Birthday Party (A true story!)

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Birthday Party (A true story!)
Back last summer my hubby and I went to a friends birthday party. Our friend Ken and his wife Sharon were new members of a local swingers group we are a part of. Ken is a nice looking guy, sort of on the heavy side with a receding hair line. Sharon is gorgeous! Long blonde hair, 36D breast and a all over tan.

They had only been to three of the groups parties so Ken and I had never had a chance to hook up for sex because of me usually being busy with other guys. He had told my husband and several other guys that he really wanted to be with me.

Ken’s birthday party was not a swingers party. It was about 50/50 with it being swingers and non swingers there. About half way through the evening Ken and I had moved away from everyone and I invited him and his wife over to our house the next day for a foursome which he readily accepted my offer.

A couple of hours later the party was starting to wined down and another member of our group, Sam, a guy I had been with a number of times, he was there with his wife Tina. I noticed Sam and my husband talking to Ken when I came back from the restroom and getting another drink. When I got to them two more guys from our swingers group and two more that I had just met that evening stepped up.

Sharon had told me just before she introduced me to the two that they were both twenty years old and did a lot of threesomes with her and Ken. She even quietly went on to say she meets both of them and two more of their friends at a motel from time to time and let them gang bang her… that was something she made me swear to keep to myself because Ken didn’t know about it, so I knew the two guys were OK. Yes… even swinger wives have things we keep secret! I have a number of secrets my hubby doesn’t about myself!

Just as all the guys closed in around me I knew something was up! “Janet, we were thinking you might go ahead and give Ken some birthday sex tonight… and let some of us watch.” Sam said.

I looked at my husband and he smiled and nodded his head in approval. “Sure, why not! What about Sharon and the other guest… won’t they wonder where all of us went?” I asked.

“It’s pretty much winding down… I have already asked Sharon and she said to go for it.” Ken said.

“Tina and I will hang back and and help Sharon if anyone asks.” My husband added.

“OK… where we gonna do it at?” I asked.

“We can all slowly ease into the house a couple at a time and meet up in the spare bedroom in the basement.” Ken said.

I was the last one to the room. Ken, Sam and two guys from our swingers group and the two I had just met were all already there. Ken and I both undressed and he played and sucked on my nipples while playing with my clit for a few minutes. He has a really nice cock too… about eight and a half inches long and very thick!

“Just wait until she sucks your cock… she is fucking outstanding at sucking cock!” Sam told Ken. I then took a pillow from the bed and put on the floor and got to my knees on it and started kissing and licking Ken’s cock and balls. Pretty soon he was nice and hard and was pumping it in and out of my mouth. I was getting super turned on sucking Ken’s cock and being naked in front of all these guys while they were making their dirty comments.


“Just wait until you get in her pussy… it’s even hotter!” Sam said.

A few minutes later I popped Kens cock out of my mouth and stood up and turned around and bent forward over the bed. Ken wasted no time at all… he was right there and started working his cock into my pussy from behind.

We had just got into a steady rhythm when Ken said, “You wasn’t k**ding… she has the hottest, juiciest pussy I have ever sank my dick into!”

Laughing Sam replied, “I told you!”

Glancing around at the guys watching I noticed everyone of them had bulges and was rubbing them. One of the guys I had just met that night, his name was Terry by the way, then spoke up and asked, “Janet… you mind if I undress also and masturbate while we watch?” I remember Terry’s name because I also have a great friend who is a black guy and his name is Terry also and has a huge cock!

In between the now hard inward thrust of Ken’s cock into my cunt I replied, “I… don’t… mind! I… would… love… that!” A couple of minutes later I looked around again and every one of the guys were nude and stroking. Seeing all of them naked and stroking their beautiful cocks and knowing they were turned on because of me sent me over the edge and I started having a huge orgasm. “OH FUCK YES! I’M CUMMMINNNNGGGG! FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUUUCCCKKKK MMMEEEEE….!” I exclaimed loudly not caring if anyone outside of the room heard me.

Just as my orgasm was starting to subside I felt the bed move in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw Sam’s nice cock in my face. I opened my mouth and went right down on it and started sucking him. It was about then that Ken moaned and drove his cock into me as far as it would go and started shooting his cum into me. He pumped a few more times and pulled out.

“You want some more dick Janet? Sam asked.

I was way over the edge by now and replied, “FUCK YES! I WANT ALL OF YOUR DICKS! I WANT ALL OF YOU TO FUCK ME!”

Terry was the closest so he moved right in and buried his cock into me. He felt great in me also… he doesn’t have a real thick cock but he is a good nine inches long. After about ten minutes he pulled out and the next guy took his place. The rotation of cocks went on for about an hour. The second guy that I had just met that night, I can’t remember his name, but he was the first of the four cock rotation to cum by pulling out and shooting on my ass. Before the next guy could put his cock back in me Sam rolled me onto my back and hovered over me and fed his cock back into my mouth. Ken laid down next to me and played with my nipples while the other three guys continued to take turns fucking me for about five to ten minutes each. After two of them had finished by either pulling out and shooting their cum on my pussy or my stomach they dressed and left leaving just me, Sam, Ken and Terry.

Sam and Ken had moved back and were having a drink while the other guys were enjoying fucking me. I had moved up on the bed with my head on a pillow as Terry got on the bed and moved between my legs and rubbed his cock against my clit a few times before sliding into me. He had a look of pure passion on his face as he pumped into me. “You like my pussy baby?” I asked him.

“OH FUCK YES! I love your pussy!” he answered.

“Good… I love getting fucked!” I replied with a big smile. Looking up at him as he fucked me I added, “If your not in a hurry to go anywhere and I can talk Sam and Ken into it… I would love a good all night fucking by the three of you!”

“No need to ask me… I am all for it!” Sam exclaimed.

“Fuck yes… so am I!” Ken replied.

“Sounds great to me!” Terry said as he continued to thrust into me.

After a good ten minutes of being in my pussy he asked, “I have yet to experience your mouth… would you finish me with a blow job?” I leaned up on my elbows, kissed him deeply and smiled up at him told him to stand beside the side of the bed. As I slid to the edge I took hold of his cock and guided it into my mouth and started giving him one of my four star blow jobs… he lasted a good ten minutes before he started shooting his cum into my mouth which I happily swallowed down. He had a look of happiness and satisfaction on his face as I squeezed the last drops of cum from him with my hand and I looked up at him as I teasingly rolled my tongue around the head of his cock.

I stood up and stepped toward the small bathroom so I could clean up the cum that had been shot onto me. When I was done washing up I stepped back out into the bedroom, Sam was dressed. “Where are you going? I haven’t made you cum yet?” I asked.

“I figured you could use a little break before the next round. I am just gonna check on whats going on and will be right back.” He answered.

“OK… hurry back, I want your cum next!” I said and gave him a kiss.

The three of us lit up and smoked and chatted… mostly about sex! After we were done with the smoke and feeling more relaxed I got into the middle of the bed with Ken and Terry on each side of me. Terry played with my clit and sucked on one nipple while Ken played with my other nipple and kissed me passionately while I was rubbing and stroking both of their cocks.

By the time Sam got back I was very ready to be fucked again! As he undressed he told us what was going on up stairs. All the birthday guest were gone and Terry’s friend and one of the guys from our swingers group were doing a threesome with Ken’s wife Sharon in the living room floor. My husband and the other guy from our group were doing a threesome with Sam’s wife Tina in one of the other bedrooms. “Sounds like it’s gonna be a good night for everyone then!” I said laughing as Ken and Terry moved away and Sam climbed onto the bed and in between my legs.

“Yea, I popped my head in and told your husband you wanted to have an all niter and he said it sounded great to him and to tell you to have fun.” He said as he worked the head of his fat cock between my pussy lips. He drilled my pussy for a good hour causing me to have a number of excellent orgasms. Right in the middle of one he asked, “Where do you want my cum?”

“Shoot it in my pussy baby… SHOOT YOUR CUM IN MY PUUUSSSYYYY!” I exclaimed as I felt the hot gushes of his cum spray into me. He pumped me a couple of more times and rolled off beside of me. Ken was climbing back onto the bed with his cock back at full hardness. “OH FUCK YES!” I said loudly as he pushed into me. When Ken started fucking me Sam eased off the bed and sat in a chair in the corner and watched us.

Ken and I had been fucking in several different positions for well over an hour. I was on top of him riding his cock when I had a earth quaking orgasm causing me to moan loudly and grind my cunt down on his cock. When I opened my eyes I saw Terry standing next to the bed stroking his now hard cock and waiting for me to receive Ken’s load.

I love having one hard cock right after another. It is such a turn on! “Let me get his cum baby… then I am all yours!” I told him.

“Cool… no rush!” Terry answered.

Looking up at me Ken said, “I’m close… I want to cum on your face and tits!”

I quickly rolled off of him and laid across the bed and put my hands under my breast and lifted them up. Ken got over me and started jerking his cock. Within a minute he was spraying his cum all over my face and between my breast. “OH FUCK YES BABY… that was a big hot load!” I exclaimed. Ken and I both rolled off the bed and stepped up to Terry and took hold of his cock and said with a smile, “You want to fuck me with Ken’s cum all over me… or you want me to clean up some?”

“How ever you want… just as long as I get to fuck you!” He replied.

“Let me clean up a little for you.” I said letting go of his cock and stepping toward the bathroom.

“I think I am gonna head on up stairs and get some breakfast started for everyone… you guys come on up when your done.” Ken said.

“I’ll give you a hand!” Sam told him.

When I came out of the bathroom Terry was laying on the bed stroking his cock trying to keep it hard for me. As I crawled onto the bed I took his cock from him and said, “Well, it’s just you and me baby.” I then lowered my head and started sucking his cock.

“It looks that way.” He answered.

I lifted my head and told him, “I let you cum in my mouth last time… I want your next load inside of me.”

“Anything you say!” Terry answered. I rolled onto my back and he got between my legs. I reached down and took hold of his cock and guided it into me. He pushed in slowly until I had all of his wonderful cock and he started to pump slowly. Like Ken we fucked in a number of different positions for close to an hour.

Finally I was on my hands and knees and he was fucking me doggy style (My Favorite). I was moaning “Fuck me baby… fuck my pussy baby… your cock feels so good in me… I want your CUM BABY!” I exclaimed in an orgasmic state when he gripped my hips firmly and slammed his cock into me as deep as it would go. I felt one giant rush of his cum shoot deeply into me and then another. We didn’t move for close to a minute as he reached around and lightly squeezed my breast and tweaked my nipples with his fingers and enjoyed the feeling of my hot, wet, cum filled pussy around his now satisfied cock.

After we dressed we went up stairs and had breakfast. Then Hubby and I headed home. “Did you have a good time?” He asked.

“Oh hell yes I did!” I exclaimed and started to tell him all the details. We barely made it into the house before we were stripping our cloths off and having a great love making session right on the living room floor. We then showered and melted into the bed… it was an awesome night! I could tell by how sore my pussy was!
Hope you enjoyed!

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