Ana in a darkened parking lot

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Ana in a darkened parking lot
That night my sweet Ana had gone out with her slutty girlfriends Laura and Camilla. I was a bit worried knowing these bitches and I was sure my lovely wife would end fucked by a huge black cock…
I stood at home and after midnight, while I was enjoying a fine glass of my favorite whisky, my phone rang. It was Anita.
I could hear she was excited and breathing hard. But she told me she was not fucking any man as she was talking with me.
But then my sensual wife offered me, if I wanted to watch her behaving like a bad girl, I should go to the parking lot of that disco.
I drove there and waited outside, in the well illuminated section.
A while later my sexy bitch came out through the front door of the disco with a black guy. They walked some yards and suddenly he pulled her back to him and he kissed her.
I did not see Ana pull away; instead she returned the kiss and reached up around his neck and kissed the black man harder. They both kissed for about five minutes until someone came out of the bar and they then broke apart abruptly.
They talked for another minute and both got into separate cars. I just recognized Anita’s car. Then they drove to the other side of the same parking lot where the lights were off. Both cars were parked next to each other. They got out and I quietly walked over in the darkness; trying to get closer and hear them.
They embraced and started kissing again in a rough way. This time however, it was very passionate and totally hot. Their hands were all over each other’s bodies.
The black man moved his hand up her t-shirt to feel her nice round boobs and Ana moved back to let him pull it up. He almost ripped the shirt in halves. Then he leaned down and started massaging and squeezing her loose boobs. I could see Ana had her nipples fully erected already.
I saw the lucky bastard started playing with her hardened nipples, licking them with his tongue. My wife finally stopped him and pushed him back to one of the car’s trunk. She smiled with an evil grin and said she wanted to taste him…
Then Ana pushed him back down into the front seat of his own car and squatted down between his legs, unzipping his trousers.
My sweet wife reached inside and pulled out a dark cock that was huge and semi hard. She leaned her head down and put the tip of it into her mouth. Then I hear him moan and she did too.
She sucked on it for a little while and he seemed not to be able to speak. His bald head was back and she was stroking him and sucking his black dick very hard.
He finally reached around with his heavy hand and grabbed Ana by her pony tail, making her to suck him even deeper and deeper.
I could hear her gagging several times, but every time she did, he made her slide his huge cock deeper into her throat. Ana never objected and she tried ever make him disappear into her mouth.
Ana had to be really turned on, because they both seemed to lose track of the fact that they were in public. It was an empty darkened parking lot, but I could have been a hundred yards away and still I could be able to hear them moaning.
My sensual wife was still working him when I heard him tell that he was about to cum. He pulled her away and said that he wanted to get her off first, but Ana said not this time.
He objected and tried to make her stop, but Ana had a firm grip on his cock and kept stroking him. When she put her mouth back around his thick shaft, he gave up and let her suck him dry…
Suddenly he groaned and let loose. I saw he was coming into Anita’s mouth and she was trying to swallow all of it.
She choked only once and sprayed cum on him and herself.
When the bastard nigger was done and he got control of himself, he got out of his car and pushed Ana against the trunk. He whispered in her ear that she had the finest married slut lips he had ever felt around his black cock and now he was going to fuck her.
But Ana resisted, saying not now and not there…
The black man then asked what was wrong with her. And Ana told him she did not want to be fucked in a parking lot. She wanted a nice soft bed to give up herself to him…
But this bastard did not want to wait for a more comfortable place to fuck my sensual slutty wife. He wanted her now, right there in the darkness.
So he moved quickly and grabbed Ana’s curly hair. Then he made her bend over the car`s trunk and, with a swift motion of his heavy hand, he lifted my wife’s skirt and just torn to pieces her tiny thong.
Ana tried to resist, but finally she gave up when she felt the hardened cock head pushing against her wet pussy lips…
Then I realized she wanted to feel that hard piece of black meat well buried deep inside of her desperate sweet cunt.
She braced herself and soon I saw the huge black cock sliding fully into her nice wet cunt.

Ana cried in pain at the first push; but soon she relaxed her body and started to enjoy the quick brutal pumping the black guy was giving to her.
She closed her eyes and smiled as her black lover grunted loud.
Suddenly her curvy body tensed up and I knew Ana had been taken by an intense orgasm. She opened wide her mouth and a loud guttural sound escaped from her red lips. She came hard.
The black guy got even more excited watching my wife coming onto his dick; so he grunted again and finally he emptied his balls deep inside of my wife’s wet and stretched cunt.
Seconds later he just slipped away and slapped my wife’s round buttocks with his hand. He told her that she was the hottest white married cunt he had ever fucked. Ana smiled again…
Then he just zipped his trousers and got into his car.
Before leaving, he warned Ana she better would come back again at that same parking lot on the next Saturday. He would wait for her right there, to lead her to a nearer motel, where she could be more comfortable to service him and some of his black buddies…
As he left, Ana picked up her phone and made a call.
My own phone rang just a few yards away from her.
Then Ana discovered me trying to hide in the darkness and she smiled with the sluttiest grin in her face.
She was still smiling when she climbed her car and drove away from that darkened parking lot…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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