Conversion in Bed-Stay – White Wife, Black Pimp, H

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Conversion in Bed-Stay – White Wife, Black Pimp, H
Makes Dan See The Truth

Sir Leon said “So Dan, I understand you talked to Buck the other day.” This large muscular blackman was dressed in all black and metal and I was intimidated by him. I truly am a pussy. I said “yes sir, he called.” “So tell me Dan (I could hear a smile on his face), you don’t mind Buck fucking your wife, or do you like that he’s fucking your wife?”

I was ashamed to answer. After a few seconds Sir Leon spared me and said “Well Dan, you have been a good sport. Would you like to see the video of your wife being fucked by Buck?” I couldn’t help myself, I immediately said “Yes!” Sir Leon giggled and then said “alright, come over now. I know Laurel is at work.” Sir Leon then gave me his address.

I had a hard on the whole ride over. I was nervous but also exited. Hell I was nervous Sir Leon would see how hard my dick was through my jeans.

I wasn’t surprised that I was driving into a very rough neighborhood. Sir Leon wasn’t rich, he was wealthy. This made me even more nervous known as Bed-Stuy . Sir Leon was a powerful pimp and d**g lor with his own crew and I didn’t want to piss him off. When I arrived at his large but skanky crib a young Latina girl answered the door in blue jeans and a white t-sirt that said “I Train White Bitches”, HOLLY SHIT she was hot. She couldn’t have been older than nineteen or so.

I said hello, but the girl just smiled and motioned for me to follow her. She brought be to a media room, there was a projector aimed at a large screen and a couch facing the screen. When we entered Sir Leon was on the couch and said “gracias Martina”. The girl, Martina, smiled and left the room closing the door behind her.

Sir Leon then turned to me and said “Are you sure, once you see this things will never be the same between you two again.” I looked down and said “yes, please.” Sir Leon shook his head as if he understood and said “Alright Dan, just remember you asked for this.” Sir Leon then pushed play on the video.

There was Laurel in her short black skirt and top. She was sitting on a bed. Then walked in the man that had to be Buck. He was handsome, six foot tall, looked about two hundred twenty pounds. Very athletic. When Buck walked in Laurel cowered shyly with a smile and stood up and said “Hello, I’m Laurel”.

Buck smiled and nodded then said “Sir Leon was right, you are hot.” Buck then walked up to Laurel and powerfully kissed her. While Buck was kissing her he slid his hand down into her blue jeans and began rubbing Laurel’s pussy. Buck then looked at Sir Leon again and said “your right about her pussy too, it is tight.” Here is the crazy thing, the camera panned to Sir Leon sitting in a chair in the corner, then back to Buck and Laurel. Who was recording this? I had to ask “Sir Leon, who taped this?”

Sir Leon smiled, “Martina taped it.” My mouth actually dropped open, and Sir Leon laughed out loud.

Buck then told Laurel to get on her knees. She had to be instructed what to do every step be told what to do next, my wife was just one naïve shy whte girl but she did as told by Buck – unzipped his pants then his pig hand pushed down her head, heaistant at first Laurel eventual started sucking his all ready fully erect thick black cock. The fact that Martina was the one recording it made me so hard I almost came in my pants. Martina zoomed in close show how Laurel stugged and gaged as his black sex toll worked deep down into her young gullet.

Laurel continued, learning that she was also expected to suck as the man’s cock entered he throat…”suck Bitch..earn your black feeding” “Sir Leon and I watched the movie not really saying anything to each other. Honestly I was a little pissed off the asshole was making me watch it with him. When it was over Sir Leon asked me how I liked the movie.”

Telling Laurel that Dan Had Seen the tape – Tells about her second visit to Bed-Stuy at Night

Laurel said “I told him I was happy he liked it. Then Sir Leon said, “I want to know if you liked it”. Laurel said no and that she felt ashamed of what she had done, that she had been convinced to cheat on Dan for the first time.”

This next part I don’t think Laurel would have said if she hadn’t been so zoned out by the pills he gave her, but I guess I was lucky? that she was.

“Then Sir Leon said take your shorts off, I want to see if you liked the video. She told him no but he said if she didn’t he would cancel the check, so Laurel did. She stood up and took my shorts off for the bastard. When she did he ran his fingers over my panties and smiled.” At this point a tear ran down Laurel’s face. Then she said “Sir Leon was smiling because I was wet! My panties were wet from watching his friend fuck me! I’m sorry Dan, I’m only telling you because you said you wanted to know.”

I told Laurel that it was ok, that I wasn’t mad and that I understood. Then Laurel said “No, it’s not ok Dan. There is something else I have to tell you.” I looked at her and said “go ahead, you can tell me anything.” I saw a couple more tears go down Laurel’s face and then she said “Buck was there today Dan.

After Sir Leon made me take off my shorts and felt my panties Buck walked in. I felt so ashamed, the way the two of them were looking at me; like I was a whore! Then Buck walked over to me and slid my panties off. I didn’t want to but he just did it. Then he started touching me. I’m sorry Dan, I let him fuck me again today! I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean for it to happen!”

My next question shocked Laurel out of her tears. I asked “how did he fuck you?” Again I guess it was the way I asked because she immediately looked at my pants and saw that I was getting hard. Laurel continued “well after he touched me he wanted me to suck his dick.”

Laurel said “He just kind of powered me down to my knees and made me do it.” When she said that I couldn’t help it, I unzipped my pants and started rubbing my dick through my boxers.

Laurel laughed and said “do you like this?” I just felt ashamed myself and nodded.

Laurel smiled, this time a genuine Laurel smile and continued “well Buck is kind of powerful so I sucked his dick like he wanted me to. I thought he was going to cum in my mouth, I could taste the pre-cum, but he didn’t.” Again, if she wasn’t as takes as she was I wouldn’t have gotten to hear any of this.

Then Laurel said “Then he just bent me over the couch and fucked me really hard, calling me names and threatening to knock me up. It’s not like when we make love Dan, I don’t want you to think that. Buck fucked me, he was really crude and mean and slapped my ass…he even bit my neck..see”. later Dan saw, the nasty black thug had covered he white body with horrible hickies. Then I said “can I see what he did to your …” and motioned to her pussy. Laurel smiled and took of her shorts and panties, her pussy was still swollen and red and Buskd semen was all over her pussy hairs and on her panties. When I saw it I said “go on, what else” and in sort of a haze I started licking her pussy, it was crazy, I was eating busck’s sperm out of my own wife and it was sort of intoxicating. It tasted salty, it was great-the shame was total for me…..was I gay or something I thought.

Laurel still seemed in a daze and continued “well Buck made me tell him that this was his pussy, and that he could have it any time he wanted it. When he was done fucking me Buck and Sir Leon made me stay naked the rest of today. I cleaned the whole house naked! But they also let me have more champaign, and Buck fucked me again and came deep inside me three times right before I came home now – He said I was going to a black baby’s white mamma” just as he shot his seed inot me. When Laurel said that I came right on the couch.

Laurel jumped up and said “holyfuck Dan! I can’t believe you just came on the couch. Clean it up before it stains damn it. I just went and got a wash cloth and did as I was told. After that Laurel stayed on the couch and watched t.v. with nothing on but her shirt and bra; it was so hot. I couldn’t stop staring at her swollen pussy.

see the expression on Laurel’s face, it looked like she was enjoying it. Then Martina moved the camera to Buck’s face, he was definatley enjoying it.

The Session With Mr. Leon – Being Prepared to be in his stable as Dan gets to watch the transformation

After a few minutes Buck told Laurel to get up. When Laurel got up Buck bent her over the bed and pulled off he blue jeans and roughly tore her panties down off her hips.

Laurel spread her legs willingly for him. Buck got behind her and began fucking her. Martina had moved to the side of them so you could get a better view. Then I saw it, Laurel began moving with Buck.

She was enjoying it. Then Buck started, “you like that slut?” Laurel responded “yes” and I could hear in her voice that she did “ My God Dan has never made me feel this good…you know he is small and can’t get hard half the time” .

Buck started fucking harder “your husband doesn’t fuck you like this does he bitch?” Laurel almost whimpered “nooo”. “Say it again Laurel – Look in the camera over there and tell Dan…”He’s a real man Dan..I never knew the difference I swear…why did I marry you…I didn’t know you were too small”. “You fucking bitch Laurel Buck barked…you a real slut aren’t you…You like cheating right?” How long you been married to that wimp? “Just two years?”. We gonna take care of that Laurel…Welcome to The Bed-Stuy Hood…you gonna be totally hooked on Ghetto sexin’….wait till your servicing 5-10 black men every night bitch…

Then Buck turned her over and took her top and bra off. Buck began sucking on her tits and kissing her,his thick tongue deep inside her mouth and Laurel was kissing him back, her arms around him tight, her eyes glased over in wanton lust. Then Buck began fucking her again, his cock was huge, at least ten inches. Laurel was loving it. From behind he rode her like a dog in heat..then “bark bitch, bark like the bitch you are beoming….nothing, then a lound “thwack” as Buck alpped her arcross the face “Bark Bitch, do as I say” …she complied “Wuff, Wuff…aroooew woof” Laurel was pantng hard now as the big black rod slammed into her from behind and the headboard banged against the wall…..How could she fuck him like that in front of Sir Leon and Martina? “I breein ya laurel…Dan gonna have one beg bellied wife when I park twin black babies in your married womb”…Lust tuned to shame as Laurel teared up and began yelping “nooo, noo..I never planed to be an unfaithful wife…oh noooo. Shut ups bitch, you know your hubby aint no real man…

The only way I could describe it was that Buck dag-pound fucked her all night long in that skany ghetto crib, cameras rolling all the time…and Laurel loved it ever minute of . Then Buck said “I’m going to cum all over you, you little slut.” Laurel looked up at him and said “cum on me, cum all over me.” I couldn’t believe it! Then Buck pulled out this time and came all over her face, on her hair..even after cuming several times befor his big nigg dick just kept shoot his sperms all over my wife….her eyes were coverd, and he mouth open as she early lapped up all the seeds she could…. Chest was cover in beads of sweat and his cum both. When he was done Buck started feeding it to Laurel with his fingers and she sucked his fingers clean. At that point the video stopped.

Rubbing It IN —Dan’s Becoming a Cuck…Then Into His Conversion To Becoming A Ghetto Sissy Boy Faggot

Sir Leon turned to me and said “So what do you think of you little wife now Dan?”
I didn’t know what to say to Sir Leon. I was ashamed and turned on at the same time. Sir Leon just nodded and smiled then said, “Your a cuckold Dan. You get turned on by watching your wife get fucked by real men. Don’t be ashamed though, I am too. You see before I lost my ability to fuck, and my wife; I had Buck and several other men regularly fuck my wife.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. Sir Leon continued “You see Dan, in every women there is a slut waiting to get out. You let your little slut out and she is loving it.” I finally answered back, “now what?”

Sir Leon smiled and said “Don’t worry, I will help you through this. You and Laurel will be well taken care of. Just remember, from now on I own both of you.” When Sir Leon said that he looked very serious. Then Sir Leon said “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT DAN?” I quickly answered back, “yes sir, I do.” Sir Leon then raised an eyebrow and said “are you sure?” Again I said “yes sir, I am.”

Sir Leon just nodded. “Ok, Dan, I’m going to call you Little Man; I think that name fits you better.” At that I actually blushed. Then Sir Leon said something to Martina in spanish and she smiled and went to a drawer and got out a strap on. Sir Leon then told me “Alright Little Man, take off your Jeans and your panties and bend over, it’s time to break in your little pussy.”
At that moment Laurel walked into the room with a big grin. “ Okay now, Martina – Get this filmed really good….I want to have a nice tape of my wimp limp hubby Dan getting his ass fucked open by a real man. With that the room echoed with a loud “thwack” Mr. Leon had pull out a bull wimp and with Dan now under his arm in a vise lock Mr. Leon had ripped Dan’s pants down and began whipping his ass, getting it nice and red and – nice a warm.
Yes Danny boy – Little Man” my boy Jeffers is a Bi-Bull. He specializes in turning little cuck hubbies like you into wimping limp wristed faggot. Martina had begun to lube Laurel’s husband’s now red and warm ass hole. “ Yes Dan, you are going to get fcuked like crazy now. Just shut up and take your due for being just another 4” cocked white beta male. But First, and with that Mr. Leon’s turgid thick penis pushed over Dan’s lower lip and powered its way down his gullet…gagging and whimpering like a roan bitch Dan squirmed and tossed…and Laurel…delighted just began to giggle and laugh…”
Maybe they get your man preggers Laurel…Martina giggled….as the black leather bench was being brought into the room and the rope and noose were being hung from the rafter beam……. with that Martina then brought out the set of syringes…….”
Open you mouth Laurel…injection one – under her tongue…now for Dan, the large syringe” ready to go for a ride Little Man?” Mr. Leon chuckled as the needle penetrated Laurel husband’s lower neck….all hell was about to break loose…..per the usual for 3:00 am in Bed Stuy…..
Lights out, two spot lights, Two Benches, Two ropes and nooses from the ceiling…the Acid rock music began to blare through the speakers as several new people entered the room…….
“Tonight we join to break them as husband and wife….each will begin their new life as members of Sir Leons Crew…..Dan was taken to bench one, laurel over to bench two, Martina had a total of 8 cameras set up….A man named Rodman was all set to run the equipment while Big Sid was to focus on the ropes and pulleys and eventually the nooses…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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