Babysitter, Wife, Dad, Mother-in-Law and Me

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Babysitter, Wife, Dad, Mother-in-Law and Me
Originally published as Best Father’s Day Gift Ever but due to low response I am re-posting under a different title.

True story

If you have read our earlier posts, you will know that nearly 6 years ago my dad, Liam, had done a nude painting of Babs, which she gave to me for my birthday. You will also know that Babs and my dad have had sex before also on more than one occasion. My dad and I look very much alike so it wasn’t difficult to see why Babs fancied him so.

Last year, Bab’s mom Helen was visiting at the same time my dad was and the two of them hit off and got married. Helen is also fairly open and she and I have had sex and the four of us have had group sex before.

I only share that because of the Father’s Day surprise that Babs had for me this year.

Our parents had come for a weekend visit and Father’s Day morning, dad and I went out to play some tennis. When we returned, we were both surprised when we were greeted at the door by Babs, Helen and our new housekeeper Becca. The three of them were wearing very sexy maid outfits with half shelf bras that held up and exposed their tits. They had very short skirts that easily revealed they were not wearing panties with the slightest movement.

Becca took our tennis rackets and left the room. Helen escorted me to my shower and stripped me and opened the shower door for me. When I had finished, she was waiting with a towel with which she did a very thorough job to drying me off. I went to get dressed and Helen told me that they would prefer I didn’t. I soon found out that Babs had done the same for my dad.

We were escorted into the living room where Becca served us a drink and asked if there was anything else she could get us. Dad said she could come and sit on his lap and she said he’ll have to wait for later for that. She flashed and wiggled her ass at him as she walked out of the room.

For the next couple of hours, we only saw Becca who regularly checked to see if we needed more drink or anything else. Every time she would come into the room, my dad got erect and Becca would giggle at him and shake her very sexy ass.

Around noon, the three of them came into the livingroom and served us lunch on trays. After serving us, they sat across the room to eat their lunch and take the opportunity to flash us their bare pussies. With the spectacular display, I’m not sure dad or I remember what we ate for lunch but we both knew what we wanted to eat.

After lunch, they told us that they had arranged a game for us all to play. They called it strip pong, based upon the popular college game of beer pong. They arranged 12 cups on the floor about 15 feet in front of us. The red cups were Babs, blue Helens and yellow were Becca’s. We handed us a bowl full of ping pong balls and told us that we would alternate turns and if we landed a ball in cup, the owner of the ball got to undo a button on the outfit of the cups owner. The cups were mixed up so make it harder to aim for any particular color.

It took dad and me a few turns to get the right bounce, but eventually we started landing in the cups. The game was a lot of fun and both dad and I enjoyed slowly exposing the three sexy ladies. Becca was the first one to have all of her buttons undone and then dad landed a ball in her cup and had the privilege to slipping the maid outfit off of her. In doing so, he made sure his hands made lot so contact with her tits, ass and pussy.

Becca’s cups were removed and the next one to get stripped was Helen and again it dad won the privilege, but told me to go ahead, so I did. I also took advantage of the opportunity and felt her tits, ass and pussy. Rather than playing to see who got to strip Babs, I told dad to go ahead and he jumped at the opportunity. He not only felt up body, but managed to steal a quick suck on a nipple as her outfit slid off.

Once everyone was stripped, the girls blindfolded dad and I and sat us down on the sofa. Then I started feeling hands caressing all over my body from my shoulders and arms down to my feet. Babs knows that drives me wild especially when I’m blindfolded and there is more than one woman caressing.

I felt several hands cradling my balls and gently stroking my very hard cock. Then there was a pair of lips on the tip of my cock and another pair of lips kissing along the underside of the shaft. By now I had completely forgotten about my dad as I was lost in a world of blind ecstasy.

Then a mouth slowly swallowed my cock and a set of hands held my balls. The mouth moved up and down, slowly at first and then gradually speeding up. Every time I could feel myself getting close, the mouth on my cock would slow down or pull off for a few moments. This went on for several minutes until there was a pause and I could hear them moving around.

The pause was broken when I felt a very wet pussy starting to slide down my cock. At first I wasn’t sure who it belonged and I didn’t really care. By that time every inch of me said I needed to be in a pussy ready to spray it full of seed. This pussy worked up and down on my cock for a bit then pulled off only to be replaced by a second pussy and then a third pussy. They continued to switch turns until I could not hold off any longer and began shooting stream after stream of seed up into the mystery pussy. I grabbed whoever’s hips and finished pumping into them and then held them down tightly on my cock and just sat there.

A few moments later I could hear my dad grunting and I knew that he was also filling one of the pussies. Then I wondered who was being left out and I asked if I could remove the blindfold and was told not yet. The pussy on my cock lifted off and heard them walk out of the room. Dad whispered and asked if I enjoyed that as much as he did and I told him it was great and wondered who got the final load. All he said was that he knew it wasn’t Helen.

A few minutes later and the girls returned and told us we could take off our blindfolds. Then asked if we could identify who the lucky pussy was to be filled with our cum. Dad guessed Babs and I guessed Helen. I was right and he was wrong, it was Becca who took his load and she curtsied at him when he figured out who. I looked at Babs she said not to worry because before the day was through, each of them would take a load from both of us. Dad and I looked at each other smiled.

Since it was hot day, we all went out to the pool to swim and play around for couple of hours. Becca made sure we had a cold drink. While in the pool, dad and I felt and suckled every tit and fingered every pussy. Both of us spent most of the time in the pool with a full erection.

Before leaving the pool, Helen announced that it was time for round two. They made us promise to warn them when we were getting ready to cum since they wanted to make sure we didn’t cum in the same pussy.

The girls lined up along the shallow end of the pool and leaned forward. Becca was on the right, Babs in the middle and Helen on the left. I started with Babs and dad started with Helen. We took them from behind and when they said switch, we had to switch to the next one on the left and then back around to Becca again.

It was electrifying to be pumping inside three different pussies almost at the same time. With each woman, I managed to hold their tits while I pummeled them from behind. I also watched the swaying tits of whoever dad was pumping.

I announced that I could feel a stirring in my balls so Helen was told to take her turn on dad. When he got close, Becca was told to just take her turn on me. A short while later I started to cum and it was Babs who got my load. By that time dad said he was close and Babs and Helen began taking their turns. Wouldn’t you know it that dad shot his load in my wife also, lucky her have both my father’s seed and my own in her at the same time. Needless to say she loved it.

We swam around a little longer and then decided to get out, dry off in the sun and head back inside. The ladies set dad and I back down in the living room and turned on a baseball game and headed into the kitchen to start dinner. Like she had been all day, Becca brought us a cold drink. Dad managed to reach out and grab her ass as she walked by and she just giggled as she walked away.

They fixed Mexican food, chicken enchiladas, tacos, rice and refried beans. With dinner they served us cold beer. Since this was a little messier than the deli sandwiches we had at lunch, we sat at the table to eat. Dad and I both started at their tits, waiting for them to dip into plates so we could lick them off. I have to admit the meals that day were the most sensuous meals I have ever had which did include licking some dripped salsa off a couple of tits.

After dinner, the girls cleaned up while dad and I watched some more baseball. The girls eventually joined us with Helen sitting next to dad and I had Babs on one side of me and Becca on the other. I thought to myself that life can’t get any better than this.

By the time the game was over, Babs and Becca had me erect from playing with my bat and balls as they called them. Helen was slowly stroking dad and he was also fully erect. Babs and Becca got up and fixed us all a drink and we just sat in the living room and talked. Dad and Helen were asking Becca all kinds of questions about her past and if she knew what she was getting into when she took the job with us as housekeeper and babysitter.

That’s when it dawned on me that I hadn’t heard little Liam all day and asked why. Turns out that they had left him with an old babysitter for the weekend.

After about half an hour of relaxing, drinking and talked, the three ladies excused themselves and said they would be back in a few minutes. Dad and I looked at each other and wondered what they were up to. A short time later, Becca returned to escort us to another room.

When we walked in, Babs and Helen were standing beside two massage tables. Helen beckoned me to the table by her and Becca led dad to the table by Babs. They had us lay face down; the lights were tuned low, soft soothing music turned on and the room soon filled with the fragrance of scented oils and spices.

I couldn’t see what was happening with dad, but a pair of hands began applying heated oils to my heels and then worked their way up my legs. The hands were strong and yet gentle and the closer they came to my butt the more turned on I began to feel. Eventually the hands began to knead my butt and then my lower back.

I have to admit that I had some tightness in my lower back and one butt cheek stemming from an old sports injury but the hands pressed on the knotted muscles then stroked them smooth. It hurt like hell at first but when it was done it felt wonderful.

The hands worked up my back to my shoulders and neck, again finding every knotted muscle on the way and unknotted them. From the shoulders out the arms and hands, the roving fingers performed their magic.

Babs told dad and me to close our eyes and turnover. They quickly placed a warm moistened and scented towel over our eyes and foreheads. I later realized that the towel helped clear my sinuses. The same wonderful hands began by gently massaging my temples and worked their way down to my jaws and neck. My arm was then lifted and my hand rested against a very nice feeling set of tits and he hands started with my fingers and worked their way to the armpit. Next was the other arm.

Feeling the tits, I kept trying to figure out which one of our naked beauties was performing wonders on my body. I finally guessed that it had to be Becca as knew Babs was not this gifted in the art of massage and the tits didn’t feel like Helen’s. She must have had some training in massage before we hired her.

After she finished with my arms, she stood and gently leaned against of my head as she leaned and let her fingers do their job on my chest. Babs had played with my nipples before but the fingers worked around them and with them in ways I had never known. It was soothing and yet extremely stimulating and I knew it made my cock stand up.

The mystery woman who I assumed was Becca, then moved to my side and began kneading my abdomen. They stopped just short of my cock and moved to my feet. This was the first time someone actually massaged my toes and I was surprised at how good it felt. From the toes, they did the rest of my feet and up legs, again working out any knots in my calves.

As the hands worked their up my thighs my cock was pulsing and jumping in anticipation. Then the moment happened. Fingers gently traced the seam and ridges of my balls and I felt them pull up tight. Then a single finger slowly traced up the underside of my cock and then followed the ridge around the head and finally ended up at the tip.

I felt hair d**** on my thighs and stomach just prior to feeling a tongue play with the tip of me cock, licking off the river of precum that was oozing forth. The tongue then traced around the head of my cock, down the shaft and then back up again.

By now I wanted to ram my cock into a mouth or pussy, it didn’t matter which and it didn’t matter if it was Babs, Becca or Helen.

Lips, oh glorious lips gently kissed the tips and down the shaft. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was told later that I was moaning in ecstasy quite loudly. The lips then engulfed just the head, sucked hard and I could feel the tongue tickling the tip. All the while this was happening; a hand was gently massaging my balls and kneading them between their fingers.

The lips then started traveling down my shaft and I could feel the head of my cock against the roof of a mouth and then against the opening to the throat and the lips were resting again my balls. Which one of the ladies it was, she took my entire length without gagging. Even more incredibly, her tongue was snaking around in ways I never knew it could with a mouth full of cock.

This continued for about a minute and then the lips slowly withdrew and then plunged back down on me. They began to vigorously work up and down my cock, all the time the tongue played and twirled around my shaft and the hand continued to massage my balls.

At this rate, I knew it wouldn’t be much longer till I blew my load and whoever was giving me THE most incredible blowjob I ever had also knew because it suddenly stopped. Then I felt someone climbing over me on the table and a leg positioning on each side of mine. Then a very wet and very tight pussy slid itself all the way down my shaft and just stayed there.

I wanted to pump that heck out of this pussy, but I realized that it was doing its own thing. The muscles in the pussy contracted in waves which felt like a hand stroking me up and down. It was extremely erotic to feel such control, which I didn’t know any of the women possessed, but at this point in time I didn’t care. I just wanted more.

The pussy worked my cock for well over a minute and then began to slide up and down on my shaft, still contracting and working its magic. It was too much to stand and I started shooting out stream after stream of hot cum. As I came, the pussy used its muscles to milk my shaft dry, again something I had never felt before.

About a minute later, the pussy lifted off and a tongue licked me clean. Then I heard some whispering, a few giggles, and woman’s voice that I didn’t recognize say ‘thank you’ and the door opened and closed. I immediately started to reach for the towel over my eyes but the ladies stopped me.

I then realized that I could hear my dad moaning and knew that he was getting the same treatment. During it all, I had completely forgotten about my dad and what was happening to him, because what was happening to me was the most mind blowing massage and sex I ever had.

Not long after, I heard dad grunting and I knew he was cumming. I suspect whoever was working him took time to clean him off and then again, I heard whispering, giggling and a second strange voice whisper ‘thank you’ and again the door closed.

Eventually, the ladies took the towels off our eyes and kissed up both and asked how like our father’s day gift. I told them it was incredible and then asked who did me. They smiled and said it was their secret and they all promised that it wasn’t them. Evidently, the ladies have sworn to keep it a secret who was in the room with us, and dad and I know is that it wasn’t any of them that gave us our massage, blowjob fuck.

I looked over at dad and he was still trying to catch his breath and all he could do was nod yes and puff out that it was fantastic. The two of us were completely exhausted and just wanted to rest. When we caught our breath, we returned to the living room for a drink and to just sit and rest.

A short time later, Babs and Becca said they had to go pick up Liam from the babysitter, so we all got dressed and the three ladies took off to pick up my son. While they were gone, dad and I talked and we both agreed that this was the best sexual experience that either of us ever had. And then we started making plans for Mother’s Day next year.

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