Breaking All The Barriers.

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Breaking All The Barriers.

The lady who gave her best was radiant, gorgeous and sensuous. I can’t thank heavens enough to have given me the opportunity to be a part of her sex life.

The story began in 2017. She was one the person who gave feedback to my story and it was very formal at the beginning. Months passed and we were just friends who talk rarely that too, ‘Hi, how are you?’ kind of stuff. Her husband used to work in a private firm. He was busy all the time with his office stuff.

And my girl was very bored with her life since nobody was giving her time. She was very reserved in the beginning and never came out of her fear. I pressured her many times to open up and talk so that she may get some relief. But she was very conservative.

I never saw her and also never stopped dreaming about her. Only I expected her as a beautiful traditional lady. I waited for months for her to get used to me. But nothing worked and all of a sudden she blocked me. That was the day I was broken. I expected her to be a good friend but she left away without any reason.

I deleted all contacts and uninstalled Hangouts too as I was no more interested to get hurt. After 3 months I just installed Hangouts just to check if I got any message or not. Sadly there wasn’t any notification from the app. After 6 days I got a message at 11:25 am from Ramya.

And I was the happiest at that moment as I got her back. She explained to me for blocking and not being online for so long. It was only a 10 minutes conversation and she blocked me again. This time she assured me she will be coming soon as the situation is not good.

So I was happy and sad. After that, I was waiting for her and it was a long 3 months wait. This time she was a bit free and open talking to me. We shared a few things about life and all. Days passed and we became close friends sharing almost every minute of each other’s life.

I was very happy to get back here. One fine day she herself sent her pic. I was speechless after seeing her pic. The next 10 minutes I was not in my senses. I rubbed my eyes and saw her again. Yes, she was beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, cute what not.

She was a perfect lady to watch. I praised her with whatever languages I knew. Soon we became good friends. I saw a lot of difference in her. She started to respond well and share everything with me. There was not even a single day where we didn’t talk.

Maybe we are far in distance but our hearts became one. We both were happy in our own world where only me and her existed. Not even a single topic about her husband or anybody else. We both cared for each other so much that even a married couple won’t. We were so much involved in each other.

We used to wake up the same time, eat at the same time. Yes, it is weird but we couldn’t get out of it. One day we planned to meet in a coffee shop. I traveled 300 miles only to meet her. From the day we planned to catch up, time seemed to be very slow.

Every day was like 10 days. The hardest part was waiting to meet her, and finally, the day came. I took flight and landed in her city. I went to the place and waited for another 1 hour which was like 1 hell year. As time was moving my heart beat raised to the maximum. The zero hours touched yes she was there.

I simply stood up after seeing her, maybe a dictionary won’t be sufficient to describe her. She was beautiful, cute, gorgeous. She was everything in all aspects. A perfect woman, d****d in a red saare with loose hair and very light lipstick which added more beauty to her flawless face.

A small mole on her upper lip resembled Nayana Thara. She was like Rashmika in ‘Geethagovindham’. She came to the table and gave her hand. I extended my hand, our hands touched for the first time. She was soo smooth. We felt all the waiting in our hands. They were just locked.

Our eyes were looking deep inside. For the next 10 minutes, we forgot the surroundings, staring at each other. We sat down and ordered coffee. We sat in a corner so that nobody disturbs and only we both can talk in privacy. She was an angel in looks.

We held hands and I saw tears in her eyes. My eyes became wet and only silence was between us. Our hands exchanged all the talks, feelings and excitement. “Maybe this is love,” I think, “Yes we both were in love and it came out in the form of tears.”

Breaking the silence she thanked me for everything. She thanked me for traveling so long only to meet her for an hour or so. We talked for almost 2 hours and found out we are 2 human beings with one soul. I gave her a surprise gift and asked her to open only when she was at home.

It was time to disperse. You wait for the girl for almost a year and when it came to meet her time just travels like seconds. I can see her reddish eyes and about to fall tear from tip of her eye. I went near and just wiped her eyes with a tissue. She hugged me closing her eyes.

You won’t believe our hearts were beating in the same rhythm. I hugged her kissed her on the forehead and said, “I love you.” She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. With very sad faces we waved each other. I went back to the airport to catch the next flight.

I reached my home very tired and sad. I fell on bed rewinding all the beautiful moments just happened with me and Ramya. I slept thinking about her and when I woke up there were missed calls and message notifications. It was Ramya the other end, she shared me a pic of the gift I gave her.

It was Victoria’s Secrets bombshell perfume. I kept a note inside the box written,’Just to add fragrance to your beauty’. She liked the gift very much. From that day we were like married couples. Her husband never cared for her and he was always camping.

She became my world. My only intent was to keep her happy in every possible way. It was not at all lust, we loved each other so much. We supported each other in every matter. And months passed away I never asked her to meet as I didn’t want to pressurize her.

And God was on our side, there was a month were her husband had a camp for almost 8 days. She was the one who asked me to stay with her for these 8 days and maybe this was our time. Without thinking I said ok and planned my work according to her.

The day has come and I knocked on the door. There she was standing like an angel in her beautiful saree. She was a traditional freak who always preferred sarees. She invited me in and locked the door. It was a luxury 3 BHK flat and I liked the ambiance which was very pleasant.

She was wearing a beautiful net saree which was revealing all her beauty. She took my bag and put it in our room. I sat on the sofa and she brought me some water. She sat beside me and she asked about the journey and asked me to get fresh.

I took a quick shower and got ready. She prepared lunch for both of us. We had lunch and believe me she was best at cooking too. We completed lunch and sat on the sofa. She just put her head on my shoulder and we continued talking for an hour or so.

She said she was craving to see me and spend time with me. We discussed how to spend the whole week. We came to an agreement not be in a hurry for all the stuff. I said I want to sleep as I was tired. She asked me to sleep on her lap. I put my head on her lap.

She was watching TV while I was sleeping on her lap. She put her hand in my hair and started to caress me. It felt so good and I loved what she was doing. I slept for an hour. In the evening we planned to go out for a movie. We booked a sofa and we were in the theatre watching a movie like a newly married couple.

Everyone had an eye on her as she was wearing a lemon yellow saree with a violet velvet blouse. We were walking around hand in hand like a newly married couple. We had dinner and reached home. We got fresh and changed to shorts and a t-shirt.

She went to the bathroom and came out in a sexy satin nighty. It was stuck to her body so tight that every fold of her body was visible. She lay on the bed beside me. We started talking about the day and how she missed me all these months.

The now the real game started. I pulled her over me and hugged her so tight that she asked me to free her as she was unable to take a breath. We started to kiss each other so passionately. Our lips got locked and our tounges were fighting inside each other’s mouth.

We smooched for 15 minutes like there is no tomorrow. She said this was the best smooch she had in her entire life. This is what she was waiting for. Again we started to roll on the bed caressing each other. She was in full swing and was doing so well in bed.

I kissed her on the neck and she held me very tight. Yes, that was the vulnerable part of her body, she was red hot. She took of t-shirt and struck her tongue on my bare chest. She licked and sucked my nipples for almost 10 minutes. We smooched again, this time more urgently.

There were my teeth marks on her lips. Her lips were soo red. Slowly I pulled her nighty. My angel was in her best ever lingerie, a sexy lacy bra and a g string panty which exposed her back. I patted her bums and she moaned in pleasure. It was an eye feast.

She took off my shorts and I was in underwear We both locked each other so tight even air couldn’t pass. I licked her neck and my saliva was all over her. I came near her 36b boobs and licked over her lacy bra. She pushed more over my face.

Her bra was almost wet with my saliva. She was pushing her breast over my face. I came down to her belly and put my tongue in the hot belly button. She shivered and held me tight. Meanwhile, I removed her bra and set those beautiful melons free, pinkish nipples on milky white boobs what does a man want more than this.

I squeezed her boobs at a time and she let out a loud moan. I took her nipples in my mouth one after one sucked so hard which made them reddish. By the time she started to rub my dick over my underwear, I was rock hard like never before. She squeezed like mango.

And then she put her hand inside and held my dick. Such an amazing thing it was, her soft hand started to grip on my dick. She started to rub my dick and licked all over my face and neck. She removed my underwear and kissed the tip of my dick.

I was almost in heaven. She teased me licking my dick like ice cream, and suddenly my dick disappeared in her mouth. My eyes were closed, and I was in heaven with the angel sucking my dick, I could only hear sounds coming from her mouth. She took deep in so that my dick could feel her throat.

She sucked me for the next 5 minutes and I was about to cum. I held her head to say I was about to blast. She never cared and she did it very fast. A huge load of cum passed in her mouth. I could feel my blood veins pushing all the force down into my dick.

I was done and she sucked me dry. The next thing was I took off her string panty. There was the sight which every man goes mad to watch. Pink pussy with reddish flesh inside which is already wet enough to take my dick. I rubbed her pussy inch by inch.

I could feel the heat and wet on her pussy. I pushed 2 fingers inside and she made a loud noise. To give her intense pleasure I came down and started to lick her pussy while sticking with my 2 fingers. She never got this experience before. She came in minutes and hugged me tightly.

She thanked me for taking her to immense pleasure. And my dick was ready to invade her love hole. I applied some saliva on my dick and her pussy and to tease her I started to rub my dick on her pussy lips. She begged not to tease and asked me to enter her body.

We were in missionary position and in one hard stroke I was inside her pussy. She shouted in pain. Till date, our souls were one and this was the moment where our bodies became one. She asked me to be gentle, and we started to play the game.

I stroked her for 5 minutes and asked her to sit on my dick from her back. I adjusted my dick and put it inside her pussy. It was the next level to explore her pussy. She was mad about the position and was moaning hell which she never did.

I was stroking her from the back while rubbing her thighs very hard and wild. It was 5 minutes fuck in that position and we both came at the same time. We caressed each other for the next 20 minutes and we fucked like mad dogs for another 2 rounds.

We enjoyed each others company for the next 6 days. She was my love she was my everything even though she is somebody’s wife. I respect her. I care for her. I love her. She has got a special place in my heart which will be there till my last breath.

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