Beach Bunny Boff

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Beach Bunny Boff
“Go ahead, one more Jason,” I nodded at the bartender and owner of Jason’s Beach Hideaway.

Yeah, not a too imaginative name for a bar but that’s what it was. One of the few ramble down dives near the resort area on Eleuthra the locals called home. Old bar stools, older and more scarred bar, and unremarkable reggae type music blasting in the background. My kind of joint given the mood I was in.

Jason gave me a squint-eyed look, seeing the collection of empty shot glasses I had stacked up into a little pyramid.

“No amount of drink buries the heart, mon. Shit for your writer’s block too my friend!”

But at my hand wave, he filled another and slid the double shot of Jack right into my open hand. I looked at it hard, picked it up and then bobbled and dropped it as some girl flounced down in the empty stool next to me, bumping my arm.

I rounded on her, my drvnkenness making me uncharacteristically angry and then froze. She was staring right at me with a pair of the most soulful hazel eyes and flashing a smile that would put a news anchor to shame. I blinked several times, my upraised finger I had intended to poke at her frozen pointing at the ceiling and said, “Ah…er…”

She laughed in an almost little girl voice, high but fresh, clean. Then a sarcastic, teasing remark, “You gonna offer me a drink bub or are you posing for a portrait.”

I actually had to shake my head to clear out some of the five double-shots of bourbon. “Drink I guess,” and turned to Jason, “Whatever the lady wants, on me.”

“A double of whatever he’s having. My name’s Rachel.”

“Oh, mines Ed,” and offered her my hand. She took it, held it a moment longer than was necessary and slid her chair a little closer to me. That made me critically examine her. A twenty-something, almost half my age, just the fuck what I was trying to escape by coming down here.

Long, light brown hair, streaked with blonde, fell in waves to a shoulderless flower-print dress. The neck was scooped to expose the top of her breasts. The dress, loose and flowing, drap3d down to her knees, shapely legs exposed below. I noticed her bright green shoes, thought drvnkenly about that subject, and said stupidly, “Nice Jimmy Choos.”

That threw her. Her face dropped, “You know shoes?” Her voice disappointed and rising at the end.

“Ah, kind of. My s1ster spends at last ten grand a year on the things. Have to know them, say something nice, or she’d chop my balls off”—I burped—“oops, sorry about that.”

She ignored the belch, thank god, tossed her hair and said sprightly, “Oh, a s1ster!” Then gave me a sly grin, “I’d never chop off your balls.”

Jesus! What’s happening? I came down here to get away from all entanglements. Get my writing career back on track. NOT get involved with the first pretty thing that comes along.

“Ah, yeah. Hey look. I’m really drvnk right now. Not good company. It’s nice meeting you,” and put out my hand again as a way of breaking away, trying to be polite.

Her lips pursed and then flattened in a thin line. I figured I might have insulted her. But, she took my hand in both of hers, the top one lightly caressing the back of my hand and said, “Sure. I understand. Another time.”

Glad at least that I had not terminally pissed her off, I staggered away to my hut.


Hack, slash, stumble. Shit fuck! Picked myself off the damp ground. Sweat pouring down my body, hair matted to my head. I machetied my way through the jungle, following a map of ‘tree landmarks’ given to me by Jason.

God damn that Jason. Mother fucker must be laughing his ass off at the thought of me out here now. I wiped my eyes clear again, stared at the map, the compass, and struck out to my right. Another twenty feet and….

“Jesus fucking Christ,” burst out of my lips at the sight in front of me. As far as the eye could see left and right, virgin white sand. Out ahead, a smooth ocean, crystal clear water sparkling in the early afternoon sun.

I stumbled out fully on the beach and felt the sun beat down on me, already starting to evaporate the sweat from my body. I looked back. The entire jungle edge was nothing but tall palms trees.

I ran the hundred yard dash to the ocean, stripping off my shirt on the way. Just as I hit the water’s edge I stopped, shucked my small pack, kicked off my sneakers and shorts and jogged another hundred feet into the shallow water. Now waist high I completely submerged and sat on the bottom, washing the sweat and grime of the trek from my body.

I could see perfectly for a fifty feet in either direction; the water was so clear. Bubbles trickled out of my mouth, a small fish swam by, so cool. I sprang up splashing in the water, free of all my cares in the real world, no one anywhere in sight.

I looked down. My cock at full mast just breaking the water’s surface, bent in refraction as it went below. How strange. I stroked it a few times and stopped, looking around, self-conscious for no reason.

Jason had been right. It was just what I needed. I strode to shore put down a towel in the hot sand and laid down to bake naked in the heat of the sun: no one around to disturb me, total isolation in paradise, free to dream whatever I desired!


Mmm…what a dream, what she did. But something woke me.

I looked up. The sun had gone in a cloud. No? I shaded my eyes and my s1eep-drvgged brain began to register. There was somebody standing in my fucking sunlight!

Still a little hung over, I scowled, “Hey, can you move over a bit, blocking my rays!”

A voice, a woman’s, “Oh, sorry about that,” and I recognized it.

Incredulously, “Rachel?”

“That’d be me.”

Then I realized fully where I was, what I had been thinking about just before waking and looked down. More than half erect, my cock was swaying at half-mast.

“Shit! Sorry!” and tried cupping it but it was already too big to hide with two hands.

“Ed, really! I’ve seen a few of those before. Don’t worry about it.”

And that didn’t help matters at all, just made it literally harder for me to hide. Finally I grabbed a corner of the blanket and threw it over my lap.

“Aren’t you going to invite me to sit down?”

“Oh, sure, please.” Hot! That’s what came to mind. Tiny gold bikini, barely able to cover her nipples and pubes. Slim but muscular legs, square shoulders.

She pulled a towel from her carry bag and snapped it out in one clean jerk smoothly on the sand beside me. She knelt down gracefully and then laid out full length facing me. Her breasts were natural, rounded, hanging nicely in her top. As her hips shifted, a trace of pubic hair appeared on one edge of the tiny triangle of her bikini bottom. My towel covering rose another inch.

Despite the lust rising inside me, I was curious, “Not that I’m disappointed or anything, but how the hell did you find me?”

“Oh, Jason’s quite the talker. Seems to be a good friend of yours.”

“Yeah, friend, blabber-mouth, that’s Jason,” I said sourly.

She gave me a little moue then said, “The suns stronger out here than I thought and I burn easily. Would you mind,” and she handed me a bottle of tropical oil.

I took it from her offered hand and must have looked like I didn’t know what to do with it cause she reached back and flipped the top while it was still in my outstretched hand. Then seeing I still hadn’t moved, she unhooked her top.

Oh, wow. Those nipples. So erect! Uncovered, my cock grew another inch, quivering between us.

“Start on my back please,” and she rolled over on her stomach.

Now knowing what I was supposed to do, I shrugged my shoulders, got up and straddled her legs. My Big Ed, as I called him mentally sometimes, was now fully erect and it was hard as hell to focus.

Ever the gentleman, I stupidly said, “You sure that’s all you want Rachel?”

In a little-girl sweet voice she quipped, “For now. Slather please!”

Yeah, later. I was about to slather all right, but kept my mouth shut this time.

To reach her back, I slid up her legs, my balls pressed tight against the base of her ass, my hard cock resting in the crack of her firm buttocks.

Jesus fuck, I was turned on but stayed focused, poured some of the coconut-scented oil on her back, smeared it around. I worked her back muscles from just above her butt with my left hand while using the heel of my right hand to firmly press down along the left side of her spine. I repeated the process on the right.

“That alright to do Rachel, you know, to do the massage, or do you want me to just put on the lotion?”

The only response I got was a low moan, so I continued. Grasping her shoulders firmly I squeezed and massaged them firmly until I saw her breathing become slow and rhythmic, relaxing. I followed with a gentle caress of her neck with my oiled palms. Then I delicately ran my fingers up her shell-like ears, being sure to coat the insides so they didn’t burn.

I repositioned myself over her ankles. One leg at a time I massaged her calves, then upper thighs. The left first, then the right.

I slid my warm, oily hands between her thighs and carefully stroked up both halves of her hard tight ass, under her bikini bottom, making sure I got some in her crack as well. I studiously avoided her pubic area, not really knowing what she would do. But I could see her pussy lips firm and engorged, a shiny wetness showing her mood

I thought I was going to explode but refused to touch myself, stayed on task. I said, “Flip please.”

When she did, I saw her eyes lids were half closed, her mouth partly open, panting slightly. She licked her lips, “Continue… please…”

She rose up on her elbows a moment, and studied me. I could see her gaze rake my muscular upper body with her eyes, then the abs I worked damn hard to maintain, and last stopped at my crotch. My cock was pulsing, flicking up and down with each beat of my heart. I heard her suck in her breath slightly and then she laid back down flat, my signal I guess to do her front.

I obliged starting from the bottom this time. Calves, thighs, then lower belly just above the tan line of her tiny bikini bottom. Her hips started to gyrate slightly then stopped. My hands went to her flat stomach and slowly up, nervously cupping and coating each perky breast, nipples so hard you could use them as erasers.

I looked down at myself and saw my cock tip was now wet, a slight bit of precum oozing from it. God I was horny!

Then she opened her hazel eyes again and said looking straight into my sky-blue ones, “You missed a spot,” and laid back down eyes closed.

Oh, Jesus Christ. I can feel it, have to stop it. She’ll freak if I spunk on her now.

My cock expanded that last bit, throbbing. I urgently grasped it right at the base, almost inside my ball sack and squeezed so hard I winced. Just in time. I could feel my prostate pulsing, once, twice against my stopped cock. Then it subsided.

The cum started to ooze out of my bulging head but at least I hadn’t spurted. Event averted, breathing hard, my cock slumped only a bit. Good. I shook off the drops and kept on as directed by Rachel.

Her string bikini, a kind of retro throwback, had a little bow type tie on each side. I pulled them both and then gently slid down the bottom. She thrust her hips upward ever so slightly to allow me to glide the piece underneath her free.

God, her pussy was fully shaved! And, the lips were so full, the clit was standing straight up, visible even without pulling back the folds. I carefully drizzled some oil on the non-tanned portions of her belly, not a big space. Her pelvis tilted slightly, a moan escaped her mouth and she licked her lips. Emboldened, I delicately spread the labia, exposed the pink interior. My cock was rock hard again.

I dripped a couple drops of oil directly on her clit and ran my fingers around it and then gently thumbed the up-thrust flesh. She took in three sharp breaths, her eyes opened and then that smile. I inserted two fingers in and began to energetically stroke her.

She bit her lips and to my surprise reached down and stopped me. “Go down on me now babe.”

I was so horny I began to jack my cock in my oiled right hand, not even listening to her until she sat straight up, grabbed my cock right at the base, hard, and said, “No, not yet. Go down on me Ed!”

I stopped stroking. I slid back on her slick legs and then dropped on her like a bird of prey, buried my face in her mound. She smelled of coconut oil and pussy juice, a combination so, soooo delicious!

I slurped-up every drop of her and then flicked my tongue around her clit like mad. While licking furiously, I first inserted one finger, then two, then three all the way to my knuckles into her hot cunt. I was fucking her hard now with my hand. Her hips were bouncing up to meet my fingers’ every thrust, so hard it was almost impossible for my eager tongue to stay engaged. But I persevered.

Minutes passed. Then she suddenly yelled, “Oh Jesus Ed!”

Just as abruptly she sat up and in one smooth move flipped me on my back with her long strong legs. Now bestride and facing me she screamed, “I’m going to fuck you now!”

Oh shit, I’d never been so hard and never expected her to do what she did next.

She grabbed the oil bottle and squirted an enormous stream onto my cock and lubed it up vigorously with both hands. Then, the little tip on the bottle straight up, she positioned it carefully beneath her and inserted the tip in her tight ass hole. With both hands she squeezed the bottle hard and repeatedly until the oil was running down both sides of her thighs.

She flashed her movie- actress smile at me, eyes sultry and half closed, “Gonna fuck my ass with your cock now sweetie.”

Raised up on her knees as high as she could, she gently positioned the head of my hard rod against her asshole and pressed down.

God. I’ve never felt so much heat and something so tight wrapped around the tip of my cock in my whole life!

I saw her lips flatten and her teeth clench, some pain at accommodating the fully swollen head. Hands, covered in oil, she began massaging her own breasts, tweaking her own nipples.

Then she leaned back, resting her weight on her hands, arched her back almost parallel to the ground. I could see her asshole stretched with the head of my cock clear as day, her pussy actually gaping open slightly at the same time.

I felt her anus loosen and three inches slid in. She gasped, then grunted loudly and began to slowly lift up and down letting the three inches slide in and out, in and out. She was like a wasp stinging its prey with that movement. Yet, I had the stinger. The whole inverted scene spun crazily in my head.

She shifted to a gyrating motion with her hips. I could see the hood and her clit even further engorged. She shifted one hand off the ground and moved it to her pussy, masturbating herself.

With one final push downward, she engulfed my full nine inches deep within her ass. Her pubic bone ground hard against mine. Her head was thrown back, back arched, neck distended. Every muscle in her abdomen and upper body was taught. Sweat was pouring down her in rivulets from her face to her breast and down to where my cock impaled her.

I was going to cum any second now, completely unable to control myself. She somehow sensed that even through her own ecstasy and raised up, then with her right hand pressed hard behind my balls. Firm, unyielding pressure flattening my prostate.

I started to cum, but couldn’t contract even a millimeter. The rhythmic sensation subsided almost immediately but not before leaving me an almost perfect orgasm sans the spray of cum from my cock, though I lost just a trace of its erection.

“Oh god damn shit Rachel. Where did you learn that?”

Chest heaving, smiling slyly, “I am not done fucking you Ed. And none of your business how I learned that.”

She continued to grind, my cock fully inside her. In moments, I was rock hard again and she began to lift straight up and drop six inches at a time again, and again, and again. More minutes passed and she began to stiffen, the strokes shortening, becoming more urgent. She now kept my entire length tightly inside her and was just grinding our pubic bones violently together: a grist of oil, my hair, and her pussy juice in the mix.

Then with a sudden flurry of short stabbing movement of her right hand to her clit, she screamed, “Ahhhhh!” and collapsed against my chest breathing hard.

I stroked her hair softly, ran my fingers gently around her delicate ears. I could feel both our hearts pounding, chests heaving.

She murmured, “mmmmm…. mmmmmm…..”

She lifted her head and her eyes snapped open, “We are not done yet. I want you to fuck me now. Hard!”

In an instant, I rolled her over onto the sweat soaked towel and mounted her from behind doggy style. Oil was oozing from her still gaping asshole. Her pussy shown with oil and her own cum juice. I didn’t hesitate a second, slipped my full length inside her cunt with one thrust.

She yelled, “Ahhh…Ed fuck me man. Fuck me!”

And I obliged. There was no denying this was the stiffest and biggest my cock had ever been in my life! And she was so wet and so blazing on fire inside. It excited me no end.

At first, I stroked her long and slow. Did that for a few minutes until she began to moan again.

She locked her feet behind my knees to bring me closer in so I started to fuck her more urgently. Short quick strokes. I reached around her and began to play with her swollen clit.

“God, do that, do that Ed!”

More minutes passed. It was building inside me again, “Rachel darling, I’m going to cum soon. You ready?”

“Yes, yes, cum. Cum on me not in me. I want to see you spurt.”

Quicker, sharper strokes now. I was hampered by my stiffening thigh muscles, bunching for the orgasm. My right hand still circling and touching her clit.

I could see her ass muscles tense, feel her stomach muscles going tauter against my right hand as it circled and flicked her clit. Her back actually flushed some and she yelled, “I’m cumming.” Then she convulsed twice and began to shake uncontrollably.

As I let her down gently, my prick pulled out, sprang up and smacked me in the belly. My chest was heaving in gulps of air, my cock twitching and leaking fluid.

I rolled her on her back. Her eyes were tight shut, her body trembling.

Seeing her like that, fully satisfied, her face vacant with pleasure pushed me over the edge. I yelled, “I’m cuming Rach,” and her eyes flicked open staring right at me.

She reached up, grabbed and jerked my cock three times. I shot out a stream of cum that landed on her belly. Stroke, stroke, stroke, the second on her breasts. She smiled and smoothed it out like suntan lotion all over.

Then I fell down. My hands on either side of her to support myself, chest heaving. I was staring straight at her and panting, trying to catch my breath. I managed, “Damn, like a couple of bunnies!”

She was still stroking my cock and whispered in a husky voice, “You done good baby, real good!”


The next morning, I was at Jason’s. I was sitting at the bar, the remains of a plate of steak and eggs and fresh fruit was set to the side. My laptop in front of me, I was typing like a madman on my new book.

Jason came up and asked, “So, life is good again my friend?”

I looked up, “Damn good. Met that Rachel. You know the girl you gave directions to the beach.”

He just shrugged and smiled noncommittally, idly wiping the bar in between us.

“I spent the rest of the day and night with her. Amazing young woman.”

Then I looked up into nowhere. I actually blushed at the thought of how we had passed that last day. The beach wasn’t the only place we spent time together. I fixed a hard look at Jason and said, “Somehow, you knew she would be good for me, help me break this writer’s block.”

He smiled shyly, “A minor talent of mine, my man.”

“Have you seen her Jason? I really liked her. We were supposed to meet for breakfast this morning.”

“Oh, yes I did. She gave me this note for you. Said she had an early plane to catch back to the States… Texas, I think,” and he winked at me.

I snatched it from his hand and read it silently, hearing her sweet voice in my mind, “Saw you writing again and didn’t want to interrupt. My task is done. Thanks for the boff.” And it was signed, ‘Rachel, your personal beach bunny’.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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