Aunt Marie Was My First And Still The Best.

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Aunt Marie Was My First And Still The Best.
This happened many years ago when I was 16 and Marie was about 28, My mother took both my brother and myself on holiday to see our grandmother, we lived in another country and had’nt seen them in a few years.
When we were introduced to Marie as a horny teenager I found it very difficult to keep my eyes off her, she was so beautiful and sexy I found myself thinking and dreaming about fucking her.
My uncle and Marie only married 18 months earlier and they had a baby together just 6 months earlier, Marie was only 5 foot 2 and her post baby body was nice and curvy, nice 38C boobs and a nice sexy round ass, short brown hair and big brown eyes.
Marie came around a lot to take us out so I got to see her quite a bit, as it was summer she was always dressed quite sexy in tight tops and short shorts, quite often I would see glimpses of her panties as she walked around and bent over, she was really having an effect on me as I often found myself having to go off and relieve myself.
I was a little on the shy side but Marie and I seem to get on well, I was’nt sure if she knew what effect she was having on me but she sure was as I had never felt like this before.
One day we went around to their house and after my uncle went off to work all the others were sitting out the back and I was alone in the house I went into their bedroom and checked out Marie’s underwear draw finding some very sexy panties I would haved loved to see her wearing, I could’nt help myself and took a pair of panties with me to wank off with later.
A few days later Marie came around with the baby and when she walked in I had to pick my jaw up off the ground as she was wearing a very short halter dress that only just covered her sexy round bum and had a plunging neckline showing plenty of cleavage, I had to go into the living room to watch tv as it was a little to much for me and I did’nt want anyone to see the bulge in my shorts.
A while later Marie came in with her baby and said here you can look after him for a while and bent over right in front of me and placed him on the floor, her dress was so short there was her panty covered pussy right there.. I was absolutely stunned, I could’nt believe my eyes, I never wanted something so much in my life as I wanted to fuck Marie.
Later Marie came in and got her baby giving me another quick view of her as she picked him up then took him out to the kitchen to feed him, my mother and grandmother were always out in the kitchen talking, my brother was off doing something and after Marie put the baby down for nap she came in to the living room and said she was tired and wanted a nap as well and laid down on the sofa next to me with her head at the other end and her panty covered pussy and ass right next to me so close I could reach out and touch it.. it was almost unbearable, as she went off to sleep I kept looking over at her and wondering did she realise that I could see the most private and special part of her body or was she doing it on purpose, did she know about me taking her panties.. I did’nt know.. I was now busy fighting the urge to touch her pussy while she slept, well I just could’nt help myself I reached over and ran my fingers litely over her panty covered pussy feeling for the first time how soft and warm it was all the while being careful not wake Marie.. later that night I blew my biggest and hardest load yet.
A few days later my mother got a phone call and had to return home early leaving my brother and myself behind for the last 2 weeks of our holiday.
While on holiday I had been looking for a special thing I was after but so far had’nt found and when Marie found out she said she knew where to get it and would take, a few days later she came round to take me and she was wearing that sexy short halter dress as I got ready she asked if my brother was going and he said no it would just be me.. so off we went with Marie saying she had a couple of errands to do along the way, we pulled into a quiet parking area and turned off the engine then she asked me did I find her attractive, I sat there a little stunned then she asked did I like her dress I answered yes I did, she then asked did I enjoy seeing her bend over showing me her panties, I sat there not knowing what to say.. then she said you like panties don’t you and that she knew I had taken her panties and that she did lay down next to me the other day to see if I would do anything and had enjoyed my touching her and asked if I wanted more, as I was a 16 year old virgin I sat there unsure what to do so she leaned over and kissed me softly saying it was alright and that although I was a few years younger than her she was attracted to me and really enjoyed the attention I was giving her and it was a boost to her ego.
She did’nt want to wait for an answer and took charge again kissing me but more passionately this time and taking my hand and placing it between her legs on her pussy rubbing it, it did’nt take long before I began to feel her getting wet I got bold and slipped my fingers into her panties then into her pussy lips feeling the warmth and wetness of my first pussy and all the while my cock had become as hard as stone with the women of my dreams letting me do this to her, then she stopped kissing and pulled back I saw her face was a little flushed and she was biting her lower lip as I fingered her then she said she wanted to get my shorts off and quickly pulled them down then said she could’nt wait anymore and threw her leg over straddling me pulling her panties to one side as she positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy before she slid down onto me, the feelings of my first pussy were unbelievable as she slid up and down and gyrated around on my cock, she undid her halter top letting me see her wonderful soft tits which I then greedily started to feel and suck on her erect nipples helping sent Marie over the edge grunting and breathing hard, all this was to much for me.. I was a suprised that I lasted as long as I did telling Marie that I was cumming and she grunted out cum in me cum in me now!.. I blew everything I had into Marie’s hot pussy and shortly after that she came loudly as we both just sat there I could feel her pussy pulse and twitch around my softening cock.
We cleaned up and talked while we got dressed, Marie asked did I enjoy it I told her I did very much and that it was my first time, she said she thought it might be and being my first time and it being a bit wrong being her husbands nephew and doing it in a carpark made it such a turn on for her.
A few days later I got to fuck Marie properly in her bed, she came round and asked to borrow me to help with a job, when we got to her home she told me to help myself to a drink while she did a quick job, 5 minutes later she called out to come to her bed room when I walked in she was wearing a sexy short nightie with see thru matching panties and I was told to get undressed as I did so Marie asked if I had ever licked a pussy I said no but i would like to, she lay down and I quickly pulled her panties down and Marie instructed me how to pleasure a women, after I managed to bring her to an orgasm she was so horny that she told me in no uncertain terms to fuck her.

My brother and I returned home and we did not get to return for a number of years, my uncle and Marie split up so I never got to see her again but everytime I think of her I get turned on…
My First And My Best.. Thank You Marie where ever you are.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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