College Celebrations: Erica’s Bukake

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College Celebrations: Erica’s Bukake

“It was a male blitzkrieg. Its Erica’s bukake moment. The spasmed sperm splash of every wanking and jerking Tom, Dick and Harry from the choir…plus a Mark and a Will… and her personal black skinned arse delighter…”

Bernard really ought to give up smoking was Erica’s thought as she diverged from Chas and Beth in the vestibule. She had time to find the St Xavier’s Senior Male Choir before her own practice.


Her morning had been really pleasant, spent with Meredith. A senior dorm girl who had distracted her away from Chas and Beth for some extra fun times. Meredith was straight out of a Rubens painting. A true BBW, as only Rubens could paint them. Full figured, full hips and plus sized breasts. A well padded young woman complete with love handles.

Erica always the team player was building self esteem and showing Meredith a good time with her body. The truth was Meredith was plump and buxom and on the verge of overweight, but youthful looks were still compensating and holding some interest for males and females. Erica had engaged her in shower play and under the doona petting and tribbing.

The real challenge was getting the boys to touch Merry up. The opportunity came with the last inter college debate with St Xavier’s at the boys school. The team was composed of Chas as captain, with Erica and Meredith the other two speakers. Their chaperone was the stickler for close monitoring, Sister Margret, who had caught Erica with a vibrator planted happily in Beth’s sweet arse while Chas was groping her breasts in the gym showers. Chastity pledges not withstanding…she just didn’t trust these girls around boys.

Meredith was considered reliable by the all the nuns.

The last debating topic of the year was a hoot. Obviously decided on by the Fathers at St Xavier’s: ‘Women are the weaker sex’; the girls relishing the task of having to attack such nonsense. They had had a clean sweep of wins all year and were defending their inter college title won last year. Chas reducing most male college debaters to late night masturbators. St Xavier’s presented some challenges, especially Will and Mark. Both competent yet randy. They wanted a grope session and plenty of tongue but had to lose their in loco parentis too…Father Donovan.

Chas the team anchor had torn up the boy’s arguments and reinforced fempower in the debate and with her ‘charms’ …it was all over.

They were all invited to socialise and ‘company keep’, but no touching in the school history room and share cake and tea…no coffee for the students. Father Donovan was, however, called out on a disciplinary issue in the junior school and Peter …the third St Xavier debater….had a nose bleed…so Sister Margret had to take him to the school nurse…though she had tried to call the nurse up…but she had another student and couldn’t leave the bay…Sister Margaret left Meredith in charge.

After Sister Margret returned from the infirmary …the history room … was empty …she headed straight to the guest ladies toilets …near the front office…Where else could they be ?…she should have burst straight into the boys loo across from the honours boards and trophy cabinets as she went out the history room door.

Erica was insistent Will and Mark touch up Meredith and Chas and Erica would keep them happy below at the same time. Meredith suspected boys had dirty filthy hands when it came to a girl’s body…and they were rough…they hadn’t heard of gentle girly foreplay. Mark had his hand under her dress and inside her panties and fingering her slit before the door shut behind them. Will had his tongue deep slobbering around her mouth and somehow his hand had got through her cardigan, defeated her blouse and was under her bra to her nipples, before she realised Chas and Erica had zip downs and were raising male sausage to firm hot cock , both squatting on the floor.

Meredith had savoured Erica’s touch on her coochie and reciprocated by teasing Erica’s fleshy pussy and fingering her butt hole when asked… she had really enjoyed laying her big breasts and elongated nipples over Erica’s pert smaller breasts.

What was happening here in the male loo was these seniors were lustful cuntsruck young males…groping…fondling…and even obscenely stretching whatever was handy …three fingers now in her extended cuntbox…two probing her arsehole…her perineum nearly disappearing…but it was exciting…it got wetter and more pleasurable…the faster their fingers moved and jiggled around…the deeper they went…so boyish testingly deep.

Between murmured: shit and fucks from her mouth; she suddenly realised she needed a cock …in both holes…no sweet romantic virgins gestures here on her first outing with the guys. She thought, for a moment, shit slow it down, down there and then why. Take it all now; were Mark and Will going to dance with her at the College Celebration Formal …no…get their pricks now… this was it for Meredith.

The problem was the guys pricks were super happily engaged …Chas and Erica ….sucking and nosily slurping dick…consuming head…the full liquid mouthful…enjoying working pecker for a proper quick blow….time was the enemy in the form of Sister Margret…the guys were moaning…the girls knew how to perform quickie mouth-love…the art of rapid ‘just got five minute’ cock time…it was turning into two awesome slob jobs…fuck they were working the spit …lubricated pleasure….and they knew how to include the sac…squeezing the velvet lining delectably…perfectly… building orgasm in two heads complete with paired ball sets … real ball burster speed work from the girls mouths and hands…the jizz fest and feast was close….for Mark and Will…Erica and Chastity.

“Girls…girls…Meredith…Erica …Chastity…are you in there…I hope not…, ….Boys…Mark…Will…are you in there?” from sister M outside the loo door. So frickin close. Just a panel between them.

Mark and Will were in all right…deep in Meredith’s slit and crack…and they were still boy toying around as only young men who don’t get enough pussy or arse play… keep going…driving the touch ….pushing the touch….problem was Meredith not having had the touch…didn’t know the difference between a nice boy inside her nicely and gently touching and these two boys just lost in randy lewd close to offensive deep grubby touching….she had already set her future needs on tandem; three fast fingers fucking her nest and an intense two finger knuckle deep arse action to match.

Just how important is that first sexual experience….Meredith thought this was standard male fingering.

Sister Margret hesitated…no she couldn’t go in the gentleman’s bathroom …but where were the girls and the boys….she thought she heard the cleaner up the stairs…maybe they had seen something…someone…up she went…two steps at a time….she knew something was amiss.

Chas and Erica were not missing; they had the boys balls and rods right out through their zips ….everything a dangling to start with ….then everything upright and …balls raised to restricted tight … then the wad ready for release by the boys…shit did it fly …it does when the pleasure is rapid and exciting and the cock managers are untamed and unrestrained….their base passion for cock was comforting to the lads…there were girls out there as sexually needy as themselves…thank god.

Mark and Will’s cum came close together… in a feral giddy spray…spurting in gollops and dollops in Chas’s and Erica’s mouths…these two lasses could intercept jizz better than a wicket -keeper could a wrong’un or a wide delivery…they caught it all…no byes here…lip smacking delight…warm and seedy…wet and speedy…hot and greedy…that was Chas and Erica.

Meredith was left completely out in the flow of McSpunk…the boys lost concentration on the frustrated nearly orgasmic girl…the pleasure had gone to their head…no not their vacant male skulls at the point of climax…their awesome cock heads…their tadpole treasure buried they thought deep in two throats…swallowed…remarkable girls.

Wrong boys…

Chas and Erica were up…sharing their collective man marrow with Meredith….her mouth filled with a double gob of cum…Mark and Will combined…where Mark and Will had no idea their starch sauce with end up.

“Wow” managed Meredith with a full mouth… Chas gathered it back …sucking it all back in her mouth…opened for the boys…and then gulped swallowed…their reproductive foam.

The lads were gobsmacked…screwed to the spot…their dicks heading flaccid…which was a good thing…because Erica was packing them up…Meredith was stunned at Chas; near shamed silence.

Chas was teasing her lips and finished with “Mmm …thanks boys”

They were all out and across and into the history room before Sister Margret returned. Chas was still absent.

“Oh you’re back…but…where have you been…I know you didn’t go to the ladies bathroom at the front of the school…you better have a good reason or consequences will follow back at college… young ladies…”, getting stern towards the end.

Meredith had been instructed on the lie: “Will had gone to the toilet. Chas had started her period and went to the staff toilet down the corridor…Mark had spilt his tea and gone to get some paper towel from the storeroom…see that wet spot on the floor… I went looking for you to assist Chas…the paper towel was on the top shelf in the storeroom, so Erica had to go help Mark…Chas is still waiting for you now…”

Off went Sister Margret …everybody else just laughed …when she far enough away.

Erica was on the move now outside the Cathedral. Boys, boys…boys…probably in the practice room in the Rectory next to Cathedral thought our athlete …Erica could hear them as she left the apse…and off she went…into the Rectory……Meredith and the morning a happy memory…but not an immediate body… its always the body in the moment we need.

A male enters a room full of women…the ladies… they keep gossiping…or managing to do what women do…they check out the talent…sure… but in a decent surreptitious, then whispered comparative notes way with their girlfriend.

One girl enters a room full of males… fifteen testosterone high males…genuinely focused though not on sex for once in their lives … yes its rare …but they were practising ….they were mid song …then … the jaws dropped… they lost key… then they all just fucking stopped…inbuilt biology? …Still this was a tall, athletic gorgeous, sexually provocative brunette that had knocked Schubert for a fucking six…way over St Mathews Park…singing was the last thing passing through fifteen minds… a lot of blood was being funnelled into their pants though very quickly.

Erica was happy… there were the known boys and the unknown guys here… two of the boys were …hot hot hot….Mark and Will…from debating ….good…she fancied a reunion.

Mark and Will couldn’t believe their eyes…or their renewed chances.

Erica loosened her tartan necktie, opened her blouse…the red bra signalling ….well they weren’t given time to think…just time to process stunning female in their close proximity …the red bra…well technically vermilion …she was sizzling …that was it …sizzling.

“Loosen the ties boys”…they all did.

”Drop the dacks boys”…they all did.

“Line up and present meat boys” and they all did as they were told.

Maybe their mums could learn a lesson here if they really wanted incorrigible young males; aged eighteen;thinking they were adult, yes they could vote; to toe the line. Erica was having no problem organising fifteen senior lads.

Erica was the vermilion express…hot and sultry…a mobile roving red light district …a professional stripper would have been proud to borrow her moves…slinky…skanky and deliberately sensuously trashy.

That Browning poem about rats tumbling out…passed through Erica’s mind as the dicks flopped out…some not that droopy already…

Erica saw mass male trouser ferrets rampantly loose and their accompanying pocket billiards were hanging looser desperate for any attention…we are talking about a lot of virgin cock here…only two pussy strikes in the room, the odd blow job including Will and Mark… or a hand job, a bit of groping in the toilets, the cinema or a parked car, a few shared wet tongues…today the lads sensed action …Erica was intent on servicing a lot of cock this afternoon…a room full of unsupervised hyped up males about to perform….they got to perform all right …twice…a cock-fest and later their choral number.

What do you think they remembered, years later from their final College Mass at the Cathedral?

Along the row of fifteen College seniors, a few were looking forward one day to attending the Oktoberfest, Erica had in mind her own private fuckfest…she had recalled that Browning Poem …well it had all emerged here too…she was the piper and they were following her tune. Cocks: big ones, thick ones; small ones, scrawny pubed ones, mostly whites ones, uncircumcised juicy ones , and one very promising uncut black one…all joined to a set of balls…some snug packaged ones, some really Tarzan swinger ones…way low…plenty of silky soft pouched ones…they would require tongue work…too delicate for fingers …well maybe… just the gentle squeeze.

Erica’s tease was over…her bra was off and her cute breasts were providing an eye full…nipples to attention…the parade was active too…cocks to attention ….an array of curved bayonets, straight spears, stylish veined lances, probably the nation’s future military leaders…. on display for Erica… a few thickened prodders, two sly uncircumcised pricks, maybe backdoor boys, maybe… hoped Erica… Mark she knew from the loo was thick, Will; Chas had the pleasure that day….today they were both hers.

The boys were beating their meat sticks …Erica was ready…it’s the starting line…ready…set…go girl… it shaping as a false start…Erica reasserts a bit of control here.

“Stay in line boys…wait your turn…the free for all is later…”

It’s a strong erect glistening pre-cummed head first up….very hard …very erect like the whole friggin row…she sucks and licks it gleefully….then hands wrapped around this young man’s thighs …just vacuuming his head with her mouth… a sucking machine…Erica gets greedy and one hand starts massaging the next cock in the line…peripheral vision sees some cocks just waiting…others; the randy buggers have started to play with themselves …watching Erica’s mouth tease and please a mate.

For the boys as the brunette’s lips lock on cock …they wait in anticipation, the pleasure starts, the pleasure build and the pleasure has to be fulfilled.

She moved on…she’s an athlete…she’s primed…this is her time…the next one is shorter and thinner…..he’s a bit self conscious…not any more as she massages meat and gives him her eyes…a free flowing long haired brunette, a wild filly; rubbing…now sucking ‘me’ off… masturbatory thoughts constructed here for the next month…maybe for life…she is Aphrodite…

A male can’t hide or fake his pleasure package…the young guy loses it…no problem…he is so , so fucking happy…Erica’s petite breasts are creamed in rapid sprays of jizz…like the hurdler she is…there are no obstacles here…ah…the spied earlier black meat…big and yummy…is next…he has a real firm rigid to his head as she glides his uncut skin backwards and forwards over his tip… and throbbing veins pressing under taut skin and a massive sac for his nuts…she licks the silky sac…he moans…his pleasure fills her …its exciting …she takes schlong dong deep… she moves on with a message to her black playmate…don’t lose your load yet…I’ll be back…then to herself…’you’ll get my backdoor.’

An uncircumcised prick with hairy nuts…ginger wisps of pubes sprouting out straggly and curly….everywhere… Erica sucks ,slurps and swallows….ginger nuts shoots in her mouth….she spits it out…not in disgust but to rub back over his dick….a moment of unbelievable pleasure memory for him…

Like the hurdler she is …she is focused on the next moment…she moistens with spit the pinkish purplish glans of the next penis with an untidy circumcised flap of skin attached…just different…so attractive in its own unique way… contributing to her quickly expanding cock knowledge…she teases the piece of skin gently…he moans…he likes it…she gives him a quick effective blow job…too much pre tugging while waiting here…cum catches her one braid ,her shoulder and some unfortunately is wasted on the floor.

She is the fellatator of the moment….a torero and she is controlling her raging bulls. Going down to stir and excite…shit a big one…the biggest here…she was ready to cannibalise this one… she gobs it, right to the back of her throat …to indicate …I’m in charge…then gets soft and sucky…all tongue under the glans…he groans the loudest yet…she gives this glans a French head job…the lucky fucker; of a recipient; holds her head and guides Erica deeper… she tells him to hold his load…he has a special finishing job later…maybe…hopefully…she only has three holes …the maths fifteen divided by three…shit… you are in trouble girl.

The next few cocks blur…they are all cocks…useful, tasty and fully teased before they explode …the absolute never touched or kissed a girl virgins of this choir line up.

A curvy one, a scimitar, a really cute cock and it’s a pleasure to lick and suck and hold.

Mark and Will, primed but not over self stroking….they remember the toilet…they want more than pipe cleaning today…Erica teases both cocks fairly briefly…maybe they will get a special treat , arse time, nookie time.

Some boys had jacked off or been blown off, or somehow had managed to hold off; however, Erica still needed to Jill off…right now…some saved loads would fill her holes…the rest; well bukake time. These guys were keen; shit some had reloaded, had actually reprimed; seemingly quicker than colonial minute men and were ready to reengage.

The black schlong is invited to tease and spread her arsehole… ‘If he is man enough’.

Will’s patience is rewarded, he is offer first dibs on her glistening pink flappy pleats, a fuzz of short downy dark pubes on display as Erica reddish panties drop to the floor…Ebony and ivory skin join at her backdoor.

Will is already past the front porch and down her pussy’s hallway, pushing out those sweet pleats…Erica is the filling in a delicious sandwich; she is doubly split standing between two young males. It’s intoxicating of self. There are multiple measures of tightness here. Erica is in the sweet zoned squeeze between two pumping males, a wedge of fat cock in her rump crack and block of meat cramped into her front end meat teaser. Sensational sensations. Shit she would have exploded in an intense orgasm there and then if she had know Chas was similarly occupied in the vestry.

Will is thinking with his cock…just the basic… ‘Oh, my fucking god…what a pussy…what a pussy’.

Our black schlong never having been treated to any hole is one happy cock.

Happy fucking all round. All three nearly stupefied on pleasurable energetic excitement. For a delicious minute…Erica is held up…resting on dark thighs and Will gets deeper and so does schlong boy. Boy is it good. Erica is euphoric, ecstatic and elated, she cums hard, shocking the room. But enjoying all the boys who were just watching her and the ones inside her.

She seemed so controlled; now it’s the filthy blast of lost control coming from her wide gob:“Oh my fuckin God…Ohh” and it’s guttural and loud and it’s basely human.

Erica wriggles free of two cocks; she is on her knees… “Spray me boys…all together”

It’s a fucking male blitzkrieg. Its Erica’s bukake moment. The spasmed sperm splash of every wanking and jerking Tom, Dick and Harry from the choir…plus a Mark and a Will… and her personal black skinned arse delighter… it all overflow like a berserk Soda-stream, too much internal built male pressure, too much syrup generated by a blatant brunette excitement machine. Cum lurched out fast through the boys siphon pythons, the pleasure trigger was unsustainable, the waves of delight juice released, sweet fucking male release and Erica was insanely ready for it all.

She helped with hand jobs and tugs here and there because she wanted the juices of men on her body not the floor.

She saw cock everywhere involuntarily jolting…short twitchy cock movements combined with long sustained deep male groans …surrounding her…jizz was propelled straight at Erica in a flying mass from all directions.

It splat on her cheek…dribbling through her long, now mussed, brunette hair…dabs and dobs across her nose…a swathe straight onto her pink tongue…flecks like a string of pearls across her breasts…a glob trickling down her extended neck…male ooze everywhere…on her back …lapelling her shoulders like rhinestones …sprinkled and dispersed in a continuous burst… cum was slushing and sloshing around in Erica’s mouth…bukake…sloppy and strewn boy goo…wow…they had all battered and beaten their meat…they were complete…Erica was replete…bukake over.

“Shit” said Mark, ” Father Ryan said he would check on us…before our performance.”

Geez what a mess…who wants to clean up after a sperm bath. Erica grabbed her gear and headed out to the toilets for a freshen up, a girl has to look always her best and believe me, this girl did; even sprayed … a brunette delight, she was
spunk covered heaven for a moment: for all the guys as she paused at the door.

Yeah ; back in her red lingerie…now the true scarlet woman…college was over in more than one way, as semen glistened all over her lithe skin.

“Thanks boys…see at the formal dinner”, she gave a raunchy butt twerk and blew a general kiss…nearly enough to stir the loins again of some of the choir….the strength of youthful cock.

After she was tidy and it actually took a while, jizz had found its way into every crevice and crease on her body. Yes, inside her ears, a dab still swirling as a mini pool in her navel, and mixed with sweat under her arm pits.

Gliding with a spring in her step back to the Cathedral proper, there was god damn golden glow about her. Erica headed back to get ready for her choir practice.

Father Patrick O’Flaniggan, of flasher fame, was having a drag on the porch of the Rectory …he inhaled so much on seeing Erica swish her now manicured long brunette hair and her face dazzlingly happy like it was fuckin high summer, even though it was barely spring…and he coughed loudly.

“You should give up” said Erica as she sidled past him.

Sidled to touch.The slinky brush up, enough to give Patrick a boner and make his fag drop from his lips to the ground.

[To be continued and finished as: College Celebrations: Surveillance ]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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