At school

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At school
This happened when I worked at the same school where she went, she was in 9th grade, the bodies of many girls had started to get nice shapes, just like her.
I used to admire her a little extra on the sly, but I think she noticed it as soon as I looked in her direction so she made a little more challenging poses, bulging out of the breasts or buttocks.

We both knew that a relationship between teacher and pupil was not appropriate, even “forbidden”, it was of course especially me as a teacher and an adult, she as a young girl playing on her sexuality in an innocent way.
During the last spring semester before graduation, I had her in my class where I taught mathematics, one of my subjects.

When I helped her with a task on one occasion she told me that she was worried that she would not get approved in the “math” and she wondered I could help her a little extra. Because I felt attracted to her, I felt my cock harden a little extra in the pants.
I collected myself and realized as an adult I should not help her, given my feelings for her, or should I say arousal, because I did not know if I could control my actions, but as a teacher it’s my job to help my students. After a long reflection, at least it seemed so to me, so I told her to come to the classroom later that day when my and her lessons were over.

The rest of the day was slow for many reasons, and my desire to be alone with her and also my concerns about what would happen if I could not control myself.

Just before it was time to go to the classroom so I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom and wash my dick, I’d been horny by the thought of being alone with her made ??my cock leaked a bit, did not want it would smell regardless of whether something should happen or not, but in my imagination I already made love to her.

We came simultaneously and promptly to the classroom, which was a bit unusual for her, she would in fact be one of those who almost always got a little “too late”.
We walked into the class room and closed the door and she sat on the bench and picked up their maths books and we began to discuss what she needed help with.

I squatted next to her bench in part because I like to sit that way and purely educational it is not as daunting for someone to look straight ahead as opposed to looking up to someone that hangs over you.
After a little while, I started getting a little tired in the legs as I stood up and stretched out, when I sat down again I almost fell so I had to grab her thighs to get the balance again, I felt her legs stiffened, but I could not bring myself to remove the hand, her thigh muscles felt youthful fit through jeans fabric.

She looked at me and I saw that she wondered a little but I let my hand remain in place and began to explain a little about something in math workbooks, while I felt her thighs and legs began to relax as if it got used to the feel of my hand. I could not help but let my hands begin to slide a few inches up the thigh, felt that she became tense again and pressed her legs together a bit, I look at her and she looked at me, slowly, I felt her relax again and spread your legs again .
Now I had forgotten about the mathematics completely, now was the make or break, I begun to caress the thigh while I looked at her, I looked at her that this was something that also thought about and wanted.

I wanted to enjoy every second, this opportunity might never come back, I turned her chair so she was facing me and put one hand on each her ??thigh and I spread her legs a little and looked expectantly wanted her to come closer with her face, she took and we started kissing gently then more passionately, as my hands caressed her thighs, I thought I feel the scent of her wet pussy.

Now there was no turning back, we both knew what would happen and we want it too, we got up and I began to unbutton her jeans while I told her to take off her top, when she did so I saw two small teen breasts but not too small.
While I started to pull down her now unbuttoned jeans so I sank to the knees and began kissing and licking her lovely breasts, her nipples stiffened and she sighed deeply.

When the jeans were taken off, I saw that she had minimal panties that barely covered her sex, it was clear that she was really horny, anyone who has seen a pair of wet panties know exactly how it looked, you could almost see the wet spot grow, I wanted to taste her pussy so I pulled them down and stood up again and lifted her up and laid her down on desk.
I started by putting her legs against my shoulders and slowly, sometimes kissing, sometimes licking down the legs down to my goal, her gorgeous teen pussy. Her pussy was covered by a thin smooth layer of hair, when I reached her pussy and could feel the wonderfully exciting smell of the wet pussy, I began to kiss and lick around the “crack” I wanted to enjoy for as long as possible, even if my cock now was throbbing rock hard in my pants and did not want anything other than to penetrate the tight, wet pussy.

Slowly I let my tongue follow the crack from the bottom up towards the area where the clitoris is, by now, her pussy lips swollen opened up like a blossoming pink rose, she was moaning more and more as I licked and let the tongue penetrate between the lips.

asked her if she wanted to feel my cock thrust into her, she replied, “bring out your old man’s cock, fuck me now, I’m so wet and horny and longs for it,” I did not hesitate to take her word for it, I quickly pulled down my pants and also pulled down my boxer shorts in a move, my dick was hard and pointed straight at her and her pussy, it was not necessary to help direct it towards her pussy but she groped for it and grabbed and pointed it at opening.

I did not know if she was a virgin or not so I took it easy but she asked me to push it all the way and said I was not the first so she was no virgin. Slowly I pressed my cock into her tight wet pussy, it slid slowly in, her pussy was so wet, I felt her pussy muscles squeezing my dick, my dick is not so long but it is rather thick, eventually I was completely inside. I started slowly pulling it out but when it was halfway out I pressed and it was completely in again I heard her gasp, if it was by the pleasure or the quick hard thrust all the way in I do not know, but it did not bother me right now.

I grabbed her thighs and pulled her towards me and started humping first slowly but soon faster and faster, now I could not restrain myself any longer, and it did not help as she moaned and whined at every trust as I did when I was going to pull out my cock to avoid cum inside her she screamed, “NO, do not pull it out, spray me full, I want to know your old man’s cock pulsates when the it cums deep inside me,” I suspected that I might not be the first man who fucked her.

Now I came to think that we were actually at school, even if it it was when all the classes had finished, the school was not empty yet, what if someone entered the classroom.

This was only the first time we had sex, but not the last time but the next times was at my house, may well add that she passed the math.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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