Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

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Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!
It was New Year’s Eve. My wife and I were getting dressed to meet her work mate Tara and her husband. We had never socialized with them, and I wasn’t sure that it would be all that much fun especially on New Year’s Eve. But I was game since it would please my wife Michelle.

As we dressed, Michelle put on the new lingerie I gave her for Christmas. “Nice,” I said to her. “You like?” she replied and then struck a pose to let me gaze at her lovely trim form.

She is tall and slim with narrow hips and perfect breasts. Her bra pressed her tits together to create more than usual cleavage, and her panties were low rise bikinis across the backside spaghetti string at the sides. A panel of lace in the center ran from the waistband in a “V” shape down between her legs.

She slid on her matching stocking thigh-highs with images of sparkling stars that made them look perfect for a New Year’s Eve.

I put on new silk boxers with pictures of champagne glasses on them. My Christmas gift from her. I posed back to her, and she said, “Look whose fancy tonight!”

I’d met Tara once. She was cute and short and slim, and looked good for a woman in her early 20s. Neither of us had met Heath. Michelle had only known a little bit about him from talking with Tara. All we knew was that he was older than her.

We arrived at their very lovely home, and Tara smiled as she took our coats and showed us around. She was dressed for the holiday in a red satin blouse and black pencil skirt. Her hair was jet black and cut very stylishly.

With such a beautiful home and with Tara looking so good, it was a surprise to meet Heath. He was indeed older. I’d guess he was in his mid-30s. He was not in great shape, a little dumpy around the middle and not the most handsome guy. But he was friendly, and we were soon comfortable with them.

Heath turned out to be a great conversationalist. In no time he had us talking and sharing interesting ideas. After dinner we had drinks in the living room. I enjoyed watching Tara struggle to be modest sitting in her skirt.

“So how was your Christmas?” Heath asked.

We replied with the usual comments, but he probed a little more, “Well, what did you get for each other?”

Michelle told them a few things we had exchanged, but she did not mention the lingerie she was wearing.

The devil made me do it. I blurted out, “I gave Michelle some really sexy lingerie.”

Michelle’s eyes widened, but Tara burst out laughing. Heath just smiled and said, “That’s exactly what I’d give such a lovely wife.” “In fact, that’s exactly what I gave Tara, too.”

Well, that got my attention, and all of a sudden our little party got much more interesting.

I looked at Tara and smiled, “Heath, do you think we have the same taste in lingerie for our wives?” I asked.

Heath played my question perfectly, “Well, if we’re good boys maybe these two lovely ladies will show us.”

My cock was hard as a rock now. My eight inches was dancing in my pants and the ladies could surely tell.

Tara and Michelle laughed off Heath’s suggestion, sipped wine and tried to change the conversation. But Heath took control, “Tara, show our guests some of your new things.”

She reached down from her seat on the sofa and ran her hand along the side of her nylons, “You mean these?”

Heath said, “Yeah, but show what holds them up.”

“Heath, you are nasty,” she replied. “Are you serious?”

“Sure am,” he said, “How else will we get Michelle to show us her new lingerie?”

Tara stared at her husband. She didn’t look at me, but I was watching her with rapt attention. Michelle was sitting on the sofa with Tara and laughing nervously.

“Well,” Tara said, “I guess there’s no harm in letting them see.” She pulled up her skirt high enough to reveal garter clips at the top of her stockings.

“Come on, Tara, stand up and show it all,” said his husband.

My mind was racing like crazy. What was going on here? What did Heath intend? Why was he embarrassing his wife? Was this a game they liked to play? Whatever it was, my cock was about to bust.

She did as he said. Tara stood and had to wiggle to raise her tight skirt high enough to show us the garter suspenders, and then her panties came into view. I was amazed. They appeared to be the exact same panties Michelle was wearing that night. I just stared enraptured as she wiggled her skirt all the way to her waist so we could see the entire garter belt.

My eyes took in the scene of her well shaped legs, the stockings up to her thighs, the garter suspenders pulling her stockings up tight and her panties barely covering what I most wanted to see.

“Amazing,” I heard myself say.

“Why do you say ‘amazing?'” asked Heath.

I was afraid to answer him. But I did, “I may be mistaken, but your wife’s panties look just like the ones I gave Michelle.”

“You mean the ones she’s wearing tonight?” Heath asked.

I looked at my shy wife and saw a wicked little grin on her lips. “Yes sir, I think our wives are wearing the same panties.”

“Only one way to find out,” he said.

Tara was trying to lower her tight skirt, but Heath interrupted her, “Heck Tara, why don’t you just unzip that thing and toss it aside?” She reached around and did as he suggested. Plop, her skirt dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. There she was in her shinny red satin blouse, high heels, and lingerie.

Tara sensed that some help might be needed. She reached over and took Michelle’s hand and pulled her to her feet. Then Tara sat down, crossed her lovely legs and reached for her wine glass.

I was surprised my wife had even gone this far. I half expected her to dash for the door when the suggestive comments started. But there she stood, poised on the edge of showing a stranger her panties.

“Michelle,” I said, “Tara was brave to show us her Christmas present, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” “But it sure looks like she’s wearing the same panties as you.”

My wife was wearing a more full skirt that made it easy for her to lift it up for us. She faced me as she reached down and began to lift her skirt, revealing more and more of her thigh highs. “Heck, Michelle, don’t show them to me,” I said, “Show them to Heath.”

She turned to face him and raised her skirt to show him her panties. “Well, I’ll be!” he said, “How amazing.” “They are the same.”

Michelle quickly dropped her skirt and sank onto the sofa, her face blushing. Tara said, “Hey, no fair, I want to see.” So my good sport wife stood again and faced Tara and have her a peek.

With that, we all laughed and refilled wine glasses. Tara didn’t put her skirt back on but instead she walked around in her stockings, panties and heels. I was half hoping that Michelle would do the same, but I didn’t dare push her.

Heath had stepped outside on their back deck, then reappeared. “Hey, I’ve had the hot tub heating for a while, and it’s nice and warm now. Any takers?”

He knew that Michelle and I hadn’t brought bathing suits, so Heath added, “The gals have shown us their panties already, why not just hop into the warm water like that?” He looked at me, “Wearing boxers?”

Tara led the way. She unbuttoned her blouse to show us a large set of tits barely restrained in a matching lacy bra. She kicked off her shoes, wiggled out of the garter set and stockings, then dashed outside.

Michelle and I followed. Off with shoes, trousers, shirt, and down to my champagne glass boxers. My cock was puffy and had been leaking badly, but I didn’t look down to see if it was still concealed from view. While Michelle was undressing more slowly, I joined Tara in the tub.

“I won’t watch while you get ready,” Heath politely said. He actually left and disappeared somewhere out of sight while my wife very properly folded each garment as she took it off. Soon, her bra and panties became her bathing suit, and she sat beside me in the steaming water.

Just the three of us sat there relaxing. Tara reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. With her breasts concealed under the waves, she tossed her bra on the deck, “Ah that feels much better.”

I didn’t even wait for Michelle. I did the honors and removed my wife’s bra and tossed it aside. Both wives were up to their necks in the water, but flesh colored mounds were visible just under the surface.

Heath reappeared. He stood next to us and undressed. He was an older man, with a bit of a belly, not Mr. Handsome. But I’d come to appreciate his tastes in women and his skills in handling the situation tonight.

But there was something I wasn’t prepared for. Not only did he strip down to his boxers. He took them off in front of us. And there just a few feet from us was the biggest damn cock I’d ever seen. Everything about him said “needs some improvement,” but his cock said, “blue ribbon world class!”

As he stepped out of his boxers, his dick swung from side to side, slapping his legs, and his balls looked like a grocery sack of peaches. He was uncircumcised, with a prominent pucker of skin encasing a dickhead that was starting to show. All in all, I’d guess we were looking at ten inches of dangling dick. By comparison, my supply of cock inches seemed puny.

Heath said nothing. We all said nothing as he stepped into the water. Slowly his cock disappeared beneath the water and she sat next to his wife.

“Good,” said Heath, “I see the gals have already relaxed and gotten rid of these,” as he lifted my wife’s bra. “There’s nothing like getting natural on New Year’s Eve with friends in the warmth of a hot tub.”

After a few minutes of quiet, I was aware that Heath was touching his wife. She giggled and squirmed and then laughed out loud while she tried to resist something he was doing.

She suddenly got still, and Heath raised up his hand holding with his wife’s dripping panties. She retaliated by stroking him until his huge cock came up like a periscope above the water. He held her to himself, then turned her around facing us and sat her on his lap. As he did, her breasts came above the water. Drips splashed off the tips of her nipples.

Heath raised her up, and I was sure he was positioning her for penetration. Her mouth opened, her head leaned back, as he lowered her gently. That big fat cock was filling her.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Heath said to us, “We love to do this.” He lifted his wife up and down on his enormous cock, and I could only guess how big it was erect and how much Tara could take.

I pulled Michelle to me. We kissed as I removed my wife’s panties and my own boxers. In no time my cock was buried in my wife’s pussy, and her breasts were on display for our hosts to see.

Tara climbed off her hubby’s lap and swam over to us. She touched Michelle’s breasts while I fucked my wife. Then she took Michelle’s hands and pulled her away from me to change positions. In a second, Tara mounted my dick and plunged me into her pussy. I grabbed her around the waist and enjoyed the freedom of fucking with no inhibitions.

Speaking of…. Michelle’s back was to Heath. She was watching Tara screw her husband when Heath’s hands grabbed Michelle by her waist and pulled her backward. His dick must have bumped against her lips. She let out a squeal. While fucking this man’s wife, I watched Heath force his massive dick into my wife’s pussy.

As best as I could tell, she was compliant. Her groans made it had to tell if she was feeling great pleasure or great apprehension.

Then, she bolted! Michelle ran out of the pool, dripping wet. Fortunately it wasn’t a freezing night. Heath pursued her. She tried to get away, pushing deck chairs between her and Heath, both naked and playing a game. Or was it a game? With my dick happily buried in his wife’s pussy, I was slow to respond to Heath’s pursuit of my wife.

Michelle fell into a lounge chair just as Heath cornered her. He leaned over her and let his dick bounce and probe for her pussy. He found it and pressed for entry. Michelle’s legs kicked, but I couldn’t tell if she was resisting or not.

I forced myself to come to her aid. Tara and I got out of the water. As we approached them, Michelle’s legs were circling in the air making bicycle kicks on each side of portly Mr. Dong as he lowered himself, inching deeper and deeper into my wife’s cunt.

By the time we were beside them, Michelle was clearly in more ecstasy than peril. Tara whispered, “Help me.” She grabbed one of my wife’s legs and stretched it wide open and motioned me to do the same with the other leg. We joined forces to give Heath full access to Michelle’s secret.

As we held her legs apart, Heath was able to do his magic. I had a front row view of what had to be twelve inches of very thick manhood making long slow dives into my wife’s pussy. Her response was just what I might have imagined. She gasped and went over the edge of orgasm time and again.

For a less than in-shape guy, Heath could deliver the goods for all the time she wanted. After some time, he looked at me holding my wife’s leg open for him and asked, “Do you mind, Old Man, if I deliver my load now?”

“Not at all, Old Sport,” I replied, “but let me ask the boss.”

I leaned over Michelle’s face which was in various states of delirium as I watched our host cum in her pussy. He pumped a big one into her, and as he withdrew his member a river of his cum flowed out and onto the deck.

I lay on Michelle to keep her warm while Heath and Tara returned to the hot water. We lay there for a few minutes while she recovered. Tara was handling her husband’s dong under the water, probably trying to get him hard enough for her to take a ride.

When Michelle and I got back into the tub, Tara left her hubby and went to work on me. Soon she and I were fucking like rabbits while Michelle and Heath watched and relaxed. As they watched, Heath must have had his hand in Michelle’s pussy because she kept letting out little post orgasm squeaks.

The clock struck midnight as I dumped my cum into Tara, and we all kissed to bring in the New Year.

I marveled at how things had worked out so perfectly. So much could have gone wrong or been a disaster that night. But everything fell into place to make such a dream come true. It took me months to figure out why.

Long before that night, Tara had told Michelle about his husband’s monster cock. The matching panties were no coincidence. The lingerie show was no coincidence. My wife and Tara and Heath had colluded to make it happen, and I was the innocent, but happy, stooge.

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