Brookdale Chapter Twelve

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Brookdale Chapter Twelve

Pulling Tina to her feet by using his fist to grab a handful of the girl’s hair, William pushed her over to a rectangular metal frame, the base of which was secured to the floor by strong clamps and the opposite side fixed to chains running down from the ceiling. The chains could be extended to allow the angle of the frame to be adjusted. Fastening her wrist bracelets to the upper corners of the frame, he then fixed her ankle straps to the corners at floor level. William lowered the chains holding the upper section so that Tina’s naked body
was held in a slightly leaning mode, her full breasts dependant from her torso.

William then collected a metal tray from a locker type cupboard on which was a previously prepared hypodermic syringe and placed it on a table in front of Tina.

“I will explain what the effect will be when injected into your system. In this syringe is a chemical formula.” William explained to the pinioned girl. “It has been designed specifically for use with slaves. You will find that it will restrict your actions so that, whilst you may want to cause me or another harm, your body will not be able to comply. In addition, it increases a slave’s pain limit and stamina fivefold and also enables the body to recover quickly, so much so that a recovery period of one hour is the equivalent of 96 normal hours.”

Her eyes widened as Tina watched the approach of William with the needle. However, all she could manage was a soft keening. “Please don’t,” she pleaded with tears running down her face. Her situation was becoming more and more desperate. What was this young man going to do to her? She shuddered to think why he might want to increase her pain threshold. What tortures did this monster plan to inflict upon her?

Taking a firm grip on Tina’s left breast, William squeezed the soft globe until just the nipple projected through his fingers. “This will hurt you more than it will hurt me!” William said laughing, as he inserted the needle about a 1/2 inch deep into Tina’s nub. Tina felt a sharp bolt of pain shoot through her sensitive nipple and, as William depressed the plunger, an ice-cold feeling as the chemical was injected into her system, there to quickly do its work of
altering her body’s recovery time and also her mind’s ability to revolt.

“We will give the injection a short time to begin to act and then we will see how effective it is in raising your pain threshold.” William said ominously. “You have no doubt realised in your short time with Master Alfredo that you will find your future life as a sex slave demanding, as your Masters and Mistresses will wish to make use of your body in a variety of ways. Some will decide to make use of you sexually and these sessions may be for very long periods, thus stamina will be required.”

“Others,” William continued, “Will simply want to torture your naked body for their own amusement and enjoyment, and the increase in the acceptance of pain level will be extremely useful in that instance. In addition, the much-enhanced recovery period will mean that you will be available for use that much sooner!!! I have witnessed the effectiveness of the ability to increase the pain barrier already on this slut,” indicating Julie. “Together with the extremely fast recovery rate, so I think I will enjoy experimenting on another slave to
establish the efficiency and value of this d**g.”

After a break of some 20 minutes, William said. “I will now see how effective the injection is by having the pleasure of administering a flogging to your naked body. Are you ready to see the results?” William questioned Tina, as if he were enquiring if she had ever been on holiday. “Well, if not my dear, this will be an experience that I can assure you, you will never forget.”

Taking a small cat-of-nine tails from a nearby rack, William swished the 18-inch long lengths of leather through the air producing a low hum as the implement cut the stillness of the room.

“I think that we will start with 20 strokes across those arse cheeks of yours to begin with, and then maybe a few uppercuts to those lovely full breasts that seem to be begging for the caress of the strands.” William took great delight in advising the naked woman of what was going to happen.

“Wait, Master!” Tina begged before he could start swinging. “Release me now and I will have sex with you any way you prefer. I will do this lovingly to you and freely. Please. Release me.”

As she spoke these words she felt herself getting sick when she uttered the request “Release me.” Could it be the d**g he pumped into her left teat? Whenever she thought of fighting back, an incapacitating nausea would overcome her. She wanted to throw up. As much as she hated to admit it, she had to go to the bathroom as well. She was also painfully aware of how open and vulnerable she was to this sadistic bastard.

William paused on hearing Tina’s suggestion, the leather strands of the whip still swishing to and fro, ~ Now that was an interesting proposition. Was the woman giving up so soon? She will have sex with me willingly and lovingly. This might be worth exploring. ~

“So you say that you will have sex with me and you will do it lovingly and freely?” William said. “But I can beat you with the whip, until eventually you will obey all my commands and I can then have you however I want. On reflection though, your offer may be worthy of consideration.”

“Very well, I will release you from your bonds, but be warned if this is any sort of a delaying tactic on your part, then you will suffer and suffer, until not even the injection will save your skin!” William informed Tina.

Releasing Tina’s wrists from the fixings that held them secured to the frame, William bent down and undid the ankle chain.

~ I wonder how loving and willing she will feel when she finds out what she will be required to do? ~

“Now as you have made the offer, I think that it should be your place to suggest what you are going to do so willingly, freely and lovingly. Make sure that it is something suitably enticing and extreme because, if it is not then I will decide, and I am sure that you appreciate my predilections.” William instructed Tina.

Tina knelt before William, her hands clasped behind her neck, legs apart. She hated herself for what she was doing but she saw no other choice. ~Damn, there’s that nauseous feeling again~ she thought. Tina attributed it to the disgusting act she was about to do to bargain for her freedom.

“I…I have…. have…..n…never made love to another woman…Master.” Tina said. “So if you will permit me to perform the act with this woman,” she indicated towards Julie. “Then you will have the knowledge that you have witnessed me losing the last remnants of my being and self-respect.”

~ Was he hearing correctly or was the stupid bitch taking him for a fool? ~ Thought William. He rapidly felt that the latter was the case and taking a grip of Tina’s upper right arm; he roughly pulled her to her feet and flung her back towards a metal table similar in design to a gynaecological examination table, with fitted stirrups at the base. However, this one also had the additional facility of securing rings fixed at strategic points on the frame.

William quickly secured Tina spread-eagled, face upwards on the table, her ankles secured in the stirrups, her legs spread apart.

“I’ll teach you not to waste my time, you stupid whore!!” he shouted at Tina. “I warned you what the consequences would be if you played me for an idiot and now you will suffer them!!!”

William then went to a cupboard and brought out a small plastic box with several electrical leads hanging from connections at the back. On the front of the box were a number of switches with a round knob and a measuring meter set into a glass dial.

Carrying the box over to the table and Tina, William said. “If you think that you can play games with me, you are sadly mistaken. Let’s see if a few jolts of electricity coursing through your body will improve your imagination?”

Tina knew sheer terror. She was on a metal table and he was going to shock her with electricity! She attempted to wrestle with her restraints with ineffectual results. Her arms and legs wouldn’t respond. It was almost as if she were partially paralysed. Her eyes never left the box as William came closer and closer to her, uttering threats she knew he was quite capable of carrying out. She wanted to scream, but found she couldn’t even manage this as her throat and mouth dried with fearful anticipation of what was to come.

Looking down at Tina, all her intimate places exposed to William’s steel gaze, he drank in her terror. ~ This woman will now suffer. ~

William then placed the box on a small table alongside and, taking one of the leads which all ended in steel alligator clips with serrated teeth, caught hold of the nipple of Tina’s right breast and fixed the sharp teeth over the projecting peak. He repeated the procedure with her left tit.

“Mercy, Sir…..please forgive……me” begged Tina. “I am sorry…………..for any………..offence.”

Moving to position himself between Tina’s widespread thighs, William pulled open the soft lips of her cunt and pushed a small cylinder, about the size of an A4 battery, into the confines of her sex. He then fixed a large bulldog clip so that it held the outer labia lips together, ensuring that the cylinder could not be expelled. Satisfying himself that Tina was well secured to the frame, William plugged a lead from the box into the main supply on the wall.

“I will now explain what is going to happen,” William informed Tina, his voice quiet, but laden with menace. “The clips fixed to your nipples are self evident, but the cylinder in your cunt is something that has been developed by me as one of my school projects that formed part of my final exams. It was tested fairly extensively on my fellow girl students, but I have yet to see the effect on an older woman. The unit operates by remote control, but can be used
in conjunction with the leads fixed to your tits. By turning this knob, and operating these switches, I am able to adjust the level of the current to the clip terminals or the cylinder, and also switch from one to another or even have all operating at once.”

William switched on the electrical supply to the box. “I am now going to make you suffer, whilst I play my symphony of pain!!!” laughed William.

The only avenue of protest left her was to strain against her restraints, which she did adamantly. She stopped only when he spoke in that sinister voice of his. She listened with shock as he described what he would do to her. Initially, she would have not thought a human being possible of such vicious and wicked torture ideas, but she will soon learn the hard way that William meant exactly what he said.

Her eyes widened with fear as she heard that hideous laugh of his and she braced herself for the first jolt of electricity.

William watched Tina’s attempts to ease the pressure of her bindings and took delight in the fear he saw in her eyes. ~ Should I grant the girl a reprieve? But no, the silly fool had already insulted him by her naive offer. ~

“You can’t say that you were not given the chance to avoid this punishment and, remember, there are plenty more torments to come in the future.” William informed Tina. Turning the knob to a 25% range reading on the dial, William flicked one of the switches on the box that controlled the supply of electrical current to Tina’s left nipple.

Tina’s body jerked as much as the restraints would allow and she emitted a piercing scream as the electricity bit into her sensitive nipple. Her hands formed fists as they clenched in agony. Whatever William had given her certainly didn’t make her immune to pain. She was suddenly covered in a thin sheen of perspiration. Her eyes were full of moisture as she looked pleadingly at William begging, ~ No more please no more, no more. If she only hadn’t tried to trick him, ~ she thought. Now he was going to make her pay and there wasn’t a thing
she could do to stop him. Never had she felt so powerless and so afraid.

After some ten seconds watching Tina’s reaction as the electric current surged into her left breast, William flicked the switch off and pressed another of the switches that resulted in the pain inducing power entering the unit that was in her cunt. Another ten seconds, and he switched off that one. Then William brought both breast clips into play and, for some thirty seconds he proceeded to turn the dial, increasing and then decreasing the percentage of electrical charge passing through Tina’s nipples.

William watched Tina’s vigorous contortions in the attempts of her body as it tried to cope with the pain and, after switching off the current passing through her nipples, he re-instated the electric charge to her sex, this time increasing the power to 50% and leaving it on for about 15 seconds.

Saliva ran from Tina’s mouth as her teeth bit deep into the leather strap, and her mind recoiled at the mind-numbing pain that shot through her helpless body. ~Such pain……such truly horrific agony…..~

Finally, in a flood of sadistic pleasure, William switched on both terminal and the cylinder and watched as the electrical charge flooded through Tina’s body at 50% of the power for another 30 seconds.

“Now, slave-bitch….” William said. “I think that you will remember that little session for a salutary one, and think on, I can simply do it again and again as I desire so be warned.”

Tina’s mind was a divided house. There was a part of her that refused to accept what he was telling her. She was not a slave that he could abuse. But, oh, wasn’t she? The thought crept back into her consciousness for she knew that she would do whatever he wanted to avoid those painful shocks again.

Whilst waiting for the girl to recover, William disconnected the power supply to the box and released her from the frame.

“If you wish to avoid such pain in the future, you will obey every command I give you. Now display yourself showing me what you have to offer me to avoid more pain.” William instructed Tina.

She had to do something or he would punish her even more severely. Whimpering, she got down on her knees. She sat back on her haunches and spread her legs. Then, thinking this would not be enough; she got on all fours and turned her bottom toward him. Then she lowered her head to the hard floor leaving her arse raised high to give him a choice of either hole on abject submissive display. She prayed this would please him.

William watched Tina’s initial feeble attempts at carrying out his orders, as she knelt and opened her thighs showing him the soft downy covering of her sex. He was just about to tell her of her failure, when she adopted a more enterprising position by displaying her elevated arse cheeks, with the little rosebud of her anus nestled between and the open lips of her pouting cunt below.

“Acceptable, slave.” William complimented the naked girl. “Now, turn around, kneel erect and, keeping your knees well spread use your fingers to open the lips of your cunt displaying your most intimate of flesh.” William instructed Tina. “Use your fingers to play with your cunt and clit and masturbate, until I order you to stop.”

~ Let’s see how she performs this task. ~

Tina obeyed quickly and with her face suffused with a red blush of embarrassment, she opened the soft petals of her cunt lips and showed William the moist red interior of her cunt passage. Using the index fingers of each hand, Tina proceeded to caress her clit and her sex lips to and fro across the ultra sensitive flesh. She felt her fingers become wet with the juices flowing from her sweet sex.

Her eyes flittered and her legs grew weak as she started moaning from the pleasure welling up between her legs. She knew her breasts were heaving as well. The only sound was the squelch that her juices made as she masturbated and the soft moans that escaped unbidden from her mouth. ~ She was so close, so very close. ~

Watching Tina’s heaving breast globes, William realised that she was fast approaching the point of orgasm and he could hear the slick wet sounds of her fingers as they slid in and out of her sex.

Knowing that he did not want her to achieve satisfaction and revelling in the absolute power that he held over the woman, he decided that he would prolong her torment.

“Stop, do not allow yourself to cum or you will feel the whip!!!” William ordered.

Tina pulled her wet fingers from her drenched pussy; not knowing what he wanted of her she simply hung her arms limp beside her hips. She couldn’t bring herself to look at William. What he had made her do was too humiliating for her to bear and she hung her head downward in her shame.

As Tina knelt before him, her hands at her sides William saw her juices sliding down her inner thighs. He watched her heaving breasts as she resigned herself to not being able to cum and he decided that he now intended to humiliate her even further, and push her to the limits of self-abasement.
“Put the fingers that have just been inside your cunt, into your mouth and lick and suck them clean. When they are clean, you then have my permission to get down on your hands and knees, legs well open, spread the cheeks of your arse and stick your index finger up your arse as far as it will go.” William callously ordered Tina. “And afterwards, you will then offer me your cunt for my pleasure.”

This was obviously too much for Tina to accept and slowly she raised her head to stare him in the eye. William could see that defeat was written all over her face.

“No….no……I can’t do this anymore…..please I beg you allow me some rest…you sadistic swine.” Cried Tina. “Go ahead and shoot me with electricity, I can’t continue…”

With any luck, Tina figured he would kill her and put her out of her misery if she made him mad enough. But then would he? She was, after all owned by Alfredo. All she knew was that she couldn’t live like this. She kept her eyes glued on him, careful to mask the fear that was lurking just below the surface.

Hearing Tina’s outburst, William did not react by showing his anger but coolly took hold of a hank of Tina’s hair and pulled her across to where two gym attendants who had been watching were stood. He held Tina’s head pulled back to such a degree that her back was nearly bent over, exposing the line of her body to their gaze.

“You fail to appreciate my dear,” said William, “but you are not in any position to call me names. You know the well known saying ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me’ Well in your case, names are going to hurt you, as you feel the whip slicing into your naked flesh.”

“It seems the bitch thinks she can resist.” William informed the two men, his tone of voice failing to display his annoyance that the woman had again demonstrated such stupidity. “Such insults as calling me a swine cannot be tolerated, and I feel that I should make the woman realise that she will only suffer more torments for her resistance.”

Throwing Tina down to the floor, William called to the two male attendants. “I want this bitch secured in a whipping frame with her arms and legs well spread so that I can acquaint her naked flesh to the delights of a good whip.”

The two men quickly complied and within minutes Tina was fastened to a vertical metal frame, her wrists and ankles fixed in manacles, her body vulnerable to the caress of the thin carriage whip that William selected from a nearby rack.

“I think twenty stripes across that lily white back of yours to begin with.” William informed Tina. “Then we’ll see how well those tits bounce when the leather cuts into their soft beauty.”

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