An Unlikely Exercise

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An Unlikely Exercise
This is a story that took place while I was 17. I had little experience with women but since I was still a teenage guy I was very horny almost all the time. I had a few friends in school who went to the local gym to workout. I wasn’t a meat-head like my friends but I enjoyed the sweat and the pain as well as, of course, the results.

One day my friend is offered a position at the gym as a barter for his membership. Fair trade in my book. 5 hours a week for a free month at a place you already frequent? deal. Anywho I started visiting my friend more often at the gym seeing as there was not much else to do in the town. I got free supplement samples, free drinks and best of all: free tanning! (This was winter time.)

I get to know the rest of the staff a little bit better and they all seemed rather friendly; especially Trisha, everyone called her Trish. She was 30 years my senior but still very attractive for being 47. She had full 36D tits and a very tight ass. You could tell she took care of herself.

As I drove up to the gym, there were no cars there as my friend preferred to run to the gym. I walked in there looking around for my friend but no one was there with just 15 minutes till closing I figured he was probably getting a tan or something.

I go back into the room and no one is there. I check the laundry room and nothing. At this point an empty gym is a scary thing so I start slowly probing around hoping I’m not startled by anything. I make my way into the back office and I see Trish reading some magazine.
“Oh hey, Trish, _______ isn’t here?” I ask.
“No he wasn’t feeling too good so I took the rest of his shift,” Trish responded.
We had not formerly talked one-on-one before so I was a little nervous about what to say.
“Well, I guess I’m gonna get outta here,” I spurt out, “I didn’t mean bother you.”
“Oh no, you didn’t bother me,” I responded, “actually, would you mind helping me close down the place?”
“Sure, what’s left that needs to be done?” I ask almost knowing the full closing sheet by now.
“Ah, let’s see, windex the ellipticals and locking up,” she responded.

We knocked them out together and I helped her lock the side door. It was snowing pretty bad, much worse than when I came in no too long ago. Trish lived in the next town over.

“Sooo…. is someone coming to pick you up?” I asked trying to be nice.
“Yeah I think either Amy or my husband is coming,” she responded shivering in the cold.
“You can come wait in my car while it warms up if you want,” I suggested thinking she’d more likely deny than accept. I see her call someone on her phone while I start my car. She later hangs up and runs over to my car.

“My husband’s out and Amy just left,” she said shutting the door.
I knew Amy and said, “Her focus isn’t gonna get around any better in this snow than my SUV, why don’t I take you home? It’s not that far.”
“Are you sure?” she asked.
“Yeah, it’s no problem.”
“Okay lemme give Amy a call,” she said dialing away.

The car is still a little cold and blowing out cold air. “Ah, my hands are freezing,” I say.
“here,” she says putting her hands out to warm mine up,”you are cold.”

We’re about halfway to her house and it’s mixed with small talk and directions but it stays lively enough for me not to feel uncomfortable. The weather picks up and gets snow everywhere to where I can hardly see 10 feet in front of me. Focusing more on the road now I let up on the conversation. We finally get to her huge driveway and as I’m driving up she asks for my phone. I don’t really care what she needed it for so I pass it over. She starts typing in a number and calls it then hangs up.

“What was that for?” I ask.
“That’s my number,” she said, “call me when you get home. I’d hate myself if something happened.”
“I’ll be fine,” I said with a light-hearted chuckle.
“Call me,” she said looking more at me. She grabbed my arm and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks again.”

As a young excitable boy a billion thoughts went through my head and I start thinking about her romantically and all this other stuff. But eventually I let it subside and take the journey back home. I’m getting closer and closer thinking if I should actually call her or not. It seemed a little immature to me. About a normal 2 minutes away from home but 5 due to the snow I get a call from her.

“Hello?” I asked not having saved the number yet.
>”_____! Are you home yet?” she asks me.
“Uh no, but I’m getting ready to turn into the district,” I responded.
>”Okay good, I was really worried,” she said with a sigh of relief. “Thanks again. Let me repay you.”
“Nah, it’s fine,” I said casually, “anyone shoulda done the same.”
>”Yeah, but people don’t,” she said, “Just let me buy you a meal or something.”
“Fine,” I say not liking to take things like this from people.
>”We’ll go out to eat at Fred’s BBQ,” she said, “you’ll love that place.”
“Okay,” I said laughing.
>”I’ll let you get back to driving though just text me when you make it.”
“Alright, see ya later.”
“You too. Bye.”

I text her and make it home and try to deny the meal she offered but she was incessant and insisted we go as soon as the roads clear. About 2 days later the road is clear and she sends me a text asking what I’m doing. It’s winter break at school and I wasn’t working that night so I truly had nothing planned. I respond saying nothing and she says that we should go to Fred’s. I agree trying to get this monkey off my back.

“Do you want me to just pick you up? I’m in town.” her text says.
“Sure, you know where I live. Right?” I respond.
“Yep omw” she sends.

I wasn’t sure what to wear and since it was cold I had options. I threw on jeans and a nice long sleeve with a jacket. As I see her pull in. I spray on my token scent and tell my family I’m heading out with some friends.

She is in her daughter’s car and is dressed pretty nice. She gives me hoots and hollers when I get in but I don’t mind. I actually laugh and give her some compliment too. We pull out and start driving outta town. We sit down and eat at Fred’s and it’s a nice place. I really enjoyed it. We have a great conversation about live and what I wanna do with it and what she’s done with it. She actually is a sexually charged person I find out and has a body that is worth it. I find out that things at home aren’t great with her husband. It seemed a little deep for our first real conversation but that’s about how I end up talking to everyone.

The bill comes and I see terror flash across her face. She starts going through her purse and feeling all her jacket pockets. She forgot her wallet. I told her to calm down and that I’d pick it up. No biggie, I was a real saver when it came to money. She apologizes over and over even on our way out to the car. I tell her it’s fine and that I don’t mind. She insists on doing something again and right this time.

It was about 9 when we got back and we headed to the gym parking lot to talk about life and other broody things. She says I’m a sweet k** and I should date someone like her daughter. We get back on her home life and she says she can’t have fun with her husband anymore. Things are stale and he hardly touches her. She asks me if I think she’s attractive and of course I do so I say yes and that I think she looks better than her daughter.

“Really?!” she asks with a big smile.
“Yeah,” I said simply looking out the window.

She grabbed me by the jacket collar and lays a kiss right on my mouth with the perfect amount of tongue. I couldn’t believe what was going on but it was so hot. I instantly went hard. She’s grabbing my waist and my neck pulling me in and kissing me harder and harder. I run my hand through her hair and fight back with my lips as best I could.

She pulls away resting her head on my chest, breathing heavy. I have a hold around her waist and a hand on her leg. She is touching my stomach. Her hand slowly falls down and is on my bulge. I gasp for a second and she asks to see it. I wasn’t one to deny that.

She unbuttons my jeans and unzips them. She reaches into my boxers and pulls out my dick. I was rock solid. She grasps it around the base and starts kissing me on the neck. She looks up at me for a second and drops her head into my lap. I wasn’t quite ready for that but it was very good. Gulping and gagging she bobs up and down. With the short hair she had I didn’t have to move it around and I could clearly see her lips wrapped around my dick.

I grab her head and push her down farther and farther. She chokes a bit and comes up for air while my balls are getting drenched with spit. She asks me if I like it and I say,”I love it!” as I grab her head again and throw her down. I lasted quite a while and her teeth started grabbing some skin but I kinda liked it.

“OH, I’m gonna CUM!!” I said which made her push on even harder.
I came in waves like I never had before and she didn’t miss out on any. Swallowing it as fast as it came out. She laid back in her seat and rubbed her neck with the warm goo I had just placed inside her.

“Oh my god,” she said,” why is this so hot?”
“I dunno but I gotta take care of you,” I said reaching over and grabbing for her pants.
“I don’t think we should,” she said,”I’m married. And you know my daughter.”
“We’ve come too far for that, I think,” I added.
“Oh,” she gasped making eye contact with me as I undid her pants. She was wearing cute light blue underwear. I pulled them aside and started massaging her clit. She took her shirt and bra off to my instruction and grabbed my head with her hands as I suckled on her nipples. They were pretty petite; the size between a pencil and a pinkie.

I reach down and pull her pants down. It’s hard to eat a pussy in a compact manual car but I did the best I could. She was jerking, grabbing her tits and rubbing my nose in her pussy. She started screaming and cumming so much. She actually got some of her spunk on the driver’s seat. She noticed this too.

“Amy is gonna be pissed,” Trish exclaimed.
“What are we gonna do?” I asked.
“Let’s see if there is something to clean it with inside,” she said motioning to the gym.
She had keys and unlocked the door and turned off the security alarm. As soon as she was done with that she turned around as I grabbed her wrists against the wall and started nipping her neck. She was giggling and struggling but mostly loving it.
“Not here,” she said,”the aerobics room.”

Honestly a nice choice since there are mirrors all around it. She opens the door and runs to the corner grabbing a huge mat. She rolls it out and lays down craning her index finger to come here. I walk over to her and crawl on top of her and kiss her passionately. Our clothes are barely on as we just came in from a freak fest we were both hoping to continue. I grab her pants and rip them off her ankles throwing them across the room. I nudge her clit through her panties as she reaches into my jeans and strokes my dick.

She turns on all fours with her ass facing me so I can take off her panties. I pull them down and actually get to see that perfect ass for the first time. I kiss her left cheek and slide my dick into her flowing pussy. We get a great rhythm going as her ass makes beautiful waves with my pelvis crashing into it. She lets out soft little moans that turn into throat groans as she cums on my dick squirting hard. It was intense enough where she couldn’t hold herself up and laid her head on the mat.

I took this opportunity to wet my thumb and slowly push it into her asshole. A shriek of pleasure left her mouth. Fucking her rampant I can feel myself starting to cum. I pull my dick out and shoot it right onto her asshole. Most jets were so strong the arced off landing farther down her ass and her back.

We manage to get up and make our way to the showers in the girls locker room. We wash each other and play with each’s genitals knowing that this was amazing and definitely not the last time.

She dropped me off as I lived not far from the gym and kissed me and threw in some tongue. As I was getting out of the car she slapped my ass and said, “You’re mine now.”
I turned around and leaned in inches from her mouth. I reached out and gave her right tit a firm squeeze and said,”So are you.”

I backed out and shut the door waiting for the next time I was going to go to the gym.

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