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It is one thing to have your mom catch you jacking off but it is something total more embarrassing to have your mom find you and your friend both jacking off in your room while looking at porno magazines.

It was one of those boring summer days, my friend had come over. We got bored with playing video games and Matt asked me if I had any porno magazines. Of course being a horny 18yr old I had several. We started to flip through them and before we knew it we both sitting there in our own fantasy worlds jacking off. We had been friends forever so I guess for some stupid reason it did not feel odd to us. We were virgins, not fucked or even experienced any oral delight with any girl our age. We weren’t paying attention to the fact my mom had come home from shopping. We did not hear her call out my name or her coming upstairs. She opened the door to my bedroom and I don’t know who was more shocked and embarrassed my mom or us.

“Oh my god! Matt! Scott! Is this what you two do when nobody is around?” “Oh shit! MOM!” “Mrs. Johnston!” We tried to cover up ourselves, like it would have made a difference; my mom caught us with our cocks in our hands. She just stood there looking at the two of us for what seemed like an hour. “Well are you two going to try and explain why you are jacking off in your room Scott? I know all teenage guys jack off but together?” “Well…mom…it’s not what you think…” “It’s my fault Mrs. Johnston…I asked if Scott had any porno magazines and well…we just…” My mom stood there with her arms folded. Then she walked over to the bed where Matt was laying and grabbed the magazine out of his hand, which was covering up his softening prick. “Well at least they are beautiful women you two are jacking off to.” Then she tossed it back onto Matt. “I’m…really sorry Mrs. Johnston…I’ll leave now…” “You stay right there Matt! First of all stop calling me Mrs. Johnston! Call me Amy. I have known you since you were born. You are like an unofficial son and I am like a second mom to you.” “Um…ok…Amy.” “That’s better Matt.”

I don’t know why I started to think what I did at this point but as I looked at my mom, I suddenly realized that she was fucking hot! As hot if not hotter than many of the women in the magazines. She was in her 40’s but you would not have known it. She exercised, took care of herself and she looked like she was maybe 30 at most. She had a great figure. My mom is 5’6″, about 110 lbs., long blonde hair and she has some big tits! I was glad I was still covering up my cock, otherwise she would have seen I was still incredible erect! Matt spoke up again, “Amy are you going to tell my parents?” I added, “Mom are you going to tell dad?” She answered me first, “Well Scott, your father would have to be home but he is always too busy away on business trips; like now. So no, why should I?” I felt so relieved when my mom said that to me. She turned to Matt, “How would I explain this to your parents Matt? What would I say? I walked in and caught your son masturbating in my sons’ room along with my son? At least I could tell them you both doing it to porno magazines of women but still I would think they would think this was odd; to say the least. I’ll make this a simple agreement; what goes on in this room stays in this room…between us. Does that sound fair?” We both nodded yes but my mom wanted to hear us say it, so we agreed that what went on in my room would stay in the room and between us.

I think we both thought my mom was done talking to us but she wasn’t. “Now that we have understanding I have few questions. What were you two thinking when you were jacking off?” We looked at each other puzzled by my moms’ question. “What I mean, Scott and Matt, is have either of you ever had sex with a woman?” We both got embarrassed and didn’t say anything. “I will take it by your silence that means no…right?” We both said right. “So how can you fantasize about having sex with those women if you don’t even know what it is like?” “I…I don’t know mom.” “Have either of you ever seen a live woman naked or gotten a blow job or gone down on a woman? Well answer me.” “No mom.” “No Amy.” “So neither of you can even fantasize about any of that either now can you?” We just nodded our heads no.

My mom was still standing next to the bed. Matt and I watched as my mom didn’t say a word, she climbed up onto the bed. She pushed Matt’s legs apart, grabbed the magazine that Matt was using to cover his cock and threw it to the floor. Then she got on all fours, grabbed his prick and slid it right into her mouth! Matt let out a gasp and loud of moan of pure delight. I watched as my mom started to give my friend his first blow job and right in front of me! I could not believe this was my mom. I would never have thought my mom would suck cock and to do it right there in front of me. Matt didn’t say a word, he looked at me to see what my reaction was seeing my mom sucking his cock. Honestly, I didn’t care! It was so hot watching mom’s blonde head bobbing up and down his cock. I watched her sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, listening to all the slurping noises coming from her mouth. Matt then went back to focusing his lustful gaze on my mom working his throbbing prick. He started to moan louder and louder. Finally my mom, started to lick his cock and then she said, “Do you like that Matt? Does it feel good?” He moaned back “Oh god yes…it feels great!” I watched my mom licking up his pre cum before she took his cock back into her mouth. I watched the clock and it only took my mom five minutes to make Matt cum.

My friend began to groan louder and louder as my mom worked his shaft with her mouth. “Oh yeah…Amy…I’m gonna cum.” I know he was warning my mom, in case she did not want him to blow his wad in her mouth. But my mom kept sucking his, slurping away at his prick head. Matt groaned again, “Amy…I can’t hold it much longer…I’m gonna cum!” I started to say to myself, ‘Do it, cum in her mouth. Fucking cum in my mom’s mouth.’ Then I watched as my best friend lifted his hips up a bit, pushing his cock into my mom’s mouth and with a loud groan of pleasure he released his cum load. I watched as my mom kept sucking on his cock as he sent spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. I looked at my moms’ throat and I could tell she was swallowing! I couldn’t believe it, my own mom was a cum swallower! My own cock was crying out for release, pre cum was running down my shaft. But I thought there was no way my mom would suck my cock, that would be i****t! Once Matt was done unloading his cock into my moms’ mouth she got up off of the bed, wiping her lips clean of the remaining drops of cum. She turned to me and said, “Stand up Scott.” I hesitated for a moment. “Come on honey, stand up.” I did so and my mom dropped right down onto her knees in front of me! She grabbed my cock with her hand that put me into a shock; my mom was holding my rock hard prick in her hand. I kept saying to myself, ‘oh yes, she’s going to suck my cock. My mom is going to give me a blow job!” She turned to look at Matt. “Matt, you don’t mind if I give my son a blow job? I know that this is i****t but on the other hand, a cock is a cock.” Matt got a wicked look in his eyes and he said, “Go ahead Amy. I wanna watch you suck his cock.” My mom smiled and responded by saying, “Hmmm, I think someone has some i****tuous thoughts of their own about their hot mother.” Then my mom turned her head, she looked up at me as she opened her mouth and then slowly slid my throbbing shaft into her mouth.

I never imagined that a blow job could feel so good! I didn’t know if it felt this great because it was my mom but I didn’t care at that moment. Matt came over and stood next to us gleefully watching my mom sucking my cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off my mom cock going in and out of my moms’ mouth. Her mouth was so wet and warm; her tongue snaked all around my shaft. Then she would lick the area just under my piss slit which sent wave after wave of intense pleasure up my cock to my brain. I moaned away as my mom worked my shaft. “Its feel fucking great, doesn’t it Scott?” Matt said to me. “Fuck yes! I didn’t think it would feel this good.” “Your mom really knows how to suck cock!” My mom smiled as she had my cock buried in her mouth up to my ball sack.

I didn’t last long either; I think I may have cum even sooner than what Matt done. Shit, I didn’t care. My mom knew I was ready to cum, she let my cock slid out of her mouth and slapped it on her tongue. Then she said, “You are ready to cum, aren’t you Scott?” “Yes mom.” “Matt come a bit closer. I want you to watch this.” Then my mom kept her mouth wide open, resting my red, throbbing prick head on her wet tongue. She worked her tongue side to side under my prick as she began to jack me off! Her eyes seemed to glaze over as she worked my cock faster and faster with her hand. Matt yelled out, “Do it! Fucking do it! Come on Scott; blow your wad into your mom’s mouth. She fucking wants it!” Like I needed him to tell me that, my lust, my i****tuous lust was over flowing now. I felt my cum wad building up in my balls and then in my shaft. Within a moment I sent a spurt of sticky cum across my moms’ tongue, into her mouth. I loved the sight of my cum spurting out of my piss slit and into my moms’ mouth! Each spurt I sent jetting out of my cock only wanted me to cum more in her mouth. My mom kept jacking me off, making sure she got every drop of cum out of my cock and into her mouth. Matt was enjoying the sight too, judging by the comments he was making under his breath, ‘fuck look at that! That is so fucking hot. Keep cumming her in mouth!” When I was done unloading into my moms mouth, she took my cock and used it to slowly push my cum off her tongue and back into her throat. Then she sucked my cock hard for a few more seconds before she stood up.

“Now when you two jack off to those pictures and think about those women sucking your cocks, you will have an idea what it feels like. So did you two like that?” We both said yes instantly. My mom turned to Matt and asked him if he had thought about his mom at any point. He said yes, he did think what it would look like if that was his mom down on her knees in front of him. My mom didn’t say a word, she just smiled. We stood there for a few minutes before my mom spoke up again. She put her hands on her hips and said, “Well, what are you two waiting for?” We looked at each other confused, “What do you mean mom?” “If you two want to see a real naked woman why don’t you get busy and take my clothes off!” Matt and I looked at each other in disbelief but after a few seconds we didn’t question my mom; we just moved closer to her and began to strip her naked.

Matt pulled off her skirt as I undid my moms’ blouse. We were so excited, horny, that we did not notice her hot body for a few moments. Then we saw that my mom was wearing a black lace thong bottom and a black lace bra. My mom’s tits looked even larger; both of us could not wait to see her tits. Matt grabbed her thong and yanked it down, I watched as he did it. My mom had a nearly shaved pussy, with just a small patch of blonde hair. Then I undid my moms’ bra, I thought that since my mom was older her, her tits be kind of saggy. I was wrong; her tits barely sagged if at all. Her tits were huge! She had nice pink areola and her nipples were erect. Matt and I just stood there in awe of my moms’ hot body. We stared at her tits and pussy. “I’ll bet you two want to know how big my tits are? They are 36D, real all natural 36D.” She shook them a bit and then said, “Well, Matt, Scott, don’t you want to play with my tits?” We instantly grabbed my moms’ tits. They let out a small moan as we fondled her tits and played with her nipples. Then Matt and I both got the same idea in our mind, we both moved our mouths to her nipples and began to lick and suck on her tits. My mom went wild, moaning with delight. She placed her hands on our heads and began to rub our heads, gentle keeping them on her tits. We fondled, sucked and licked my moms’ huge tits for ten minutes or longer. My mom moaned, “Oooh yes…are you two sure you have never sucked on any woman’s tits before…you are doing it so well.”

Then my mom told us to stop. We both got worried, we thought we did something wrong. My mom quietly went over and laid down on my bed. She told us to come over and join her. I got up on the bed first and he told me to keep sucking on her tits. She looked at Matt and spread her legs. “Matt, would you like to taste some pussy?” “Hell yes Amy!” “Come on over and lick my pussy. Enjoy yourself and just pretend I am your mom.” Matt practically jumped up onto the bed landing between my moms’ legs. He went right to licking her pussy, like an experienced guy. My mom went wild! She loved how lustfully he attacked her pussy with his tongue. She grabbed my head, “Come on Scott, suck my tits. Suck you moms’ tits! Don’t worry; you will have your chance to go down on me too.” For the next ten or fifteen minutes all that could be heard was Matt slurping and lapping at my moms’ pussy; my sucking noise as I worked my moms’ tits and my mom moaning and groaning with pleasure. The fact I was sucking on my own moms’ tits only made me hornier than what I already was. I could not believe how much my mom squirmed around on the bed as we both lived out our wildest, lustful dreams with my mom. She finally began to moan louder and louder as she bucked her hips. “Ooh yes, don’t stop…oh god yes you two are going to make me cum! Don’t stop Matt…oh yes I’m gonna cum…” Then my mom screamed out loud, her hips and ass rose up off of the bed as she experienced a very intense orgasm. Her body was covered in sweat and she was panting like a dog as her orgasm racked her body in pleasure. When she was done, she laid there silent for a few moments then she looked at me with her lust filled eyes, “Your turn Scott. Eat my pussy! I want to get my pussy juice all over you face and tongue. Make your mom happy and lick my pussy good.” She grabbed her tits and said to Matt, “Ok Matt, get up here and suck on my tits!”

Now it was my turn to taste my moms’ sweet pussy. I dove into her pussy with such i****tuous desire burning in me. I never imagined my moms’ pussy could be so wet and taste so good! Her taste intoxicated me as drove my tongue in-between her pussy lips. I lapped at her pussy, then her clit. I sucked on her clit, listening to my mom moan even louder as I did so. I loved looking up from between my moms’ legs, looking just over her blonde pubic hair watching my friend fondle, lick and suck her tits. I became hornier and hornier as my mom writhed around on my bed. I was living out every, deep dark, forbidden lustful dream every teenage boy had about their mom. All I could think about now was making my mom squirm, moan and then getting her off. I pulled her pussy lips apart and dug my tongue into her pussy, she squealed with delight! I lost track of time as I licked at my moms’ pussy so I have no idea how long it took me to finally make her have another orgasm. When she got off, her pussy flooded out her sweet juice. I kept lapping up her sweetness, my mom tasted so good. I didn’t know if all women tasted this good or not, I did not care; all I knew was my mom tasted great. By now my cock was aching to release another cum load. I glanced at my friend and I could see he had a raging hard-on as well. He stopped sucking on my moms’ tits, we both waited to hear what my mom would say next. I think we both figured she would give us each another blow job or maybe a hand job. Nope, I was wrong again.

“Scott…did you like my pussy?” “Yes mom, you tasted so good. I can’t believe you let me go down on you!” “Fuck me. Fuck me Scott! fuck me hard!” I looked at my mom with shock! My mom really didn’t care about this being i****t. I looked at her, then at Matt, then at her pussy. Then my mom looked at Matt. “Do you care if my son fucks me? Do you want to watch him fuck me, fuck his mom?” “Yeah I want to watch! I don’t care if he fucks you! I never thought i****t could be so hot.” “Thank you Matt, after my son fucks me, you can fuck me too!” My friend grinned with a lustful grin. I grabbed my cock and pressed it against my moms’ wet pussy lips. Then I watched as they parted when I pressed my cock into moms’ pussy. I was not ready for how good it felt to have my cock inside a pussy, then as I looked up at my mom, listened to her moan with each inch my cock went into her; my i****tuous lust grew. Matt who was sitting there watching began to shout at me with such lust, “Fuck her! Fuck Amy! Fuck you mom! Give it to her!” Then when I started to pound my cock in and out of my moms, hot, wet, tight pussy, he shouted, “yeah that’s it Scott! Fuck her, fuck her hard and fast. Fuck your mom, fuck her, come on fuck your mom good! Look at her tits bouncing around! Fuck! That is so fucking hot!” I had to admit he was right, the harder and faster I pounded my prick in and out of my moms’ pussy, the more her huge tits bounced around and it did look incredibly hot! It made me want to fuck her more! My mom moaned, “Oh yeah, that’s it Scott…fuck me! Oooh yes! Give me your cock! That’s it, fuck your mom…ram that prick of yours into my pussy!”

My mom moaned with such lust as I kept slamming my cock into her pussy. She kept moaning, ‘that’s it, don’t stop Scott, you are doing good, keep fucking me, give it to your mom’; things like that. Matt knelt by my moms’ head, slowly stroking his cock as he watched mother and son engaged in a deep, dark i****tuous act. My mom reached up and grabbed Matt’s cock. Matt let go of his cock as my mom began to stroke his hard shaft. “Matt…oh yes…move closer and give me your cock. I want to suck it as my son fucks me!” My friend got a delighted, lustful look on his face as he moved himself right next to my moms’ head. I watched as my mom turned her head and began to lick the underside of his prick head while still continuing to stroke his prick. “Lick it Amy! Lick it, suck it!” Matt lustfully said to my mom. It drove me wild watching my own mom licking and sucking on Matt’s cock as I continued to fuck her harder and harder. Matt reached down and began to fondle her 36D tits as I kept fucking her tight pussy and she kept licking his cock. “Your mom is the fucking best!” Matt said out loud to me. “I know…wait until you get your cock in her pussy. She is so fucking tight and wet!” I fucked my mom for another few minutes before I felt my cock begin to thicken. I could feel my cum load building up, ready to spurt out at any moment. I yelled out to my mom, “Mom! I gonna cum! Oh fuck…I’m gonna cum mom!” My mom let go of Matt’s cock and looked up at me her eyes were glazed over with lust, i****tuous lust. “Do it Scott, cum for me. You can cum inside my pussy! It’s ok; I want to feel your cock pumping your tasty cum load into me!” Matt yelled at me, “Do it! Fucking do it Scott! Cum inside your mom!” With a few more thrusts of my prick into my moms’ pussy I could not hold back and I allowed my cum to surge out. I got lost in my i****tuous lust, the indescribably feeling of delight and lust as I felt spurt after spurt of cum jet out of my cock and into my mom’s pussy. “Oh yes! Oh Mom…take it mom! Oh fuck! I can’t stop cumming!” I didn’t think I would stop cumming, I didn’t want to stop! But I spent my cum load in a few seconds, although to me it seemed like minutes! I actually collapsed onto my moms sweat drenched body, my head landing between her huge tits. I laid there for a few minutes before I sat back up. Matt practically pushed me off of my mom as he grabbed his cock. “Get out of the way Scott! It’s my turn to fuck your mom!”

I pulled my cock out of my mom’s extremely wet pussy and moved up to her head as Matt quickly slammed his cock into my mom’s pussy. He let out a loud ‘oh fuck!’ As his cock slid into her. Then my friend started to fuck my mom like an out of control, sex crazed wild man! My mom let out a loud scream of pleasure, “Oh god yes! Matt fuck me you wild boy! Are you fucking me like I was your mom?” “Fuck yes Amy!” My mom grabbed my cock, “Let me suck on your cock my sweet son.” I just knelt down next to my mom’s head and let her go to town on my cock. She licked it then took my partially flaccid cock into her mouth. She slowly slid my prick out of her mouth; a huge strand of saliva went from her lips to my prick head. “Your cock tastes so good with my pussy juice and your cum flavor all over it. I never thought my son’s cock would taste so good after fucking me!” I watched my best friend wildly fucking my mom, her tits bounced around uncontrollably. That sight was turning me on as well, I never thought watching my mom getting fucked by my friend would be such a turn on but it was. I leaned down grabbing one of my moms’ huge tits’ and I began to suck on it, I sucked it hard too! My mom moaned but sucked my cock even harder with approval. I suddenly noticed that my prick was almost rock hard again!

“Come on Matt! Fuck my mom harder! Make her moan like some porno movie chick!” Matt fucked my mom even harder with a wicked grin on his face. I listened to my mom moaning like a slut as she sucked on my cock. I watched her tits bouncing around with each pounding thrust Matt hammered into her pussy. “Scott! Your mom is so fucking hot!” “Matt…are you ready to cum yet? Are you going to cum in my pussy?” “Yes Amy…I gonna cum!” My mom looked up at me, “Scott do you want your friend to cum in my pussy too?” “Do it Matt! Cum in my moms’ pussy!” Then with a loud grunt my friend yelled out, “Oh yes! I’m fucking cumming!” My mom let out a loud moan of pleasure as Matt pumped his cum load into her. “Oooh yes Matt! That’s it, keep cumming in my pussy! I want it all; give me all of your hot cum!” My friend happily continued to pound my moms’ pussy and I knew he was filling her pussy with his cum. When he was done Matt collapsed onto my moms’ hot sweaty body. My mom put her hand on Matt’s head. “Sit up here Matt so I can thank you for that great fuck.” Matt got up and knelt beside me. My mom got up on to her hands and knees. She then began to suck his cock for a few minutes. She grabbed my cock, “Oh I’m sorry Scott. How I could not suck my son’s cock too.” For the next five minutes or so we watched my mom go from sucking my cock to my friends and back to mine. We could not believe my mom was doing this to us but we sure in the hell were loving it! Then my mom licked both of our prick heads, “Will you two do me a favor.” We looked at my mom and nodded yes. “I want you both to take turns fucking me up my ass but don’t cum. I want you both to fuck me until you are ready to cum then I want you both to jack off in front of me. I want you two to cum all over me. I have always had that fantasy, having several guys find me so hot that they just cum all over me. Will you do that for me?” “You better fucking believe I will Amy.” Matt said. My mom looked at me, “Mom, I will fucking cum all over you any time I can!”

We moved behind my mom, I took the first poke at her ass. I slid my cock into my moms’ tight ass and she let out such a loud scream of pleasure. She looked over her shoulder at me, “Ok Scott, fuck me! Fuck your moms’ ass real good!”
I rammed my prick in and out of my moms’ tight ass. She screamed out with pleasure with each stroke of my cock. “Oh yes…oh god yes Scott. Fuck me; fuck your moms’ ass.” I fucked my mom good for several minutes before I turned my moms’ ass over to my friend. “Ok Matt, your turn to fuck my mom’s ass.” I moved off and Matt moved right in and began to pound my mom’s ass good and hard. He ran his hands all over my moms’ ass; I in turn gave my mom a few spanks on her ass. That drove my mom wild! “Oh yes! Spank me…spank my ass while you fuck it!” She looked over her shoulder at Matt. “Are you fucking me as if I was your mom? Huh, do you want to fuck your mom’s ass?” “Fuck yes Amy!” I watched my mom’s huge tits swaying back and forth as Matt hammered her ass. I reached under her as she stayed on all fours and I fondled her huge tits. I squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples. “I love your big tits mom! I could suck on your tits all day.” My mom looked at me with a very lustful, wild i****tuous glazed look on her face.

My friend pulled his cock out of my moms’ ass and let me have another few minutes of dirty, lustful i****tuous pleasure fucking my mom. Ass I fucked my mom’s ass, Matt laid down on his back under my mom and sucked on her swaying tits. My mom squirmed, moaned and breathed heavily. “Oh god you two are so horny…I…need to get fucked by you two…by high school guys more often.” With my friend and me alternating fucking my mom’s ass we lasted quite a long time! At one point my mom asked us to play with her clit so she could cum. We of course did this, we were getting so horny listening to my moms’ scream’s and moan with lustful pleasure. I knew I was getting close to cumming so I asked my friend if he was ready as well as I pounded my cock into my mom’s ass. “Matt…are you ready to cum?” matt was stroking his cock with one hand while fondling my moms’ tits with his other. “Fuck yes! I can’t wait to cum all over your mom!” “Yeah I know, I am gonna cover her with cum!” My mom looked over her shoulder at us, “Oh yes! Scott…Matt…are you ready to cum? Please cum all over me! I want to see the cum spurting out of your cocks!”

I gave my mom a few more strokes with my cock before letting Matt have a couple more strokes at her ass. As I watched Matt pound my mom’s ass I moved up close to her face, stroking my cock as I looked at my mom. “Mom, I…can’t wait to cum all over you. I’m gonna blow such a huge load all over your sexy body. I want you to eat it all mom! I love watching you swallow my cum!” “You better cum all over me Scott…I promise I will eat every drop of cum that spurts out of your cock!” Matt suddenly yelled out, “Fuck! I’m ready cum!” He quickly yanked his cock out of my moms’ ass. He grabbed it holding it tightly to keep from cumming. My mom quickly flipped over, sitting up leaning back against my head board. “Stand up!” She yelled at us. We both stood up, Matt was on her right side and I was on her left side. My mom tilted her head back opening her mouth wide, with her tongue sticking out. She began to massage her tits as she looked at us, “Come on boys! cum all over me!” We both stroked our cocks wildly, looking down at my mom. I had such lustful, dark, deep i****tuous thoughts on my mind, I started picturing my mom with my cum all over her.

Matt’s prick erupted with a huge, long spurt of cum! It splattered across my mom’s tits. I erupted next sending a large gob of cum right onto my moms’ face. Then it was like a cum damn breaking apart as cum spurted out of both of our cocks. The more cum that landed on my mom, the wilder she became. “Oh yes…Oh god your cum feels so good! More! I want more cum! Oooh yes…it’s so hot and sticky!” We covered my mom with cum, from her pubic area up to her hair! We both purposely shots wads of cum all over her. Of course we both made sure not to forget to cum in my mom’s mouth! “Take it mom! Take it all you cum slut!” I lustfully yelled at my mom. Matt just kept yelling out, ‘oh yeah, fuck yes!’ as he kept cumming on my mom. When we finally stopped cumming on my mom, she bounced right up grabbing both of our cocks. She licked and sucked them like cock crazed woman! When she got done cleaning up our cocks she went to work on her body. “Matt, Scott, you just stand there and watch me eat all of your cum. I know guys, especially your age love to watch women swallow cum.” My mom did it in the hottest, smuttiest way I had ever seen. I had never seen anything like that in any porno movie I had watched. It made me want to cum even more all over her.

She slowly scooped up the gobs of cum from her pubic area first with just her index and middle fingers. She took the gobs of cum in her mouth, slowly swallowed it and then said, “Mmm, that tastes like your cum Matt.” Then she scooped up some more cum and looked at me. “That tastes like my sons cum.” Then she asked us if we wanted to help her and we were so horny, we both wiped up some cum with our own fingers and fed it to my mom! Of course we both enjoyed holding my moms tits up to her mouth, watching her lick them clean. I think it took her almost ten minutes to clean up from our cum shower. When she was done, Matt looked at the clock and said he had to get back home. We both asked my mom if we could do this again. She smiled and said, “Are you k**ding? That was the hottest, dirtiest fuck I ever had! You two never even fucked my tits. We can do this again whenever you want. Especially you Scott, it was so hot having my own son fuck me and sucking your cock.” After Matt left my mom gave me another blow job before other people got home to the house. That was a great blow job and a great sight watching my mom swallowing another cum load of mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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