BBC for Heavy Titted Teacher – part III –

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BBC for Heavy Titted Teacher – part III –
As I sit back and take it all in, I am trying to regain my stamina for my second round. Watching her get spit roasted by these two bulls is getting my dick hard again almost immediately! I’m slowly stroking myself back into the game, watching Lisa doing her level best to coordinate the thrusting of Donny’s ramrod mercilessly pounding her asshole as Johnny fucks her face with what seems like just the tip of his monster dong, but in reality, you see a good 7-8 inches are assaulting her throat. She snorts and huffs and gags with the olympic workout she’s getting! As the tears stream down her cheeks, ruining her expensive spas makeover, I can’t help myself and I bet I am grinning like a school boy watching her being defiled!

Her huge, engorged udders are swinging and slapping – it’s been a good 12 hours since she was properly milked this morning, as is my routine. Not counting what I greedily slurp down down from the tap, I have been getting a good couple quarts of milk pumped from her each day that I save for later in the freezer. She has missed her after dinner milking tonight and it is showing in her engorged balloons. The thick brown nipples are getting puffy as they start to leak incessantly onto the carpet. The skin of the round globes is stretched taut against the engorgement, the stretch marks I so adore now almost invisible as they have easily expanded a cup size. I’m sure using them as punching bag earlier has exacerbated the swelling and the redness is starting to reveal the bruises that will be evident by morning!

Almost lost in the fantasy world of her 4-H club award winning milk bags, I am brought back to reality as Donny is grunting and moaning out loud, he is straddled over her big, alabaster white ass, her hefty cheeks slapping and jiggling with every balls deep thrust he gives her, every thrust causing her chubby tummy to bulge and bounce! “Oh man! It’s coming! Oh yeah! I’m gonna blow in this ass!! Ahhh! OHhhhh!” Donny exclaims and as he starts to pull from her ass, what seems like buckets of black bull, creamy white cum start spilling from her gaping rectum!

Up front, now that the phone pole has been removed, she seems to gain momentum on Johnny’s long cock, her head now bobbing furiously. As the cum continues to drain from her ass, she seems determined to end this session quickly and knows that getting Johnny to blow is her only salvation. She is slurping and gurgling with renewed vigor but Johnny has another plan!
He pulls the huge cock from her abused mouth, her face looking like it has gone a few round in the ring. She look surprised he has pulled it out and gets up. Without missing a step, he is now behind her and straddles her fat ass. She cries out “ oh, no ! Please no!” anticipating another 40 minutes of her asshole being ravaged. I doubt he payed attention to her pleas, but he had other plans and buried the pole back in her pussy, immediately pumping her for all he was worth!

As Donny sits back in recovery mode, grabbing his drink and watching, I move to sit on the floor in front of her to watch her face. She is grimacing as the marathon continues on, a huge black man shredding her mature pusy with abandon! What is going through her mind?!? She has that look of desperation again, that I should come to her rescue…25 plus years of marriage, I should be her knight in shining armor and end this crazy odyssey! Is that what she is thinking? I don’t know , but the look is turning me on even more! I look in her eyes, she’s on her elbows, her ass in the air, her juggs bouncing against the carpet. The tears won’t come anymore, she’s just holding on for mercy at this point… but it is yet to come for her.

I lay with my back against the chair, facing her. I am stroking my cock and alternately watching her face…Johnny’s face…her bouncing ass …her leaking udders. I am close enough that if I scoot up I can pull her mouth down on my cock, but I want to see her, I want her to see me, my ecstasy, as I jack off furiously inches from her face! She must now know the immense pleasure I’m getting from her ultimate use .I see the humiliation, the betrayal… that’s all it took…. As I hear Johnny grunting and hammering her pussy, I see him thrust those last few deep , arched thrusts and know it’s coming! I jack hard, hoping to climax as her womb is flooded with a week of his saved up black baby custard! He lets go.. “Arrrrghh!Oh, SHit!!!” he exclaims. He buries it to the hilt with that last thrust, moaning in pleasure. As I hoped, I’m right there, I arch up , my rock hard 7” of cock a foot from her face as the semen explodes in a giant spurt , straight up then splashing dow, covering my hand and cock. My eyes were closed and when I open them, I see the look of shock and distrust in her eyes, now her true fear was realized. She could see it in my face of pleasure, my only use for her now was to use her to get off and cum. I had realized that this is, indeed what I’ve wanted all along, since I met her, to put her to the ultimate use for my pleasure. I have succeeded.

Johnny gets up, totally spent, and goes to clean up. Donny is just taking it all in, finishing his drink. I am finally able to be coherent and get up from the floor. Lisa lay on the floor now, just breathing hard, sniffling, seeingly unable to decide what to do. I reach down to her, to help her up, but she startles, then pulls away, She gets up and sees Donny watching her, I see her look at his now flaccid tool, the one that wrecked her asshole tonight. SHe walks past him to get her robe off the couch, he gives her fat ass a light slap with a chuckle. “ Hey baby! He says to her.
“I didn’t say thank you.That was fantastic!” She didn’t respond as she walked to the bedroom. “Baby, you are a sex machine! I’m Looking forward to round two! You should go rest up!” again, she ignores as she walks away.

As she gets to the hall, Johnny has come out of the bathroom and blocks her path.She stops dead in her tracks, now for the first time she sees his manhood n full frontal view. Oh how I wish I could see her face right now, but no worry, I’ll see it later on the video. He reaches out, puts his big hands on her shoulders, strokes down her arms, but she doesn’t even move “ Wow, even after all that you still look good…mmmmm…” Johnny tells her. “That big ass was all I had dreamed it would be …mmmm”. “Thanks baby, you go rest now”. Lisa walked in the bedroom, closing the door behind.

Johnny came out, grabbed a drink, sat across from Donny. There was only an uncomfortable silence as we all sat in the living room. Then, suddenly, at once, we all started laughing. I chimed in first “ Gentlemen, That was fucking out of control! I just don’t think that could have gone better if we choreographed it!”

Donny responded “ I was pretty nervous coming up here, didn’t know what to expect” he said. “This all seems too good to be true, ya know?” I nodded in agreement. Then he said… “ya know, you told me she was in on this, but it seems she may not have enjoyed all that as much as we did. I think there is more to this story”. I said “ There is… But that is for a different day. If you are getting cold feet for the rest of the festivities, I get it”. He replied quickly “Oh no – no cold feet here! Just wondering the back story, cause there is one” . Johnny is listening intently, also a little puzzled. I ask Johnny if he is getting cold feet. He replies “ well…I can’t say that wasn’t a damn good time, but I don’t want any trouble either”. I assured him there would be none. She just needed to warm up to it and, let’s be honest. Two giant cocks destroying every hole is probably not her idea of a romantic evening. This was for me and that’s why she agreed.

“ Let’s all take a break for a couple drinks, clean up, let her clean up and rest.” I told them. “The next act of this opera starts in one hour and we’ll retreat to the bedroom for some further fun”. They nodded in agreement and then it happened again, we all looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh with giddy anticipation.

All those years, where normal sex gradually morphed into more and more perverted themes. The light bondage that turned heavy, the novelty of lactation that turned into a milking obsession, the normal, weekly marital sex that only left me wanting to go find more, to masturbate almost constantly. Now, I crossed the threshold, I didn’t need to control my urges, to appear a normal spouse, with maybe a few kinks. Now, it was all out there. I would now enjoy my sex addiction, I would watch my porn right here in the living room, I pull my cock out to masturbate at will – in the house, at the dinner table, in the car. I had nothing to hide. Instead of finding a hotel room or a dark parking lot to get the illicit blow job from some huge jugged ghetto skank I pick up at a bus stop, Id’ just bring her home and do her. And now, I’d make Lisa join in , as a good wife should. Oh the possibilities! I can send her to pick up women, I can take her to the swing clubs, the glory holes, I can set up gang bangs on the internet and have hundreds of men use her!

I better hit the gym. I have some serious work outs ahead…almost as much as Lisa does.

To be continued…

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