Chapter 6- Swinging in Mexico

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Chapter 6- Swinging in Mexico
Chapter Sex- I mean Six, A Venture into Swinging

As I traveled down the road of life, so many events happened with each making its unique impact on my life. My contract with our common relative, Uncle Sam, had run its course and I was no longer obligated to serve as an active duty officer. I did join the army reserve and did some contract with part of the government because I offered some special talents to them.

Lt. Col North was up to his ears brokering deals here and there and I got involved in the communications portion of his clandestine empire. Using an Arkansas government designed to bring industry and jobs to that state, machine shops were brought on line to create parts for guns that would later be assembled. Assembled weapons were transported to the rebels fighting communism in Central America and money flowed back into Arkansas by the bagful. Money was dropped in loaded bags to arranged locations by twin engine planes with their transponders turned off and with mysterious tail numbers to misidentify them. Banks could not account for the infusion of cash and an Arkansas elected official managed to begin building a financial package that would help fund his desire for a higher office. The heat got intense as federal bank inspectors began scrutinizing their assets and income sources forcing the relocation of the suspicious parts manufacturing to Mexico.

Machine shops were built near the Guadalajara airport as well as Jalisco’s neighboring Mexican states and began operations. Several of us who were involved lived south of the airport in the sleepy lakeside town of Chapala beginning with an extended stay at a B&B there which had a telephone that, when taken off hook, gave dial tone in Texas. Several of us bought homes near by. Mine is there just off the highway coming to the lake from the airport. It sits inside a gated community of other nice homes that backs up to an extinct volcanic peak covered with tropical growth.

My home has two levels. The top floor is the main part of the house with large metal-framed windows that look out to the valley behind me and onto the mountain side. A set of stairs leads down to a lower foyer that has a door going out to the walled-in garden that is my private back yard. The walls are massive volcanic rock and are over 10 feet tall. The foyer also leads to a nice apartment wherein lives my housekeeper, Maria, and her husband.

Maria was orphaned at an early age and I pretty much adopted her. Education in Mexico is mandatory and free through 8th grade. I paid for Maria’s high school and college educations and put her in a cottage business. She does the bookkeeping for a number of local physicians in a system that is largely cash-oriented. Most bills were paid in person using cash. So, once a month, you walked about town to pay your electric bill, your telephone bill, and other regular expenses- in person and with cash. She took care of those items. She also started another business.

Chapala and Aiijic are homes to a huge population of retired people from the US, Canada and Europe who came to escape the high taxes, living costs, and lousy weather of their home countries. Maria has a group of local girls who clean houses, do grocery shopping, and provide other services to the wealthier ex-pats living in the area. Her husband, Jose, has a handyman business and has a small crew that does gardening and maintenance on homes along with other special services.

The proportion of retired females to males is interesting. There are 3-4 females to every male in the community. And, many are not the old, dried up woman you might expect. Some are in their late 40s with most in their 50s and 60s and many of there are fine examples of womanhood. Some came as single, retired females, some are widows, and some are married to men who have some issues with energy and performance. They have lots of free time and do not want to spend it cleaning, cooking, or shopping. That is where Maria and her girls are a match. And, there are a number of single, older men who enjoy the look and feel of a hot Latina and will provide an extra tip when the service is excellent. Jose and his crew have two seasons, the monsoon that begins with the June rainy season causing every plant to burst out in greenery and colored blooms. Then there is the dry period where he focuses on maintenance and others things the ex-pat females feel they need done by handsome, virile men.

Maria and Jose are not your typical images of Mexicans. Both are taller than most with fine Spanish features that are nothing like those of the short, dark-skinned Indians one sees begging or selling Chiclets on street corners. Maria is right at 5’7” with straight, black hair that falls well below her shoulders. She had her eyes tattooed so she never uses eye liner. Her lashes are long and thick. Her face seems perfectly balanced with pleasantly full and very sexy lips on which she always has lipstick. I have seen her naked so many times I can easily visualize her body. Amazing breasts that are between a B and C cup with the lightest hint of a sag under their fullness. Her nipples are the amazing thing, I swear they are always erect as if she was standing naked in a cold room and was sexually excited. Her pubic mound is well-trimmed with sort of a landing strip above it. Her ass is shapely and transitions into long muscular legs.

Ladies, want nice legs? Wear heals and walk daily up and down stairs and hillside streets.

Like many Mexican females, she dresses to tease with pants that look like they were painted on and tops that reveal lots of cleavage. The problems with many younger Mexican females is you are free to look but be careful of touching as many have a huge family of brothers and uncles who will do you some serious harm should you piss their sister off…

Maria and her cleaning staff are not easily offended by a man looking at them and even grabbing their butts or boobs as long as it is not done roughly and the touching is desired and appreciated. If asked nicely, all have revealed their chi chis Mexican slang for boobs) to show they are real and not just some tit flesh pushed up by a well-padded bra. And, most gladly displayed their ass and pussy to show what they had and how it was looking.

Parties here area regular thing. You call the local beer distributor and tell them when the party is to occur and how many will be attending and they bring everything- tables, chairs, food, plates, beer, music- to make it happen and then clean up afterwards. Election days are around the 4th of July and fireworks are added to the mix. Mexicans love to party and Latin music is sensual to say the least.

The ex-pats can be a real party group too but seem to come in two versions. There are the social butterflies who show up at every event, mill about eating and drinking so everyone has a chance to see them, then they disappear. Then, there are the second group who arrive at the appointed time and depart when the sun comes up. That group comes in two flavors too. There are the ones who dance and party, flirt suggestively, display their ample curves and breasts, but do not allow one to reach out and touch. Then, there are the ones who hire Jose’s guys to escort them so they are not alone or men who come with Maria’s girls to show off as arm candy and playmates. The women will show you their breasts- especially if they had a boob job and you had never seen the art work they display- they want you to see just how good the procedure was and how firm their titties are. They want to be seen, touched, and more.

The best parties are attended by that second half, the show-offs. The less provocative females will show things and encourage the more liberated ones to show more. And do more. And, they do. And, when the music has been at its most sensual and the tequila has been flowing, more is shown and more is done.

Over the New Year’s weekend of 2017, a couple from Belgium came to a small party I hosted. B designs and sells silver jewelry and wore a stunning dress that showed a naval ring she made- the dress had a deep V in it to just above the pubic area allowing her work to be displayed. Her ear rings were of the same design with matching opal stones that came from the opal mines near the Tequila Volcano up the highway. Later in the evening, after much dancing and tequila, the cloth of her dress shifted to reveal her ample breasts with matching silver piercings in her meaty nipples. She danced and drank, danced and drank. You have watched “Dancing With the Stars” and this was similar except that she showed her breasts and bare ass. So did about a dozen other women, including Maria.

The revealing happened after the more conservative folks had departed. B wore nothing under that dress, if was what you could call it, not even thong. Her husband danced with every woman there and his hands freely roamed their bodies without a hint of displeasure from the women. He danced with Maria and she undid his pants and sucked his cock before bending over to be fucked by him over in the corner of the garden in plain sight of those still there. His wife sat in a chair next to them and masturbated watching her husband fucking my housekeeper.

The temperature was in the mid 60s around midnight and I had several chemineas going with fires in them to keep the chill off. Oil lights added to the warmth and provided light. But heat being produced via the sex happening in the garden helped in other ways. Some had gone inside and were using the second bed in the apartment for a place to fuck and others were up in my home fucking in the spare bedroom and on the couches in my gathering room.

I had bought some jewelry from the couple’s shop on several occasions and had flirted with her many times with her husband present. She always exuded sexuality and showed more than a bit of breast in her tops. It was easy to realize they were sexually liberated. I was more than correct. As she sat in the chair rubbing herself off, I stood behind her and played with her breasts but told her I was worried about the piercings. She said they were firmly in place and I would not hurt her if I pulled on them. I got in front of her and started sucking her nipples and playing with her pussy and found the last piece of matching silver and opal jewelry. She was wet before I put my mouth on her. Sweet with a bit of a tangy taste. I was intoxicated by the erotic look and her wanton display of sexuality.

Close to us, Jose was servicing an older woman in her early 60s who looked more than a decade younger and fucked like she was a teenager. She could have been a retired porn star the way she talked to him telling to fuck her cunt deep and cum in it. He did and she pulled his ass to her and told him to empty his nuts in her cunt.

B held the back of my head and fucked herself with my mouth. She alternated between speaking to me with Spanish, English and Flemish encouraging me to get her off and voiced she was ready for the fucking that was to come. I really wanted to enjoy her and the garden was not the place. I asked her to go to my bedroom and bed and asked Maria and her husband if they wanted to come with us. Jose was done servicing his new-found lover and tagged along.

The five us us walked into my bedroom. Maria had changed the linens but had left the down comforter folded neatly at the bottom of the bed. I told B I wanted to continue our oral play before we moved on and asked her to sit on my face as I lay on my back. I thought I was face-fucked in the garden but this brought things to a new level. She rocked back and forth on my mouth. When she climaxed, she released a stream of fluid into my mouth. It could have been urine. If it was, it was watered down and slightly sweet. I felt Maria go down on my cock that was pointing to the ceiling. I also felt her mouth moving on my cock like she was being fucked from behind. I had no idea who was enjoying her. Maybe B’s husband. Maybe her husband, Jose. I gently fingered around the edge of B’s puckered asshole and got no complaint. I wet my finger with the fluid coming from her pussy and used it for lube to gently probe her ass hole. Again, no complaint. My finger went deep and she said it felt good and to go deeper. I ended up placing my entire thumb up her ass and fucked it good and hard as I ate her pussy.

After several climaxes, B re-positioned herself so we could fuck. I slid right in and she bent over my chest and fucked me. My lower legs hung over the edge of the bed making her ass close to the edge as well. I felt something penetrate her ass, there is not much tissue between the pussy and ass and it was easily felt. B grunted approval to that intrusion and asked to be fucked like a whore.

I pulled my head too the side and found Maria licking B’s ass and fingering her wioth both B’s husband and Jose jerking on their cocks to harden them. Jose’s younger age probably assisted in his faster recovery and Maria moved to the side to let her husband fuck B’s ass. Most Mexican men seem to have cocks that are between 4 and 5 inches long. Jose was a respectful 6 plus inch cock that slid easily into B. B and I got still and enjoyed the sensations of’s cock sliding in and out of her and rubbing against my cock.

Maria got on the bed and started playing with the breast closest to her as it hung down toward my chest as she sucked B’s husband’s cock. B lifted up some to free her breast for Maria and I played with the other one tugging on the jewelry and pinching the nipple. I became aware of Maria’s re-positioning of herself in the bed next to me on her hands and knees and telling B’s husband to fuck her ass.

So, here I was, fucking a stunning woman for the first time while she had her ass fucked by my housekeeper’s husband while my housekeeper was being fucked in the ass by the husband of the woman I was fucking. And, it was the first sexual contact I had with the woman I had known since she was young.


Maria had the second load from her lover pumped into her body whilke on her hands and knees next to me. She had taken one in her pussy and one in her ass from him. I had no clue if she had played with others before that.

Jose emptied his nuts for the second time that I knew of in the space of an hour when he creamed B’s ass and I shot a New Year’s load deep in B thanks to the stimulation Jose gave us with his cock fucking her ass.

Maria still fucks B’s husband on a regular basis and Jose still fucks B’s ass from time to time but, according to B, has never fucked her pussy. B and her husband have invited me to several of their parties where I have met some delightful ladies who enjoy the pleasures of a man with a gifted tongue, soft hands and a decent cock that fills their mature pussies.

And, Ms B and I still get it on every month or so with her preferring my cock and cum in her tight pussy.

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