Body Corporate 14

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Body Corporate 14
2738 – 1.39

Chapter 14
Sea Trials

Uncomfortable as she was Cindi still fell asleep being completely exhausted by the day’s events. sleep ended when her master came down and released her from the ropes. As it turned out she was awaken so she could go back to sleep only in the Master’s bed, for a few more hours. Cindi was told to report to the dock at 1:00pm. She was to have her makeup on and be prepared for photos and other activities. The photos seemed like no problem but the other activities gave her some concerns.

Cindi slept for a few more hours in the comfortable bed before waking at noon. As instructed she put on her best makeup and reported to the dock area at 1:00pm. Clothes were of no concern to her as she had none to wear. Cindi was getting used to living naked. Upon arrival at the lake she was surprised to see a large sailboat tied to the dock, which she hadn’t seen before. They all boarded the boat and motored out from the dock with the sails still secured to the mast. All the guest had a camera or a camcorder. The master advised that this was a day for pictures as the week was coming to a close and it may be their last chance to take pictures of the very naked Cindi doing different activities. Everyone thought that it was an excellent idea.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day like most of the week so Cindi felt comfortable standing naked on the deck. One of the men suggested that Cindi be covered in oil so as to glisten in the sun making her even more photogenic. It was agreed that it should be done. The oil would also protector her from the rays of the sun.

The master didn’t wait for any more ideas. He tied Cindi’s arms above her head and then to the ring on the sail that would go to the top of the mast. He then tied two lengths of rope to her ankles leaving them loose. One of the guests was then ordered to raise the mainsail. After it had gone up about seven feet Cindi also went up and cleared the deck. She went up hanging by her arms flopping against the mast and sail. The master then took one of the loose ropes attached to her leg and tied it off at the end of the sail spreading her leg out towards the rear of the vessel. The other loose rope was tied to the sail ring at the bottom of the mast. The mast was then raised to its full height. Cindi now hung as part of the sail with her legs spread as wide as they could, fully exposing her beautiful cunt. She now appeared to be part of the mainsail. Cindi was not fond of heights but could do little, hanging about ten feet above the deck. With the sail set the wind caught it and leaned the boat over as it started to move quickly down the lake. It was a frightening experience for Cindi as the sailboat leaned over, as it ran with the wind. If she went into the water she was helpless being tied as she was.

The boat picked up speed so the master let the sail out bringing the boat more upright and giving his guest a better view of his slave. It was a sight to see, and the men just kept taking pictures of this naked goddess hanging from the mast. The sun just bounced off her oiled body giving the boys some rather unusual pictures. As the journey continued Cindi found herself either lying back against the sail looking at the sky or hanging from the sail looking at the surface of the lake, which was very painful and scary. At times the lean was extreme with the wind picking up as the afternoon went on. After all the pictures were taken the boat was slowed and the sail dropped to untie Cindi. She was released from the sail but with her hands still tied she was thrown overboard and tied to the stern. With the sail back in position the boat moved off again. Cindi struggled to stay afloat as the boat again picked up speed. She wasn’t to far off the stern so the men could see her fighting the water. She was face down with the water rushing over her head. She finally was able to turn over and was on her back with her large tits just above the surface giving the men a good view. Again the cameras were out clicking off shots of Cindi’s every move, as she struggled to breath.

It didn’t take long for the men to get bored with this activity and asked the host to change the fun. He advised that the next activity would be the last of the challenges. He headed the sailboat back to the dock advising the men that he would bring out the inboard- outboard and they would all be going surfboarding with Cindi. The men had to wonder about this as none of them had ever surf boarded before. It took a little while to get back to shore with Cindi dragging behind who was just trying to stay afloat which was becoming even more difficult as she was growing very weak. When they reached shore the sailboat was tied down and sails dropped. Cindi was allowed to rest, which she did by lying on the beach, in a state of collapse. It took sometime for the motorboat to be brought around to the dock from the boathouse which was fortunate for Cindi who needed the rest.

The instructions were given to the men. One by one they were to get on the large two-man surf- board that would be pulled by the boat. The challenge was for the men to fuck Cindi in the ass, as they were being towed behind the boat. They were to complete the fuck without falling off. The men were to stand, knell whatever behind Cindi and hold onto the same handle as her and stick their cocks into her ass and go off. They had a maximum of five minutes to shoot their load inside her. Cindi would be the judge. She would indicate whether their cum filled her ass or not. Points would be given for staying on the board for five minutes, for penetration, for ejaculation, inside her or out. They would be given a couple of minutes to get their balance on the board before the timer started. The Master then pulled away from the dock and started to pick up speed as they took off down the lake. It didn’t take Cindi and the first contestant long to begin the challenge as the surf board rode very smooth behind the boat.

They knew that it didn’t matter if they were both laying down, on their knees or standing up, the fuck had to be completed inside Cindi to get the maximum points. The first man chose to try and fuck Cindi standing up. He got the hard-on okay but found it very difficult to get his rod into Cindi’s ass. Cindi couldn’t help, as it was all she could do to hold her balance. The lake was calm for the most part but the board still seemed to find a reason to slide around. The guest finally made a last stab at Cindi’s ass but missed and they both fell in the lake extremely pissed. The pissed off contestant was pulled aboard and Cindi was given a new partner.

After they got their balance this guy put Cindi on her knees and slowly lowered his cock into her ass. The board was bouncing around but they were both able to hang on. He pumped her as best he could but found it hard to keep up the rhythm necessary to get his rocks off. It was quite a sight from the boat watching two naked bodies trying to fuck on a surfboard like two dogs in heat. He was really starting to pump when he pushed once to often, throwing them both off the board. At least he received some points for all his efforts.

The men were really enjoying this challenge both for the pictures and the fucking. The third contestant figured they couldn’t do it standing up or kneeling, lying down may do the trick. As soon as they got their balance Cindi laid down on her stomach and arched her bum as much as she could to expose her ass to the guest. It didn’t take long to get his poker into her ass and start pumping. He was hurting Cindi with his weight on top of her pushing her tits and face into the board it was it was getting difficult to even hang on. He certainly didn’t care at this point. He jammed it in as far as he could go and just kept it up until he finally released in her ass. With this he went weak and fell into the lake, but he did stick it to her, cum and all. Cindi felt relief as his weight came off her. If he had just stayed on he would have acquired the maximum points. He wasn’t worrying about that, he was the first to fuck her.

The last of the men had a different idea. Once they started moving he sat down behind Cindi and then guided her ass down to his rock hard cock. His cock completely disappeared into her ass. Cindi was then to pump up and down on his tool but she couldn’t do it. They weren’t on a floor. She had to keep her balance, hang on and pump all at the same time. She was also very tired. The guest tried to help her pump but he also had to hang on so it ended up with the two of them riding the board with Cindi on his lap only getting the pumping from the board banging on the waves which wasn’t enough to get the cock to fire. Although they both enjoyed the ride to a degree it didn’t get the guy the points he wanted.

The day was drawing to a close and with the wind, sun and water taking its toll they were all happy to return to the lodge especially Cindi. She was completely exhausted from the day’s exercises and just wanted to rest in any way she could. Rest was going to have to wait a little longer as only the guest was pulled into the boat Cindi was left to swim to shore. She was thrown a lifejacket to assist her. She put on the jacket laid on her back and rested she didn’t have the strength to make it to shore at least not right away. It would be after dark before she collapsed on the beach. No one came out to see how she was or even to see if she had made it to shore. She couldn’t move for over an hour. Someone finally came out and helped her to her feet guiding her towards the lodge

As the guest guided her to the camp he took her on a small detour into the woods and pushed her up against a tree. He took out his cock and rammed it into Cindi’s cunt pushing her up on to her tiptoes. He slammed her back up against the bark of the tree continually until he exploded inside her. It was an unofficial fuck. Cindi didn’t care, she was too tired to fight, she just wanted him to go off and get it over with. She was just happy he didn’t want her ass as the hole. It was very sore with all the action it had.

They proceeded on into the lounge with cum rolling down Cindi’s legs. As she entered the main room she was told to take a shower and clean up. She had another duty to perform. No one wondered why cum covered some of her legs not even her Master who would no doubt have been very upset. After about an hour Cindi came back downstairs to see the men enjoying a good meal. She was not invited to join them even though she hadn’t eaten all day. Her master first tied her wrists together over her head and then led her away by the hair. She was taken to the kitchen where she was pushed into a walk-in freezer. She was then hung on a hook beside a side of beef and left to freeze. As he left he told her he was going to treat his friends to a very cold piece of ass tonight, before they went to bed. Cindi couldn’t believe this. She could die in here of hypothermia. She immediately felt the cold on her naked flesh. Goose bumps appeared everywhere. She had never experienced this temperature before. Now she knew what extreme cold felt like. It was becoming very painful. She was off the floor and near nothing that would help her get off the hook. She started to shiver and shake uncontrollably. She couldn’t understand how her master could treat her so cruelly. It was very apparent again that he had no love, respect or fondness for her. She was wondering how far he would go with this. She felt her mind slipping into neutral not being able to rationalize.

She didn’t know what was happening or where she was, just that she was freezing and could do nothing about it. As her body temperature dropped Cindi slipped into u*********s. The next thing she knew she was over a table with someone’s cock in her cunt pumping vigorously. He was yelling as he let his cum shoot all over her frost bitten bum, which just froze there. The next guy jumped in real quick wanting a cold fuck. Cindi begged for a blanket but was ignored. They all wanted their turns quickly squirting their wasted seed onto her skin, which was still very cold although by the last guy the liquid rolled down her ass freezing only as it thinned out. Cindi again asked for a blanket only this time she got two warm bodies up against her. One had his cock in her cunt and the other in her ass, which Cindi didn’t complain about as these two body heaters were warming her up. Unfortunately it didn’t last long as both men blew their loads quickly and retreated to the couch.

It was getting on to midnight when one of the men stated he had enough and headed off to bed. He started a flow as the rest of the guests followed behind him. Her master remained behind and waited until they all left before he brought out the whip. He knew with her body being so cold the whip would sting all the more. He hung her from the rafters with her arms above her head and left to swing. The master had a very cruel look in his eyes when he swung the whip at her very cold sensitive body. It struck hard as it wrapped itself around her figure. Cindi let out a horrific cry bring instant tears to her eyes. He continued on for about five minutes swinging as hard as he could, smiling all the while. He appeared almost deranged. She was beginning to hate this man. Cindi cried out in pain at each stroke until she finally went u*********s a second time that day and just hung, as dead. He had covered her in welts. She had red rings around her from top to bottom. The master just lowered her to the floor, hogtied her and left fully satisfied. He had missed the morning floggings at home. Now he didn’t feel so bad. Cindi finally came around and found herself tied and laying on the bearskin rug with the fireplace providing the only light or heat. Her whole body ached. All she could do was cry and try to get some sleep. Tomorrow was the last day and she would have to contend with the winner of the competition. She didn’t want to think about it she just wanted the pain to go away and sleep.

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