Computer Repair Part 1

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Computer Repair Part 1
It had been a quiet couple of days which gave me time to do some chores at home, Lisa came and went like teenagers do and I hadn’t heard from Amanda but I was just glad of the rest.
I sat out in the garden enjoying the late summer sun, schools were back and life was getting back to normal after the summer break.

It was just after 2pm when Amanda called and asked if I knew how to set up a desktop computer, “Yes” I told her as I had done it many times before, she told me she had a client called Mrs Wilton who had an old computer that was left by her ex husband and she wanted to see if she could get it working for her daughter who could use it for her studies. I told her that I was happy to go over and have a look.

I had set up many laptops in my time and had a box of mixed cables and stuff up in the loft so I got everything together, got dressed into a pair of shorts and tee shirt and headed off into the warm sunshine to visit Mrs Wilton. It was only a 10-minute drive and as it was school kicking out time there was plenty of eye candy on the route.

Mrs Wilton had off road parking for 2 cars so I pulled in alongside what I assumed was her car and opened the boot to get my box of tricks and was greeted as I had my head buried, “Hello, you must be Frank” said the voice from behind me, I looked up and shut the boot and looked at this woman standing there with her arm outstretched wanting to shake hands, “Yes” I said as I held my hand out.

“I am Alice Wilton” she said in a soft voice smiling, “Pippa is so excited that you have come to sort out the PC” and I was assuming that Pippa was her daughter.
“Happy to help if I can” I said with a smile, “I am sure we can make Pippa happy” and she showed me into the house.
The house was nice, very clean and tidy and on the coffee table was an old monitor, a few cables and the tower unit, Alice looked at me puzzle, “I have no idea how this lot goes together or even if it works, do you want a cuppa?” she said and I gracefully accepted and Alice walked out to the kitchen.

I would guess that Alice was early 30’s, her hair was done in a ponytail and she looked good in her tight jeans and tee shirt, I looked through the door as she made the tea and could see no outline of bra strap but her tight rounded arse looked delightful in those jeans, they were like a second skin and as she returned with the tea my eyes were magnetically attracted to her crotch where her jeans were so tight I could make out the cameltoe in them, ‘Wow!’ I thought to myself and it was hard not to get aroused which would obviously show as I had come commando.

As I sat there drinking my tea and making small talk with Alice I was told that she wanted the PC set up in Pippa’s room which I said would be no problem and it was at that point that Pippa walked in from school, “This is Frank” Alice said, “he has come to sort out daddy’s old PC for you” and Pippa’s eyes lit up, she was very excited.
Pippa had short hair and was quite plain looking but she looked nice in her uniform, short black skirt and white blouse and it looked like she had one of those training bras on, she was slim and had nice legs and she smiled warmly at me as I finished my tea.

Alice then spoke, “Now then Pippa, can you look after Frank for me as I have to run to the shops, help him if he needs it but don’t get in his way”
“OK Mum” she said with a smile still excited to get her first PC and looked across at me, “Right young lady, lets get this stuff upstairs” I said as I handed her the box of cables which was quite light while I grabbed the tower and followed her up the stairs.
I was a few steps behind but it gave me a great peek up her skirt and I could clearly see her little white panties covering her small rounded arse cheeks, we entered her room which for a teenager was remarkably tidy and a desk sat in the corner, “Lets put it all on the floor Pippa” I said, “we can get it all up and then sort out what is what”, she looked across at me, “Eye Eye Captain” she said giggling as we returned back to the lounge where I gave her the remaining cables and grabbed the monitor and then back up the stairs and again another peek up her skirt, ‘Jeeze!’ I thought at the sight of her arse knowing that any arousal would definitely show under my shorts, luckily she hadn’t noticed.

Back in Pippa’s room her mum shouted up that she was off and Pippa sat on the edge of the bed while I placed the monitor on the desk up against the wall and placed the tower down the side and looked at the miss match of cables lying on the floor. I put the keyboard and mouse on the desk and run all the cables down the back of the desk thinking to myself that was the easy bit and now I had to figure out how to connect it all up.
Pippa stayed sitting on her bed reading a magazine as I laid on my back and got under the desk and started to sort out spaghetti junction that was hanging down, I could see Pippa sitting on her bed from my vantage point reading, her knees were slightly apart and I could see the flesh of the inside of her thighs but not much further, still a nice view though and I got busy with the cables totally unaware that as I lay there with my knees up that she could probably see up the inside of my shorts.

“Could you pass me the cable ties from the box” I asked her and as she reached into the box her legs parted and I got a great view of her white knickers tight up against her crotch, ‘Damn’ I thought as I could now feel my arousal under my shorts and as she approached she crouched down with her arm on my raised knee and handed me the cable ties, “How’s it looking?” she said as she peered under the desk and as I looked up to take the cable ties I came face to face with the best view ever, as she crouched her legs spread and her panty clad pussy was about two foot from me.

I couldn’t see her head from this angle but she kept her arm on my knee for quite a while and I could see my erection was visible and there was no way that she could not have noticed it but she never made a comment as she positioned the mouse and keyboard on her deck.

“It’s looking really good Pippa” I said and I wasn’t talking about the PC set up either as I looked at her tight panties in front of me, “Nearly done” I continued to say as I plugged the last couple of bits in and then tidied up the wires, “stay there though as I may need you in a sec” hoping that she wasn’t going to move as the view was so inviting and from the way my cock was throbbing I was thinking that she had a good view too.
“No problem” she said with a giggle and I am sure her hand brushed against my thigh as she balanced on her haunches.
“OK, all done” I said, “if you can stand up and hit the button, lets see if this bad boy fires up” and as she stood up she had her legs either side of me and as I wriggled to get out from under the desk I stopped as I heard the PC booting up and looking up I had the perfect view again as my head was right between her legs.
“Wow” she said as the screen lit up and I heard the windows start up sound fill the room, “Good Job Mr Frank” she said excited as I clambered back up to my feet very conscious that I had a bulge in the front of my shorts.
She pulled up a chair and sat at the desk looking at the screen and I thought I would see what wavelength she was on, “How does it look” I asked her with a smile and she glanced slightly looking at my bulge before answering, “It looks great and so big” before looking back at the screen, now was she talking about my bulge or the screen I wondered but either way I thought I would play on it a bit.

“Ah, I didn’t plug the internet cable in” I said as I saw a stray cable hanging down, and as Pippa moved her chair to one side I got back on the floor and scooted back under the desk and by doing so my shorts got held up on the carpet and the waistband was round my hips, luckily my cock didn’t escape but it was very obvious I had an erection, she swung her chair around as I fumbled for the cable and bent down to look under the desk and by doing so her legs widened again, “Can you see ok?” she asked and I most certainly could,
“Yes its perfect” I said as she pushed her chair in closer to me and I plugged the ethernet cable in, i asked her to fire up the browser and told her I would stay here until I knew it all worked. I could hear he clicking away and I had my head right between her open legs admiring the view of her young panty clad pussy.

The browser seemed to take ages to load and as I laid there with my knees in the air and my head pointing right up her skirt I heard her giggle, “What’s up?” I asked inquisitively and she put her hand on my knee which widened my legs and said, “I can see right up your shorts”
“Oh, I am so sorry” I said but made no attempt to rectify the situation and if anything her legs widened even more, “Its ok”, she said, “we are in a bit of a confined space” and we both laughed at the situation.
The browser loaded and then went through the dreaded windows update which I told her may take some time, “Do you want to stay down there while it updates?” she asked me and after giving it a millisecond of thought said “I think it might be best if I did, just to check everything looks good”.
“Good idea” she said, “And I can make sure it all looks good from up here too” and I definitely felt her hand on the inside of my thigh as we waited on windows.
My head was very close between her knees and the lighting was a bit dim but I could easily see her panties ahead of me and my lips brushed the inside of her knee as I turned my head slightly, she definitely felt it as her legs opened further and she seemed to push further under the desk as if to force herself on to me, “Sorry” I said again as my lips now touched the inside of her thigh,
“It is very tight for space down here” I said with a giggle as I adjusted my position slightly and my chin was now resting on the edge of the chair between her legs, I could smell the musky scent and even feel the warmth being generated between her legs.

“Still updating Frank” she said, “30% now” she said as she adjusted her chair to get comfortable by reclining the back slightly which allowed her to shuffle forward more on her chair which to my delight forced her pussy closer to me, so close in fact that with a slight stretch of my neck I could lick the front of her panties which it seems were already slightly damp and as my tongue made contact she let out a slight moan and seemed to squeeze my inner thigh.

“Are you ok down there” she asked as she forced herself forward a bit more widening her legs even further so that my face was pushed against her damp thatch, “Yes, I am fine” I mumbled as my tongue licked her young slit through her panties and it was at that point I felt her hand run up the inside of my shorts and gently touch my balls, my cock was now bursting as she apologised for the slip but kept her hand there.

Her panties tasted good as I managed to get my hands up and run along the inside of her creamy white thighs until I reached the top and pulled her panties to one side allowing my tongue to hit on her labia lips and flick her little lady button, “OMG!” she cried out as I felt her body shake and I tried frantically to lick up her juices but space was tight.
Her hand came out from under my shorts as she gripped the sides of the chair tightly as her orgasm ripped through her body and the more I pushed my tongue into her the more she seemed to be pushing herself under the desk.

“Fuck” she shouted as the front door shut and a voice shouted up the stairs, “Hi Guys, I’m back” as Alice returned from her shopping trip and Pippa frantically tried to compose herself as the footsteps up the stairs got louder, she pulled herself away from the desk and I pretended to fiddle under it as Alice entered the room.

“How you guys doing?” she asked looking at Pippa sitting on her chair, all she could see of me was my arse as I was under the desk.
“All done mum” she said, “Frank is just finishing the updates” as I pulled myself out from under the desk feeling relieved as my bulge had subsided to a reasonable size as to not alert any suspicion.

Alice was very happy that I got the PC running and so was Pippa and I was even more happy that I got to get my tongue between her legs and wondered just how far we would have gone had Alice not come back.
“Fancy a beer before you go Frank?” Alice asked and I nodded as Pippa pulled her chair up to explore her new PC.
I collected all my things and followed Alice down and sat in the lounge while she grabbed a cold one from the fridge.
“I hope Pippa was helpful Frank” Alice said and I had to smile and say that I couldn’t have done it without her which brought a smile to her mums face.
Alice sat opposite me in the lounge and I got thinking how women seem to sit with their legs spread when they wear jeans and Alice was no different as she sat I was certain that I could feel the heat being generated from the denim tight around her pussy and I could just make out the nipples under her tee shirt.
“Did you spill something on your shorts?” She asked looking at my crotch and as I glanced down I could see a wet patch where I must have been leaking some pre-cum and the very fact that she was looking at it didn’t help as I felt my cock gaining blood.
“Let me get a damp cloth before whatever it is makes a stain” and she got up and went to the kitchen and I couldn’t help but see the little smile on her face like she knew exactly what it was and I tried to protest but she wouldn’t hear of it and returned with a damp tea towel.
I held out my hand to take it but she was having none of it and proceeded to kneel down between my legs, “this is a job for a woman” she said smiling and looking closely at my increasing bulge trying to find the wet spot.
She reached forward putting the damp cloth on my erection, “Mmm, someone seems excited” she said in a soft voice as she gently rubbed my cock through my shorts, I took a big intake of breath as she pulled at the waistband releasing my throbbing member and taking hold she pulled the skin right back which released another bubble of pre-cum.
“Ah, I see what that stain is now” she said as bent down and licked the juice off the swelling head and the angle I was sitting allowed the perfect view down her tee shirt and her two small but perky titties with pointed stiff nipples.

Alice started to worship my cock pulling my shorts right off and running her tongue up and down the shaft and sucking on my balls before taking the head back into her warm mouth, she grabbed my balls and base as she slowly took my cock fully into her mouth and as I felt it hit the back of her throat I let out a soft moan, her cheeks concave as she sucked my man meat.

I lay back letting her have her way and after what happened earlier with Pippa I knew I wasn’t far away and as she gently squeezed my balls I felt them tighten as my cock started to pulsate, “OMG!, YESS!” I cried as I felt my hot ejaculate shoot into her mouth, “Mmm!” she moaned as she sucked every last drop from me.
She looked up at me licking her lips, “That seemed to have cured the problem” she said softly smiling and I was nodding my head as I got my breath back.

I left her my number and told her that if there was any issue with the PC I would be happy to check back and take a look.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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