Christmas with My Mother-in-Law

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Christmas with My Mother-in-Law

This story, although fictitious, is based heavily on true events and true people, just the names have been changed and it’s mostly my own fantasies that are touched upon in the actions.


It was a brisk chilly Christmas eve, the 24th of December.

I was staying with my gorgeous girlfriend at her mum’s house. My parents were away on holiday and my girlfriend always spends Christmas with her mother, and not wanting me to spend it alone, she eagerly offered me the chance to stay at her mum’s with her. I readily accepted.

It was the first proper time I met her mother. Truth be told, I was very nervous.
My girlfriend told me how, when she first came out about being gay to her mum, her mum was less than impressed, but she explained how after a while, her mother accepted her for who she is and loves her regardless, so I didn’t really know what to expect from her when I met her.

Strait away, I realised that she’s a very loving kind caring considerate woman. She accepted me into her house with open arms, literally giving me a huge motherly hug and we both kissed eachother’s cheek. She was very warm and friendly with me and made me feel very much at home.

I noticed she’s a real good looking woman too. For a woman of 55, she sure didn’t look her age, she looked at least 15 years younger than that!

She had strait blondish-brown hair done in a bob, with kind loving blue eyes,
and a very pretty, soft face. Almost like a cute mother panda bear.

She was a few inches taller than me and rather chubby, a size 14 I’d guess,
but to me that just made her look all the more gorgeous and womanly.

Dare say, I do actually have a bit of a girlish crush on her!

After I settled my backpack of clothes down in my girlfriends bedroom along with hers,
we all sat around in the living room, chatting the hours away over tea and cake.

The living room looked very festive, with the Christmas tree and decorations all done up.

“Now you listen here, Sam, I want you treating this place like you would your own home.”
She told me with a soft smile.

“Oh thank you, that’s very kind of you Mrs Adams.” I chirped gratefully.

“And that’s another thing, stop calling me Mrs Adams, we’re family so please, call me ‘Mum’.”
She gently chuckled, her pretty face lit up like the Christmas lights on the tree.

“Ok, Mum.” I beamed back at her.

“There’s a good girl.” She praised, making me feel very good about myself.

My girlfriend looked very happy too, over how well her mum had taken to me.

“Mrs Ada- I mean- Mum, have you a cold drink I could have?” I asked, holding my empty teacup.

“Sure love, please help yourself to some coke in the fridge, like I said, treat this house like your own, don’t need to ask for anything, just help yourself.” She replied.

“Ok, thank you, sorry it’s just I was bought up to mind my manners and ask first.” I returned.

“Sounds like you’ve been bought up well.” She smiled.

I got up and went to the kitchen to pour myself out a glass of coke.
Sitting back down after to chat with my girlfriend and her mother.

“Thank you, Mrs- I mean, Mum.” I grinned at her.

“Bless.” Was her simple friendly reply.

She made me feel very welcomed in the house and also very close to her, like as if I really was her daughter. Although I was also feeling very attracted to her. It sounds clichéd, but I really could tell where my girlfriend gets her gorgeous looks from, and also I was noticing the shared traits of her lovely warm personality has with her mother’s.

“I’m parched again, let me go make us some more tea.” Her mum suddenly stated, about to stand up.

“Oh no, please, allow me.” I quickly sprang to my feet, eager to please.

“Oh sure ok, I won’t say no to that, thank you dear.” Her mum relaxed back into her seat, handing me her cold empty teacup.

“You’re more than welcome.” I smiled, I also took my girlfriend’s cup and headed to the kitchen.
I listened intently to them talking as I made the teas.

“So what do you think, mum?” My girlfriend spoke in a hushed tone.

“She’s lovely, hon, a real sweetheart, you’ve picked a good’un there!” She answered.

“Good, I knew you’d like her.” My girlfriend replied proudly.

“She’s real pretty too,” Her mum continued,
“and I know I’m strait and all, but my word, she has a good arse on her!”

I blushed and checked my rump out in the reflection of the oven.

“Mum!” My girlfriend almost squealed before adding, “She sure has…!”

I smirked.

“Hey, if I was gay, I would so steal her off you!” Her mum continued to tease.

“Ugh, you would as well, wouldn’t you?” My girlfriend muttered playfully.

“You bet, and sorry you are a pretty girl, Hannah, but there’s no way she’d ever turn down a fine piece of ass like me!” Her mum boasted.

“Oh god!” my girlfriend, Hannah, chuckled.

I couldn’t help but get turned on listening to her speak like that.

The teas made, I headed back into the living room and handed them their cups.
Upon giving Hannah hers, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

“Hey, where’s mine?!” Her mum asked excitedly.

“Sorry?” I puzzled.

“Don’t I get a kiss with my tea, aswell?” She asked, playfully pouting.

“Oh please, excuse me,, where are my manners? Sure Mum, I’ll give your cheeks a kiss!”
A big smile spread across my face as I walked over to her.

“You want to kiss my cheeks?” Her mum stated looking shocked, before announcing,
“Ok, hold on, I’ll bend over!”

“Oh my god!” My girlfriend blurted out before laughing, nearly spitting out her tea.
“Sorry, she’s so bad!” She continued to laugh.

I was rather shocked, I didn’t realise her mum had that kind of brash humour about her.
I chuckled along nervously, as her mum giggled.

“Come on, I’m waiting.” She chuckled louder, leaning further to one side, to show her ass more.

I gulped nervously.

“Wow she really wants me to kiss it!” I thought to myself, not really knowing how to proceed.

“If I must, I must.” I nervously replied.

I tried to keep it playful by giggling as I bent over and quickly kissed the side of her bumcheek.
She was wearing tight-fitted black trousers that really showed off her big curvy butt.

“Oh wow.” My girlfriend laughed. Her mum just softly chuckled.

“Wait,” Her mum said as I stood up strait, she then leaned over to the other side,
“now kiss the other cheek.” She giggled once more.

“Oh you’re really going to make me do this, aren’t you?” I nervously quipped and played along.
Once again leaning down to kiss her bumcheek.
Her cheeks felt really warm on my lips from her sitting down for so long.

“Thank you.” Her mum grinned before taking a sip of her tea like it was no big deal having her daughter’s girlfriend kiss her ass.

“You’re welcome.” I replied.

I felt an odd mix of nerves, humiliation, and horniness as I stood up and walked back over to the seat on the 2-seater sofa, sitting down next to my girlfriend.
She was still giggling too much to drink her tea.

I couldn’t quite believe I had actually just kissed my mother-in-law’s ass infront of my girlfriend like that. At the same time, I was wanting her to keep making me kiss her ass.
I was just so glad I had a thick jumper on to hide my erect nipples from view, and my dark jeans to stop the show of moisture building up inside my panties.

I must have seemed so distracted in my thoughts for the rest of that evening, all I could keep thinking of is the feel of her gorgeous big curvy ass on my lips, and I was so horny that I wanted to fuck my girl’s brains out!

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long before I could get some relief.
Her mum had got up to go to the loo an hour later, and I took the chance to whisper into Hannah’s ear to tell her how I was feeling.

“Hmm you mean you been sitting here all wet?” She softly asked me.

“Yeah babe, I could really do with a good fucking.” I quietly whispered.

“Ooh that’s so hot.” She groaned, planting a big snog on my mouth. I felt her hand pressing
against the crotch of my jeans. I realised just how wet my knickers felt when she did that, pushing the soft soaking wet fabric right up against the wet lips of my shaved pussy.

The flush of the toilet made us quickly realise that her mum had finished weeing and was going to be back in the living room in a couple of moments, so we stopped snogging.

“Shall we go to bed then?” Hannah seductively asked me,
obviously with no intention of getting any sleep!

“Yes please.” I eagerly replied, with a big smile.

She softly chuckled, pleased with my answer.

Her mum walked back in and sat down.

“Sorry, mum, me and Sam are pretty tired now, will you be ok if we go have an early night?”
Hannah asked her.

“Of course, sweetheart, you 2 girls go get settled down, it’ll be Christmas morning soon!”
She warmly chirped.

“Thanks Mum.” We both replied to her at the same time. We got up, Hannah took my hand, and practically rushed us out of the room and up the stairs.

“Oh just one thing!” Her mum called out, stopping us as we were half way up the stairs.

“Yeah, mum?” Hannah asked.

“Keep the sex noise down!” Her mother chuckled heartedly.

“Mum!” Hannah squealed, her cheeks blushing, as she lead me by the hand all the way up the stairs and into her bedroom.

She closed the door, locked it, and pushed me down onto the bed.
She must have been real horny herself as she stripped the clothes off me, and almost ripped her own clothes off before pouncing on top of me.

We snogged passionately, our soft lips and wet tongues smacking together as we did.
My hands were all over her gorgeous butt. My finger slipped down between her smooth cheeks to rub her warm crack. She always likes it when I tickle her little bumhole with my finger.

She groaned softly as we snogged, grinding her bare moist pussy against mine.
I moaned in pleasure too.

I slid my finger further down from her crack to caress the wet opening between her now wet pink slits of her gorgeous sweet pussy. I managed to push my forefinger and middle finger into her, gently rubbing against the walls of her tight pussy. She groaned louder in pleasure.

I gently held her lower lip between my teeth as she tried to pull her mouth away from mine.
She reached down, grabbed my leg, and moved it up so she could place her leg inbetween my thighs.
Her thigh and pussy were now pressed right up against my soaking wet throbbing pussy and we tribbed for hours, making eachother cum a lot!

After each and every orgasm, she’d stop and go down on me to give me a licking out, licking our juices off my pussy before riding my pussy some more with hers.

She’d then moved up and sat right on my face, shoving her soaking wet pussy onto my mouth, my tongue darting out eagerly to please her. She tasted amazing, I could taste both mine and her cum juice mixed together and served up inside her pussy.

It was like a sweet warm slightly sticky water with just a very thin trace of citrus juice.

I licked her real good, having her feeling very cleaned out!

She then got off and leaned down, snogging me to taste our juices on my lips and tongue.

Needless to say, we didn’t get much sleep that night!

The following morning, we woke up feeling the Christmas excitement in the air.
We turned and smiled at eachother, and upon wishinh eachother a Merry Christmas,
we had a long soft loving snog in bed.

After a short while of snogging, I stop and ask her if she wants a cup of tea and toast.

“Sure baby, I’d love that.” She quietly answers.

“Ok.” I smile at her before getting up out of bed, had a quick yawn and stretch, and then I put on my silky black pyjamas and my fluffy pink nightie.

I headed out the room and to my shock, I caught a glimpse of her mum heading into the bathroom.
She was stark naked!

I couldn’t believe how amazing her chubby curvy body looked, especially her bum.
It was only a short glimpse, but my god, I took in every inch of her from behind and she looked incredible, she had the body of an Amazonian goddess!

I felt my clit tingle, my heart racing with excitement as she closed the bathroom door,
knowing she was standing there now on the other side of the door in all her beautiful glory.

She was so much of a goddess to me now that I had to fight every urge in my body to go into the bathroom, and kneel down before her to worship her magnificent butt.

I didn’t know wether she saw me or not, but she then did something that has my clit throbbing.

She blew off a big loud fart!

“Oh my god!” I softly muttered to myself in a horny quiver.

The fart echoed loudly in the toilet bowl, she was obviously sitting on it having a pee.

All I could envision then was her glorious big curvy naked butt, with a big sweet-smelling fart bursting forth from the deep dark trench of her beautiful crack.

Oh how I wanted so badly to have my face inside the toilet bowl looking up at her wonderful gorgeous ass as she rips a big hot stinker of a fart right on me!

I suddenly noticed I had my hand inside my pyjama pants and was fingering myself as I stood at the top of the stairs, looking at the bathroom door.
I managed to snap myself out of my trance, and continued down to make Hannah her tea and toast.

When I came back up the stairs, holding a breakfast tray with the cup of tea and a small plate of buttered toast on it, I looked to the bathroom door and could hear the shower running.

“I saw your mum a few minutes ago?” I told Hannah as I rested the tray over her.
She was sat up in bed.

“Did you?” She replied, picking up a piece of toast and taking a bite off it.

“Yeah, actually it was quite funny, she didn’t have any clothes on!” I giggled.

“Yeah, she always walks about naked in the morning.” Hannah revealed, talking with her mouth full.
I watched the crumbs of toast speckle down around her chin.

“She isn’t shy though, is she, she farted loudly and proudly in the bathroom!” I chuckled,
making it seem like it had no adverse affect on me.

“Do you mind, I’m eating!” Hannah groaned, taking another bite of toast.

“What?! It’s only a fart!” I laughed.

“Yeah but-” She stopped to swallow, “but my mum’s farts smell real bad, just the mention of them brings back memories of all the times I’ve smelt them…”

“Oh?” I intrigued, even more interested in them.

“Yeah, she always farts openly around family, when I used to live her every evening she’d start letting them rip without care, it would gas me!” She explained, taking a sip of tea.

“I wouldn’t mind them…” I casually uttered.

“Yeah well, you have a fart fetish so that don’t count!” She giggled.
“Infact, you’d probably love her farts!”

I blushed, she could tell I agreed with her.

“You really would, wouldn’t you?!” She laughed.

“Maybe…” I sheepishly grinned.

“Oh god, what would you do if she suddenly ran into her, grabbed your head and shoved her butt in your face, letting rip a big loud nasty ripe fart right in your face?” She playfully asked.

“Not much I could do if she suddenly did that, is there…” I answered.
The thought of her doing that to me only turning me on more.

“I better not tell you about the time she farted in my face then, hey?” Hannah casually declared, looking down at her cup after taking another sip of tea.

“What? She farted in your face before?” My ears pricked up.

“Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t…” She teased.

“Oh come on, tell me. Please.” I begged.

“I don’t know…” She teased me more, running her finger around the rim of the cup.

“Oh please, you cannot NOT tell me now, please.” I continued to plead.

“Wow you really are turned on by my mother’s farts, aren’t you?!” She laughed.
I looked at her like a puppy looking at a treat.

“Oh ok, I’ll tell you,” She gave in and beamed a smile at me, “consider it a Christmas present.”

I sat down on top of her, my eyes fixed on hers. Hanging onto every word she spoke.

“There’s not much to say really, it happened a couple years ago,” She began,
“I was sitting at the kitchen table with her talking, when I said I needed the loo and got up, when she then told me she needs the loo as well, so I quickly started to run to get to it before she does, she chased after me, rugby tackled me! Diving at my legs making me fall to the floor, as she’s then crawled up over the top of me, trying to get infront of me, I grabbed her ankles to stop her, when as I looked up I suddenly saw her big butt right there in my face, and before I knew it, she let rip a big fart in my face! The dirty bitch!” She groaned and then laughed.

“Oh wow…” I was stunned.

“Yeah, wow, I was so taken aback by it that it gave her to advantage she needed to scoot off and get to the bathroom before me.” She sighed.

“Awww bless her.” I cooed.

“BLESS HER?!” Hannah nearly shouted. “What about poor me, not only did I get a fart blown in my face, I then had to stand there holding my fanny doing a silly dance trying to hold my wee in as I can hear her sighing in relief in the bathroom, enjoying the fact she beat me to the bathroom.”

I couldn’t help but to laugh a little.

“Awww sorry babe, bless you.” I leant in a kissed her, before chuckling again.
“What a woman…” I softly uttered under my breath.

“What was that?” Hannah asked.

“I said, ‘poor you'” I lied and kissed her again. Then smiled at her.

She finished off her toast.

“Did you actually smell her fart?” I asked, still very interested in her story.

“What do you think?” She answered with a giggle. “Yeah I did, well couldn’t help but to, could I?
It was right in my face!” She pulled a disgusted expression before chuckling.

“You sure you don’t have a fart fetish as well?” I teased her.

“Oh god no!” She replied, “I couldn’t enjoy her farts and she’s my mum, I definitely couldn’t enjoy another woman’s fart!”

“What about mine? You said before that you love mine!” I laughed.

“Yours don’t count, I love you so therefor I have to love your farts as well!”
She laughed along with me.

After she finished her tea, I gave her a big snog, and she then got up and put on her pyjamas.
We headed downstairs together and went into the living room where her mum was now waiting, having had a shower and gotten dressed. We exchanged gifts soon after.

Quite a few hours later, having been helping out in the kitchen with making the Christmas dinner,
we sat down at the table and enjoyed the fruits of our labour.

We drank wine and filled up on turkey and all the trimmings,
with a big Christmas pudding for afters. Not forgetting to pull eachothers’ crackers!

After that real big dinner,
we all sat down in the living room to watch some cheesy Christmas films.
I was snuggled up to Hannah.

Suddenly, I heard a soft rumble of a fart from her mother.

“Oh dear, pardon me! Sorry…” She gushed in embarrassment. Hannah laughed.

“Don’t be sorry Mum, we’re all family here.” I quickly reassured her.

I felt an excited tinge in my pussy as I look over at her.

“That dinner has given me bad wind.” She nervously admitted, and began rubbing her stuffed tummy.

“It really is ok, we don’t mind, do we?” I looked towards Hannah.

“Speak for yourself!” She chuckled.

“You sure you don’t mind me farting around you?” Her mum asked me.

“No of course not, go for it!” I flashed a big grin at her.

“Ok, you’ll be sorry you said that!” She laughed as she then leaned to one side and farted.

“Oh god…!” Hannah sighed, pinching her nose.

I felt so horny as I stared at the space between the couch and her ass. I longed so much to have my face filling that fart-filled space. I imagined having my nose wedged right under her, being forced to sniff up every fart she blasts out.

I didn’t have to imagine the smell though, as within seconds, the hot smelly air wafted over to me.
I slyly sniffed the lingering air, the warm very musky scent of her gas seemed to smother me.
I felt my pussy beginning to moisten up as I took in lungful after lungful of her smelly gas.

It rather strangely smelt really sweet, almost sickenly so, with a trace of hot musk and boiled cabbage lingering onto the background of it. I found it to be a really pleasing smell.

Hannah couldn’t stand it though, every time she let go off her nose to sniff the air, she quickly pinched it shut again, not liking it at all.

“God, mum.” She groaned.

“Sorry dear, you know what them sprouts do to me!” Her mother chuckled, letting rip another fart.

I just smiled, enjoying the smell.

After a short while, I asked if she’d like another glass of wine.

“Yes please, hon, thank you.” Her mother replied with a smile.

I went to the kitchen to pour out the wine, and returned with it.

“Do you I have to kiss your butt again?” I somewhat jokingly asked as I gave her the glass.

“Oh, up to you.” She chuckled, taking the wine from me.

“I suppose if I have to.” I playfully chuckled along with her, getting down onto my knees.

“No that would be very cruel of me, making you put your face anywhere near my butt,
I cant stop farting!” She laughed, still leaning to one side.

I noticed how much stronger the smell around her was being on my knees infront of her.

“I don’t mind.” I softly reassured.

“Ok, go on then.” She suddenly agreed, almost taking me by surprise.

I nervously grinned at her, and then leaned in to kiss her butt.

She put her hand on the back of my head.

“Hannah, watch this.” She spoke in a hushed yet urgent tone of voice.

She suddenly pushed my face right into her ass, almost burying my face into her, and let rip a really loud rumble of a fart right on my face!

I yelped out in surprised.

I tried to move my head away but couldn’t, what with her holding my head tight to her.

She laughed out loudly, full heartedly. Hannah laughed too.

“Wait, there’s more!” She laughed.

I felt another, quieter fart being blown on my face. The fabric of her red trousers grew much hotter around my face. The stink was unreal, so strong that it almost suffocated me.
I tried desperately to move away just to take in a gulp of fresh air.

Finally, after much laughter, she let go and I shot my head backwards.
Gasping for air like a fish out of water.

“Oh my god!” I gasped, my face had turned bright red, almost as red as her trousers.

She and Hannah was still laughing.

“Did that smell good?” Hannah asked mockingly.

“Careful how you answer that.” Her mum joined in, still laughing.

“Oh god…” Is all I could muster to say.

I didn’t realise it but my hand had slipped into my pants, rubbing myself right there on my knees.

“It’s ok, Hannah’s told me about your fart fetish.” Her mum shocked me by saying that.

“W-what?” I nervously glanced to Hannah, who was now sat on the edge of the seat on the sofa.

“It’s ok, hon, my mum’s fine with it.” She reassured me, a big grin stretched across her face.

“No wonder you were so ok with me farting.” Her mum chuckled.
“I can see how much you enjoy it.” She looked down between my legs, seeing the bulge from my hand inside as I was still toying with myself. I realised and quickly pulled my hand out.

“It’s ok, you can keep playing, I don’t mind.” Her mum reassured me.

She pressed her foot between my thighs, rubbing her bare toes against my crotch.

Hannah walked over and knelt down behind me, she started to rub my shoulders, kissing my cheek.

“Do you really like sniffing my farts?” Her mum asked, she’d stopped laughing and now spoke in a more seductive tone of voice.

“Yeah.” I softly agreed.

Hannah nibbled on my ear, running a hand down my top to play with my tits.

Her mum turned over, her knees resting on the edge of the sofa, bending over.

“Why don’t you come sniff some more then.” She told me,
running her hand over her shapely big curvy buttocks.

“Mmmm ok…” I sighed, submissively.

I moved forward with Hannah still behind me, she held my blonde hair back and pushed my face in close to her mother’s ass, stopping with my nose shorter than an inch away
from the middle of her cheeks.

I closed my eyes and took a good sniff.

Wow her scent of her ass smelt delightful.

“Mmmmm that smell good, baby?” Hannah asked, fingering herself, getting off on me getting turned on by her own mother’s smell.

“Yeah.” I softly sighed, before having another whiff.

Her mum groaned too, never having had her ass worshiped like this yet clearly enjoying it.

“Get ready, here comes another one.” She suddenly warned me.

I awaited with baited breath.

Within moments, a warm gush of soft air puffed out of her. I quickly pressed my nose right into the crack of her wonderful ass and sniffed. The strong smell almost making me choke.
I loved it though, and sniffed at it like a dirty bitch.

Her mum then pulled her trousers down, revealing her big wonderful glorious shapely naked ass.

I nestled my nose right inbetween her bare cheeks, resting my nose right inside her crack, and continued to sniff her.

Hannah now moved a hand down inside my pants, fingering my wet pussy.

“This is so hot, watching you enjoying my mother’s ass.” She tells me, almost breathless.

“Mmmmmm yeah, lick me hon.” Her mother instructs me, I eagerly follow her orders.
I held my soft wet tongue out and slithered it about on her tasty butt hole.

As I lick, another soft puff of a fart lingers out of her.
The strong musky smell bathes over my tastebuds.

I moan in pleasure as I lick.

“You’re such a dirty little fart whore.” Her mother degrades me as she moans in pleasure.

I slide out of my trousers and knickers, and Hannah lays down behind me,
licking my ass and pussy with her wet slippery tongue, making me groan louder with desire while she has her fingers buried inside her pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit.

I can feel her mum fingering her pussy, as I lick her butt clean.

It doesn’t take long ’til all 3 of us are having a powerful orgasm together.

Her mum’s fantastic butt is so big that my face has disappeared between her cheeks.
My whole world has suddenly become about her ass.

I licked and licked her nonstop.

Finally, she sits up strait, my face still pressed between her cheeks.

She grabs my hair and says,

“You’re my dirty little fart slave now, and you’re going to do all that I say, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mum.” I submissively agree, my voice being muffled by her ass.

“Good girl, you’re going to please me so good.” She then got up off the sofa, making sure to keep my face buried into her butt. I followed her around on all fours, like a dirty dog.

Hannah got up and walked with us.

Her mum led us upstairs into her room.

“Lay on the bed, there’s a good girl.” Her mum commanded me.

“Yes, Mum.” I agreed, pulling my face out of her ass and laid down onto her bed.

Despite now being away from her ass, all I could still smell was the powerful sweetly-musky scent of her butt.

“Hannah, tie her up for me, please.” She instructed her in a warm friendly voice.

“Sure thing, mum.” Hannah smiled,
walking over to me, taking my hands and cuffing them to the headboard.

Her mum got on the bed, now naked, and sat down on my chest.

“Your tongue is going to be VERY busy tonight.” She warned.

“Really? I thought you wasn’t gay.” I softly sighed.

“I’m not, I just haven’t had a good long licking out since Hannah’s father has left, and lucky for me, you’re more than eager to spend all night long licking me out, aren’t you?” She crowed.

“Mmmmmm yes Mum, anything for you.” I submissively reply.

“There’s a good girl.” She moaned, and sat up further, hovering above me, her fingers on her soft shaved pussy, holding her slits apart.

She then lowered herself down onto me, wedging my tongue right up inside her.
She tasted so sweet, almost tastes like Hannah.

“Hannah, darling, feel free to lick her out for being a good girl.”
She looked over her shoulder at Hannah.

“Can I really, mum? I’d love that!” Hannah chirped, and dived between my legs, tongue out.

I was powerless to resist.

True to her word, my mother-in-law kept my tongue very busy for the rest of Christmas night.
I licked and serviced her all night long, giving in to her very demand and desire,
and what a fantastic Christmas it was!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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