Anal Co-Ed

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Anal Co-Ed
**Since it seems that I’ve been out of play for a bit; I decided to make a quick story. Enjoy**

George’s room was clean, for a college football player. I didn’t mind. All I cared about was how soft his blankets were, and they were both clean and as soft as my own. He had me out of my cheerleading skirt within a minute of closing his apartment bedroom door. I had my top off just as fast, and in moments we were naked. His thick erection impaled me on my back seconds later. Good thing I was sopping wet from not wearing panties and expectation. God, he was big and determined to stuff me full with his massiveness. He was hitting me too deep on my back.

“Fuck me from behind,” I said, rolling on my belly and twisting my legs in front of his waist. I made sure not to kick him. He wouldn’t like that. The mattress was already hot with my back sweat and the thrashing I’d done between his arms.

“Stick it in, quick.” I panted, missing already his hot breath on my lips, his green eyes like emeralds so bright in the dim, one lamplight. I liked his bedroom. In all honesty, I expected something else when he offered to “show me his place.”

“Yeah, I like it doggy,” he grunted slapping my ass and squeezing. “You’ve got a nice little butt.”

The bed was so comfortable, and I spread my arms forward grasping handfuls of the blanket while tensing my abs to lift my ass up in the air.

“Fuck me, George, I need it so bad.”

“You’re an eager slut.” His hands were rough and strong adjusting my waist for his height. “Begging for me to fuck you.”

“Yes,” I breathed, clenching the blanket harder, stretching far and rubbing my chin on the warmth I’d flipped over from. “Fuck me hard.”

George’s cock butted against my slit, still slick from my sweetness, and with a little guidance pushed me apart. My breath expelled, making room for his girth.

“Unnnggghhhh,” I moaned sliding my pussy over his cock, enveloping him like his cock was a foot sinking in wet sand. “Mmmm, yes put it in deep.”

“Fuck yeah, you’re so fucking tight.” He began humping, moving his thickness from his belly to his tip, driving his shaft through me his full length. He was big, long, breath-stealing. “You’re my first cheerleader,” a slap on the ass, a tug at my waist. “I almost wanted to leave the skirt on while I fucked you.”

“oooh, you can do that if you want,” I let go of the blanket so I could get a better grip. “Oh! Uh! Next time.”

“Definitely. I might have you put it on when I’m ready for round two!” George said.

I had no intention of leaving him any cum left to muster a second round tonight. I wanted to milk his cock for all the cum he was worth. Pounding me from behind and dumping into my pussy was just the beginning. I’d planned the night after the last game. George had scored the final touchdown, and while cheering from the sidelines I’d seen him eyeing my legs. I spread for him on the field as I had on my back a few minutes earlier. Getting him to notice I wasn’t wearing panties at today’s game had been easy. As easy as smiling and giving him my address when he came by our bench after their victory.

“Maybe I’ll have you wear your pads too,” I said between grunts when he rammed his cock to the balls inside; they slapped my clit and fingers which rubbed in tandem to his thrusting.

“Yeah, I can fuck your sweet cheerleader pussy while wearing my football pads.” Another full slam that made me feel so full I couldn’t breathe, so deep he rammed my cervix, so thick I thought my legs would split apart. He was huge. “Too bad they stink.”

“That’s too bad.”

“Maybe the jersey.”

“Yeah. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard!”

I bent my elbows, getting leverage and began rocking my torso forward and back, helping his thrusts get maximum friction. Guys liked it when I worked their cocks for them. George was no exception.

“yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, George! Fuck me with your huge thick cock! Give it to me! Make me cum George! I want it, I want to cum on your sexy football stud dick so bad! Fuck me please!”

“Arrrggghhhhh!” George groaned, hammering still hard and deep into my sweet fold. “Yessss!”

“Cum inside me! I’m on the pill! Do it! Fill me up!”

“Are you sure?!” His kindness made me even wetter.


“Oooohhhh kaaayyy!”

His cum gushed inside, spurting against my womb with warm spreading joy. I kept up my grinding motions, cumming too with a flurry of hand strokes on my glistening wet pussy. My fingernails scratched his balls but he didn’t seem to mind. My body was so tense that my climax clamped my pussy hard on his thick head, suctioning him inside. I milked more cum from his spent dick.

“Fuuuck,” he groaned, “you’re fucking sucking me in. Gawd!”

“Yes!” I moaned, biting the blanket and snuggling my face into the fabric. My tits tickled on the blanket, nipples stiff with pleasure and sensation. “oooh fuck.” I breathed riding the last waves of soothing orgasm. My muscles finally went slack, relaxing like pudding melting in a bowl. “Lick my asshole, George. I want you to eat my ass so you can fuck me there.”

“What?” he said, on his heels and high above my prone satisfied body. “Did you ask me to-”

“Put your mouth on my butt, George. Work it wet with your tongue before you stick a finger in, then two. Pry me open for your thick meat. I can’t take you dry.”

“Your asshole?”


“Are you sure? Are you clean?”

“Yes. Do it. I want it sooo bad.”

I was still languid with pleasure, riding the wave of orgasms still rippling aftershock through my core. I twisted enough to meet his eye.

“Lick my asshole, then finger my butt, George. I want your cock in my ass. I need it to cum. You do too.”

I knew that he needed a few minutes to recover, and playing with my butt would get him to rise to the occasion.

“Fuuuuck… you’re a filthy whore.” He said but started moving for my rump.

“Lick my asshole, George,” I said. “I need it so bad.” I wiggled my ass to emphasize the point.

He was slow, tentative, and reluctant. I suspected it was the first butthole he’d touched with a finger, much less his tongue. I didn’t mind the delay, it would strengthen his cock for when he was ready to pound me up the ass. I’d prepped earlier that day before the game, and made sure to use a thick dildo to spread my asshole wide. It may have gotten tighter jumping around and doing cheers, but hopefully not so much he couldn’t get a few fingers in.

His fingertip was like a warm rod, prodding my clenched sphincter. I trembled at his first hesitant touches.

“Push it in. I need is so bad.” I said, wiggling my butt over the mattress and soft blankets. I couldn’t wait for George to fill me. There was nothing like a thick cock in my ass. “Stuff me so I can take your big dick.”

George started breathing heavier, and I saw him grit his teeth while driving his finger in, past the first small knuckle, then the second one. I gasped as he entered.

“Yes, more, deeper, more.” I cooed.

He obliged, getting his finger to the big knuckle and plunged totally in.

“A second finger too,” I said, twisting to watch his face. His eyes went wide, but he started cramming in the middle one. “I need to be split open so I can take your huge cock.”

“I’ve never fucked a girl up the ass,” he said, his attention still on my butthole.

“You’re going to love it. Warm, hot, fucking soo good.” I said continuing to moan while he worked me open.

My ex-boyfriend turned me into a butt-slut, loving getting fucked up the ass after the third time he forced his unwelcome dick into my rear end. He had achieved through determination what I had resisted at first. I still remembered that unwelcome pain and clenched teeth while I ground my jaw and clenched my knuckles white while he rammed my ass. I came harder than I’d ever done before, shaking my whole body with electric spasms. I didn’t realize my hand was furious on my clit until after when I was done thrashing about and my fingers moved slow circles around my swollen bean.

The fucker took my ass every time we had sex after, forcing me to work up to cumming from anal only as he demanded to fuck my butt exclusively. After we broke up I started craving a good ass pounding and found most guys too shy to go for it without prompting.

George was taking to it well, working his fingers faster and faster and grinning as he watched me moan and twist in pleasure.

“Lick my butthole.”

“Ugh, I mean, gross.”

“I’m clean. You can see. Lick it, George. I need you to so I’m wet enough for your big dick.”

He sighed but dropped his face between my toned ass cheeks and I felt his weak warmth wetting my hole.

“Ahhh, yeah, that feels good,” I said, sighing to his attention. “Get it good and wet, work your tongue on the ridges. I need it good and soaking.”

“Mmmmm, knnnn” he mumbled while working his tongue. I could tell he wasn’t pressing hard or too deep yet. He needed more encouragement.

I started writhing my butt into his face, moaning loud and making squealing noises when his tongue flattened to my tightest exit. After a few slobbering and satisfying minutes I eased up and looked over my shoulder.

“Fuck my ass, George,” I said.

“Are you, are you sure?”

“Yes! You’ve already got your fingers ramming my butt, George. I love it. What more do you need?”

“Uh, nothing, I guess. Oh, okay.”

For all his muscle, warm skin and good looks, he was slow to pound my butt. Why couldn’t I find a guy to ream my asshole rough like I’d been taught to enjoy?

George withdrew his fingers, and I propped my butt over my knees, rising high and keeping my face in the soft blanket.

“Fuck you’ve got a fine butt,” he said. “Ready?”

“Yes. yes, yes. Fuck me in the ass.”

I couldn’t wait anymore. My orgasm hovered around my rump like a specter of doom waiting to pounce. It was almost Halloween after all.

His cock was a stiff rod poking against my rear.

I took a breath, tried my best to relax, and let him push apart my sphincter.

“AHH! OH! YOU’RE so BIG!” I gushed, swelling and feeling stuffed to bursting while he shoved his way through my tightness.

“Fuck! I’ve never been in a girl’s ass before! It feels so fucking tight, and hot!”

“Ooooh, it feels sooo good,” I cooed, “Deeper. Fuck me hard and deep. I need your big dick fucking my ass hard!”

“God yes, incredible!” he started grunting, “yes! I love fucking your ass!”

“Work it! Work it hard, I want it bad. Fuck me to the balls, George. Fuck me hard!”

He pushed rough, bottoming his dick to the balls inside my tight ass. I moaned, flicking my clit with fingers under my thighs. I loved it. The feeling mixed with his enthusiasm, his sputtering jo, and naive excitement.

Best of all, his constant thrusting kept my butthole rippling with friction, hitting me deep, full, and fast.

“Keep fucking me! Keep fucking. Uhg! Ah! It feels so good. I love your big fat cock deep in my tight little ass! Yes!”

I began bucking against his waist, using the bed for leverage to ram his shaft deeper. His balls slapped my pussy. My hand flurried over my gushing wet clit.

My orgasm started in my bowls, rising next through my sphincter clenching hard against his dick like a smooth narrow band of tightness. My pussy joined the explosive celebration heartbeats later, crashing together and exploding through my stomach.

I lost all control, flopping like dead weight to the mattress.

“I just came,” I breathed as a whisper, my mouth drooling on the soft blanket, enjoying the feel of the fabric’s embrace.

George pounded my ass rough, even as I was spent.

“Yes! Yes! Your ass is amazing! So fucking tight.” His body jackhammered into my prone quiet rear, pounding deep up my butt while I shook from his impact. I grunted but endured while he railed my ass. “Fuck! Fuck! Yes! I’m cumming!”

“Explode inside my ass!” I shouted, hoping to catch his cum inside.


He pulsed his load into my butt, filling my hot rectum with his sticky goo. George collapsed on top of my back, letting his six-pack abs fall heavy on my butt cheeks. He kept his dick in my butt squeezing more cum into me every few moments.

“You’re something else,” he whispered in my ear, kissing the back of my neck.

“Thanks,” I said, breath difficult from his full weight crushing my ribs. It felt good to be constrained, compressed like this. His dick was still up my butt. “Think you can fuck my ass again? I’ve got another orgasm building.”

“I think so.” He heaved himself up and adjusted. He pulled out. “Yeah, I’m ready. I want to fuck your ass all night long.”

“Oh god, I don’t know if I can cum that much.”

“Get on your back.” He was full of command and hungry need like I’d hoped he would be. “I want to see your tits jiggling while I stuff your butt.”

“Yes. I can’t wait.” I said, finding more energy from the expectant orgasm. George was a good fuck after all.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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