Cum eating boyfriend 2

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Cum eating boyfriend 2
As we drove home after our adventure under the
bleachers, I was uncertain as to what to do
next. At first, I wanted to go find a teacher
at our high school and tell them that four of
their star athletes had ****d my girlfriend.

“Oh, but honey, I don’t really know if you can
call it ‘****’. My mom always says, ‘Boys will
be boys’. Let’s just go home and talk to her
about it.”

“Tanya,” I replied, shocked at how unconcerned
she seemed, “They forced themselves on you!”

“Well, the word ‘forced’ may be a bit .. strong,
as well.”

“What?!” I cried.

“Oh, honey … you know how fascinated I am by
cocks. Whenever we have a moment alone, you
know I’m always playing with yours.”

“Well, yes, but …” I thought back on all the
time we’d spent together in the past months
since we’d been dating. I’d loved the fact that
she always wanted to see my cock, and touch it,
squeeze it, and watch it get hard. I’d tried to
be a total gentlemen and take things slowly, as
difficult as that was for me.

“But today was the first time I realized how
different you are from all those ‘men’. I mean,
those guys under the bleachers? As soon as I
stroked their cocks hard, it was like I turned
on a switch or something. Right away, they were
pawing at my clothes, squeezing my tits, playing
with my pussy, and trying to stick their dicks
in my mouth.”

“But … you didn’t let them, did you?”

“Stick their dicks in my mouth? Well, sure …
I guess I did. I mean, their cocks looked so
hard and smooth and pretty … it was hard not
to want to kiss them.”

“Oh my God, Tanya. What were you thinking?”

“Well, I wasn’t ‘thinking’, exactly. It was
like a had a ‘switch’ of my own. As soon as
they started rubbing on my crotch, it was like
my legs were spring loaded … in the ‘wiiiiide
o-pen’ position,” she giggled with a playful
expression on her face.

“I can’t believe this.”

“You can’t believe what? That those men wanted
to fuck me? You think I’m attractive, right

“What … wait … of COURSE, I do! Its just
that …”

“This is your fault, you know.”

“MY FAULT?!??”

“Yes, your fault. What did you think would
happen? By letting them see me sucking on your
dick, you basically proved to them that your
girlfriend was cock-hungry, but then you just
laid there doing nothing about it. I mean,
someone like you may not have been interested,
but how did you expect a group of actual ‘men’
to act?”

“Honey, I told you I was knocked ….” I started
to protest, but then I realized this was the
third of fourth time she’d classified ‘someone
like me ‘ as being separate from ‘men’ and I
wasn’t sure I liked what she was implying. “I’m
a man, too y’know,” I quickly replied, feeling
rather defensive.

“No, you’re not, Bobby,” she said, staring me in
the eye. I sat there with my mouth open for an
instant, unsure what to say. Then she broke
into a big smile and giggled, “You’re BETTER!
You’re SO MUCH better for me! God, honey, I
keep thinking about what you did for me. About
how you sucked and licked and rutted in my gooey
pussy until you’d gulped down all four loads of
that nasty man-juice. I adore you soooo much.”
Her face showed that same adoring look — a huge
smile with the slightest hint of a tear in her
eye. She threw her arms around me and hugged me
tight as I drove. She was irresistible when she
smiled like that, but I was still trying to
decide if what she’d said made me feel any

“Do … do you have to say it like that?”, I
asked, grimacing at her blunt language.

“How else do you expect me to say ‘I adore you’,

“No … the other thing.”

“What? About you sucking all those mouthfuls of
cum out of my snatch?”

“YES! … er … yes, honey .. that. Do you
have to be so … graphic?”

“Oh, c’mon Bobby. I’ve always known you were
shy & unsure of yourself when we talk about sex.
My mom saw it, too. That’s why she suggested I
be a little less … frank when talking about
it. But I’m sick of saying ‘stuff’ when I mean
‘cum’ and ‘do it’ when I mean ‘fuck’.” I think
that after today, you should get used to hearing
me say words like ‘suck’ and ‘cum’ and ‘pussy’
and ‘swallow’ from now on.” she replied

“You … you told your mom about … um … when
we did sexual things?” I was shocked to hear
she’d talked to her mother.

“Of course, Bobby. We talk very openly about
sex. We always have. Ooh … we’re here.”

I pulled up to the curb in front of Tanya’s
house. She practically leapt out of the car and
skipped to the door. I ran to keep up,
desperately trying to think of some way to tell
Tanya’s mother what happened.

“Mom! Mom, where are you?” Tanya burst through
the front door, obviously eager to talk to her.

“I’m here, Tanya,” Mrs. Kohmfetter emerged from
the kitchen wearing an apron and wiping her
hands on a towel.

“Mom. Guess what? Bobby took me under the
bleachers for a blowjob and I ended up getting

I froze in place and stood there slack-jawed. I
absolutely couldn’t believe that Tanya had just
said that. She said she and her mother talked
‘openly’ about sex, but I didn’t think they
talked THAT openly.

“Bobby! Oh my! I didn’t think you had it in

“No no no, Mom, Bobby didn’t fuck me!” she said
in a voice she might use to say that pigs don’t
fly, “You know how he is. It was four guys from
the football team.”

“FOUR guys!? My goodness, Tanya. Quick …
come upstairs and tell me what happened. We
need to get you cleaned up.”

“Oh, but Mom. Bobby all ready took care of
that,” she turned to me and grinned, “He’s
terrific, mom!”

I wanted to die. I prayed for a lightning bolt
to strike me dead.

“What do you mean, darling?”

“C’mon .. let’s go upstairs. I’ll tell you all
about it.

* * *

I waited downstairs for the longest twenty
minutes of my life. I tried to listen to what
Tanya was telling her mother upstairs, but all I
could hear was muffled voices and the occasional
shriek of surprise. I thought I heard giggling
once or twice, but I could hardly imagine that
Mrs. Kohmfetter would find any of what happened
today amusing.

In my nervous state, I had finally taken to
browsing the photos on the fireplace mantle when
I heard Tanya’s mother’s voice behind me.


I whirled in surprise, “Oh! Hi, Mrs.
Kohmfetter. Um … where’s Tanya.” My
girlfriend was nowhere to be seen.

“She’s in the kitchen. I wanted to talk to you
alone for a few moments,” she said quietly as
she walked toward me.

I was cringing — almost recoiling in fear at
her possible reaction — when she simply walked
up to me and gave me a hug.

“Uhhh … Mrs. Kohmfetter? What was that for?”

“Bobby! After the devotion you displayed for my
daughter today, how could I treat you any other

She hugged me tightly once again. I suddenly
felt … proud. Mrs. Kohmfetter was obviously
overcome with emotion. Her reaction was
actually making me feel good about what I’d done
that day.

“Bobby, I want to thank you for taking such good
care of my daughter today. It’s restores my
faith in humanity to know that a good caring
person like you exists,” her voice cracked as
she spoke and a tear came to her eye. “I’m so
very glad you were there for her when she needed
it,” she hugged me and held me tight against her
chest. In fact, she was pressing my face rather
tightly into her breasts … it was rather
distracting. “And I’m glad your going to be
there for her next time and whenever she needs
you in the future.”

“Well, Mrs. Kohmfetter, I’m glad that … wait
… what do you mean, ‘next time’?”

“Bobby, sit down,” she said quietly and directed
both of us to a seat on the couch; we turned to
face each other. “You’ve been with Tanya long
enough to know that’s she’s absolutely obsessed
with cocks.” She placed a hand on my thigh —
rather high on my thigh, I thought. I tried to
ignore it and concentrate on what she was
saying. “Heaven knows I’ve been chasing off
boyfriends of hers for years, sometimes just
seconds before they stick it in her cock-begging
little cunt. I know she can’t control herself
around men … that’s why it’s so great that
she’s found you instead.”

Her hand moved lazily up and down my thigh, but
she stared me in the eye and spoke rather
seriously. “Your self control around her is so
admirable and speaks volumes about you, Bobby.
I thought for sure no man could ever let her
stroke and squeeze his cock for as long as you
have without just holding her down and fucking
her … ” her hand paused high on my thigh, ”
… and based on today’s activities, it looks
like I was right.”

The movement of her hand on my leg was almost
mesmerizing. After a second or two, her frank
language sunk in. “I-I’d never do anything like
that to Tanya, Mrs. Kohmfetter.”

“Oh, I know you wouldn’t, Bobby. You just don’t
have it in you.” Her hand began to squeeze my
thigh tightly, caused my tired prick to stir and
stiffen. I concentrated on her words, trying not
to get a hardon with my girlfriend’s mother.
“She’s a total cock-slut, Bobby. It’s just
unfortunate for my Tanya that she’s not a cum-
slut. It would make her life so much easier if
she liked the feel, taste & texture of cum as
much as an ordinary slut, but … heaven knows
she’s never been ‘ordinary’. That’s why I’m so
incredibly happy that she’s got you. You’ll
take care of everything, right Bobby?” Her hand
moved even higher on my thigh.

“I’ll … I’ll take c-care of everything,” I
repeated quietly, barely listening to her while
trying desperately not to think about her hand
squeezing my leg muscles.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that. You, Bobby,
are better than any man who’d just leave her
there filled with cum and miserable. Can you
promise me you’ll never leave her miserable?”

“Of .. of course!” I stammered. I tried to
shift over lightly, but she pressed downward,
almost pinning me to the couch. “I … I
absolutely promise!”

“It takes a special person to care for a
Kohmfetter woman, Bobby. She’s a beautiful
girl. Men will constantly be chasing her and
you know now that she hasn’t got the self
control to resist them. Her life is bound to
get awfully messy sometimes due to those men …
and she’ll need someone special to clean up that

“I … I understand.”

“Bobby, do you promise to take care of my
daughter and clean up the mess left by all those
men?” she practically begged of me. She leaned
in even closer to me and her hand shifted one
last time, basically cupping my balls. My dick
responded predictably, stiffening rapidly
despite my mental resistance.

“Mrs. Kohmfetter, I –”

“Do you promise, Bobby?” she asked insistently
as her hand gave my balls a squeeze.

“YES! .. uh … yes, I promise,” I practically

She finally removed her hand and threw her arms
over my shoulders, “Oh, Bobby! I’m so glad to
hear you say that. You can’t know how much this
means to me! She’s such a good girl, but I know
she’s going to need your special kind of help a

“I’ll do my best, Mrs. Kohmfetter. I really
will,” I said proudly, glad to finally be rid of
her hand in my crotch … especially now that I
could hear Tanya coming in from the kitchen.

“I know Bobby. I know. In fact, I’m sure Tanya
will need some of your help right now.”

“Huh? Why?” I asked, unsure of her meaning.

“Well, it’s Wednesday. I have my groceries
delivered on Wednesday.” As Tanya burst in
through the door, her mother grinned at her
wickedly and asked, “How was he, darling?”

“God, mom. You’re right! That delivery boy
sure can fuck! He’s got a real nice cock, too.
You’ve been getting that every Wednesday and you
never ‘shared’ with me before?” she said as she
brushed the hair from her now-sweaty brow. She
walked up to the back of the couch and joined
us, propping her head on her elbows.

“Well, that’s because you never had Bobby here
to clean out your sperm-filled pussy before.
But he just promised me he’d take care of that
for your from now on,” Mrs. Kohmfetter stated

I was dumbfounded. Both of them turned to look
at me, as if waiting for me to confirm the
statement. I just stared at them in surprise.

Tanya’s mother was the first to speak with a
somewhat confused look on her face, “Why the
confused look, Bobby? Didn’t you JUST promise
me that you’d clean up after the men in her life
when she needed it?”

“But …” I stammered.

“Bobby … I certainly didn’t think you were the
type to go back on a promise … especially so
quickly. You’re not that type or person, are

“Uh …” Dear God, I vaguely remembered
promising ‘something’, but … this wasn’t what
I had in mind.

“You’re not a liar, are you Bobby?” Mrs.
Kohmfetter asked, with an odd emphasis on the
word ‘liar’.

“Bobby?!?! Tell her! Tell her you’re not a
liar!” Tanya begged, her brow wrinkled in
seeming confusion.

What was the question again, I thought. With
both of them staring at me, I stuttered out an
answer, “N-no! Of c-course I’m not a liar!”

Tanya practically squealed with delight. Her
mother grinned and said, “Of COURSE, you’re
not!” She playfully pushed me on the chest,
causing me to fall back a bit on the couch.

Tanya reached over the back of the couch,
grabbed my shoulders, continued to push me back
until I was lying face up on the couch. She
grinned widely at me and said, “Now that that’s
settled, let’s get down to business!”

With a yelp of joy, she leapt over the back of
the couch and landed with her knees on either
side of my head. Instantly, the smell of fresh-
fucked pussy filled my nostrils. Tanya shimmied
her pantie-less crotch down on my face with an
exaggerated “Ahhhhhh.” She settled down onto my
face with a wet squish.

“Oh Tanya, you look so happy right now. I can
tell this is going to work out so well for you.
You don’t often see anyone secure enough to so
openly perform an act of love like sucking &
licking a snatch full of another man’s jism.”

“Oh, I know, Mom. He’s certainly like no man I
know, that’s for sure. Oh, and Mom … check
this out. He likes it so much, his dick gets
super hard when he swallows all that goopy cock-
cream and pussy juice. Take a look.” She
quickly undid my belt and I soon felt two pair
of hands wrestling with my fly and waistband.

“Mmmph!!” I shouted, muffled by her thighs. I
still had a hardon from when Tanya’s mom grabbed
my crotch and I didn’t want to keep supporting
her misconception that I actually got turned on
by this. I grabbed at my pants in a panic.

Tanya playfully slapped at my hands and laughed,
“Oh stop! Don’t be embarrassed. My mom’s seen
your little prick a bunch of times. I know I
should have told you, but whenever I’ve sat on
your face like this before, Mom always liked to
peek in and watch. Of course, those times my
pussy wasn’t dripping with leftover fuck juice
like it is now. Oh, speaking of which …
shouldn’t you get started, honey? That delivery
boy shot one heck of a load up in there.”

I was trapped again. In a minute, they’d have
my pants off, revealing my hardon. They’d be
convinced that I was a willing and eager cum
eater. And it was obvious that once these two
got something in their heads, there was no
fighting it … at least not for me. I had to
get rid of that boner. In a panic, I tried
thinking of baseball, of old people naked, of
those horrible VD films they still showed in
health class. In my panic, the images were so
jumbled, I couldn’t concentrate .. it wasn’t
working. But wait … the answer was staring me
in the face. Literally. What was the most
disgusting and least appealing thing I could
think of? Eating a used pussy filled with the
sperm of a strange man … the very thought made
me gag, so …. I went at it.

“Oooooooooooh, yessss. That’s it, Bobby. Suck
out all that cum. Clean my used pussy.”

As the first globs of spent semen slithered out
of her slippery snatch into my mouth, my throat
muscles contracted involuntarily in disgust. It
immediately had the desired effect. Although I
resisted gagging and coughing out the cum out of
respect for Mrs. Kohmfetter’s upholstery and
carpet, my whole body reacted as expected. My
cock withered quickly.

Just in time, too. Their four hands had managed
to yank my pants down to my ankles.

Of course, it was primarily the concept that
made me want to gag. The taste wasn’t really
all that bad, once I got thinking about it. The
slightly bitter taste of the cum was offset by
its own saltiness and the tangy-sweet flavor of
her pussy. The resulting combination was far
from revolting, actually. In fact, I suppose
someone could get used to the taste … even
like it, maybe.

And if I was going to have to taste it at all, I
could hardly ask for a better place to be doing
it — pinned underneath the best ass in two
counties. Tanya was a true hottie. And here I
was with my face buried in her gorgeous snatch.
Regardless of the current circumstances, she was
indeed the hottest creature I’d ever known …
and I adored her.

“Oh, look darling,” Tanya’s mother spoke,
“you’re right. His pecker was getting softer,
but now that he’s got his face buried in your
fresh-fucked cunt, it’s getting hard again.” I
felt a hand grip my balls and the base of my

Oh no, I thought. I was getting a hardon again.
Dammit, I let myself get carried away. I was
thinking about her tight ass when I should have
been concentrating on the disgusting task of
consuming used semen in order to get rid of the
damned woody. I lapped and sucked more
fervently and the result was another slimy wad
that once again made me come close to gagging.
Of course, it also made Tanya start to quiver
and buck as she squatted on my face.

“Oooh, look! He’s really going to town now!,”
cooed Tanya’s mother. “Boy, this really turns
him on, doesn’t it?” I could actually feel her
warm, wet breath against my dick. Dear God, how
was I supposed to not get excited with her mouth
hovering over my prick?!? “You know,” she
continued, “when he and I were talking about his
promise to keep your pussy clean of men’s sperm,
I swear he was getting a hard on. Only a few
minutes later it was nearly gone, but now that
he’s slurping mouthfuls of semen from your
sloppy pussy, he’s stiff again.” The hand at
the base of my cock began to squeeze lightly.

“Yeah, mom, isn’t it g-great?” asked Tanya
between panting breaths, “It’s the … oh god
… p-perfect situation: My pussy gets cleaned
… uhhn … of all that nasty cum and … (fuck
yeah) … he gets to do s-something that …
(suck that cum, baby) … obviously turns him
on. It’s f-fucking fantastic!”

I groaned upon hearing their interpretation of
my growing hardon. I tried desperately to fill
my mouth with more semen to once again induce a
reaction of disgust, but there wasn’t much left
by now. Besides, I’d eaten so much cum that day
already that the shock value was quickly wearing
off. My increased effort did have one effect,
tho; I could feel by the building tension in
Tanya’s thighs that she was about to cum.

“B-b-but the best … (god, YES!) … part is
the orgasms. He’s n-never … (eat that cunt)
… been able to make me cum with his tongue b-
before, b-but the … uhhn … love he shows …
ohhhh … for me when he … uhhhn … laps up
that gooey, frothy fuck-slime makes me … uhhhn
… oh god …. ohhhhhhhhhh.”

I felt Tanya’s orgasm in the movement of her
legs muscles clamped to my ears and tasted it in
the flood of juices that poured from her newly
cleaned pussy. She was right about one thing
… I sure did love her. I wanted so much to
make her happy. I continued sucking and licking
throughout her orgasm and forgot all about
trying to make myself appear unexcited. Hell,
of course I was excited … the girl of my
dreams was bucking amd heaving atop my face in
an orgasmic rapture I had caused. I moved my
tongue all over her crotch, but then she tilted
her hips back so that her pussy moved forward
out of reach putting her puckered pick sphincter
right over my face. By this point, I was too
far gone to worry about any more taboos. I
slithered my tongue up against her tight pink

“Oh God, he’s l-licking my ass!” Her whole body
heaved in one last triumphant wave of orgasm.
By now, I had a raging hardon. I kept licking
and let my tongue wander all throughout her
pussy and ass. I found that my hands had
migrated to her hips and were pressing her down
onto my face.

“B-boy, that feels good. Mom … do you like g-
getting fucked in the ass? I think … (that’s
it baby, don’t stop) … I think I want to t-try
getting buttfucked soon.”

“Oh yes, darling,” Tanya’s mother replied, “I
love getting my ass reamed by some big, stiff
cock. I get it whenever I can. But I do think
you should be careful and start with something
small … like Bobby’s little prick here. Would
you like Bobby’s little pecker up your ass?”

Again I could feel the warmth of her breath
against the super sensitized skin of my dick. I
gave up all resistance and began to involutarily
rock my hips, trying to fuck the hand that was
wrapped around the base of my rod. Regardless
of her comment on my size, the thought of her
own mother suggesting that I fuck Tanya’s ass
was exiting beyond words. I shoved my tongue
back in her ass and began to probe it deeply. I
felt like my dick was going to explode from
sheer internal pressure. I jammed my tongue up
into her ass, trying to fuck her with it like I
would with my dick.

“Ooooh … Bobby’s really going for it now. And
look at his little prick! It’s so hard, it’s
turning purple! He must really like the idea of
you taking a load of cum up your ass.”

“He’s t-tonguing my … uhhn … a-asshole right
now, M-mom.”

“Then I was right. He’s imagining sucking a
load of cum out of your ass. What a perfectly
dirty little boyfriend you have, Tanya. I think
you should consider yourself very lucky.”

“I know, Mom. I do … I really do. I just
know … *pant* … he’s p-perfect for me. He
loves me, Mom. Look at what … uhhn … he’s
done to prove that. A-and I think … I think I
love him, too,” Tanya said with a crack to her

She loved me. The most amazing girl I’d ever
met said that she loved me. A wave of emotion
passed over me. I wanted so much to make her
happy. My hands squeezed her ass harder against
my face. My tongue found new life as it
slathered and lapped at her flesh. My cock
swelled to the point of being almost painful.

“Oh, I’m so happy you’ve found someone like
this, darling. He is kinda cute, in a pretty-
boy sort of way. And such a good little
cumsucker. His eagerness to help you this way
is so … sexy. Especially the obvious pleasure
he gets from sucking sperm for you. It looks
like your perfect boyfriend is about to blow his
load into thin air with his pecker hardly being

I was barely listening to them now; the emotion
running through me was so strong. But I could
swear I actually felt Mrs. Kohmfetter’s lips
graze my penis a few times as she spoke.

“Ooh … careful, Mom. He d-doesn’t … oooh
… shoot much, but you still … *pant* … m-
might get some on you,” Tanya warned, her
dislike of the feel of semen coming through in
her voice.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, darling.”

I felt a pair of lips encircle the head of my
dick — about halfway down the head. My hips
bucked upward, trying to reach the warmth that
lay beyond those lips, but the hand at the base
of my cock pressed downward, preventing
movement. But I did feel a single swipe of the
tongue inside that mouth around the sensitive
skin at my dick’s head. It was enough to send
me over the top.

I squirted what load I had through the tiny ‘O’
formed by those lips. My body jerked and
twitched in orgasm as that wave of sensation
swept over me.

My tired tongue finally receded into my mouth
and I lay with my eyes closed as my body
recovered from orgasm. Tanya finally unclamped
her thighs and dismounted my face, but as she
did so, I felt a strong set of hands grab my
head and a pair of lips press against mine. As
I half-expected, an insistent tongue parted my
lips and began to push my own cum into my
mouth. There seemed little point in resisting
at this stage. I relaxed and allowed the
seventh cum load of the day to flow down my
throat. The reflex to gag had disappeared
completely and I simply accepted the
now-familiar salty taste and swallowed.

Then I heard Tanya’s voice. “Mom … are you
kissin’ my boyfriend?” she asked slyly and
playfully. I opened my eyes in half-surprise
and realized that it was Mrs. Kohmfetter’s
mouth that I’d just filled … and emptied.

As she pushed the last of my semen into my
mouth, she pulled away and ran her forearm
across her lips to wipe them. “Oh no,
darling. That’s your job. I was just putting
that load of cum where it belongs. Now come
over and kiss your boyfriend goodbye. I think
he’s had enough fun for one afternoon,” she
said with a playful grin.

Tanya leaned down and gave me a long, loving,
and very tonguey kiss, her hands wandering up
and down my body. Both of us were still
trembling from the powerful orgasms we’d just
experienced, but that wasn’t the reason for the
tingling I felt as my lips touched hers. The
love between us was almost electric in nature.
She was my entire world.

Tanya pulled away for a moment, smacked her
lips, and looked up quizically. “Hmmm …
y’know, cum and pussy taste really good
together. I could never handle the slimey,
goopy consistency of it, but I can certainly see
why you like it so much, honey.” Before I could
even think to answer, she pressed her lips back
against mine and I was once again lost in her

I gave up trying to explain whether I “liked it”
or not. The main point was that I loved her. I
really loved her. Tanya was the girl of my
dreams and, today, she said she loved me, too.
Nothing was going to spoil the wonder of that
for me, especially not this little
‘misunderstanding’ about what I liked or didn’t
like. Tanya and I were going to be together
forever and I swore I’d do whatever it takes to
make her happy. Whatever it takes.

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