Caught by the neighbour

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Caught by the neighbour
I left Home at 18 but whilst I was living at home we had an incredibly attractive neighbour called Mrs Stevens and she lived at the back of our house, our gardens backed into each other and my bedroom was situated looking into her garden and was opposite her bedroom.
I used to masterbate a lot and I often used my imagination as the internet was so slow back then.
Mrs Stevens used to walk around her house at night sometimes not wearing too many clothes and now and again I’d see her pop into her bedroom after getting a shower to pop a top on and she would rarely close the curtains. I used to sit with one hand on my cock and one hand separating the curtains so I could watch her. I did this as often as I could and for years, she was so attractive to me. She had black hair, she was short, like 5ft or maybe a little taller, she had this incredibly big bum, average waist and her breasts were a 34E (English), I knew her bra size because I had her underwear under my bed.
When I was younger I really couldn’t control my hornyness, i used to masterbate a lot and I’d have this underwear fetish where I’d peep at my friends mums underwear drawers If I got a chance to sneak into their bedrooms, I collect their sexiest lingerie and sometimes i even used there sex toys.

One day, I seen mrs Stevens hang her washing out, I was mowing the lawn and she said ‘Hi Kenny, how are you?’ I bashfully responded but I went bright red, she made me nervous. She asked if my parents were in but they weren’t, she said ‘I’m pooping in to town, can you ask your Mum to call me when she’s home please?’ I accepted the responsibility. Mrs Stevens walked back into her house and I heard the car start and drive off. I finished cutting the lawn and was desperate to go and wank over Mrs Stevens, I put the lawnmower away, the shed was at the bottom of the garden and whilst I was doing it I noticed Mrs stevens washing had a lot of knickers and bras, they were all laced sets and very sexy. I couldn’t help myself, I had a lot around the houses and gardens and check the coast was clear, I hopped the fence and grabbed a set of her under wear and bra and run back to my bedroom. The smell of her detergent was beautifully scented, I masterbated and cum into her underwear in under two minutes. I checked her bra size and it was 34E, she looked like she had incredible tits, I’d always seen her in her bra or towel but never fully naked.
Two weeks later I was in the garden and Mrs Stevens called me over and asked ‘Kenny, I lost some washing from last week, I know I hung it out to dry because the pegs were on the line still, did you see anyone in my garden?’ I instantly went bright red, I was filled with nerves. She said ‘did you take my underwear kenny? It’s ok if you did, I just want to know it was a stranger’. Her comments relaxed me and I said ‘I’m sorry Mrs Stevens, I was dared to steal your underwear by my friends’ she responded ‘it’s fine kenny, do you have them still? They’re my favourite set’ I smiled and run up stairs to get them, I lifted my mattress and picked them up and run back to Mrs Stevens ‘here you go mrs Stevens, I’m very sorry, please could you not tell my parents please?’
She agreed not to, I noticed her looking at her knickers and her face was a little disgusted. I forgot I had filled them with a huge cumshot the day before. She said ‘you shouldn’t be doing this to your neighbours underwear, I’m your mums friend and quite frankly it’s disgusting, I won’t tell your parents but don’t let me catch you doing this again’. I apologised again and I went back inside my house and found all the underwear I had and put them in the bin.

Mrs Stevens through a garden party and my parents and me attended, I was having a few drinks and playing some fun drinking games, Mrs Stevens looked incredibly sexy, she had a what could of been tights or suspenders on, a leather skirt and a white blouse which showed her perfect cleavage. I noticed everyone glancing down her blouse at every opportunity. I was managing to have a flirt with Mrs Stevens in amongst all the games and I thought that if my parents weren’t there that I might actually be able to move it forward.
It was getting quite late and my parents called it a night and asked if I was going home too, I looked at Mrs Stevens and said ‘if you don’t mind Mrs Stevens is it ok if I stay for a few more drinks?’ She awkwardly agreed I could stay knowing that there was a few others still there. I could tell she wasn’t actually keen for me being there. I assumed it was because she looked at me as a pervert.
Everyone was in the kitchen and I went toilet but the downstairs toilet was in use, I ventured upstairs and went for a wee. On my way to the toilet I noticed a room which I knew had to be Mrs Stevens and after I’d been toilet I creeped in and had a looked. I rushed into her drawers and found lots of underwear, I smelled them all. Some of them were very sexy, some were, thongs, briefs, frenchies and crotchless, she had everything. I delved a little deeper and went into her wardrobe and discovered camisoles, babydoll sets, leather, latex, you name it she had it in there. I found a box whilst I was searching and had a look inside, it was full of sex toys and props, double ended dildos, vibrators, rabbits, handcuffs, whips, paddles, strapons and more.
I was so turned on and decided that no one would notice I’d sneaked away from the party and I pulled my cock out and stood over Mrs Stevens drawer full of knickers and started wanking over them. I was just about to spray a big load of thick cum over her lingerie and I heard someone coming upstairs, I paused and just froze with my pants round my ankles, my cock in hand. ‘What the fuck is going on here’ I heard, I pulled my jeans up and turned around to find Mrs Stevens standing there. I’d barely covered my boner, it was still poking out the top of my waist band. She said ‘are you wanking in my underwear drawer you dirty boy?’ I said ‘I’m sorry, I really am but I couldn’t help it, I’m so attracted to you and today you just sent me over the edge, I know it’s still wrong but please understand that I see you walking around your bedroom in hot lingerie or just a towel around you and it turns me on, it has done for years’. Mrs Stevens blushed, she walked over to me and said ‘I see you discovered my secret box, turn around Kenny, take your cock out of your pants and continue’
I did what she said but I was nervous and my cock had gone floppy. She said ‘awww can the little pervert boy not get a hard on? Would you like a hand to help you’ she walked towards me, places her hand around my dick and started to pulled my foreskin back and forth, my cock started to grow and soon it’s was rock hard and bulging with veins overflowing, my pre cum was dripping onto her pants. I could barely hold and and I didn’t, I cum and squirted continuously over her underwear, I covered 5 or 6 knickers. She let go of my cock, she had a little bit of cum on her fingers, she placed it by her mouth and licked it clean. She said ‘now that you’ve had your fun I think it’s beat your fuck off’. I quickly pulled my pants up and run off, before I left the room she said ‘Kenny, here, keep these’ and she threw me cum covered knickers. I placed them in my pocket and run off and back home. I had 5 wanks that night over what had happened.

I couldn’t get Mrs Stevens out of my head, I decided I was going to try and have more fun with her, I thought that there is no way she’ll do it with me unless I can somehow convince her that she doesn’t have a choice, I thought about it, Mrs Stevens was 38 and had a husband and two k**s, she had a lot to lose where as I was an 18 year old teen with plenty of time to build a life.
I thought, I can blackmail her or at least use what she did the push her into let me have fun with her. I went through my mums phone book and found her number and called her, her husband answered and I panicked and hung up, he phoned back as I forgot to hide my number, I answered and he said ‘hi, did you just phone this number?’ I responded ‘yeah sorry Mr Stevens it’s Kenny, I live behind you, is Mrs Stevens available please’. He responded ‘hi Kenny, yes no problem I’ll put her on. ‘Hello’ Mrs Stevens anxiously said ‘hi Mrs Stevens, don’t panick and just respond positively to what I’m about to say to you. I want to fuck you, I want to see your tits and I want to kiss your wet pussy and I’m going to and if you refuse I will be telling Mr Stevens about our little adventure. I will be round to see you on Monday evening once Mr Stevens has left with the k**s to go visit his parents. You will find a way to get out of going with him so that we can fuck. I’ll see you Monday I assume, please look forward to it, I know you liked my cock so let’s cut the chase, goodbye Mrs Stevens’
I put the phone down and let out a huge breath, god that was nerve racking but very hot.
30 minutes later the phone rang and I answered, it was Mrs Stevens ‘I’m not going with Mr Stevens and the k**s on Monday, I will be here for you. Kenny. This is the one and only time this happens, you can have your fun but it stops then, do you agree?’ I responded ‘Yes Mrs Stevens, this will not continue. And Mrs stevens. You will need to get the box of tricks out and make sure you wear your hottest outfit. I’ll see you Monday’
I hung up and immediately wanked and cum all over my stomach. I laid there thinking about what toys I’d use and also how the hell do you use them, I slowly fell asleep.
Monday came around soon enough, I hopped over the fence and knocked on the back door, Mrs Stevens answered the door and pulled me in quickly, I turned to see her with a little satin robe and the sexiest lingerie. She had white suspenders and pantyhose on, crotchless white lace knickers and a lace see through bra. Wow I thought, this woman is perfect, I said ‘you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen’ she smiled and said ‘let’s get this over and done with and led me to her living room. I stepped into the living room and there was a sea of toys lying around, I had no idea what half of them did. Mrs Stevens said ‘you can use any of them but you are not entering my ass, there is no way I’m having your big dick inside there, my husband will know when it’s his turn that my ass will have been stretched’
I agreed and walked towards her and kissed her passionately. We stumbled to the sofa kissing and grabbing each other, it felt real, I thought ‘she really likes me’ she was grabbing my hair and scratching my neck and back, I pulled my top off and whipped my pants down. She pulled my boxers off and got on her knees and placed my dick on her warm wet mouth, I was close to cumming so I pushed her head back and forced her gently on to the floor. I looked at the toys and said ‘which one would you prefer’. She said ‘I love the rabbits and if you’re interested in putting one inside of you then the double ended dildo is fun’. I instantly picked the rabbit up and passed it to her, I had no idea how to use it so I laid next to her and kiss her, I moved down to her breasts and sucked on her nipples through her bra. I heard her click the rabbit on and it was vibrating, she started to moan, I placed my hand on my cock and started to masterbate. I got on my knees and straddled her and out my dick between her amazing breasts, she popped her bra open from the front and revealed these huge breasts, the were big and sagged a little bit but considering she’d had k**s and their size they were perfect, they reminded me of Kay Parker’s breasts. I put started fucking her tits and reached back to play with the rabbit in her pussy, I moved it hard and fast inside of her. She said ‘slow it down, I want to feel the vibrations’. I responded and said ‘can we try the double ended dildo?’ Her face lit up, this was a 12 inches double ended dildo and my virgin ass had no chance but I was turned on at the thought of it.
I pushed it inside of her, it slid in with ease and she moaned a lot, she said ‘fucked me with it’ and I did, I rammed it inside of her repeatedly and she got wetter and wetter before she pulled it out of her pussy and started to play with her clit hard and squirted all over me. I was amazed, it was incredible, I cum instantly and squirted my thick white cum on her dripping wet pussy. She giggled and said ‘is that is finished before the big finale’ I said ‘no, I’m still horny, let’s fuck ourselves together’. She grabbed some lube and lube her vagina and my ass, she inserted two fingers in my ass and said ‘this could be a struggle but we’ll try’ she grabbed the huge black veiny dildo and pushed it against my asshole. Slowly but surely after about 5 minutes there was 4 inches of this massive cock inside my tiny ass, it hurt but it was still turning me on. She inserted 6 inches into her self and started thrusting, her movement was move the cock inside on me. I stared to wank and my dick grew harder and harder, I was so horny, I asked if Mrs Stevens would put my dick in her pussy and have the dildo in her ass and in my ass, she agreed, she pulled the dildo out of her dripping wet hole and forced it inside her ass, after a few minutes she moved on top of me and slowly inserted my dick inside of her. The sensation for me was something I’ve never felt ever since then. The pressure she put on the dildo was tickling my prostate and her wet pussy was moving up and down my big cock. She started to shake and I could tell she was cumming, I held my cum inside for as long as I could but eventually I just let go and filled her vagina up with lots of liquidy cum. She removed my cock and my cum dropped out of her hole onto the shaft of my cock, she slowly removed the dildo from my ass but left it on here and went down and licked my dick clean. She asked me to take the dildo out of her slowly and I did, it left a huge gape, I said ‘why couldn’t I fuck you ass when this dildo is huge’ she said ‘it’s huge but it’s not as big as your dick and you would fuck me harder and it would destroy my ass.
We collapsed together and cuddled, I thanked her and kissed her passionately. She said ‘this doesn’t have to be the last time Kenny, if we’re careful we can do this for as long as you want’ I kissed her one last time and went home.
Mrs Stevens was the sexiest woman I ever met and she showed me how to fuck girls, shes an incredible woman and we still fucked to this day 12 years on although not very regular.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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