged in a man’s lavatory. I found myself walking to the ladies changing room with my pert derrière on show, and people could see it, but I cared not.

I was high on sexual octane, my head swam, my pussy ached, and my nipples craved touching, this was sex I loved, as I do you my readers.

What do you think guys, please tell me I want you to tell me, would you like to meet me, I know I would like to meet you, tell me in your cherished comments.

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