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t only took 45 minutes but I talked myself into going to the gym tonight. I am pretty out of shape and recently joined a gym to try and get back on track.
The gym is open 24/7 and I like going late when not as many people are there so I don’t have to wait to use the equipment or deal with the insane body builders who can’t resist grunting out loud every other minute.
I get there and it’s just how I like it. Easy to park, gym s**ttered with maybe 20 people and so I head over to a treadmill and begin my usual light jog. I’m only a minute in and already out of breath. “Only at level 4 and speed 5,” I think to myself in disgust!
As I repeatedly tell myself that I can’t expect instant results, blah, blah, blah, I am startled when a woman gets on a treadmill right next to mine. I wonder why of the 40 or so available treadmills, she chooses that one. I settle on assuming that maybe since it’s closest to the locker rooms she just wanted that one.
I am a pretty shy guy so initially I didn’t even look at her, just saw a female figure in my peripheral. After a few minutes though I just couldn’t stand not looking in her direction. My mind almost made me do so.
When I did, I was stunned. She was probably 30 years old and about 5’5″, black hair and brown eyes. However, what stunned me was that she was ripped! Wearing just a sports bra and shorts, I could see her well defined six pack. Her arms looked like she had 2 percent body fat; bulging biceps which made me think she had just done a set of curls. Her legs, quads, etc were quite muscular too. She didn’t look like she was on steroids but looked as fit as she could naturally get.
I don’t know how long I was staring at her or how I was still jogging straight on the treadmill but when I looked back up, she was staring back at me. She then smiled at me with the sweetest disengaging smile. I barely smiled back and then turned away feeling all nervous. I jogged for another 5 minutes or so, pretending to be cooling down and then left to the mens locker room while berating myself in my head for not being able to look back at her.
The locker room is empty, which is another reason I go late, so I decide to take a quick shower. I take off my sweaty t-shirt, shorts and boxers and put them in my bag. Grabbing a towel I head to the shower room which consists of several decently sized shower stalls with curtains. I turn on the shower and wait a few seconds for the water to be a nice hot temperature which I can handle. I dispense some soap into my hands from the dispenser on the stall wall and begin washing myself.
I’ve got my back to the curtain as I’m rubbing both of my ass cheeks with soap when suddenly I feel both of my wrists being grasped, tightly! Before I can even say anything, still in shock, my hands are forced together and restrained with what I guessed were plastic “handcuffs” by the zipping sound I heard as the plastic strip tightened around my wrists. My knees were then kicked in from behind, forcing me to my knees. Then my jaw was squeezed really tightly which forced my mouth open allowing for a gag to be shoved in.
I am forced down on my stomach and then finally flipped over onto my back, with ease. That all had to have taken under a minute which barely gave me time to react if I even could have given how much shock I was in.
It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust but I quickly recognize the woman from the treadmill standing over me while smiling sadistically. My eyes must have been pleading with her, asking why, what did I do to deserve this? That’s definitely what I was thinking. This was not a fantasy come true, this seemed really scary and serious; she seemed way too efficient at getting me into this position for this to be her first time doing this and I had no idea what to expect.
What I noticed next though really terrified me. Jutting out from her waist was a huge skin colored strap-on dildo which had to be about 8 inches long and pretty thick too. It put my cock to instant shame. She reached down and took hold of the strap-on and started to slowly stroke it while still smiling at me.
She finally spoke.
“That’s right, little bitch, I’m going to fuck your sweet ass with my cock!” she said really calmly which scared me even more.
I started squirming and trying to yell through the gag. It was useless. Especially when she straddled me, sitting on my thighs with her strong legs on either side of mine. I couldn’t move. My hands were really starting to hurt me being trapped underneath my ass. She didn’t care though, she seemed to have a very specific and selfish agenda.
“Let’s see how much you like my big hard cock, little boy, ” she said condescendingly as she grabbed hold of my soft cock and started to fondle it, surprisingly softly.
“Yes, that’s it boy, you know you like my cock. If you get hard I’ll take it as a sign that you want me to fuck your ass nice and hard, ” she said in a soft sexy voice.
I tried real hard to not be confused by her temporary change in character. She was tricking me and I knew it. It was so frustrating having her toy with me like that, as if I actually had a chance to get out of it.
Eventually, after several minutes, I couldn’t control it any longer. My cock was rock hard as she lightly ran her finger nail up and down my shaft. She scooted forward and rubbed my cock head with her cock head.
“God, look how pathetic your cock looks compared to mine. You’re all hard for me though, I knew you wanted me to fuck your ass you little slut!” she says as she begins jerking me off.
It feels good for a second but not for long as she stops jerking me off but pinches my nipple really hard. I yell into the gag and my eyes almost pop out of my head.
I don’t know where she had it but she thankfully reaches back and grabs a tube of lube she must have put down on the floor. Squeezing a generous amount onto her cock, she coats the head mostly.
Getting up off of me she lifts my legs into the air and forcibly holds them in place. She is so damn strong and effortlessly holds me in position to her liking.I close my eyes in fear as I feel her giant cock head at the entrance of my virgin asshole.
“The only way you’re cumming, bitch, is by my cock milking your prostate. You’ll learn to like it quick, I’m sure, ” she says confidently but without much care.
I feel her slippery cock head begin to force its way into my ass. My legs are now resting on her strong shoulders with her arms wrapped tightly around my thighs as she moves in closer, forcing her cock into me. Her eyes almost glaze over as she rocks back and forth, getting herself off on the base of her cock as it rubs against her pussy.
She seemingly couldn’t care less that I was in obvious pain or that I was even there as long as she was getting off. This isn’t good for me as she can’t control her thrusts anymore and her cock is driving deeper into my tight asshole.
I am now being handled like a doll by this strong crazy bitch as she pumps her cock in and out of me at a decent pace. What’s worse is that my body is betraying me further. I’m actually enjoying this ass fucking as much as I don’t want to. I can’t help it. My eyes close and I involuntarily thrust back against her cock. That gets her attention as she looks down at me and slaps my face.
“Open your eyes, slut!”
I open them and she makes me look her in the eyes as she continues r****g me.
“Look at me while I give you pleasure, my little fuck toy!” she says as her breath quickens.
“I told you that you would learn to enjoy this!”
She is now fucking me harder and faster, increasing speed and yelping as she apparently begins to cum, convulsing on top of me which makes her cock wiggle around inside my tight ass.
Dismounting me, she points at my stomach which is now coated with my cum. I didn’t even realize it but her ass fucking completely milked a load of cum from me, as she said it would.
She then flipped me over to release my hands from the tie as well as reach around to take the gag from my mouth. I was spent and exhausted and could barely move.
“Get on your knees in front of me, bitch, ” she commanded.
I obeyed, fearing she would hurt me otherwise.
“Suck my cock like the slut you are, ” she said as she took hold of her cock and slapped it against my cheek.
I wrapped my lips around her cock which had just been in my asshole and she began fucking my face.
After only a few minutes she stopped.
“I have somewhere to be, you little whore, you almost made me late!” she had the audacity to say.
“Prepare to get a good ass fucking whenever you’re here, ” she said as she walked out of the stall leaving me to lay there ashamed and confused.
I lay there wondering how long it would take to talk myself into coming to the gym next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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