Crossdressed Pigslut Takes a Cottage Assault

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Crossdressed Pigslut Takes a Cottage Assault
my sexual deviance is based largely around the high heel… of course with the females who wear them but also the nastiness i can get up to when wearing them myself..
i wont meet anybody for sex unless i’m wearing a pair of fuckme heels which are of a certain standard , the idea of wearing just stockings revolts me , as does wearing a pair of heels that i deem un-sexy.
the next obvious step up from wearing heels and lingerie and little black dresses is to be presented to somebody else who appreciates this sort of presentation. these somebodys are easily found online , however they can also be found in certain places , certain places which are directly linked to my ultimate fantasy…

what i like about this fantasy is that it requires no organisation with any other parties beforehand , only i would have to dress my sluttiest , put my male clothing over the top and make sure i was well stocked with class A d**gs , poppers , lube and a small video camera with a very spacious sd card installed..
the place would be a cottage/public toilet in an urban location,renowned for homosexual activity , dirty and smelly with used condoms on the floor and cum stains on the walls ..
i would arrive before nightfall when i knew i would get at least a couple of minutes in there alone so i could position the video camera on a high fanlight window sill pointing in the right direction , and pressing record , the camera would say it has enough memory to record 16 hours of footage and enough battery power to keep functioning for 18 hours. this i am sure would be hugely red led lights are flashing so its only me that knows of its existence.

i retreat into a cubicle , the door of which almost fills the frame of the video camera view..

with the door locked , i take out the necessities from my small rucksack or as i call it , my fucksack.. my heels , a big tube of lube , brand new poppers and a 2g bag of mephadrone ordered from the internet , no other cheap , easily available powder will get a slut in the mood for nasty behaviour like that stuff..
the heels go on , instantly giving me a deep craving to be a slag , the lube and poppers are put on the shelf behind the toilet cistern and on that shelf i pour out a good helping of the drone and chop about 8 fat lines .. i hoover up the first 2 with a rolled up tenner which i then slide into the top of my stocking..
within seconds it hits me and i know immediately that somehow or other i will be getting fucked in the ass sooner or later , that gear is such a bad influence ..

by now its well and truly dark outside , being mid summer it means that it pushing 10 pm and although ive heard a couple of people have come in and out of the toilets ive not really paid attention as to whether they were cruising or not ..i wasnt prepared , but now ive never felt so ready..

the last item to come from the fucksack is my mask , and ive been saving this one for a special occasion such as tonight , its very apt and suits me , my mood and my plans ..its a full rubber pig mask , quite sinister looking and not for the faint may put off some people , but those are the people im not bothered about, i want people that will see this fuckpig and automatically feel the need to make that pig behave like a pig ..

so there i am , in black 6″ platformed fake liboutin heels , jet black opaque stockings with black suspender belt , black skimpy lacey knickers , a little black dress , short enough to show my stocking tops and tight enough to smoothen my male curves into feminine lines.. around each of my ankles im wearing a leather cuff off which hangs a carrabeena type clip , i have no certain plans for these , i just like the way they look , and of course they are an option to put to use if needed… im also wearing a pair of black elbow length gloves which cover the ends of the arms of my dress …i have no visible skin showing , im clad in nylon , lycra , leather and lace , and as i pull on the pig mask , rubber is added to that list..

its showtime , its ‘this little piggy goes to the slaughter ‘ time.

i listen out and the toilets are empty but i can hear noises coming from a nearby park and the low bass sound from a house party somewhere , i take the opportunity to set off the motions..
facing the toilet/shelf/back of the cubicle i reach behind me and unlock the door , i open it slowly and step aside to allow it to fully open into the cubicle , i then lean forward over the toilet and place my hands on the waist high shelf , spread my legs to the full width of the cubicle , take a deep breath and …just wait..

a few minutes pass , i take the rolled up tenner from my stocking and hoof up a line and as im recovering from the poke in the eye it gives me i hear steps approaching from outside ,i quickly slide the tenner back to safety as my heart thumps like fuck backing out there for a reason , and giving in to nerves doesnt get your ass fucked..

the footsteps reach the door of the toilets and scuff their way in , and head my way , past the first 3 cubicles before halting to a dead stop outside mine.. the bloke makes no sound whatsoever , no movement , no acknowledging my presence , just silence , im thinking to myself ‘ surely this guy isnt a prudish straight guy , in THIS cottage , at this time of night ? ‘
i then reassure myself , had this bloke been offended by the scene in front of him he would either have fucked offstraight away or verbally if not physically made his feelings clear to me by now.. but a full minute passed , thats like an hour to me , until the silence is broken , broken by the keypad tones of a mobile phone.. ‘oh fucks sake hes calling the police’ i thought , i started to think out my ejector plan before moving a muscle, but before i could administer it he spoke into the phone , to my relief he didnt ask for the police , he just simply said to whoever was on the line .. ‘ alright ? i’m in Bently park cottage , get here now , youre gonna fuckin love this ‘ …a short silence , then..’ just come now , trust me , its right up your street…’ then i hear a beep , the phone call ended..and within a second of that i feel a sharp hard SLAP across my arse..

‘here we fucking go ‘ i think to myself…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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