Best Night Ever

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Best Night Ever
It all happened during a school trip.

It was our first night away and I couldn’t stand my nosy roommates. Unable to take it any more I went to see my older sister in her dorm. After hearing out my complaints she suggested I complain to the supervisor. I ask her to accompany me, and so both we went to complain.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one unhappy with the accommodations. In the supervisor’s office stood my crush and what I assume to be his companion. They were both unhappy with their roommates as well. It didn’t take much, since the supervisor was quite tired himself, he easily spared a key for the last available room just to get rid of us. So it was decided that my crush, his companion and I were to stay all together there.

As we left the office, my sister winked at me cunningly and went towards her dorm. I knew this wouldn’t be the last I see of her this night.

I followed the guys to the room. It wasn’t as big as the other rooms, but it was still very cozy. However there were only two beds. Apparently before my sister and I walked in the office, the supervisor has already explained that to the guys and therefore they weren’t surprised. For my sake, they agreed to sleep together, leaving the other bed exclusively to me. I felt slightly guilty, if it weren’t for me, they would each have their own bed, yet my excitement of spending the night in the same room as my crush with ease overlapped my conscience.

As soon as we settled in, I decided to prepare myself for the bed. However before, I must say, that my sister and I, we are both quite liberated. To be honest I am quite far from her, since my sister is the scientist in the experiment called sex, she will try anything with anyone at least once, I still enjoy the idea of teasing guys. Therefore knowing quite well that this will attract attention, without leaving the room I casually unhooked my bra and pulled it out from under my shirt. To my satisfaction when I looked at my crush I saw his immediate boner. I casually looked a his friend, but he seemed as calm and composed as before. As if nothing happened. I have to admit my ego was hurt. But who cares my crush was aroused. In fact it didn’t take a second until Jung Su, my crush, was on my bed.
In a whiny, exaggerated, and teasing way he complained:
-Look at you. How cruel!!! Knowing we are here, and teasing us this way. Now look at this- he said proudly demonstrating his boner- You are responsible for this. Now it is your responsibility to touch it. Come on, touch it, it won’t bite. So far it hasn’t bit anyone.

Kevin, his companion, smirked:
-In my family, guys aren’t even allowed to hug the opposite sex members and you are harassing the poor girl this way. – and then laying down on his bed turned on his side to face the window, clearly demonstrating that he doesn’t want to be part of this.

My crush on the other hand, completely ignoring him, wiped his cock out and with the other hand pulling on my arm, put it into my hand, all while boasting about his previous sex experiences. Yet somehow I couldn’t concentrate, some sort of repulsion passed through me. Here was my crush in front of me, his cock in my hand, and yet everything from his casual talk to his prideful posture, was turning me off.
Suddenly the door to our room opened and my sister appeared. Just like I predicted. After all, this was a perfect setting my “crush”, Kevin, and me. Only one girl missing to create two pairs.

She looked at me and teasingly smiled to me. I could see somewhat of a congratulatory thought behind it, as well as a need for confirmation that she can approach Kevin. However instead of smiling back and nodding in approval, I jolted from the bed, and all while not letting go of Jung Su’s cock, I replaced my hand with my sister’s. I knew for a fact she wouldn’t mind, and I was sure Jung Su wouldn’t mind either, well at least I knew for a fact, no men has ever left unsatisfied from my sister. And without bothering to even look at them I walked towards Kevin. After all, I could hear them flirtatiously giggle behind, that was a good sign.

Kevin has peeked my curiosity. He seemed very gracious, calm, and somewhat distant. That distance, I wanted to cross it. I sat very carefully on the edge of the bed behind his back. He seemed to be peacefully asleep. His breath was deep and calm. First I simply sat there, just devouring him with my eyes. His whole calm atmosphere, had a weird effect on me. I realized that my breath was quite hasted, and my chest seemed to be almost heaving. It seemed as if something within my body was being pulled towards him like a magnet, forcing upon me the desire to touch him. I reached my hand out, and felt my heart rate increase. For some reason it felt as if I were touching a dragon. Some sort of fear and excitement were mixed within me. I could hear the blood pump in my ears. Very carefully and very gently I finally put my hand on his shoulder. Maybe it was my imagination, maybe it wasn’t, but whatever it was emanating from his shoulder it seemed to be powerful and steady. For no apparent reason I felt like a mouse in front of a still cat that is ready to strike any minute. Gathering my courage, I ran my hand softly down his arm. I couldn’t understand myself. I didn’t know this guy, he wasn’t even in my class, I had no clue what he was like and yet something about him was making me driven with desire and curiosity. Maybe it was simply my ego that wanted another chance, or maybe the fact that his reaction was simply so different from other guys. I could feel this curiosity like a hot lava expanding within me and reaching into all sorts of places, filling me with throbbing sensation all throughout my body. And as my hand finally reached his, and softly tried to get into it, he turned around.
Caught of guard, and from the lack of what to say, I blurted out:
-Are you alright?-Feeling my face getting hot till the tips of my ears.
He very barely smiled, before he put one of his arms over his face. I couldn’t tell if it was a smirk, or somewhat a sad smile, or if even unfriendly. Testing the waters, and happy that I wasn’t pushed away, I moved my hand that was now positioned on his stomach. I rubbed it in the most motherly way possible, like caring mothers do when their c***d has a tummy ache, somewhat fixing the shirt, making sure it didn’t reveal nothing, doing that completely against my desire. Yet as I did that, he slightly tossed sideways, without truly turning. It seemed as if he didn’t like my hand there, as if it caused him discomfort. Ashamed and worried, I removed my hand, but continued testing the waters. He lay back down calmly onto his back both of his arms laying by his side now. I took the opportunity and put my hand into his hair, once again trying to be more motherly and friendly, rather than revealing how aroused he made me, I softly played with his hair. From aside, this gesture could have looked like consoling. His thick black hair easily parted between my fingers, his face looked so peaceful. I enjoyed looking at it, feeling no pressure as his eyes were closed. He had a beautiful eyebrow form, thick lashes, a straight nose, and very delicious looking lips. They seemed dry without being flaky, and it tempted me so much to kiss them and leave them wet. Suddenly I felt his grasp on my wrist. My heart sank, it seemed he didn’t like me playing with his hair either. He released my hand as I stopped and I pulled it away. Somewhat on the verge of tears. Never have I ever wanted something so badly, and couldn’t have it, the torture seemed to eat me inside out. I wanted him. I craved him. But even more I craved him to want me back.

Somewhat devastated I very slowly and carefully lay down on my stomach by his side. My bed was occupied by my sister and Jung Su. At least they seemed to be having fun kissing and rubbing each other. I supported my upper body with my elbows and forming somewhat of a triangle with my hands, lowered my face into them, not wanting to see anything besides darkness.

I felt some movement on the bed and tensed up. I didn’t want him to see me. I didn’t want him to talk to me. Suddenly I felt his hand caress my head, and push my hair away from my face behind my ear. This unexpected caress, as subtle as it was, created a violent reaction within me. It felt like fever has hit me and my body started to shake like a leaf in the wind. I felt my pussy violently contracting, gushing out moisture at every pulsation. Only later I have realized that my fingers were pierced into the blanket and my face was reflecting tension of pain or agony. I bit my lips, whimpers escaping my mouth and helplessly twitched, aimlessly trying to gain control over my body.

To my embarrassment he froze, obviously shocked by such a reaction, or so I thought. His voice pierced my mind.
-Do you want me to play with you?-He asked calmly, his voice deeper than ever, resonating in my whole being.
Just the thought alone made my insides squeeze harder as my body kept twitching as if during hiccups, if they were to spread out throughout my whole body.
I shook my head “No”. I felt pathetic and troublesome. I didn’t want him to do that, he didn’t even want me. He was far too composed and relaxed. Well at least one of us was.
-But look at you.- He whispered in his usually calm manner, his voice somewhat full of comfort and none-judgement.-You are incredibly horny.
-I can bring you relief.- He added, which made goose bumps take over my skin.
I never felt so on the edge. Any sudden movement on his part would have probably caused me to explode, to erupt. The moans I tried so hard to conceal, were only making my breath more uneven, interrupted with whining sounds of agony. My body was burning, the more I tried to gain control over my body, the more I seemed to lose it.

Very slowly and patiently he turned me on my back. I didn’t struggle much, as I concentrated far too much on keeping my hands on my face, biting harder into my lip. I started to feel waves of anticipation washing over me, causing me to freeze and burn all at the same time. I felt my panties overflow in wetness; my heartbeat relocated into my pussy. He softly parted my legs, and I peeked at him through my fingers. His eyes, his lips, his adam apple, his chest, all of this was so near. I could smell his aroma, getting drunk on his scent, I seemed to have lost the very little control I had, struggling became harder. One hand as if with a mind of its own, was now on his inner thigh, with the other I was trying to block my escaping moans. My back was arching towards something that hasn’t even happened yet, absolutely misguided by my horny state.
And as I saw Kevin’s hand lower between my thighs, I reached for his arm, but before I had any chance to stop him, his finger reached my soap-slippery clit. And I felt my whole body shutter, as if from an inner earthquake. I could see him pull out his hand, his fingers almost fully wet even though all he did was slide them through my slit without even penetrating me. The look of reserved surprise on his face spurge me on. I was at the point of no return. My desire overcoming all shame, I no longer cared that Jung Su and my sister completely stopped what they were doing and were just staring at me, I no longer cared if Kevin wanted me or not. I knew I wanted him, I desired him like nothing else in this life. At this moment my mind was so overtaken by desire that I would have stepped into a volcano if I knew he was there, just to touch him.

And as his hand got back between my thighs, it took a couple of strokes until I climaxed, my arms desperately clinging to his neck, as if I was drowning in my own cum, my face pressed against his neck. I felt pleasantly trapped in his embrace, I now loved the way my body twitched only pressing itself harder against him. I felt as if I was tearing and drooling, it was hard to tell, all I could feel were orgasms engraving themselves into my pussy, burning me inside out and splashing out like waterfalls.

I was moaning… I couldn’t help it. If anyone outside the room would hear me, we all would be in serious trouble, but I simply couldn’t stop. And then maybe to shut me up, or maybe not, Kevin kissed me. His lips were delicious, his tongue went directly for mines, entangling itself with mines, our saliva mixing. Never have I ever kissed a mouth more delicious than that. His tongue penetrated me, teasing me, tasting me, owning me. It was like a massage of tongues, or even a dance, they were rubbing against each other, all our taste buds filled with each other.

And then he did the unthinkable. He took his tongue out of my mouth and sliding down the bed, pulled my pants off, spread my legs wider and tasted my cum. I could see my creamy cum gathering at the tip of his tongue as he licked my pussy, but my mind could barely register anything besides the sensations. He ate me out, as if he was starving for years. His mouth pressed hard against my pussy, as if he was diving into a watermelon for juices. I shook in pleasure, everything he did, was amazing. And as he kept doing it, it only made me more aroused. But suddenly he stopped. My body was still shaking, this time instead of anticipation it was simply trembling with pleasure. Now that I received so much I was becoming a bit more conscious about my nudity, about my sister and Jung Su, who were playing with themselves as they watched me shake and moan. Suddenly I started fearing being called a slut. I wondered if Kevin thought of me as one.

But all those thoughts suddenly didn’t seem to matter, as I saw him get up from the bed, his boner as obvious as it can get. It was pulsating and throbbing. I could relate to those sensations so easily. I sat up. I wanted to make it better for him. I wanted to be the one to bring him relief. I wanted to reach for it, but he softly intercepted my hand, kissed it and pushed it away. Then he opened Jung Su’s bag and took out a condom. He then got back in bed passed me the condom and took off his pants. I ripped carefully the package and was staring closely at the condom. I couldn’t figure out which way to unroll it, I never saw one this close up, I never used one, and although I experimented previously a couple of times with guys, I never got to the point of doing it. This was my first time. A part of me was very nervous, another part was simply eager. Never before have I even considered anyone. I always let the guys down, and my sister would usually console them. This time I wanted it. Call me crazy, but I trusted him to be careful. Very softly he took the condom out of my hand and put it on his dickhead, he then took my hand and used it to roll it down on him. Even while his cock was throbbing and wildly pulsating in my hand, he still seemed very much in control and composed. He leaned towards me, pushed my hair aside, and kissed my neck. He nibbled on my ear and carefully lowered me back down. His hands went under my T-shirt and cupped my breasts, he lifted it up and softly sucked on my nipples. The warmth from his mouth was electrifying, I felt all tingly inside, my breasts perking up towards his mouth. And then he spread my legs and got between them. He leaned over me, his body barely touching mines and yet fully covering it. His face was so close. And suddenly he whispered:
-Tell me when, and I’ll go inside.
His voice hypnotizing me, fascinating me. I was still somewhat scared, I guess he realized that. He kissed my neck, and my shoulders. I wrapped my hands around his neck, feeling his cock throb slightly above my pussy. And then he kissed my lips again. By that time I was so thirsty, I was almost sucking his saliva out of him, indulging in its taste. He tasted somewhat differently, but still very pleasantly. It took me awhile to realize that what I was tasting was my own cum. Never before had I a guy going down on me. The touch of his tongue against mines and the thought of him going down on me, was what pushed me over the limit. I wanted to say “Now”, but instead all I managed was to moan and nod “Yes”. He understood, and very gently guided his cock into my slit. I waited for pain. But he did it so very slowly and gently, that I lost patience, and simply arched myself towards him. He moaned. And that was like music to my ears. I felt no pain, and yet I felt him deep inside. The throbbing of his cock was now sending echoes in my pussy. He slowly started to thrust into me. I felt an amazing pulling sensation inside of me, maybe it was suction. I had no clue. Whatever it was, it made me cum so hard. He tried to go faster, but the bed was starting to make too much noise. So he pulled out and slid to the edge of the bed, he was now standing.
-Come here…-he said, his coarse voice almost breaking down. I followed him to the edge of the bed. And he penetrated me once more causing me to shiver in pleasure and moan. And then he slid his arms under my knees and under my back and lifted me up. And in this way carried me to the table. Soon I felt my bum touch the wooden surface. He lay me down on the table, and then went crazy. He grabbed me by my legs and drilled me. I felt like screaming in pleasure, my lungs expanding asking for air, but instead I pressed my hand tightly against my mouth. My eyes were watering once again I have no clue why they do that along with my pussy, but the pleasure seemed to inhabit my whole being and push all the excess liquid out. Soon enough I was squirting. My face was red. Our bodies were covered with sweat. I was drowning in pleasure. And as he speed up even more and finally he cummed looking directly into my eyes, which made my orgasm even more intense. I was melting under his attention, the rhythm of his body still pulsating through my veins.

He pulled out of me carefully. I could see his cum in the tip of his condom. He slowly pulled the condom off. And I, not able to withstand the sight of his cock covered in his cum, jumped of the table and within a second end up on my knees in front of him. He pushed me away today so many times that I wanted to be quick, I wanted to get him in my mouth, before he has a chance to push me. In fact, I succeeded. His creamy cum was now in my mouth. I sucked greedily on his cock, casually looking up, enjoy the change in his face, as new pleasure this time induced by me, was spreading through him. First I sucked softly on the dickhead. His moaning and twitching, made me realize how sensitive his cock was now. I couldn’t help it, I sucked only harder on it, going deeper and deeper and he was harder than wood, steel I’d say. I was twirling my tongue and really enjoying the taste of the sweet velvety skin of his cock, when suddenly I felt a stream of hot sticky liquid spread in my mouth, he arched his back and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth, he was cumming. I didn’t want to stop, but he softly pushed me away and helped me up. He led me to the bed, and after putting his pants on, joined me. We were too tired to even wash ourselves. I lay down on my side, and he softly wrapped my arms around me, spooning me in a sweet embrace, his face buried in the back of my neck, his breath tickling slightly. I felt at peace, satisfied and tired, enjoy the feel of his arms around me. We passed out almost immediately, we didn’t care that Jung Su and my sister were still having sex, we didn’t care that there were only a couple of more hours to sleep. Up until now, I remember vividly that night, his voice, his eyes, his movements. He barely knew me, and yet he was so gentle with me, just like a picked up kitten on the street I felt some sort of gratefulness mixed with love filling me from inside out.

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