Becky Goes to Korea? Part 1

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Becky Goes to Korea? Part 1

~Continuation of the stepsister series~

~~Start of Part 1~~

It was another suck ass day working on the ‘Z’ for us, we were just coming in from a fence line check patrol and are all covered in mud and dirt and generally in a bad mood, except we knew it was almost over. We are getting close to the barracks now and the platoon sergeants tell all the fire team leaders to take their teams and start recovering and cleaning up the weapons.

Having just made PFC about a month ago, I was fire team 4’s new leader and was taking my 3 guys over to a little area where we could start tearing everything apart and cleaning it very meticulously…I see the guys looking behind me so I turn around just in time to see a blur of red hair damn near tackle me onto the ground. I recover and look down and… “Becky? I mean…(holy shit, she has a Bird on her uniform now)” I snap to attention and yell out “attention, Colonel on the deck!”

She returns our salute and leans in towards me and whispers, “surprised to see me…PFC? You are doing well honey!” I am in a complete daze and want to just pick her up off the ground and kiss her, but we are in uniform in front of close to 50 MP’s…not a wise choice on my part…

“Yes Colonel, I am very surprised to see you here, Colonel.”

She looks at me and says, “just follow my lead honey and don’t say a word ok?” I nod yes…

My squad leader a Staff Sergeant (E-6) and Platoon Sergeant (E-8) walk over to see what is going on with all these privates standing at attention when we are supposed to be cleaning up our gear…and they start to yell at me and then snap to attention once they see the little red haired half pint Colonel standing in front of me.

The platoon Sergeant says, “Good afternoon Colonel, is there a problem with my men here?”

Becky says, “I need to speak to your platoon leader Master Sergeant.”

He barks at one of my guys and tells him, “go get the LT, ricky tick…Private…move!”

I am standing there thinking how many ways I am going to get anally reamed by my squad leader, platoon daddy, and now my Lieutenant too…this is going to suck bad…but it was nice seeing Becky’s green eyes looking into mine after 7 months in this god forsaken country.

The Lieutenant comes running up and stands next to me and reports in to the Colonel. “What can I do for you Colonel, was there an issue with one of my soldiers?”

Becky says, “Come with me Lieutenant.” and they walk over about 10 feet away from all of us, that are still standing at ram rod attention.

She is talking to my Lt and obviously asked him something as she is standing there looking at him waiting for something…He shakes his head yes and says something and then comes over to me and stands right in front of me and says, “Private Jones, front and center!”

Another one of my fireteam guys runs up next to me…I figure we are in it deep now…crap.

“Private Jones take possession of your fire team leaders’ rifle, LBE, and grenades. His pistol remains in his custody with ammunition. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir!”

I remove the mag, and clear the chamber and catch the round in my hand and put it back in the mag, take off my LBE and hand it over along with the claymores and frags I had stuffed in my pockets…”

“Anything else on you PFC, other than your service pistol?”

“No Sir!”

“Platoon Sergeant!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Our PFC here will be going on a special assignment from HQ I Corps, he will be escorting the Colonel for a few weeks while she is doing some training classes for Army nurses up here on the “Z” at the request of Department of the Army, Washington. He is one of our only PSD (personal security detail) certified MP’s and a personal request of the Colonel. Understood?”

“Sir yes Sir, I will have S-1 cut the order immediately, request permission to carry on Sir?”

“Make it happen Sargent!”

Jones was carrying my stuff away now and the LT tells everyone else to get back to work…He grabs my arm and says, “PFC, do not fuck this up…but, have a good time with Becky.” My jaw drops to the floor I know, and he says, “Request permission to carry on Private.” I snap to attention and salute and say, “Request permission to Carry On, Sir?”

“Carry on with your special assignment Private, Dismissed!”

I make a half-left face and walk over to Becky and Salute. “Private reporting for duty, Colonel!”

She salutes and says, “walk with me and do not do anything that will get us in trouble ok?”

We walk over to the barracks and she says, “what floor are you on?”

“ 2 Colonel”

“let’s go…”

We go into the barracks, and of course the Charge of Quarters gets on the intercom for the barracks and yells out, “Female Colonel on the deck…carry on!”

She goes over to the stairs and throws the door open and marches up the middle of the stairs with guys flying left and right trying to get to attention, with me in her wake, and she says, “left or right at the door?”

“Left Colonel, fourth door on the left.”

She comes out of the door and whips a left and again guys are flying all over the hall trying to get to attention by the walls. She stops in front of my door and puts her hand out. I put my key that is on my dog tags in her hand.

She pounds on the door and says, “Female Colonel entering Private.”

She waits about 10 seconds and then pops the door open and goes in. My roommate is standing there with PT shorts on and no shirt about shitting his pants…”

“Stand easy Private” Becky says.

She can see the complete look of terror in his eyes and says, “Relax Private, neither of you are in trouble, I just need him to get his gear for a special assignment.”

I toss all my duty gear and some civi’s along with my A’s and B’s and a couple of sets of BDU’s and boots, and shoes for the uniforms into my kit bag and turn to Becky and say, “Ready Colonel.”

She looks up at the mirror on my locker as I am closing it and smiles at me…she sees the pictures of her and Sis and Mandy up there just above my mirror.

We walk out to the scrambling of all the enlisted guys again and down the stairs, and come out at the CQ desk again. He is already standing at attention as I see my Company Commander and First Sergeant standing at the CQ desk. Oh crap….

Becky walks over to my Captain and says, “Good after noon Captain, I trust this Privates’ orders have been cut and are ready for your signature?”

Just then one of the Sergeants from the S-1 office runs up to the First Sergeant with a paper in his hands and hands it to him. He looks down and his eyes get wide and he pulls his pen out and signs it, and hands it to my Captain, who looks with equally big eyes and makes sure the other required signatures on there and then signs it himself.

“Yes, Colonel. Here are your papers Private. Colonel, try to return him in one-piece, he is one of my best soldiers.”

With that we walk out of my barracks and I see every swinging Johnson in the whole company pressing their faces up to the windows to see what the hell is going on. Like a well-oiled machine, an MP patrol car pulls up with the lights on, The Sargent gets out and opens the door to the back seat for Becky, and stands at attention, saluting. She returns his salute and gets in; I show him my papers and he looks at them briefly and hands them back and I get in too. He slams the door shut and off we go with the lights on and full Bird Flags flipping in the wind on the front bumper mounts.

The gate guys hold all traffic as we go flying out of the front gate about 50 mph and we are on what they call a freeway over there in no time. The Sargent looks at Becky in the rear view mirror and says, “We should be in Soul in about 20 mins Colonel.”

Fuck me running what in the hell just happened….Becky can see I am completely lost and have no idea what is going on and says, “Sergeant, you understand that anything said in the vehicle is in the strictest of confidence and not to be repeated correct?”

“Colonel, I cannot make out what you are saying…I am trying to get us through this traffic, and it is none of my damn business any way.”

Becky looks over at me and the Sargent turns the mirror up so he cannot see in the back seat anymore. She puts her hand on my crud covered uniform and says, “The Department of the Army wanted me to come over here and train up some nurses on the new trauma stuff we are doing at my hospital, so I figured I might as well try to get everything out of them I could, right?”

“No shit, I see you have a little birdy on your collar now, Nice Job!”

“I told them if they wanted me to do this, to reinstate me for the time I would be here, and I wanted to be at least a Lieutenant Colonel or I would not even consider it.” “Being at the top in your field helps and seeing as I was already a Major and have three combat tours as a Nurse in Nam, they called me back and said have a nice time in Korea Colonel.” “This little show was pretty easy to set up with my contact at the Pentagon since I was going to be in high risk areas as a flag officer.”

“You remembered that I went to PSD school…” I am starting to catch on now…it does not happen all the time, but every now and then one of us would get tapped to provide security for a flag officer or “VIP” from somewhere that the Department of the Army wanted to feel safe while they were in Korea and we would be their personal protectors while they were here.

Becky looks over at me with those bright green eyes and says, “Yep, you are my personal bodyguard sweetie.”

I cringe and look up, as the Sergeant is just looking in the rear views and zipping us though rush hour like there is no traffic at all.

Becky looks at me and says, “he is very highly recommended for his discretion and candor by a female Major General I know, and he is just as happy as you are to be here and off the “Z” for a little while. He will not say a word or notice anything trust me honey.”

I am still on edge, but relax a little, Becky would not put me in jeopardy on purpose and hell she is the one with the Bird on her shoulder not me…

Becky wakes me up as we are pulling into the Hotel Intercontinental Soul…I look at her and say, “are you k**ding me?”

“Nope nothing but the best for my honey!”

We pull up and there is a bellman standing at the door waiting and takes our bags out of the MP Unit and escorts us into a side desk and we are handed keys to the private elevator, our room, and the bellman takes off with our bags to head up the service elevator. I show my orders to the desk clerk and she notes the order numbers and says, I will call MP HQ Soul and let them know you and the Colonel have arrived safe and sound and are now on a secure property.

“Thank you.”

Becky and I head over to the private elevator location and she hit the button and it immediately opens up. We get on and head up, and up…I look at her, “What did you do get the presidential suite or something?” She smiles at me.

We get off on the top floor, and we are halfway down the hall, that has no other doors that I have seen yet…The bellman is standing there at the door with the cart already in the room and says, “Welcome Colonel, Is there anything I can get you right now?”

Becky says, “no thank you.” And hands him a $20 bill and he closes the door and puts the do not disturb sign on it as he does.

We are now inside the Presidential suite, at least, that is what the brass plate on the door said as we entered…We walk in a little and she stops and turns around and jumps into my arms and wraps her legs around me and gives me one of the sweetest kisses I have ever had in my life.

“I did not want to say anything to you until I knew for sure, and then it all happened pretty fast so I could not get the times straight between the US and here and kept missing you as you were out on fence checks.” “I think this turned out better though. You had no idea until this little shit almost knocked you over after you got in from your last fence check patrol.”

Becky looks at me and says, “Go in and get cleaned up just leave all your clothes by the door I will have them laundered and your boots shined and brought back to us honey.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice”, I was out of my mud caked clothes in about 2 seconds and in this shower that had to be the size of Sis’s bedroom back home…I turn on the water and there are heads everywhere shooting out water at me and I lather up and get all that damn Korean mud and dirt off me and then just stand there for a few minutes as the hot water is hitting every sore muscle in my body and feeling so good.

I hear the door open outside and freak for a second and then hear Becky say thank you and the door closes again and shortly after that Becky is coming in the shower with me and stands behind me and rubs my shoulders and back and then pulls me up to her and I feel her breasts against my back and she says, “I have missed you sweetie.”

We get out and get dried off and there are some pretty nice robes hanging there so we just put those on and go out to the sitting room…this room is massive. I sit down and look at the sun setting over the ocean and lay my head back and just take a deep breath.

Becky seizes the opportunity and comes over and pulls my cock out of the robe and gives me the best blow job I have ever had…it has been awhile! I just lay there and enjoy this welcome surprise and break to my life of hell.

I wake up as Becky is nudging me and she says, “Sorry hon, but would you like to go to dinner at the hotel restaurant?”

I say, “hell yes, I have been eating MRE’s for the past few days!”

Just then I hear something in the bedroom and I jump and get ready, and Becky says, “Calm down honey, you will like what is behind those doors…just then the doors open and walking out in the same robes are Sis and Mandy…I jump up and run over and hug both of them and get hugs and kisses.

Becky comes over and says, “Was not sure they made the flight over or not…that flight sucks!” But we all wanted to be here if we could.

You could have told me the sky was orange at this point and I would have believed you…

I looked at all of them and said, “you little shits, not one of you even hinted at this in all the calls…I am guessing the Colonel was in charge of operational security and threatened to have you all beaten or something if you said anything?” They nod their heads yes.

I grab all of them in a big bear hug and say, “You have no idea how great this is…it has been a very hard 7 months over here so far… my dick is in the dirt and I am just barely getting by…”

We all go and sit down on the sitting room couch and Becky says, “Oh about that honey,”

“about what?”

“That you are just getting by over here? Um, no, as a matter of fact you are kicking ass PFC…and in about a month you are going to be deep selected for promotion to E-4 Specialist. I have already seen the orders cut and the signatures from your Battalion Commander, Company Commander, and your Platoon Leader. They are all very impressed with you and your skills, leadership, and dogged determination I believe your Lieutenant said in his eval of you.”

I am shocked to hear what is coming out of Becky’s mouth…I seriously thought I was just going to be lucky to get out of here after a year and be somewhere else. It has not been fun. I am sitting there with my mouth hanging open….

Sis says, “I am not surprised at all, you always think you are not doing well and are actually killing it in every way possible. Just like in football, and I am sure in all the training you did so far in the Army. Just keep doing what you are doing hon, you are doing it right.”

Mandy decides enough is enough and she comes over and sits on my lap so I have to cradle her in my arms and she gives me a very deep and passionate kiss and says, “I missed you baby, you got me hooked on ya.” Man talk about getting recharged to make it a few more months to freedom…I could probably do another year here…but I don’t want to test that either…

Becky says, “Ok everyone, we all need to get something to eat…” She calls down to the Sargent and tells him there will be two ladies joining us as well and hangs up the phone. We all get dressed and head to the elevator.

The elevator stops at the 3rd floor and the Sargent steps in wearing very nice civi’s like the rest of us, and I can tell Sis is impressed and thinks he is cute… I grin at Mandy and Becky and they see it too. I was a little shocked the Sergeant did not at least give the old once over…

We get off on the mezzanine level, and go over to the restaurant, they take us back to a table in the back corner of the dining area and there seems to be a one table cushion around ours…The Sargent looks at me and says, “I called ahead and made sure we had some privacy.”

We all sit down, and I am on one side between Becky and Mandy and then the Sergeant is next to her and Sis on the other side of him. We order drinks and they are delivered.

“Sargent, we are all in civvies here, everything that happens when we are around the Colonel is very confidential…loose lips, sink ships…you copy me?

He looks at me and says, “roger, wilco” “I am just happy to be out of the field for a few days driving the colonel around…you think I want to fuck…” “Sorry Colonel, you think I want to mess that up?”

“Ok I think we all understand each other, oh and by the way that amazing blond that is sitting next to you is my stepsister…so…”

Sis looks at me and rolls her eyes, “oh bro, shut up!”

Becky calls the waitress over and we all order, the ladies all get salads to pick at while the Sargent and I both get the prime rib and a baked potato. We both of course have nearly our entire meal finished by the time the last plate hits the table and just slowly eat our potato and finally Becky says, “ok I think we are done. Gentlemen, us ladies are going to the head. We will meet you in the entryway.”

We join the ladies and head over to the elevator and put the access card in and shortly the door opens, and we all get in. We hit 3 and then PH it starts moving. As it stops at 3, the Sergeant steps off and heads to his room. We get up to the Suite and once the door slams shut, we bolt it and the ladies run for the bathroom and I go in and find that nice robe again and pour a nice tall Bushmills, that Becky was nice enough to make sure there were a few bottles of in the room, and I sit down on the couch again and look out at the night sky of Soul.

The ladies went into the bedroom from the bathroom and exit in their robes too, they all get a drink and sit down by me on the couch. Mandy curls up into me and puts an arm around my back and Becky is sitting on my right and puts her hand down on my thigh and we all just kind of sit there and they let me decompress from 7 months of hell.

Somehow, Mandy can just read my pulse, breathing, something and always know when I am relaxed and looks at me and says, “Feel better now honey?”

I look at them and say, “I was better the minute Mike Singletary here, tried tackling me right in front of my whole platoon.” “I damn near grabbed her and kissed her right then!” They laugh. Becky says, “That might have caused an issue sweetie… glad you didn’t, but I greatly enjoyed that little gift you let me give you once you got cleaned up!”

Mandy hugs me tightly, and says, “Would you mind giving me a little gift honey?”

Becky and Sis nod at us and Becky says, “you two k**s go in the master bedroom and take as long as you need.” She gives me a kiss on the cheek and Mandy is nearly dragging me into the bedroom she takes off so fast.

She runs and jumps onto a bed, that has be two kings put together. I close the door and there is a switch that looks like it is for lights so I hit the one that says mood on the button and the white lights go out and there is nice blue light that takes over the entire room with LEDs around the bed…the whole shebang…”that will work nicely”

I get on the bed and tell Mandy I will call her next week when I am over in her zip code…she smiles and spins my way and throws her robe open and just has on her sheer white panties and says “Will this help motivate you soldier?’

Damn straight it will, I low crawl like I am trying to get away from machine gun fire and am there in a second.

I dive right into her and give her a kiss on her clit through the panties and a little nibble too. She moans lowly and says, “oh my god I have missed that honey…” She grabs on to my head and lifts it up and says, “make love to me baby…it has been too long!”

I pull her panties off and reach over to put a pillow under her head and there is something laying there below it…A bottle of Becky’s ‘secret sauce.’ I laugh and look at Mandy, and she says, “not this time honey, I just want you to make love to me whether it is 5 seconds or 5 hours I don’t care, I just want to feel you inside me again and looking in my eyes.”

I was rather surprised with myself, I actually lasted for about a good 30 mins and then came like Niagara Falls and it was pouring out of her… I was a little embarrassed she just rubbed my shaved head with her hand and said, “it’s ok honey, it is been awhile for you too, I guess beating it in the shower is not the same as having a cute little girl huh?” I start laughing and then she joins in…

We lay there for a little while and Mandy says, “let’s go out and sit with Becky and Sis, I know you have to be missing them too honey.” We get up and go out to the couch and I sit down, and Becky lays her head in my lap and Mandy wraps my left arm over her and Sis sits down on the floor in between my legs.

Becky looks up at me and says, “how are you really doing honey?”

“I am ok Becky, it has been rough, but I guess I have been doing it right and should be out of here in another few months for a few years of stateside duty…That will be a piece of cake after this shit!”

“I am glad to hear you are sucking it up and driving through hon, you are almost there just keep your eye on the prize, and know we will all be there at the airport waiting for you.”

“I know, but I can’t think about that right now…maybe when I am a single digit midget…”

Mandy looks at me, “a what?”

Becky says, “When he has less than 10 days left in country – Single Digit Midget…”

Mandy and Sis laugh and Mandy says, “you guys and your military jargon…”

We are sitting there, just enjoying each other and relaxing. Sis looks up at me and says, “By the way, if you were trying to hook me up with that Sergeant….that is a no go…he sat there the entire dinner and did not even get hard with my hand right on his dick…I am thinking he does not like my plumbing…”

Becky sits up and says, “no that makes sense…I know for a fact the general I was telling you about is a gay female…They must both have each other’s confidence that is why she told me to use him for my driver…Sorry Sis…I should have guessed.”

Sis looks over and sees that there is a puddle of my cum soaking into Mandy’s robe and she says, “Well at least I know Mandy got some good dick…” and smiles at both of us…

I turn red and look at Mandy and then see it too…opps. “Mandy you might want to go get a new robe out of the bathroom…”

Sis says, “and let it go to waste?” she leans over and plants her face right in Mandy’s crotch and gives her a few deep licks…” That of course causes my dick to go instantly rock solid and poke her in the arm… Sis looks at me and says “Oh are you glad to see me bro?”

She moves back a little and says, “I like it from the tap, no offence Mandy…” and starts to go to town on me… I just lean my head back and have a massive grin on my face…This may not be too bad a duty for a few weeks I am thinking to myself…

Mandy and Becky just sit there rubbing my head and watching Sis go to town on me and then Sis gets up and straddles me and sits down on my cock and starts bouncing on me…Oh lord she is either going to make me cum like never before or kill me!

I can only take about 10 minutes of this and I erupt into her too…wow what a night this is…

Sis goes in and gets her and Mandy new robes from the bedroom and comes back out and sits down again…”Thanks bro, that is the first time I thought I was going to get dick and found out the guy was not interested…that does not happen very often…”

“I was glad I could be of service to you Miss…” And everyone starts laughing…

We sit there a little longer and finish off our drinks and I say, “ok everyone into the master bedroom…we can all spread eagle on this bed together and still have room.”

We all get up and go into the bedroom and get in the bed…of course we end up in the Becky Sandwich again…no matter how much room there is in a bed and fall asleep.

~~End of Part 1~~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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