Boss gets his way with wife

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Boss gets his way with wife
My husband I have been married for three years and we recently decided to have a baby. While I was getting off of the pill and starting my pre-natal vitamin regime my husband was trying to earn some additional money to help with all of the new expenses by working a second job. Ironically, just after we decided we wanted to start a family we stopped having sex. Jim was just too tired when he got home. We were planning a special get away weekend and we planned to consummate our decision then. Things got a little complicated just before our little get away.

Unfortunately, my husband didn’t realize that his company had a strict policy against moonlighting due to the fact that the company had lots of government contracts. Mike, his boss, called him in and told him that there was a zero tolerance policy that required him to report the incident and terminate his employment. Jim told his boss that he was just trying to earn a little extra to help pay for the baby. Just when he thought Mike was going to show mercy and overlook the issue he got the surprise of his life. Mike told Jim that he had always had a thing for me and that if I would agree to have sex with him all would be forgotten. Jim was flabbergasted and started to storm out of the office.

Mike called him back and offered that we wouldn’t have to go all the way. That perhaps I would be willing to give him a ‘cameltoe or stripper slide’ instead. There would be no penetration. Jim had never heard of a cameltoe slide and asked Mike to explain. Mike explained that a cameltoe slide was a form of sex without penetration. The man lies on his back the woman straddles her man and grinds herself back and forth along the mans erect penis having one lip of her vagina on either side of the mans shaft. Mike told Jim to think about it and let him know tomorrow. Jim stormed out and headed to the bar. He had one too many and on the way home he got pulled over and charged with a DUI. The next morning I bailed Jim out and on the way home he told me about Jim’s offer.

Our plans were unraveling fast. Jim was about to lose his job and we had the added expense of the lawyer and the court fees for his DUI. To say I was pissed was an understatement. Jim got to the office late and when Mike asked him where he had been he told him about the DUI. Mike asked him if he thought about the offer and Jim told him he wouldn’t ask me to do it. Mike then suggested that he had a friend at the police department who could ‘lose’ his case file so that I would never be prosecuted. Mike reiterated his offer and added that I could be in the room to make sure he kept his word.

That evening Jim told me about Mike’s offer and while it was disgusting, I suggested that I was willing to do it if Mike agreed to let Jim keep his job and keep the DUI off of his record. Jim wasn’t happy about it either, but we didn’t have much choice. Jim told Mike we would do it. Jim arranged for us to come by his house the same weekend we had planned our get away. We decided it would have to wait.

On Friday I received a delivery of two boxes from Mike. The first was a large box from Neiman Marcus with red ribbon tied around it. Jim wasn’t home yet and I wondered if he knew Mike had sent a present. I pulled on the ribbon, the satin ribbon came untied almost effortlessly. I was shocked that Mike had gone to so much trouble. When I lifted the lid of the box I could smell the perfumed paper cradling the contents. I peeled back the first layer of tissue and found a black lace bra and panties. The material was very thin and fragile, but it looked very expensive. I placed them to the side and removed the next layer of tissue revealing a very simple black cocktail dress. The dress had low back and deep cut v-neck.

The second box contained a bottle of scented body lotion and a pair of expensive black pumps, just a little bit higher than I would have picked. I slipped the shoes on and to my surprise they fit perfectly. I had no idea Mike knew my shoe size. I removed my dress and sat naked on the edge of the bed still wearing the black pumps. I felt sexy, almost like a whore getting ready to fuck her client and what surprised me most was that I liked the feeling.

I began rubbing the lotion all over my body. It was warm and made my skin tingle. I had never heard of the product before, but it felt amazing and smelled even better. Next I put on the bra and panties and stood in front of the mirror. I looked great. The thong panties were held together by the thinnest string and I could hardly feel them. The lace material was almost paper thin. I wasn’t sure they would hold up for an entire evening, much less in the wash.

Finally, I slipped on the black dress. The fabric was very expensive and it slipped over my skin with ease. It was shorter than I was used to — I guess it was clearly too short, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I was impressed by Mike’s skill. Who knew he could put together such an outfit. I could feel myself getting turned on and as a result my panties were getting wet.

When Jim got home we got in the car and drove to Mike’s house. Mike opened the door and the awkwardness began. Mike gave me a kiss on the cheek and welcomed me in. Jim was furious about the dress, but I had calmed him down and convinced him we could get through this. We began with a few drinks. We both drank too much just trying to get through the evening. Eventually Mike asked if I was ready to join him in the bedroom. I looked at Jim and took Mike’s hand as he led me away. Jim stood up and told Mike that he wanted to watch.

I was a little surprised that he would want to see me with Mike. Mike indicated he had no idea Jim was into that sort of thing and welcomed him to join us. Mike began running his hands over my dress as we made our way into his bedroom. On the bed there was a small package that Mike asked me to open. Inside I found a beautiful diamond necklace. I wasn’t sure it was real, but it was beautiful. Mike told me he would put it on if I took off my dress. I didn’t hesitate dropping the dress around my feet. I was standing in Mike’s fuck-me pumps and tissue thin bra and panties as he stood behind me and helped me put on the necklace.

Jim sat down next to the bed in an easy chair and watched quietly. He wasn’t pleased.

Mike showed me to his full-length mirror so I could see the necklace on. He then removed his clothes and stood behind me. He pulled my hair back so he could see the necklace on. He told me I looked beautiful as he ran his hands over my hips and stomach. Mike unfastened my bra and I let it drop to the floor. He then pulled my panties down and I stepped out of them. Standing naked with on the only the necklace and the pumps on I was exhilarated. He pressed his body against mine and I could feel his erection. I arched my back, pressing my bottom against him. His penis felt huge and I couldn’t help but turn around to see it. It was big. I laughed nervously as I commented on the girth and length of his penis. I estimated it was more than twice the size of Jim’s penis.

Mike put his hands on my breasts as I leaned back against the mirror. I took hold of his waist and pulled my hips against his so I could feel the pressure of his penis against my vagina. I felt so naughty it was intoxicating. I looked at Jim as I felt Mike’s penis pressing against my moist vagina. I wondered what was going through his mind. Mike turned my head back to face his and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I kept wondering what was appropriate and inappropriate in this situation. What was Jim expecting of me?

Mike took my hand and led me to the bed where he laid down and pulled me on top of him. He handed me a tube of KY and told me to spread it over his penis. I squeezed the KY into my hand and began rubbing it over his penis. God, it was big. I couldn’t get my fingers all of the way around it. I didn’t want to let it go. Just then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wanted to see if his penis could even fit inside of me. I had never been that interested in the size thing, but when I held it in my hand I couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like.

Mike pulled me forward and I began sliding the lips of my vagina up and down his penis. I found that if I tilted my pelvis forward I could feel the pressure against my clitoris and quickly realized I was going to have an orgasm or two before this was over. I looked over at Jim and was surprised to see he was sporting his own erection. I couldn’t believe he was getting off on this too. We were both turned on!

I was starting to get tired so I held onto Mike’s shoulders to hold myself up. When I did, I could feel the head of Mike’s penis against my vagina. If I went a little farther the head would be right at the entrance to my vagina and would slide right in. I kept teasing myself, bringing his penis right to the entrance before pulling back. I looked over at Jim. He was rubbing his penis through his pants. Mike was enjoying himself as well.

I leaned down and kissed Mike. When I did his penis pressed against my vagina and instead of pulling back, I pushed the head of his penis just inside. Mike’s eyes got wide. I didn’t stop kissing him, but pressed back against his penis slowly causing him to penetrate me. I was taking him in, inch by inch with my husband just a few feet away. When he was almost all of the way inside of me I sat up and looked over at Jim.

Jim hadn’t noticed that Mike was inside of me. He was still rubbing his penis through his pants when I looked over at him and told him he should go ahead and pull it out and start masturbating. He looked embarrassed, but I told him he didn’t need to be embarrassed. He started to unzip and pull his penis out and began slowly rubbing his erect penis. It looked so small in his hands, I thought to myself.

I looked back to Mike and started moving back and forth slowly. Soon I couldn’t contain myself and began riding him faster and faster. I looked over at Jim who was now jacking off furiously. I wondered if he realized Mike was inside of me. I looked down at Mike and he told me I was amazing. I leaned down and began kissing him and asked him to get on top.

Mike flipped me over and just as he did Jim ejaculated all over his shirt. Jim stood up and managed to tell Mike to stop. Mike didn’t listen and rammed his penis inside of me. Jim took a step forward and our eyes met and Jim told me he was sorry. His penis was hanging out of his pants and as he apologized one last pulse of semen came out and dripped on his leg. He looked pathetic.

Jim told Mike he had to pull out. He explained that I wasn’t on the pill. Mike told him that he would. Mike leaned forward so that we were face to face. I whispered that I was ovulating. Mike whispered back his approval. I asked him if he was going to cum inside of me. He asked me if I wanted him to cum inside of me. I didn’t answer, but I wrapped my legs and arms around him and closed my eyes.

Jim was getting worried and reminded Mike he had to pull out. He stepped closer and put his hand on Mike’s shoulder. I put my hand over his and told him it was okay and push his hand away. Jim stepped back and tried to understand. He reminded me that I wasn’t on the pill. Mike turned my face toward his and he kissed me. As I kissed him back I felt his semen filling my womb.

I arched my back and let him fill me. Jim collapsed into the chair as Mike rolled over next to me. He left a gaping hole in my vagina and I didn’t move as I felt his semen leaking out of me. Then just like that I got up, put on the dress and told Jim it was time to go. Mike jumped up and gave me a kiss and asked me to stay. I told him it was time to go and we left. Jim and I didn’t talk on the way home.

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